Round 2 With who?? - Aventura, FL

Hello i am looking to switch dates with someone....

hello i am looking to switch dates with someone. my procedure is scheduled for nov 2012 i know a long way to go but i'm hoping someone wants to switch or atleast cancel their procedure. so anyone have one scheduled between july and september that would be awesome!

Hi guys so my surgery date is officially November...

Hi guys so my surgery date is officially November 26th. I'll be the the second person for surgery that day. So I'll be going in around 11:30 or 12:00 pm. Hopefully Dr. Salama has a good lunch before operating on me lol. My consultation is on the 27th of this month. Yes I booked for the date ahead of time because November is booking up fast. I'll post up pics of me before. My stats are Height: 5'1" weight:122 bust:32 waist:30 hips: 37 1/2. I was 140 a couple of months ago and lost 18 pounds. When I called nancy this morning she told me in order for me to get 1200 ccs I would hav to gain weight which sucks all that hard work to gain some more. But it's w.e Ill end up looking amazing after the surgery :-) I'm thinking about doing my inner thighs just cause I hate wearing shorts and my thighs run together :-/ and so my co worker refuses to talk to me because she does not believe its necessary to do this procedure. And at this point I dont care what anyone says. It's my body and I've always struggled with body image issues since I was a kid. I just want to feel and look great. My body is perfect the way it is so I've been told by my guy friends but I want my body to be banging lol. I'm still young (22) so its better now than later and I definitely won't be having kids in the future so I will be loving the results do a lifetime. Anyways I'm going to post pics of what I look like now in a few days. Hopefully you guys can help me determine whether I should do my inner thighs or not. I will update again as my surgery gets closer. Oh and can you ladies help me with a list of things I should get for the surgery. I've got a few things down from reading other women's blogs. I don't want to leave anything out. Thanks! Hopefully Ill be able to get a sooner date for surgery since I'm on the waiting list :-( either way I'm excited and not nervous about getting this done. Ok I feel like I'm just typing so much haha. Later guys

Hello Ladies so I posted my pics of what I look...

Hello Ladies so I posted my pics of what I look like now. I really wish I could get this surgery done and over with but I guess good things come to those who wait. Can you guys please tell me your opinion about whether I should lipo my inner thighs or not.

Hello Ladies I am really hoping for an earlier...

Hello Ladies I am really hoping for an earlier date. So I have an offer for those who have a surgery date in the last week of August or the month of September. I am willing to pay 1k towards your surgery if you switch dates with me. The reason why I am willing to offer this amount of money is because I live in NY and during the Month of November it will be difficult to heal during the winter months. And if it snows it will be difficult to go to work and school. I hope I hear from someone. :-)

Hey chicas. I am no longer offering 1k.

Hey chicas. I am no longer offering 1k.

I'm getting impatient and would love to get this...

I'm getting impatient and would love to get this surgery done and over with. So if anyone wants to swap dates with me between August and October please let me know. I've found luck in swapping dates however people are asking to swap a week before their surgery date. So please anybody not wanting to do the surgery of would like to swap for a later date please pm me. Thanks! :-)

Okay I'm having a little dilemma here. I currently...

Okay I'm having a little dilemma here. I currently weigh 122 pounds. I called Nomi and she said I should gain 20 pounds in order to get between 1200-1400 ccs. The thing is I don't want to gain an extra 40 and find out that I have to do a second round because not all areas were lipoed. So for the ladies reading this, should I just gain 10 pounds to be on the safe side? I was going to go in for a consultation to meet Salama face to face but Nomi insisted it wasn't necessary to fly out just for a consult and to just gain the weight. What should I do?1?

Okay so as I am counting down the days til my...

Okay so as I am counting down the days til my surgery I am getting a little annoyed at the fact that women are canceling their procedure last minute. This frustrates me just because there are a lot of women looking for an earlier date and are willing to go through this surgery. Another thing is I find it funny how there's this waiting list at the office yet I'm reading women that just recently booked their surgery for January or February are getting new dates in September by calling in. I'm going to give Nancy a call and address this issue. I've been calling everyday since last month and have not been able to get a date in september or october. I'm sorry I sound like a bitch but honestly it's not fair. If i book my surgery before someone I think I should be getting the earlier date not them. Sorry to rant like this but I'm sure there are other women who feel the same as I do.

Hey ladies so I have gain 5 pounds so far I am at...

Hey ladies so I have gain 5 pounds so far I am at 127 and my tummy is getting big my love handles are coming back. EEKK! I want to look good for halloween but I guess that's not happening this year since I have to get bigger for this surgery. Anyways for the ladies who had their inner thighs lipo'd is it worth it? I have seen mixed reviews about it. I'm thinking about adding arms cause my arms are getting big and also the armpit area where there's fat. About three months left for me! yayy I guess waiting is a good thing. I get to save up some more money just in case something happens.

To the veterans. Is it okay to smoke mary jane...

To the veterans. Is it okay to smoke mary jane after surgery? lol I don't smoke really but I figured I will be bored and have nothing better to do haha.

Hey girls so my goal is to look like a straight up...

Hey girls so my goal is to look like a straight up video vixen do you guys think a body like that can be achieved with salama?. I follow a lot of video vixens On instagram and I hope to have results like theirs or atleast similar. I wish they could just tell us who their doctor was lol and I know some don't go under knife but majority of them do I can tell by their lipoed stomach.!

Hello ladies for those who got bloodwork done and...

Hello ladies for those who got bloodwork done and have Medicaid did it cover the costs? Also does it cover follow ups with the doc?

Hey ladies so now I'm second guessing salama. I...

