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I used to be pretty satisfied with my body but...

I used to be pretty satisfied with my body but after I had my son, my body never went back to the same shape. I always had a nice perky round bootay... but after my son was born, it has more of a square droopy look. Not attractive at all. I also lost 30 lbs after the baby but I am stuck with stubborn fat deposits. I am hoping that DR. Salama can create an hourglass look on me with a flat stomach. I already had a breast augmentation with Salama in Jan 2014. You can look at my old username of anthoni0 for more info on that. Any how... I am going to post pics of my body before the baby and how I look now :/.
I have my bbl scheduled for March 2015. It can't come fast enough! I hope Dr. Salama can create a teardrop booty for me and a hourglass figure. I am not looking for a big butt since I already have a butt.

I want a tear drop! lol

Do any of you guys know if Dr. Salama only creates "shelfs"? I'm not a big fan of that shape for me personally I hope Dr Salama sculpting skills continue to improve by next year. I do believe he is a beast in bbl but i haven't seen him create to many teardrops :/ can you guys give me some insight?

Is it normal to be obsessed with this website? lol I can't stop thinking about the surgery! I feel like a lot of things in my l


one more pic

Dream Measurements

Bust 36
Waist 34
Butt 40

Dream measurements
Bust 36
Waist 26-27
Butt 43

a girl can dream.... (sigh)

Just called the office. . spoke to Cynthia. I added arm liposuction to my list of things to be done. She quoted me $500. I'm


wish pic

Love her figure


So I started working out with my best friend. We been going strong at the gym this week. We been working out for 6 days a week. Trying to tone up and get rid of these love handles. The problem is that I don't want to lose the fat that I need for the BBL but I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror with these ugly ass lovehandles. I am trying to make a change in myself and my lifestyle prior to going into get the BBL. I know that if I don't change my lifestyle and eating habits now, I am going to gain all the weight back after the surgery. What do you Realselfers think about losing the weight now and then gaining it back like three months before the surgery. I weigh 152 now. I was around 135 to 140 prior to the baby. I don't know... I'm torn! I am stressing out. I am working so hard on this lifestyle change and am afraid if I do lose ten pounds, Dr. Salama will tell me that he can't do the surgery. My BFF absolutely HAS to lose weight, she is getting the BBL in March 2015 as well but with Dr. Duran. Duran will not operate unless you are 170 and lower in weight. Please help with your support and opinions on losing weight prior to BBL! Ty.


The time is getting closer I am now six months away! I can't wait... I do get jealous of others that have had their surgery already but I have to be patient. I am sad however, I have had a lot of heart ache in the past two weeks due to the passing of my beloved father but thinking about the BBL helps distract my mind.

I am still going to the gym. I have not lost any weight but i have been weight training hoping to tone up overall before I get the BBL. I have also been working my arms. If I like the look of my arms before the surgery, I might not get them lipoed. I need my arms for after the surgery to help get up and I know if I get them lipoed, it is going to be very difficult to get up. Idk :/ lets see how it all turns out. Anyway, I start school next week again and will be very busy. But Ill be updating after the new year (IGP).. so see ya later!

six months!

So ive been very bad lately... I haven't been hitting the gym since I started school last week... I been very busy. But it is good for me because I know the months are going to fly by until we are in 2015. I'm hoping the next year brings in positive changes to my life. Can't freaking wait!

recovery house

I most likely will have to stay at the recovery house do any if you ladies have a link with pics or reviews of salamas recovery home?

breast revision

I wanted dr salama to redo my breasts. I like them but wish I had more upper pole projection. I sent Nancy an email to see if I could redo my breasts the same day of the bbl. I want to switch my implants from moderate profile to high profile implants. I would also like them a cup size smaller. D is too big for my liking... I want a nice C cup. I truly hope they can do everything in one day. I initially thought I wanted big boobs but after getting them fine I realized the grass isn't greener on the other side. I think a C cup will give me a happy medium. I hope Dr. Salama can help me out.


Man, I don't know how to even begin... so I got family members hating off of me so bad and I haven't even had my surgery yet. I am twenty pounds over weight and I am no wear near looking the way that I want to look and I got people criticizing me for doing the bbl and stating that I am lazy and that I could just work out. I got my freaking sister in law telling me left and right to just work out and that I will look fine. I am sick and tired of explaining myself to his family that this is not a weight loss procedure but it is a body contouring procedure! I am looking to change the shape of my body.

I am seriously wanting to just curse out my man's side of the family for being so selfish! They are stating that I am a bad mother for wanting to spend the thousands on plastic surgery and not on my son. I am a damn good mother and I have not asked any of them for money for my surgery for them to run their mouths about me. I am so sorry about this vent girls but I am seriously so down and very very upset. I heard a comment today of my man's niece... she told me, "Your butt is going to look so fake and ridiculous. I think you are wasting your money." Uh hunny ain't nobody asked of your opinion! ugggghhhh I'm irritated and signing out. GN

more pics


plastic surgery stimulator

This is how I would look with a side profile with a flat tummy and projected booty and thinner arms.



This is what i want

I don't want a huge butt just a lil more projection and flatter stomach especially my lower abdomen and flanks. I think that alone will make a huge difference in my looks. I can't wait! We are already going into October so that means five months left! ????????????

October is here!

My gosh time is flying by! Yey

i don't ask for much....

I don't want too much! Just a bubble and a flat tummy!

Getting closer!

Been busy with work and school which is great cause it keeps me from thinking of the BBL. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I am excited for the change I will see in my body but nervous and anxious about the pain I will feel! Will update again after the new year! Happy Holidays Realselfers! Good luck to all the girls getting their BBL! Happy recovery.... :)
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I have not had the BBL yet but based on previous experience with Dr. Salama, I am going again . I had a breast augmentation and the experience was seamless and the staff at EPS miami are awesome. Especially Nancy and Cynthia!

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