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I have been wanting a booty for as long as I can...

I have been wanting a booty for as long as I can remember. I've always had big boobs but not butt. I was scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Campos in Tijuana about a year and a half ago but I chickened out. Fast forward to now and I found Dr. Salama. I loved Dr. Salama's results. He was giving the girls small waists and booties but more specifically he was sculpting their bodies. Dont get me wrong I want a big butt but I also want to be shaped. I dont want look like a square box with 2 giant basketballs on my ass..lol To some of us maybe having an ass is the most important thing but to me is more about an hourglass shape. I know underneath this fat I have my body is legit. I look great with clothes but horrible without..lol Lately my mind has been thinking if Dr Salama is the right one for me. If I go by the results he was giving earlier in the year I would say yes but lately no offense to anyone but I dont feel impressed. Spending close to 7g's for everything I want to be happy and not think about a round 2. Im confused as to why we are told to gain weight if we are already chubby to begin with. I dont want to be left with back fat or rolls. I've already put down 10% but im just nervous. Measurements pre op: 138 pounds, 5'2. My waist is a 29 and my breasts are a 34C. Please ladies I need advifce

i wouldnt gain weight if i were you im 52 and im 135 thats how im going in for my surgery.. i guess it all dependes on how big of a butt your looking for but if you rather have a smaller waste and less fat on you then i wouldnt gain weight or at least not go over 145
Im not gaining no weight I have enough fat in my love handles and back for him to give me a big butt. WHats the use of gaining weight if he is not being aggressive w/ the upper back?
exactly and if you tell him you want a big booty he will find the fat he needs which will make you look even thinner!! good luck!

Im so confused. I still want Salama especially...

Im so confused. I still want Salama especially since I already put money down but Im scared about not getting the results I want. Why does it seem like every surgeon whether on this site or another once they get a little fame their work starts to downgrade. If you are going to spike up the prices the quality either better be the same or better. I dont know how girls that are not that big to begin with come out with back fat? If the limit is 4000cc shouldn't the surgeon remove all the fat? What's the point of gaining weight for a big butt if you are going to come out with gorilla arms and back..smdh I was thinkin g of getting my arms done w/ Salama but I wont be adding nothing else to the bbl. I guess I will just have upper back, lower back, love handles and stomach lipoed. There is more than enough fat in those areas for a juicy booty. Let's see if he leaves me w/upper back fat.. Im going to be so pissed because Im not that big.. Ladies I need advice..

Another thing ladies do you guys know how long you...

Another thing ladies do you guys know how long you have to wait after a bbl to get a breat lift w/implants? I want to do that next I already have big boobs but I would like an areola lift w/ a small implant. Since I wont be doing my arms w/Salama for obvious reasons Im thinking of getting the breast and laser lipo to the arms w/ Dr Pantoja in Tijuana or Sacristan in Colombia.
I'm interested in getting a breast lift after my BBL and most doctors are telling me that I should wait until I have recovered from the BBL. Even Nancy from Dr. Salama's office told me that its 2 different areas of the body so it really doesn't matter. (That's when I asked her could I get a boob job before my BBL). But I would wait until you're able to lay on your back comfortably, and be fully recovered from the BBL. I'm probably going to wait 8-12 weeks.

Hey ladies I'm a little confused as to the cost of...

Hey ladies I'm a little confused as to the cost of the insurance. I've been reading some reviews and some girls paid $165 for the cosmetassure but I was charged 200. I know it may not be a lot but I want to make sure I'm not getting ripped off. When I first contacted Dr S my quote was for 6499 and then when I called to pay my deposit they said the price was 6799 so they didn't honor the first quote. I just don't want to be paying more for something that everyone else is paying less for.. Is the insurance 200 or 165?
Hey ladies. I just want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support and I truly do take to heart all of your recommendations. Ruben in my office makes sure that suggestions and recommendations get relayed to me, so please do not hesitate to let me know if there is something you like or dislike. It's womn such as yourselves that have allowed me and my staff to succeed and that is very kind of all of you. I wish you all best of luck and if you need a sooner date please stay in touch with nancy and she will do best possible to accommodate. Lastly a word of note, I ask some patients to gain some weight just so it's easier to access the fat and sculpt their body with it. It's not mandatory but a suggestion. Once again I welcome any comments publicly or private message. Thank you again to all of you.
Dr. S
Thanks doc. Can't wait to meet u.
I'm Not going to gain any weight before - I have plenty of areas that can b used for harvesting !