Hey ladies so now I'm second guessing salama. I honestly want a video vixen body and it does not seem like I will get what I am paying for. I've seen many girls and there bodies are ridiculously amazing and they are hush hush about their doctor it's making me frustrated. I really do like salama but his results had been slacking a lot lately. Why doesn't he give his patients projection? I really want projection I want my booty to be like Pow should I ask him to give me a shelf to get the projection? I would switch to Jimerson but he's too expensive and going overseas is not safe. Please helpp!

Hey this question is for the vets will I be able...

Hey this question is for the vets will I be able to stand up for 8 hours straight a week after surgery? Im thinking about bartending to supplement my income.

So I was on the MMH website and I read that...

So I was on the MMH website and I read that Stephanie Santiago (video vixen) went to Salzhauer for her procedure. Some girl said her username was bubbles and did 2 rounds in order to achieve a small waist. I don't know if it's true but I don't see why anyone would make this up. I am happy that I am choosing Salama. I doubted him because of the booties he was producing but honestly I think I will come out looking amazing. And compared to other doctors none of his patients has had major complications based on extensive research. And for those trying to get me to go to Dr. Yily in DR that is not happening. I read a disturbing review on the MMH website. I don't want to bash her as a surgeon however this review was painful to my eyes. here's the link

GOOD LUCK to all the ladies getting the surgery done. I 'm sure you all will come out looking FABULOUS. I CAN"T WAIT FOR NOV 26th. It will mark the end of the insecurity I face with my body image. I cannot wait to be more confident ;-)

Hello ladies I just want you guys to know that I...

Hello ladies I just want you guys to know that I took out a personal loan with a bank to pay for my surgery. I took out a loan with Popular Bank. My loan officer told me they approve people with credit scores to as low as 620. I was able to get $4,000 and the rest I opened a line of credit with care credit. So for those not looking to pay a processing fee with the other companies just try a personal loan if your credit is at least fair;I believe that's nothing lower than a score of 600. I hope this helps!.

HEY girlies I need help finding a condo within my...

HEY girlies I need help finding a condo within my range. I am willing to spend up to $600 only for 8 to 11. Anyone have suggestions? I'd appreciate it. :-)

I meant 8 to 11 days***

I meant 8 to 11 days***

Hello ladies. I'm providing a link of the iron...

Hello ladies. I'm providing a link of the iron capsules I bought. It was hard looking for a capsule that contained more than 65 mg like most brands contained.I found these iron pills that contained 150 mg so only two pills a day. Yayy! here's the link.

For the vets. how do you guys drive without...

For the vets. how do you guys drive without sitting on your butt? can someone please give me ideas on how to do this. I have to drive one hour a day to go to work I don't want to kill my fat cells..

Hey girls have any of you experience a change in...

Hey girls have any of you experience a change in your menstrual cycle? I was supposed to get my period on Friday and it never came and I started taking the 300 mg of iron a week ago. I haven't found anything online that says it changes the cycle. And I sure am not pregnant. Its weird cause I was feeling cramps two days before Friday and now they're gone. Please help.

Okay so I can't apply for medicaid because...

Okay so I can't apply for medicaid because apparently I make too much. And they are trying to charge me $400 a month just for some stupid insurance. For the ladies without insurance how were you able to get the lab tests and ekg done? Where should I go? I'm from NY by the way. So anyone from NY that has experienced this and has a solution that would be awesome! Oh and I'm going to add auxillary lipo I'm contemplating about doing my chin or thighs. I just want my face to be more defined and I think the lipo would help if there's any fat anyway.

So it looks like I'll be taking care of myself...

So it looks like I'll be taking care of myself when I go for my procedure. Its like the people you think are there for you really aren't. At first my bff was supposed to take care of me since he lives in fort lauderdale but all of a sudden he wants to take a trip to ny during my procedure/healing process. Yeah total jerk. I'm completely ignoring him. And I asked my sister to go with me and she said sure. But now today she's telling me she can't go with me. Which i knew would happen. I'm so fed up with people in my life expecting me to be there for them when they need me but can't return the favor back. Oh and my mom can't go with me cause she just got laid off and has to stay home incase she gets called in for an interview. Which is understandable. I have no close friends in my life that I could ask to help me during this life changing experience and it truly sucks. I just can't stand life and I just knew this would happen to me. I'm sorry for ranting like this but I have to get this out there cause this will mess up with my emotions. I'm a tough cookie I think I'll be fine alone.

So my sister decided she will come the day after...

So my sister decided she will come the day after my surgery and stay with me for a couple of days. I just won't have anyone for the day of surgery. Should I be okay since my sis will be coming the next day or should I get a nurse for like a few hours?

Hello girlies. If you're from New York or New...

Hello girlies. If you're from New York or New Jersey and need help in finding a doctor that will do your labs for a low cost contact me and I will help you with the right info. :-)

I'm excited for my surgery. I hope and pray that I...

I'm excited for my surgery. I hope and pray that I have enough fat for atleast 1200 ccs each cheek I hope I can get more hehe but 1200 will do. I am 5'1" 138 pounds with measurements of 37-32-42. I'm scared I might not have enough fat! I've been eating really crappy just to gain this weight. Hopefully it's not water weight. I'm going to try to stuff thanksgiving leftovers so i can get up to atleast 140. lol well I think this is it. I will update after surgery.

So today is the big day. I'm happy and excited....

So today is the big day. I'm happy and excited. Kind of upset cause I really want to get auxiliary lipo done but they are charging $400 plus the insurance which is $175. I am upset cause I really hate that little fat in the armpit area but it w.e I can't stress it too much. I don't see a reason to spend so much money in the future just to lipo it either :-( I refuse to get it done because I'm not a heavy set woman I'm pretty small I'm actually smaller in person compared to my pics. So $400 is a rip off I think $200 would be more reasonable. And the insurance is too much I mean I don't have insurance so thats why I'm getting it just incase something happens. But damn I didn't think I'd be spending this much money. Plus I have to pay for a rental car for my sis and mom cause the taxis in Miami are ridiculously expensive much more than new York city once you think about it since everything is so close unlike Miami. Okay wish me luck lol I had to do my little rant cause I didn't think I would be spending this much money.

