Doing better.. FINALLY!! Added 7 week pic

I have though about this off and on for years. I...

I have though about this off and on for years. I am somewhat happy with my body but I always fluctuate in weight because when I lose weight and I am happy with my waist but then I miss my butt so than I gain weight back and then I miss my small waist! I hate being square shaped. I want a curvy body so bad! I'm dream body would be similar to Kim K's.. I am 5'1 and my weight fluctuates between 115-125 usually. RIght now I am 135 though because of the procedure. Dr Salama says to stay where I'm at but the PS in my city says to get closer to my goal weight first so I don't know... I came across this site a few weeks ago and decided I am definitely going for it! I am deciding between a doctor here in my town or Dr Salama. So far I love all the results of Dr Salama patients I have seen! I realllly want to go to Dr Salama but if so I will have to wait until atleast August but I don't want to decide to got to the Dr here just because I am too impatient! I actually already have my surgery scheduled for May 10th with the PS here but I am going to another appointment with him on Tuesday to make it clear of my expectations and if he really thinks he can give me the results I desire. I'm so confused!!

So I decided to go with Dr Salama and my surgery...

So I decided to go with Dr Salama and my surgery is scheduled for August 13th!! Very excited!!

Booked my flight and will be staying in a condo at...

Booked my flight and will be staying in a condo at the Aventura Yacht Club.. August doesn't seem like it's ever going to get here!

Trying to decide if I should do Lipo on my outer thighs too.. What do you guys think?

I'm adding some pics from before I decided to gain...

I'm adding some pics from before I decided to gain weight for the procedure. I was pretty happy with my body except for the fact that I wanted to be curvier. I have no hips! Now that I have gained this weight and look back at those pics and can't fit into anything I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake. I'm up to almost 140 now and my face and arms and I haven't wanted to go anywhere at all because I just don't feel cute now like I did before. Mainly I don't feel as pretty with my face looking chubby (to me anyways).. I know for a fact that I need to get back to atleast 125 after the surgery in order to be happy with the rest of my body. I hope once I lose the weight that I didn't go through all this for nothing. I don't care about having the biggest butt but as long as I look curvier I will be happy.

At first when I decided on this surgery there was...

At first when I decided on this surgery there was nothing but positive reviews about Dr Salama and lately it seems that everyone who goes to him is unhappy about something. I really want my inner and outer thighs lipod as well as my FULL back and abdomen that I am paying for and if it's not done I will be pissed!!

If I had read the reviews a few months ago that I am reading now I probably wouldn't even be having this surgery but I've put too much money and time into this to back out now.

If I'm gonna have to end up doing a round 2 anyways I could have just stayed here and paid way less and round 1 and 2 would still be cheaper than all I am paying for even one time but I thought Dr S was the best and now I don't know..

I can't even come to this site much anymore because all the negative posts about him lately just get me down.. :(

As far as what's going on with my surgery now I...

As far as what's going on with my surgery now I have less than a month to go. I have all my travel arrangements set up. My mom will be staying with me the whole time and my husband is going to come and stay the last 4 days. I did my EKG and lab work recently and just waiting a little longer before I start preparing everything else.

I have really bad anxiety and depression problems so I hope I don't start to freak out as time gets closer. Any little thing can trigger me into a bad depression so I amd a little worried about that. I'm hoping it will be safe to continue taking my ativan (anti anxiety med) because I know I will need it!

So I was getting down about the bad reviews so I...

So I was getting down about the bad reviews so I tried to stay off here and just think positive. I didn't want anything making me worry since I already know I am going through this and no turning back now!

Everyone's pictures and even the girls with complaints still ALWAYS look better afterwards IMO than they did to begin with so I am still confident with my decision (check with me in a week though lol) .. I am also pretty confident with my body already as it is and I feel any improvement is only a plus to what I already have so I'm feeling pretty good about this decision!

I know I will start having anxiety the few days before though so I hope it will be OK to take my Ativan! I need to check on that. Does anyone know if I can take Ibuprofen after surgery instead of Percoset?? I never end up taking paid meds not even after other surgeries I've had because the nausea and they aggravate my depression so I prefer to just take Tylenol or Ibuprofen if possible.

I've decided I'm going to ask Dr S to do my inner thighs also. They rub together so much now it's ridiculous. They have litterally rubbed holes in the middle of my jeans where they rub!! Only if he doesn't get to the full limit with my full midsection and back though. I don't want him to not take from one place to take from another I'd rather just work on the tihighs later if that's the case!

Now is time to start getting supplies ready. Does anyone know of any "must have" items I should get now?

So I'm here at work.. Can't wait to get off so I...

So I'm here at work.. Can't wait to get off so I can finish packing. I fly in on Sunday and meet Dr S. Only 3 days to go for my surgery! I'm super excited. At this time my only worries are just about getting there and settled in and making sure I have everything I need.

