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Round 2 May 20th 2014..Sx /flight paid..need a hotel

Hi my bbl sis...I finely booked my bbl surgery...

Hi my bbl sis...I finely booked my bbl surgery with Nancy after looking at DR salama before and after pics and looking at everyones comments.... 

you all inspired me.... thanks guys... my date is august 6th....i almost got coned into a earlier date ....beware ladies.... the person wanted 300 dollars and when i spoke to nancy today to about the date ..she automatically knew who it was and nancy said that person cancelled already and the date was given to an client,,,, if any one wants to switch that has a april date.. i m game

So I finally paid some more money down on my...

So I finally paid some more money down on my surgery... I got approved for 5000...with medical financial.....doing my happy dance singing Gonna g....Lolll I'm be too sexy for my shirt...to sexy for my looks. t sexy for youuuuuu.. hear this...bbl ladies...My baby daddy thinks I am doing all this for him....shm... He's ah dog...he cheated on me when u I was pregnant...and he's telling me if I had a big ass...he would staY home ....dumb fool...this is for me...
I leaving the old baggage behind.....I am gonna look an feel fabulous.... I wish I could get my surgery done..in April...hoping Nancy could help me.

I did medical financial...and was approved...now...

I did medical financial...and was approved...now they wants me to use it within 30 to 60 days....that stupid...but if anyone wants to cancel there dates earlier than mines please consider me...thanks

So..I m at work today...and I was showing on of my...

So..I m at work today...and I was showing on of my coworkers before and after pics...when a surgeon saw the pic...he said I just had a patient..her butt was infected...it was really bad...she also did a bbl...I am getting scared...really scared...my surgery is already paid for...HELP LADIES..I needs some ENCOURAGEMENT...one of THE Nurses at my job..is saying if god want u to have a big butt he would have made u with one...u look good the way u are...I need some help....

So ..my bbl sistas...I got my switch .....my new...

So ..my bbl sistas...I got my switch .....my new date is May 7th .Thanks my friend..u know who u are....I AM SUPER EXCITED... I have a lot of questions..but I am at work.. inquire later

So i wanna get ready for my proceedure.. and i...

So i wanna get ready for my proceedure.. and i wanna know, whats the best garment i should buy, and who do you guys recommend once i get back to NY for massages , what the best product for scar removal..whats the best hotel or villas that is child friendly cause i will be taking my 8 month old son with me and my mother.. I am super excited ,nervous then i am mad and angry when i think about since situations in my life.. Dont understand how all these mix feeling could be stored in person and dont go crazy... I KEEP TELLING MYSELF... THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS..FOR IT TO SHELL PAST

My family said that they dont like how doctor...

my family said that they dont like how doctor salama butt looks... His butt looks very high and not realistic...its making me look and other doctors..Whats your guys comment on that..

So I put in for disability leave..or medical leave...

So I put in for disability leave..or medical leave today from my job.. hope I get approve ..my job only allows 10 days vacation and there is know way I could come back in 10 days...wish me luck. I need 4 weeks.

So i was doing so research on massages, Anyone...

So i was doing so research on massages, Anyone heard about lymphatic massages ..It is said that is good for liposution surgery and increases lymph flow ,help remove toxins from tissues in your body , increase blood flow and helps with fatigue ,stress and swelling of the body .I have look up a spa ,the cost 90 dollars for 60mins ..i think i will do couple of session when i get back to NY...Since i have switch my date... how long to have to take your vitamins for before surgery ..Because since i push up my date ...just inquiring...cause i had a baby 8mths ago and i hemorrhage and lost alot of blood..I am anemic so i take iron and then colace a stool soften to help..but as for vitamins i dont take any i tried one a day woman vitamins but it made me eat like a whale...so i stopped... hopfully i get clearance,,

I thought we get our package 2 months before the...

I thought we get our package 2 months before the procedure...what going on..my money was fully paid....These people needs to no how to prioritized in that office.I call a week ago can't remember the girl name.. but she said that people who has surgery before me hasn't have the package yet....I am a petty easy going person but I hate. BS.....it was easy to take money but hard to send package... Smh....giving these people one more week.. put any way I am Getty nervous...this is some I gave to like with for the rest of my life..I know this girl who did it... But we don't talk like that..she more speak to my sis inlaw....found out is did it with Dr.salama..I never saw her but my nieces and inlaw said that salaam didn't give her no hips her butt looks so fake...it look like butt pad...I don't wanna look like that...getting more nervous...anyone did the procedure with Dr salaam and don't like the end result...