First off let me just say that doctor salama and...

First off let me just say that doctor salama and his staff are extremely nice and caring. They make you feel like family. Not to mention everyone is good looking! I love each and every one of them. Larry is such a sweetie pie and is really funny and helpful. You will never stop smiling and laughing while riding in the car with him. Ok so here's my review. I arrived to fll airport at 7 pm Larry came to pick me up and drop me to the hotel. He told me I chose the best hotel. He wasn't lying the hotel is extremely nice. Thank god for timeshare! However what sucks is no stove. But me and my mom found ways to make the food situation work. Soooo now on Monday I woke up washed myself over and over again and Larry came to get me and my mom and we went to the office where nomi, nancy, Cynthia, and RUBEN worked at. I finished paying my balance received my boppy pillow arnica pills post op inductions, and a script to give to the nurse at the other office where dr. Salama performs his surgeries. When I got there I waited 20 mins talked to RUBEN for awhile it was his bday today. He's so sweetie he kept rubbing my shoulder not even my own friends do that lol and I felt very comforting. After waiting for 20 mins I was greeted by the anesthesiologist who was really nice as well and a good looking man. We went over the procedure a bit and I signed some papers after signing papers I was taken to
The bathroom and changed into the robe, compression socks, bikini, and cap. The nurse directed me into salama's office while I waited for him. He is such a cutie lol. So we went over some things as far as medical history and then he went on to examine my body. He pointed out all the issues I had without me saying anything. He also told me I had a nice butt to begin with and will give me projection he said he doesn't want to give me a shelf cause it wouldn't look right. I loved his honesty and he was funny as well. He went through risks and all pertinent information I needed to know after this the anesthesiologist came in and told me its time for surgery. I left my phone with my mom so I borrowed his phone to call her. After getting off the phone with her I lied on the table which is warm the anesthesiologist told me I will be getting sleeping I got scared cause after a while I couldn't open my eyes and my heart started pounding very slow and it felt like I almost couldn't breath and I couldn't say anything cause I couldn't talk then I was knocked out cold! I woke laying face down my lips felt very swollen and I was sooooo cold they put on the heat for me. It was still cold! The nurse put on my dress and hoodie put me on a wheel chair. And wheeled me downstairs and Larry whisked me away. When I woke up I wouldnt say I was in pain I would say I was extremely sore like I went to the gym for a month non stop without sleeping. My butt was painful but idk it's not really pain just sore and bearable. When I got to my room I layed down and my mom made me soup. Gave me water and Gatorade and gave me my meds. Then an hour later she have me a plate of food with rice chicken and veggies. It felt good to eat. I ate all this laying down and had my other perc. I knocked out for about an hour woke up went to pee and drink some more but I felt like was going to puke and puked out everything but let me tell you I felt so much better after. I think it had to do with the anesthesia and eating laying down on my tummy. I hate crackers, and a little bit of chips to replenish myself and drank Gatorade as much as I could. I felt better. My mom told me to take the perc since I three it up but I did not I told her I would wait til later to do it. Give my body time. Like I said wasn't in pain just really sore. I went to sleep kept waking up to pee which is annoying. I ate crackers yogurt and bread and took my perc at 4 this morning because my front drain was stinging a bit when I lifted my leg to go on the besos very important if there's a pull out bed in your hotel room or condo I suggest sleeping on that. It's hard to lift up your legs. So now it's 7:50 eastern time I'm up eating oatmeal and pineapple juice. I won't take pics til prob tomorrow it will be awhile to post them since I'm using my iPhone to type this review up. I feel surpringly better than I imagined. Just feel like someone fucked me up. Ohhh and my eyes are swollen as hell. And I'm barely draining so when I see the doctor today I'm going to ask about my eyes. The most annoying part I would say is having to pee all the time. Just remember to eat little by little but often and drink a lot!!!!!! I think that's all for now and thank you ladies for wishing me luck. Oh and I saw two Asian girls that had gotten their procedure done they look amazing!!!! And my garment is so damn bloody Ahhh can't wait to change it today. Okay that's all ladies muahz!!

So everyone was right second day is a bit rough...

So everyone was right second day is a bit rough but not so much for me. I'm just having trouble sleeping since I have to pee often. As of right now I'm pissed. I'm so fucking itchy I'm sorry to put it like that but I can't take it anymore. I just want to go to sleep not scratch all night. Trying hard to not think about it. I'm going to meet salama fort the first time post op. my massage is scheduled for Friday. I think I'll stop taking the Percs to see if that's causing me to itch.

Hey ladies I'm on my third day. I found out...

Hey ladies I'm on my third day. I found out yesterday that I received 1100 ccs. I really thought it was more. My butt was looking huge the first two days. I literally looked like nicki Minaj. The pics my mom took don't do me justice at all. My sis and mom said my butt went down some and is getting a little bit soft. Okay so the second day is the hardest well for me cause of the itching and I was getting crazy stiff. I can tell my full back was lipoed cause it hurts! I am going to get my first massage tomorrow I hope it isn't too bad. And my back drain is coming out Monday depending how much I'm draining after my massage. As for my front drain dr. Salama said my sis can take it out. Not really a big deal and a waste of money to pay a surgeon to drain it. He also said my sis can drain my aeronautic since my sis did her clinicals for nursing school she knows a thing or two. For some reason I don't get light headed or diZzy when taking off my garment and taking a shower. I think it's cause I'm constantly drinking something and drinking is imperative. Gatorade really helps!! For those who get itchy if you can just stop taking the Percs cause it was causing me to itch I only take it when I'm in desperate need of one. It's hard to go number 2 cause you have to take off the garment. Yes it's a bit painful taking it on and off but you have to. And at times it's bearable. This procedure Is for the strong minded cause honestly I don't think I would be able to go through this if I wasn't. I'm trying to do as much as I can on my own. I took off my garment all by myself today yayyy me!!! Lol oh and I received my foams yesterday they are annoying but you'll get used to them. I keep getting a slight fever but it never goes up to 101 well it did yesterday but went immediately down after walking and drinking. Best way to sleep for me is putting pillows underneath my body. I would like to post pics but Im using my phone if you'd like to see pm me your email addy and I will send them. Oh and those instant oatmeal packets, crackers, and jello will be your best friend. I'll update tomorrow after my massage.

