Booked my BBL Jan 25 2013!!!! - Aventura, FL

Hello ladies. I have been on this site for a few...

Hello ladies. I have been on this site for a few weeks now trying to get some insite on the BBL surgery. Reading your reviews have made me feel better about my choice to get the surgery. All my life I have had these flat cakes for a backside. I have always been self concious for as long as I can remember.

I am a wife and mother of 3. I think its time I get my sexy back. I want a donk but I want it to look natural. I am a 36 DD so really I would just like for my body to be in potion with everything. I am looking to set a date by the summer of next year. So I will keep everyone posted on my journey. What kind of advice can yall give a sista? Hope to keep from you all soon and you ladies that already had your surgery look great!!!


Omg i have huge boobs too! Lol i just want to balance out my body, can't wait, I'm going to Salama too!! :)
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Dr. Salama is booty man and he will do a nice job on your bootay
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm sure the other BBL ladies will offer you lots of advice and support! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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Ok so I finally booked my date!! But I think I...

Ok so I finally booked my date!! But I think I wanna get it done a few days earlier so I have to call Nancy today. I'm so excited can't wait until Jan 2013!! All u ladies that have had it done already don't hesitate to let me know everything I will need!


I booked my date for jan. 4th '13 :)
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Ok thanks ladies! @ Bri when are u having ur procedure?
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Dont forget to bring your boppy cushion, can soup, plastic covers for the bed and lots of towels. You will leak a lot after the procedure
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Good morning ladies. I just have some questions...

Good morning ladies. I just have some questions for my BBL sisters. How long were u put under to get surgery? This is the only thing I seem to be having anxiety about. My surgery is 8 months away and I'm terrified of this already. Also does dr S go in thru ur belly button when he is lipoing the fat out ur stomach? If not where are the incisions at? Thanks in advance.


thank you for the reasurence. Every now and then i second guess myself but all my BBL sisters bring me back to a better place!
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Thank you for the insite. I'm getting everything lipoed that comes with the BBL package, nothing extra. U weren't scared to be under for that long?
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Nope I wasnt scared.. I had a nice refreshing sleep. I had my breast done too so thats why it too so long. You may be just 3 hours or so. He will be redoing me in January too. He is gonna fix my inner thighs and fix all my complaints eventhough they maybe trivial. lol I was so happy he was gonna work with me and just changed the facility and anesthesia fee. I may ask him to give me a little more booty.

Hey my BBL sistas. I haven't posted in a while...

Hey my BBL sistas. I haven't posted in a while because I have been in the process of moving. My surgery isn't until Jan and I'm still counting down the days. I am excited and and scared at the same time. Some days I can' wait and other days I feel selfish for wanting this for myself. Well until next time...

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I am still looking for anyone who is getting their...

I am still looking for anyone who is getting their surgery done at the end of Jan to room with to cut down on cost. It will also be nice to share this experience with someone that will be going through the same thing.


Hey can someone help me out im new to this site and looking to find more info about bbl!!
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Hey ladies i am new to this site but
have anyone heard or had work done by Dr. Stanley photo if so can you give input on his work and is it worth it.
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Sorry ladies type error Dr. Stanley okoro from Atlanta.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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