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I am trying to get this procedure sooo bad.....

i am trying to get this procedure sooo bad...working thru my finances so that i can get this done...since i know that due to my credit i will not get financing i have to figure out a way..and trust i will!

so i am 5'2' and weight 170 trying to lose 30lbs and live a healthier lifestyle before surgery and after. i feel like i want to get this done asap but i have no money so i have to grind for my butt!


thz RedBonz
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My doctor is not on this site but the web site under boris cosmetics but they are working on their website so their arent any pictures on their site yet. If you go in for a consultation they show you their book plus one of the admin workers just got hers done and she showed me and she looks good. His name is Dr. Dass. I am going to him because I have seen his work up front and I know he will do a good job on me plus they are reasonable. I am not looking for a ghetto booty just enough to say I got a booty. They are gonna put 1200 cc's in my butt so that she give me enough booty lol
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oh and thats 1200 cc's each cheek
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