Hello ladies. I want to first thank prettyphysique...

Hello ladies. I want to first thank prettyphysique for posting my pics up here since I couldn't. Today I had my first massage. I woke up at 8 had oatmeal and around 9:30 took a perc. I ate again around 12:30 and took another perc. I was told to eat good and Larry told me to take the Percs that way so the massage won't hurt as much. The massage was consuming my mind. I was nervous yet anxious cause I wanted to get it over with. So when I got there I met with the massage therapist I forgot her name but she's such a sweetheart. My sis and is the room with me cause she said she could prob massage me when we get back to NY. So first thing I did was take off my garment and foam pads. And laid faced down on the table. The massage therapist oiled up my legs and feet and began working on them for about 10-15 mins. She then got to my back. It wasn't really painful to my surprise but it did feel uncomfortable. On a scale is 1-10 it was a 5. It felt good at times and it burned a little when she worked her way near the drain. She worked on my back for a good 20 mins. After my back, she told me to lay on my side with the boppy pillow underneath. I was thinking holy shit here comes the hard part. Again to my surprise not as Painful as I thought. It was a 6. Buttttt when she worked on my pelvic area and where the front drain is. It did hurt but not to the point where I was going to cry. All in all the massage wasn't bad. It did not feel like I was being skinned alive like some other women have described it. I guess everyone is truly different. After the massage she told me I handled it very well cause other girls scream and cry. She also told me my garment is too big. I have on a XL and should be wearing a large or medium. She told me I don't have that much compression in my stomach so Monday I will get a new garment. Once she was done my sis helped me put on my garment and I saw how right the therapist was. My garment is loose at the waist and in my butt area. I did lose volume but I still have a donkey butt. And my waist is super small. Men look and stand behind me just to look at my ass loll. I am really loving my shape and how doctor salama rounded out my hips. I really can't wait for the swelling to go down to see how my body looks. I really can't wait for this butt to get soft! My butt is not looking squarish and doesn't have that triangle mark everyone was worried about :-) my next massage is on Monday I will try to take pics. I'm also trying to see if I can get a massage Tuesday the day before I leave. That's it for now. Later

I forgot to mention I ate a burger for lunch just...

I forgot to mention I ate a burger for lunch just cause I was tired of chicken all the time. It was from the room service. I hope that doesn't affect my results. I just wanted something different since I can't really cook with just a microwave. I don't care for burgers but not having chicken was good lol. I won't be eating another one anytime soon.

So everyday you def do get better. Walking is...

So everyday you def do get better. Walking is important it helps with the stiffness greatly. Now I have a problem I have a foul odor from my vagina. It's not a yeast infection or a bacterial infection cause its not itchy and there's no weird discharge. The regular discharge that comes out doesn't smell really. It's weird. Could it be all the meds im taking? I bought cranberry juice to see if the smell will disappear. I'm so mad cause I smell fresh all the time and for this to happen is messing up with my emotions lol.

Hey girlies I'm in the office right now waiting...

Hey girlies I'm in the office right now waiting for my 2nd massage. So I measured my waist today and it is a 30... Uhm yeah so only about 2-3 inches so far ... I'm getting upset because I really want my waist to be a 27 or the least a 28. I know there's swelling left over so it can decrease more but after analyzing my love handles Idk if he lipoed it too well or it could just be in my head. Overall my shape is awesome. Maybe since my garment is loose my waist doesn't have enough compression to decrease? I'm going to buy a girdle does anyone recommend a good brand with great compression? I can't wait for my massage I need a rub down asap. Okay I'll update when I get back to NY which will be Wednesday.

Hey so I got my second massage today. Felt really...

Hey so I got my second massage today. Felt really good! Celia was my massage therapist for the first and second she's really sweet. Ive been told Eileen is on the rough side lol. I got my garment changed from a XL to a medium. I got the butt out garment but it was putting too much pressure around my cheeks. I dont like it at all so I'm going back tomorrow to change to the one with the butt in. I told Ruben I don't mind paying for it. Oh and my mom pressed on my butt on accident and I almost sucker punched her lol it hurt like a bitch. So be careful when you have someone helping you put on your garment don't want to have to hurt anyone ha!

I finally made it back to NY and I did not sit the...

I finally made it back to NY and I did not sit the entire plane ride. Woohoo!!! So when I got home my granny said my butt looks beautiful but too damn hard lol my brother said "Wtf? You got an amazon booty from Africa" lol idk what that means and my dad gave me the duck face it looked like he wanted to disown me lol. He said my butt is way too big. Honestly I hope my butt goes down. It's still early on and it's swollen so it will go down. I don't want a ghetto booty at all just a nice rump do if I do get that fluffing and it's too big I'll lose 10 pounds. All in all I'm loving my shape. And I love Dr. salama for giving me this amazing shape and butt!!! I'm going to try and take pics soon

I forgot to mention that the back drain came out...