I'm also wondering if I should take a wish pic?? I know that everyones body is different but I still think I should take one just so he has a visual of the look I want and can just do his best. I think I will I just don't want to annoy him.

Left my house at 4am on my way to the airport now.

Left my house at 4am on my way to the airport now.

Requested to add inner thighs and chin lipo if dr...

requested to add inner thighs and chin lipo if dr needs more fat to reach limit. We will see what I come out with later today I'll let you girls know how it went!

Hello ladies, it's been one week since my surgery...

Hello ladies, it's been one week since my surgery and so far everything looks good to me. I'm still in a LOT more pain than I had anticipated and really focused on healing and feeling better. I have to get fluid drained from my abdomen in the morning and then I fly high home.

I will update with photos and all that as soon as I feel up to it but just wanted to let everyone know that surgery went well just harder recovery than I anticipated. Ttyl....

So I am finally starting to feel better.. The Lipo...

So I am finally starting to feel better.. The Lipo wasn't bad at all but my ass hurt SO bad for about a week and a half.. it felt like hundreds of bees were stinging it non stop it was excruciating and the pain meds did not even help. Once I got home I started taking 800 mg ibuprofen instead of the percocets and the next morning the pain was considerably less so the ibuprofen did something for me that the percs didnt and I haven't been in much pain since.

Now the worst part is the garment is very uncomfortable and I wake up every morning with neck pain and headache since I can't sleep comfortably but atleast it's bearable now.

I can also finally start to enjoy my results andthe pictures don't do me justice.. My body is even better then I ever could have even imagined and Dr Salama knows what he is doing because all I told him was to do his best and o swear he gave me EXACTLY what I envisioned as far as the shape I wanted!

I just don't want to get too excited yet because I will be dissapointed if u lose much volume because it is PERFECT now but overall I love the way he sculpted my body and as long as I don't lose too much volume this will all be worth it!

Oh yeah another thing.... My stomach is even...

Oh yeah another thing.... My stomach is even smaller but I have tons of fluid buildup again in my abdomen. When they drained it before I left it was enough to fill up a bowl and it was back the next day. It's been Hell finding a Doctor who is willing to drain it since I've been home. My family doctor wouldn't, the urgent care center wouldn't and not even my plastic surgeon here. He told me to go back to Florida to have it drained! I was crying and called like 10 doctors and finally found a surgeon here who will see me on Monday for $150. It only takes a few seconds to aspirate the fluid with a syringe so I can't believe what a hard time I'm having finding a doctor who will do it for me. So just keep that in mind when considering this surgery if you live out of state.

I am exactly 2 weeks post op today. Just found out...

I am exactly 2 weeks post op today. Just found out I received 1100 cc's per side. I have lost a lot of volume (swelling) this past 2 weeks. Right now I feel the size is PERFECT for me. Not too big or small. Now I'm just starting to stress about losing anymore volume though because then I will be really sad. I really, really want to avoid a round 2 and my husband would kill me especially with everything I've went through and still going through right now. I pray I don't lose much more volume but so far loving my rersults.

I am going to see another PS to get drained today so will let you all know how that goes.

So I seen another ps today and I had so much fluid...

So I seen another ps today and I had so much fluid built up. My options were to continue to get drained over and over at $100 each time (since the last time I was drained the seroma immediately filled up that same night) or to have another drain inserted (total $550 today) and then $100 for any future visits. I'm so pissed. I know there is risk with any surgery but I was still draining a ton when the drain was removed and the very same day Celia was surprised because I had so much fluid built up and nobody said anything when my drain was removed and then I had to be drained that next morning. I would have been better off just leaving it in and then paying a Dr here to remove it when it was actually ready!!

I'm sending an email to Reuben and I pray that the insurance they are demanding we pay for which was another unexpected expense will cover this or something.. :'(

I could have just stayed in Florida longer for that much...

I'm so depressed and crying right now. I...

I'm so depressed and crying right now. I overextended myself as it is to get this surgery. I'm in too much discomfort still to go back to work and start making money and I'm not getting paid for this time off. Everyday I'm thinking more and more that this was a mistake for me personally. Nothing against the Dr but a bad decision on my part.. The more setbacks I have the less the benefits are outweighing the money spent and the risks.. :'(

There is so much more unanticipated costs with this than just the surgery.

I could deal with the money spent if I atleast wasnt so uncomfortable.. I get constant head and neck and backache I feel like I was beat up everyday.. I'm just feeling really low right now.

Hello ladies.. I'm feeling a little better today. ...

Hello ladies.. I'm feeling a little better today. It's a rollercoaster. The day before yesterday I felt OK hut then yesterday I felt so bad like I had the flu. My whole body was aching and I was nauseous and a non stop headache, I felt horrible! Now I'm feeling Ok again today.