So I will be staying @ the castle beach.....

So I will be staying @ the castle beach...oceanview..still waiting on my package smh...these people need to hire more staff

Hi ladies ..I spoke to Ruben today....he said my...

Hi ladies ..I spoke to Ruben today....he said my package was ship out.....get this my boss at work is trying to tell me she doesn't know if my time will be approve... That hater...I went thur the disable company at my job and was approved for 3 weeks but I really want 4 but I spoke to someone from HR and they said if I was approved from hartford there is not your boss can do from holding me back...she is trying to Jerk me..

Damnnnnnnnnnnnn dr s price raise again.......

damnnnnnnnnnnnn dr s price raise again.... crazinessssss

Hey...bbl sistasss..I spoke to Ruben on the 4th of...

Hey...bbl sistasss..I spoke to Ruben on the 4th of April he told me my package was ship since April 1st... Today is the 10th....I guess the package is walking to my home...They Full of shit in that Office..if I am paying all this money....I except...the best... I shouldnt have to call and ask for my prescription to be face to my docs office ...I should have to to buy my vitamins when they supposed to be sending it.....BULLShit....then he want to raise his prices...I hope he hiring more staff....I am starting to get turn off ...I do need him rush throw my surgery..because he so busy.....Smh...So I started buy my needs for the surgery....please help me ...not to sure on what to bring to Miami...

Sorry guys I am writing from my phone...excuse the...

Sorry guys I am writing from my phone...excuse the errors

So I received my booklet..my package...last week ....

So I received my booklet..my package...last week ..still waiting on my docc to clear me ...is thinks I need a good beating ..she just doesn't understand why women needs to put there body through this....she think its to please men...she talk me to death...I felt bad coming out the office so I go back to her on the 22nd to get all my blood work...smh don't want too but I have to...I will be staying at the Marco polo...hope this hotel is great...

I paid to do my inner tights and I am thinking...

I paid to do my inner tights and I am thinking bout doing my arms...I am scared of all that pain at once...cause I again extra weight ..but some of it went to my arm and face...but I am scared to touch my face..I guess with diet my face will go down...but I alway have a double chin...it runs in the family...no matter how skin u are...oh well...I still didn't figure out h much CC of fat to get in my butt..I hope he could create a masterpiece

I added my inner tighs and now I am think of my...

I added my inner tighs and now I am think of my double chin and my arms...I don't no because if I loose weight after the Sx my arms may go down... But my chin never goes ..its a family thing no matter how thin u are ...we all have that round face and that double chin...help...do u thing its necessary to do the arms does it make a difference..what about your chin and the scars...

I need a laptop...please forgive typos...I using...

I need a laptop...please forgive typos...I using my phone ..my son tap on it like a drum now it never the same...smh

Just post some pre op pics...

Just post some pre op pics...

Nancy just told me there is no more driver so I...

Nancy just told me there is no more driver so I will have get my own transportation...she refund me money

I need to take a shower...but I am feeling so cold...

I need to take a shower...but I am feeling so cold the pain to take this of
I donf no if I could bear it..MY gARMENT needs to wash... It stinks. Help..lm post pics later

I paid for my inner tights and they didn't put it...

I paid for my inner tights and they didn't put it in my chart .I had to tell him these people think I would just give them 500 dollars just because.... Smh. Any way after taking my bath I use some aquaphor and arnicare rub it on my skin and I am not itching at all...

Where is the rest of my pics I didn't take it down

Where is the rest of my pics I didn't take it down

I am going for my first massage today maybe I can...

I am going for my first massage today maybe I can find out how much Cc of fat I got..

I AM LOOSING VOLUME....alot... I still don't no...