I forgot to mention that the back drain came out today. It did not hurt at all. When dr. Salama pulled it out it felt so weird but a good weird I guess. I can't wait for the front one to come out. I'm waiting til I'm draining less than 25 ccs so I can avoid a seroma. What sucks is that no massage therapist in NY will massage me until my drain is out. So in the meantime my mom said she'll massage me. And I deeply apologize for my grammar I'm doing all of this on my phone. And writing this up fast. Pics will be up tomorrow.

So my mom was observing my booty and she was...

So my mom was observing my booty and she was telling me how one butt cheek is bigger than the other. Could it be that the bigger one is swelled up? Should I be worried? To me it's noticeable cause the bigger one is much rounder and has more projection...

So I spoke to Ruben and he says I'm still too...

So I spoke to Ruben and he says I'm still too early on and it's swelling. I really do hope so. I mean I don't care if one is slightly bigger too the point where it's barely noticeable because my butt was like that before surgery anyway.

Hi ladies. I'm 5'1" and looking for a waist...

Hi ladies. I'm 5'1" and looking for a waist cincher that's not too long. I bought one at doctor salama's office and it's too long for my torso. If anyone can help. Thanks!

I'm officially 2 weeks post op. and I'm happy that...

I'm officially 2 weeks post op. and I'm happy that I got this procedure done. My measurements pre op were 36-32-42. My measurements now are 36-29.5-45 my hips went down an inch since surgery. I really expected my waist to be smaller by now (at least 28 inches) :-( does anyone know if my waist will get smaller or will it stay at 29.5 in.? I know I'm still Fresh out of surgery but I'm a very impatient person. When I suck in my stomach my waist is 26 in. Lol I suck it in to make myself feel better. And Im still waiting for my left side love handle to go down some idk why but I can't shake the feeling that it wasn't lipoed but everyone is telling me to shut up and wait ughh. My back is killing me from laying down so much and my butt is so big that none of my work pants fit. So I am stuck with just a maxi skirt and sweater for my first day back to work. I plan to tell my manager I got back surgery and cannot sit for a month and a half lol lets see how this works our. I still have my front drain in and will have my sister take it out for me. I can't wait to get it taken out because My stomach is crazy hard and I'm in desperate need to get a massage. Unfortunately the therapists around me do not want to give a massage while the drains are in.

Hey ladies tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op....

Hey ladies tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. I've lost a lot of volume but I'm still happy with my results. I just hope I don't lose anymore volume if I do this booty better fluff lol. I've had one massage since I've been home because no masseuse would see me with my front drain in. My sis took out the drain for me and it was not painful just felt a bit odd since I could feel it going through my tissues. And it did burn but nothing I could not handle. My co workers that new I was getting this done said I look amazing. And yesterday I went to a baby shower and my cousin told me all the guys were just staring at me loll. I'm the type that don't notice these things. I guess cause I don't seek attention. I saw my fun buddy yesterday and he said I look great and loves that my butt looks natural and that's exactly what I wanted. A natural juicy booty lol. Next time I go out will be new years and I can't wait to be out having fun with my girls. It really sucks being home like this. As far as my body sensations, I get crazy stiff. I have not been feeling any pain or soreness. My butt has these weird sensations I can't explain it. I still get super itchy but once I take Benadryl it goes away, my garment is getting smal in the waist area but I'm not ordering a smaller garment cause this garment already compresses my hips and butt a lot and I fear if I go any smaller I will lose everything lol. So I bought a small squeem waist cincher. I can't wait for it to come in the mail! My waist is weird sometimes it's 29 inches and sometimes 28.5. I really would love my waist to get down to 27. My hips are the same one day it's 45 in. The next 44 and today 43.5. I want to stay at 44 since before surgery I was a 42. 3 more weeks to go and I can start sitting on the boppy. :-D and as per Ruben, at 6 weeks w.e size my hips and butt is, it will be my final result and my waist will continue to decrease since I'm still swollen. I feel bad for not posting up pics. As crazy as this sounds but I don't have any full length Mirrors in my house lol so when I go to work I will try to take some I def need to invest in a full length mirror.

Hello ladies. I'm adding a few pics. Uhm as of...

hello ladies. I'm adding a few pics. Uhm as of right now. I do not like my body. Its kind of a love hate situation. My waist seems like its not getting any smaller. I just got my squeem in a small and I hope this will help my tummy and waistline decrease some more. Yes every night I put a heating pad on my tummy and back for more than an hour. I feel like once the board is off my tummy goes POOFFF right back out. Wtf is up with that? I'm finding my butt is getting dimples which is so fucking gross I want to be able to wear some thong bikinis this summer ugh!! I do like how my butt looks though I'm just waiting for my tummy to be flatter than a pancake and my waist to be cinched in like a barbie doll. lol. uhm my waist decided to go up today to a 29.5 Idk if it's because I'm drinking alot of water or what. My butt has remained at 44 inches. I really don't want to lose volume at this point. My stomach looks a hot mess. I got a massage yesterday (deep tissue) and it burned alot the therapist was aggressive as hell but not so much on my tummy. It was like he was scared. I'm still trying to find a therapist to incorporate a lymphatic massage with the deep tissue massage. There's one in NY that I know of but Its in the city and I live in queens and that's not going to happen I hate taking trains and no one will drive me there so I'm screwed. I really hope by next week I see better results in my tummy and waist. I really hope this booty fluffs. Does anyone know when this supposedly happens? I know it happens to a few lucky girls. I hope I'm one of them. oh and i forgot to mention my butt jiggles a bit it got pretty soft fast. I can't wait for it to be soft completely. again does anyone know when it will become soft completely?

Hey ladies I am 5 weeks post op and so far I do...