Hey ladies, I have a question. For all the girls...

Hey ladies, I have a question. For all the girls that had inner thigh lipo and had stretch marks there did the lipo make them worse or are they less noticeable? I'm thinking of doing my inner thighs but I have some stretch marks and I don't want them to be more noticeble. I don't want a banging body looking a like a tiger..lol

Ladies if you have red or new stretch marks from...

Ladies if you have red or new stretch marks from bbl use retin-a. Its a prescription but it works wonders. Even if the stretch marks are from child birth or weight gain if they are still red or have color retin-a works. But it doesn't work on white ones. Also rosehip oil is great.
I'm A little undecided but I stiil have a few months to see if his results improve but yeah I booked with him few wks ago, for June.
hey wantabooty, how is it going I actually have a similar question about my inner tights, but I basically want to know if the difference is noticeable cuz Ive seen some girls who did it and say that they still rub eachothers for those who got them done is it worth it? take care.
Some girls say they don't see a difference others say they do. I think if you don't want have a lot of fat then he's able to be aggressive in the thighs. But if you hold a lot of weight in your stomach and stuff then he can't because of the fat limit. I don't want mine to rub because that is the reason I got stretch marks. I heard the arms are a waste.

Lately there has been a lot of drama on RS and I...

Lately there has been a lot of drama on RS and I think is very unfortunate. This site is to he'll one another and not bash each others surgeons. There shouldn't be no "teams". We are grown women. Let the doctors results speak for themselves. I'm glad for the vets on this site that have helped many of us that have not had our surgery yet. There is a way of givingg constructive criticism and another way of being plain rude. Manay of us are not going to come out like out wish pics because we don't have that body frame. Liposuction won't remove broad shoulders or a wide rib cage. If we ladies keep up with these ideas that we are going to go from Monique to Yaris Sanchez, you are setting yourself up for disapointment. I love NiniKs results but not many of us are going to come out like her. We r built different. There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be extracted. If you into surgery overweight or near ideal weight most likely you are going to want a round 2. That is not the surgeons fault. Another thing thaat I have noticed is people trying to make a business out of switching dates. I get it if you are cancelling and you don't want to lose money. But you want to charge me for switching dated because either you are not ready or don't have all the funds. If you need a later date and someone wants an earlier date, we should be able to switch w/out you charging me or asking me to pay for a portion of your surgery. This is an elective surgery if you can't afford it don't do it!!!! Sorry for the rant but we are supose to be helping each other but at times I feel like some want to take advantage of our need for earlier dates. I refuse to pay for someones surgery. All the bickering about doctors is crazy. You chose your doctor and I chose mine. Don't bash each others surgeons. All surgeons have hit and misses. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you may feel is square may be a donk to someone else.
Excellent post Wantabooty81. I agree 100%. There is sometimes way too much drama here. Somehow, though, I don't think it will change. It's the nature of this kind of forum. It's making me change my mind about ever wanting to post pictures. We must also keep in mind that the BBL is a relatively new procedure. It will be a number if years before we really know how successful it is.
Wow people charging to switch dates ... ThAts crazy

I'm so hapy my bff switched dates w/me. I'm so...

I'm so hapy my bff switched dates w/me. I'm so glad I will be going during spring break break instead of at the beginning of my last semester at school.. New date March 19th.. Watching the election and Romney better win!!! I need new breast to go w/ my new booty...lol I don't need my hubby complaining about taxes and he's employees.. Just my opinion..
Lol Obama haha
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