Cant Wait Untill I Get my Booty, Jan 23,2012 Dr.Salama - Aventura, FL

I'm so excited, I truly have wanted this surgery...

I'm so excited, I truly have wanted this surgery before I even knew it was available lol. I'm 5"4 and 160lbs, pretty well proportioned as far as top to bottom, but I need a bigger butt =) and I hate my arms so much! So I'm getting additional lipo to my arms as well. I want all of u girls to give me any type of advise you have for me, what will help keep the volume afterwards, if there was any body suit u like better, what I will need, anything to help me out =)

Lol, me too. I'm always in realself reading updates on my bbl sisters. just sometimes I try not to login to realself becuz it allows me (for just a moment) to forget about the surgery date and that helps. Becuz time fly by really fast when I do that. But at times u can't becuz this bbl is so addictive . Lol
I no right lol! No I haven't bought anything yet its not even registered yet that I'm getting this done! I used to get on the page every day but no I barely ever get on. Have you bought anything yet, and were are you going to stay at?
hey my sx date is just 2 days before yours. im so excited for the both of us
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