Hey ladies I am 5 weeks post op and so far I do not like my results. I don't feel like my stomach or back was lipoed enough. My love handles are 70% gone there is still fat left. Dr. Salama told me my stomach will be flat and my back fat will be gone. I don't believe my back and love handles are swelling only because they are super soft at this point. My waist has gone down to a 27 1/2 ever since I bought the squeem. I'm not sure if the fact that I'm not in a smaller garment is prohibiting for this fat to go away. I just bought the Katie vedette butt out in a small since I'm wearing a medium lipo express garment butt out one. and I also bought another squeem in an xsmall because I feel like the small I bought a week ago is already big on me! As far as the massages go I have been massaging myself only because I cannot find someone that can do the massages like Celia did them. I found a new massage place that has experience with lipo patients so I'm crossing my fingers that they will be able to massage my stomach right. So my measurements now are 36-27 1/2- 43. Yes I've lost 3 inches since surgery around the hips. I wish my hips were slightly bigger. If my waist can go down more then I will be ecstatic. Hopefully through diet and the smaller garment and squeem my tummy flattens more and my loves handles and back fat magically disappear. I would like to lose 5 pounds but I'm afraid of losing my butt. Oh and for the vets is it ok to start weight training? My arms are gross and I need to start doing something about them. Oh and BTW if my love handles and back fat do not improve through exercising I will probably go for a round 2 but just for lipo. I love how my body looks when I suck it in. All the b.s I went through just to get these results so far is messing with my emotions. :-(

Hey girlies so I just received my small Katie...

Hey girlies so I just received my small Katie vedette in the mail and I'm not liking it and at the same time loving it. I don't like it because it does not give enough compression in the waist area. And I love it because the compression in the butt area is awesome. So idk what to do. I might just go to a seamstress and get the waist taken in and then get the Katie taken in. I feel like at this point I've spent too much money. I'm still unhappy with my tummy so I'm hoping it flattens out more I just feel like it won't and maybe a high intense ab regimen will get me the results I want because when I suck it in its exactly how I want my stomach to look. Lol. I will take pics once I see some changes in my body and so far nothing has changed. I love my butt but not my stomach ugh. :-(

Hey girlies so I caught the flu and it's a pain to...

Hey girlies so I caught the flu and it's a pain to not being able to lay on my back or side. I went to a seamstress to get my garment fixed at the waist and she told me get machine cannot do it!!! Ugh now I don't know what to do. I'm now wearing an xsmall squeem on top of my medium butt out lipo express garment. Do you ladies think the squeem is enough Compression? Or should I look for another seamstress? Oh and lplease do not be mad at me for not putting worth it I won't consider this procedure worth it until the assymetry on my waist is gone. My left side is still bigger than the right.

So here's my take on this whole bbl journey. I...

So here's my take on this whole bbl journey. I don't think it's worth it. Now I'm considering a round 2 but my parents will probably disown me.

1) When i sit there are little tiny rolls on my tummy so now that I'm so called swelled up I can only imagine what these rolls will look like when swelling has subsided.

2) one hip is rounder than the other

3) Back fat still there

4) stomach not flat

5) one side of the waist is still more chunkier than the other side

6) my pooch is looking crazy. Like it pops out. I can tell I will have to still suck in my stomach when i go out smh

7) I have curves when I suck in my stomach ohhh yeahhh that's the reason why i got lipo

8) one butt cheek is bigger than the other. Not saying this is Salama's fault. The fat acts how it wants to act

I honestly don't want to hear negative comments. I'm not here to bash Salama. Butttt I certainly did not expect my stomach and back to look like this considering I wasn't even fat nor overweight before I went into this surgery. My picture makes me look bigger than I was and that's not the case cause everyone was wondering where in the world the doctor will get fat from my stomach cause i was tiny. I just think for the ladies who are going to get surgery. Do not gain weight. If you feel like you have enough fat and they are telling you to gain more do not do it. I should have listened to my gut, maybe my stomach would have been flatter. I'm just mad that I'm thinking of having to go through this madness again. Yeah I know I'm still early on in my journey but at this point I just already have a feeling my stomach will not get any flatter. oh and I forgot to mention my stomach and back are itchy like crazy. Its annoying and I never really thought this would persist this long. I read online somewhere it can take up to 6 months for itchiness to go away. Sheeshhh!!!

Hello ladies. I will be 8 weeks tomorrow. My...

Hello ladies. I will be 8 weeks tomorrow. My stomach has its days where it sticks out and days where it doesn't I guess I should just relax and wait til I'm 6 months to determine how my stomach will turn out. Also what I eat affects how my stomach looks. So I will be eating less carbs. I don't eat bad carbs. I'm a health freak. But I guess even wheat and whole grain breads and pastas still does not digest well in my body. Tomorrow I will start exercising. As for doing crunches to help tone and tighten my stomach alot of you girls must be wondering how is that possible without doing it on the floor without affecting your butt. Well I decided to get a stability ball or an exercise ball. you can do crunches on them and your butt doesn't really touch the ball the way you're supposed to do it. My stomach and back have been annoying. It burns and its very tight when someone touches me so i try to wear the waist cincher with the foams underneath as much as possible. I have not been wearing my garment for 4 days. But i put it on last night because I bought the lipo express 2xs cincher. I really don't like lipo express's waist cincher I feel like the squeem provides a lot more compression. If only the squeem was available in 2xs :sigh: I will discontinue to wear the garment and just wear the waist cincher with the foams underneath. I hate wearing the garment because it caused chaffing on my shoulders. Oh and I had sex at 6 1/2 weeks. I don't know how on earth you can have sex without avoiding your partner bumping into your butt. So I just told him try to be careful as much as possible. Yeah that did not work. But I have not experienced any volume loss. I started sitting at 6 weeks well just to drive and at 7 weeks I started sitting down at work (for a couple of hours). I stand as much as I can cause when I sit for too long and get up I feel the burning sensation in my tummy. Blah!! I was told tightness and burning means that there is still swelling. So no volume loss whatsoever since I've started to sit. It just feels sore when I get up from sitting. Idk why but Ruben said its normal.