I AM LOOSING VOLUME....alot... I still don't no how much Cc I got in each cheeks...I haven't seen Dr salama since.. I am so frustrate.with this tube.. I want it out . It's not serving any purpose...Ino fluid...this phone giving problems..HTC the worst....I feel like I dont know why I am going thru this and smellibg so nasty...they give me a new garment and the shit cut up all my legs and my goodies...got up on sunday gas diaherra..doodoo up the hole bathroom ..these ppl in the hotel problem thinking ...these stink newyorkers..smh...ladies help...the only thing that is keeping me sane..is my sons face.... When I look at him I feel ok again...

I have lost so many volume

I don't like my results... My butt is gettin back where it started....I have been depressed.cause I went thur all this pain and its getting flat...Dr salama told me he uses the same technique on everyone...1250 per side so ..what that mean...I didn't even get 1000 cc in my butt cheek..cau se he had to put some in my hips...I am a tall women...so that amount didn't help......sooooo depressed

massage envy

So I have been trying out different spa for massages....so far massage envy is the best...cost 98$ ..but worth it...my stomach is so flat...I love it but the butt needs a little bit if work...but I can go thur this pain again..my son is wondering why I can cuddle with him like I use too...laying on your tummy is hard when u have a toddler that want to play and touching everything..

the driver...love that women

Have I told you guys that Mirium the driver is a doll...she is a sweetheart...she made me feel much better every day traveling with her.very professional..and go all out to make u feel comfortable..she checks up on you..for women who do have a nurse or don't have somewhere to stay talk with her she will help u... And her daughter Michelle..they will cook and nurse u back to health...


really not satisfied

I have been really unhappy with my result I have called the office and have also spoken to reuben about my result. He made me feel hopeful about my results but now as time go by I more unhappy for the simple fact that I went through all this pain and not to mention the expense and the results is just not there. I am a realistic person I didnt have much to begin with and it looks more like a butt lift without fat. Dr salama said his technique is the same foe everyone to which I now say everyone is not shape, I had very high expectations and expected better, he has done so much butts I thought he could of given me the butt of my dreams with his eyes close. I worked in the er hospital one of thr biggest well know hospital in new
york and I feel embarass because I spoke so highly of him and he did not deliver.I am a single mother and after having my son I felt I needed toimprove myself to get back on the dating scene.
Now I feel guilty that the money spent could off gone towards a down payment on a home move out of my mother's basement or just put it towards my soon education I am getting serious buyers remorse. Bbl sisters you be the judge I have done everthing that I was advise to do post surgery even became the laughing stock of my family because of how I knelt or lay on my stomach for how many weeks so give me your honest opinions
Keep in mind I had 1, 250 put in each butt cheek

I got a date

I got a date with dr s...but I am kinda ifffeee about it because he charge me 7000 for a redo and I dont know if u will deliver this time.. I also got a quote from dr lagrasso for .5800..I spoke to him over the phone and he..is a sweet heart he listens and I love that about him.. very down to earth....Need help..on this so torn...if I sho

I really hate my results

Oopss if I should give dr S a second chance to get it right or to try dr lagrasso. ..then the money is wrong that he is charging me so much...

so I did some thinking

It was hard but my heart is saying go back to him..so I call cynthia and I am booked for,, May 20th ..next year..I hope he give me better projection and fullnest.. and roundness..I am all excited again but the pain brings me back to reality. ..why am I doing this again...can u have someone in the or room my bestie wants to make sure he does a good job this time..I will have to gain more weight. .but I will wait till next year..for a tall women like me...he should of gave me 1500 cc each cheek, instead of 1250 cc..dont know what ilthis man qas thinking..smh..

I couldntlook at this site anymore

Hey my sista... I had to mia cause I started to get obsessed on this site and it was consuming me..I had to step back and live alot...I have come to realize that I can change what happen..I just have to move forward..and hope secound time around he do a better job..ruben doesnt want to go down on his price..they said 7000 ..I dont know how I am gonna come up with this money... but I will try..I will be pop up once in a while on the site till time is near..enjoy the rest of your summer ladies..talk to you soon

almost 5 months new pics

Tell me ladies what do you think...wanted to give up guys an up date.. on my butt..it looks like is getting better.. but..it still flat.. needs work..