I still remain at 43 inches. Just waiting for this booty to fluff. I will be heading out to macys today and I will play dress up and take some pics for you ladies so look out for that. oh and I have not been sleeping or laying on my back or side. Idk if its safe to yet. So I will wait til I am 12 weeks to start sleeping on my side. I don't really sleep on my back so sleeping on my stomach does not bother me much. And one more thing I don't appreciate someone bashing me indirectly. If you have something to say just simply pm me. I am very tired of these Salama Nazis that swear he's the best doctor out there. If I am not happy with certain imperfections on my body then let me vent. This is a blog to share our experiences and this journey is definitely a rollercoaster. One day you feel like your body is amazing and then the next day its like uhm wtf just happened overnight I don't look the same as yesterday. So if I want to vent about what I'm not happy about don't start saying b.s on your blog about how I should be happy and realistic about my results. I was realistic going into surgery I wouldn't stress so much about my stomach being flat had I not been told that it WOULD be flat. Even the ladies in the office had told me my body looks great prior to getting surgery. So I was far from overweight. And I expected for my curves to be more visible. Anyways that's all I have to say. This site is becoming like high school. Women should not be kicking each other down, but picking each other up. And I thank the ladies who has complimented me when I was down.

Grrr so I had a major setback during the weekend....

Grrr so I had a major setback during the weekend. For some reason when I woke up my stomach just popped out out of nowhere and got extremely hard. I have no idea why. My waist measures usually around 26-27 and it now measures between 29-30 sometimes a 28. I contacted Dr. Salama and he told me its swelling. But why would swelling increase after 8 months? shouldn't it be decreasing? He just told me to keep wearing my waist cincher and massage daily. I feel like crying cause I have this idea in my head that my stomach will heal this way. Has this happened to anyone?

*** meant to say 8 weeks

*** meant to say 8 weeks

So I would like to thank Dr. salama for giving me...

So I would like to thank Dr. salama for giving me this amazing booty. I went out on Friday and lets just say all eyes were on me. I wore a form fitting dress which was a black and gray dress I wore this dress because since black makes you appear smaller I had to put the booty and overall shape to the test. And I must say even women were looking at me. I've gotten so many compliments. And it felt amazing. I've gotten "She got that Nicki Minaj booty" to men just stopping and turn there heads only and say "damnnnn". I'm now thinking my butt is looking too big. I'm thinking about losing weight for some reason I feel like I'm losing weight pretty fast and it's not water weight. Uhm I won't post pics until the swelling on my stomach decreases. Right now I'm wearing a spanx shirt,square foam and board underneath my xsmall squeem and a 2xs waist cincher. So I'm providing a lot of compression to help it decrease. I do have assymetry both sides look different but not that visible to anyone else but me lol. I will update when I am 3 months.

Have any of you ladies gotten liposuction done...

Have any of you ladies gotten liposuction done twice? I was told I should wait a year. And I feel like if at 6 months after the swelling goes down and ab exercises I would want to get liposuction done over the summer or at the end of the summer when I'm 9 months post op. I plan to go to yily and she quoted me $2800 which includes lipo for abdomen back waist flanks, and armpit. If anyone can please give me any advice on what to expect. Will it be much easier? Will there be contour irregularities? Should I wait for a year or will I be fine at my 8th month mark?

Hello Ladies I am almost 3 months and I am still...

Hello Ladies I am almost 3 months and I am still unhappy with my stomach. It looks just about the same prior to surgery :sigh: I don't know what to do at this point. I fear if I lose weight my beautiful booty will lose volume and I'll be back to flatty ms.pancake. I love the ass the dr. gave me. I'm just really not understanding why my stomach has not improved. I look bloated. Everytime I go out I suck in my stomach. I have not exercised yet I'm trying to come up with an exercise regimen where I can get my stomach to become flat and leave my booty nice a perky the way it is. I don't have money to see a trainer to help me in the department. Maybe I should scramble a few dollars and get some advice from one. I just don't want to have to keep sucking my stomach in when I'm out or with someone laying down. I've been doing so for more than 10 years! if anyone could help with this that would be awesome :-) I am still thinking about going to Dr. YIly next year but I'm not quite sure because I think my body would look way too fake if my waist got any smaller and contoured more.

I will be going to Dr. Yily De Los Santos for a...

I will be going to Dr. Yily De Los Santos for a round 2 however for lipo only. I really want more curves and a smaller waist and flatter tummy. Also want to get the fat in my armpit area removed. I think I will be going next year to be on the safe side. I wish I could get lipo done again at the end of the summer but I was told to wait at least a year. So I think November early December or early January would be suitable. I think I'm done with this blog Like this girl had said. lots of girls are getting exposed for getting plastic surgery done and its pathetic that people have time on their hands and I don't want it to be, not that I want to become a model but I might become a wife of a celebrity lmao. If any of you ladies have questions you can pm me, I will def respond. Its been real girlies.

Hey girlies I'm deciding to go for a round 2. not...

hey girlies I'm deciding to go for a round 2. not for my butt just for a flatter stomach and smaller waist. Should I go back to salama or yily de los santos? I'm not choosing based on money cause I'll end up spending the same amount. but I want to know what you ladies think since salama is already booked til december.

So I am now observing my body. hmm don't get me...

So I am now observing my body. hmm don't get me wrong Salama did a good job but my booty keeps shrinking!!!!! now I'm 41.5 I mean yeah I did lose weight not purposely but Wtf. I still have some booty. I am worried about my left cheek though its smaller than my right. Idk which doctor to go to. I'm thinking about yily but having second thoughts. I'm thinking about salama again but I don't want to be disappointed again. I have yet to see salama give that perfectly flat stomach like yily does. ughh
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Hi I'm glad I came across your post re the squeem. I wasn't sure if the small would provide enough compression for my waist smallest part 28" biggest 30" and I really need to compress my tummy, so I'm going with the extra small, better to squeeze myself in that than be disappointed in the small after a few days. Thanks!!
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I mean ok to go in the water after the first week?
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Hey I plan to go to DR for my procedure and I was going to stay 2 weeks do you think after the second week I will be ok to go in the pool or in the beach? Did you still have bruises after a week?
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I wouldn't think it would be safe after 2 weeks. Maybe wait a month. But you should ask your doctor.
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Hey hun, if you've never had kids, good old fashion sit-ups will do the trick, what it looks like to me is muscle laxity... Which is why your stomach protrudes. There may not even be enough fat to lipo, it just looks like a posture issue due to lack of core strength causing your tummy to poke out... if it is this as i suspect as youve said you do not work out, lipo may not fix the problem as its not one of fat...Once you tighten up that area your tummy will be flat;) Cheers
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Thanks so much!
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Your welcome, Nobody wants to be told to work out! But I just looked at ur pics again & IMO you body composition has changed to accommodate your butt forcing your tummy out ( our bodies naturally do that to use the stronger muscles to compensate the weaker ones) & it does not look like fat at all to me.. Your tummy muscles are "asleep" so to speak, once you strengthen them they will hold you in exactly like the garment does! Anyway hope that helps
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Thats so strange, the fact that your stomach is the same :-/...that seems to be a common complaint from Salama patients these days...Is your waist still the same size, or smaller?
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P.S Looking closely at your photos, I understand what you mean. Your stomach does look a little bloated. Your overall shape is gorgeous, but I would definately see about getting a touch-up if I was in your position xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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my waist fluctuates between 28 and 27 inches. Funny because before my journey a lot of women complained about their butts being too small. I think I will just go to yily and call it a day. Cause I honestly don't want to lose any volume. I'm eating healthy too. And I eat about 1200 calories since I don't really work out much. I'm getting frustrated because now yily is charging $2800 just for lipo! and I feel like that's too much. I'm going to see if she can do it for atleast $2000
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Thanks for responding, this has confirmed my decision to lose a few kilos before the surgery, I want as small a waist as possible...Dr Yily looks like she's quite intense with the lipo, so she's probably a good option, but that IS expensive...also for some reason the DR scares me LOOOL. I'm too scared to go outside of the U.S!! P.S- I'm about to inbox you, I hope you don't mind answering my retarded question! xxxxxxxxxxxx
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No I don't mind at all.
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Grl u r short n thick n it is hot im usinf ur pix as wish pix bak fat or not u look great! N also he may have removed alot of fat but usually what i notice when i suck in my belly its y abs poking out frm havin kids not fat idk if u have any kids or not but what i did was do tons of ab workouts n now all i have is a flat stomach with fat on it so im hopin the lipo makes things perfect. I like ur hips and butt u look thick as hell grl! And real it doesnt lookfake at all im 4"11 n have a short torse n was wondering if id look crazy but ur results make me feel better!
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Liposuction is not permanent. I hadd liposuction by the top Dr. here in Pa. It was uneven and it did come back. This was not due to his work but how my body is.If you want a flat stomach best to go with a tummy tuck, but do keep in mind nothing is perfect.Even with a Tummy tuck it may come back in the future. As my obgyn said as we get older our bodies changes and fat shifts having it suck out now doesnt mean it wont shift later in life. Just keep an open mind. You look wonderful and I wouldn't do anything until all the swelling is gone. Wait a year you may change your mind and see how beautiful you look already.
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So true bc shit pregnancy will b the sure fire way to ruin a tt lol and lipo!
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Girl u got ass fa days!!!! That's about that size ass I want.....congrats!!!!!
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Ass ass ass ass! Damn girl, your butt is huge! And I know we are all our own worst critics, but I don't think you need any more work done on your tummy. You are practically flat as hell, and as small as you already are, if you go to Yily, you won't even have a waist, you'll just have a layer of skin around your spine connecting your upper body to your hips lol! No seriously though girl, your body is BANGIN! I'm sure everything will smooth out over time.
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Try a weighted hula hoop to get more curves and to get rid of the back fat. I use the one at but have cheaper ones. You look great.
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Thanks I'll def check it out! :-)
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@FluerBlanc WOW im a lil stunned by a comment you posted about going to yily!! well only because u only were s against anyone going to her including me you even went out of yr way to discourage girls and me from going to her. u even told me to read a bad review about her on mmh. and now yr going to her!!?? hhhmmnn!
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Lmao idk y ths made me laugh haha. But i love the things that make u say hmmmmmmmm too! but i believe littleboypink (i think thas her name)just went to yilly and her wasitline is super tiny so maybe she was encouraged by those results i heard yily is the bombdotcom for sculpting and lipo
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I'm goin to Dr j for ass and hips N booking now for yilly
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I did not go out of my way to discourage anyone from going to see her. I was simply informing girls on what someone had went through. I did not like her bedside manners. And I'm not looking to get a bbl done again because salama gave me the ass I wanted and overall shape but I don't feel like he lipoed my stomach right. And Jamaican booty is right I was Encouraged by little boy pinks results as well as some other women on here and on mmh. I feel like shes the best as far as giving a super flat stomach and small waist. I don't want my waist smaller really cause I believe ill end up looking unnatural I'm just really worried about my pooch and abdomen, they're not as flat as I would like; however I do have swelling still and I am goin to workout but I'm keeping yily as my 1st option if I decide to get lipo done again.
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You're def looking to break necks huh? Lol
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Lol yupper and dont care what others paying for it not them !!!!!! J has the ass on lock and she had the lipo game sealed !!!
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