new pic

ladies please help me

I want to get the perfect shape after my round two..I needs tips and diets ..what the best compression garment to get..I am a tall woman ..the 2 compression garment that was giving to me by nancy was cutting into my shoulders and give me the wickedness yeast infection ever..I want to get that ,indentation under yuh cheek and upper back..I want a flat tummy..please ladies help me.. with some good tips

new pics


I was so upset

Today I finally paid off for my surgery...so I was inquiring about what time was my sx ..can remember her name but she told me I woldnt know until pre op the day before..so I asked her about the driver..she said that the is justice but he is free contractor and I have to email him about m y dates..I PAID 7000 FOR A ROUND 2 WHEN I ASK FOR A REVISION ThEY REFUSED..I am see alot of women on here that had revsion..and I wish I had what they had..shm but any way I have to paid for justin service..mind you I paid for that in my package. .she said no I did..she got we boiling my head when crazy..I and paid 7000 for round 2 ..I spented over 9499 for round 1 which I didnt like my butt ..why in the hell will u give me 1250 cc for a 6ft person. .that did nothing for me..I am seeing shorter women than me getting 1400 ..wtf..idk ..now I have to worry about transportation. ..when I spoke with jules after I feel a little better she refund me 250 yhat price I paid for transportation that I knew was included in my second quote. .now I am waiting on a quote from justin of transportation. .I finally finish paid for my sx I included my arms..The things I want to Says..on Rs..smh

flight paid

I paid for my flight and I book for my hotel. .I also added 3 more massages

I just want

I just want to be treated fairly..I feel like dr s pick and choose who he does his revision for..and that Bs...
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4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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Ill be there May 15th...good luck hun..xoxo
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I am sorry you didn't get what you paid for, I'd be pissed too. Your butt does look bigger and better in the more recent pix though so that's a good thing but definitely you didn't get your money's worth. If I were you I wouldn't go back to the same doc who gave you such unsatisfactory results, ESPECIALLY if he isn't giving you an appreciable discount (wtf?!). Anyway Im glad you are posting your story because I am also a tall woman like you. Am definitely taking notes on this case. Good luck on round 2. :-)
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Thanks hun..hope round 2 is worth it
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I am not sure that I would trust him for a round 2 or revision or whatever he wants to call it. Seems like he used poor judgement when deciding how many cc's to put in you. Did you provide him with wish pictures so he knew exactly how much projection you wanted?
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It's crazy how some ladies are being treated by their doctors like this is free money sitting around to give them for not up to pare work. I'm sorry to hear about ur frustrations but he couldn't get any more of my money if he couldn't come down on the price of round 2.
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When I go there I will have a chat with him
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Wow im srry hun... I really hope this issue is fixed with HIS so called"round 2" smh ill be following hun!:)
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Sorry you didnt have a good experience. Even if you wanted bigger, there is a great improvement and your booty looks fantastic.
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Will continue to follow ur journey :-) good luck
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Im in a butt in custom made garment... I didnt want no suffering from the garment.. I see all the girls having problems with their garments and my skin is soo sensitif i would have die!! so if you can find a garment that you feel good in it before the surgery bring it and show it to dr.Salama. If he likes it hes gonna make you wear you own garment... Just make sure it give compression in every area you gonna get lipo..
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Yess girl i just read your review! Listen to whitesuga get a custom made and tight on lipo areas!
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$7000???????????// wow my revision is $800 thats crazy
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He said nothing is wrong with my butt..and its not a revision. ..it round 2
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Hi hun, I have a March 24th date if you are interested in switching?
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The pics that you posted now looks good. I can understand if you want more projection, but just remember where you started from, its a difference from before sx and now and I think it looks good. Trust me I'm flat naturally back there myself so I do understand how you feel.
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Hey girl I hope Salama gives you what you want this time! How tall are you? I tried on a Salome garment im 5'6 and it was comfortable length wise
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Who did your first surgery?
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If he didn't do it right the first time I would find another doctor IMO.
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Good luck
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How tall are you?
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6 ft
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Oh wow yes..you are right you should have gotten way more cc's
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i think you look amazing with some steady but intense gym time i don't think you'd need a round 2. but lifts in the gym will essentially 'lift' your booty.! but whatever you decide ! good luck!!
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Does it not last more then year why is everyone doing a round two
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