I spoke with Ruben and for those wondering the insurance is going to cover the drains so I was very pleased to hear that! It covers up to $750 for basic physician services which is what this is considered I guess so that should be just enough to cover the procedure plus the follow up! That makes me happy! :)

I took a quick pic on my cell to show you ladies...

I took a quick pic on my cell to show you ladies what I look like now. My butt has went down A LOT in size from even a week ago. I can even fit into all my old jeans still. My butt is just a little. fuller at the top and sides and better shaped now than what I had before. Thank God Dr Salama sculpted me so well because my waist is what makes the biggest difference and gives the illusion of an even bigger booty!!. As long as I don't lose anymore volume I will be happy.. I will be devastated though if it goes down much more! I still even weigh exactly the same as before sx so maybe if my waist gets even smaller it will make l booty pop even more!

So I just ripped out my drain by total accident.....

So I just ripped out my drain by total accident.. I was going to clean it and put new gauze on it and it got caught on something when I turned and the ripped it right out with the 2 stitches that were holding it in place... I just pray it will be ok since I wasn't draining as much today... FML...

The hole on the top of my butt crack is still draining like crazy, actually even worse since yesterday! Does anyone know when this is supposed to stop? It keeps soaking through the gauze to the back of my pants. Is this normal?

Been back to work since yesterday. Wearing same...

Been back to work since yesterday. Wearing same exact clothes as before the surgery and not even worried anyone will notice.. I can only tell a difference in form fitting clothes because my waist is so much smaller. In clothes I almost look the same as before just a little better. :( I'm still holding on to hope though...

I added a youtube video of my seroma if anyone is...

I added a youtube video of my seroma if anyone is interested in seeing what I am talking about....

Side view and front view. I have one on each side...

Side view and front view. I have one on each side but the other side is smaller.

Went to the PS yesterday and still too much fluid...

Went to the PS yesterday and still too much fluid to just aspirate so had to have another drain inserted AGAIN and he "had" to charge me another $550.. didn't even give me a break at all even though he did a crappy job stitching it to begin with...

So this time he added more stitches and tied the heck out of them.. it hurt an was so uncomfortable all night. He tied them into my skin first and then around the drain.. they were pulling my skin! So this morning I look at it and 2 of the stitches are tied tightly to my skin but they came undone from around the drain again!? Now I only have one stitch holding in the drain again.. same thing happened last time! I'm just gonna be super careful and keep it taped at all times this time.

I just pray that my skin adheres this time. Next option will be additional (expensive) surgery to correct. I have to keep in this time until I am pretty much draining nothing for atleast 4 days. I hate this thing!

I hate sounding like such a Debbie downer and...

I hate sounding like such a Debbie downer and complainer so on a positive note I still have not lost any volume at all for the last few weeks and I am very happy with my results even with everything going on!

I would still rather go through this and be happy with my results then someone with no complications who is not happy with their results.

I'm super annoyed with the situation but could be worse so nobody has to feel sorry for me... :)

I look SOOO good in clothes. A little self...

I look SOOO good in clothes. A little self conscious now because of the weight I've gained in my arms. I still want to lose atleast 10-15 lbs so looking forward to working out again.

From behind it seems like my creases are slightly different. One seems more rounded and the other a little more squarish. I noticed when looking in the mirror so I took TONS of pictures and they all came out the same. It's not horrible but you know how we notice every little flaw on our bodies. Do you guys think I had that same shape before and it's just more noticible now??

Went to work today with my drain in.. I wore a...

Went to work today with my drain in.. I wore a loose top and just hid it under my top. Wasn't too bad. Today is a month since my surgery and still draining.

I also just looked at photos that I took a week after surgery and my butt cheeks were completely even in all those photos.. I'm thinking some of my fat cells died in that area making it look uneven.. :-/ I'm really thinking I will end up getting a revision eventually if it doesn't get better. If not to make bigger to shape it better..

Went out lastnight and many compliments...

Went out lastnight and many compliments about my "perfect" figure. Not to sound conceited but I've always got a lot of attention and even more after my boob job and didnt think I could really get much more but i definitely did! Lol.. I was out with the family in a family environment and dressed casually so I wasnt expecting much but a group of girls told me how they had been admiring my perfect figure all night and later came back to me and the girl asked if she could motorboat me.. I said "sure".. lol.. I also received compliments of how nice I looks from a few guys too. Always feels good to get compliments! :)

On another note, and please be honest and tell me if you girls think I am being petty or not. When I had originally emailed I was quoted $400 for each additional area of lipo. That was also the special on realself at the time and I booked in plenty of time for that price.

The day before my surgery I had to pay in full and I wasn't looking at the email and when I was told the inner thighs would be $500 I said ok but I just assumed he was giving me the quoted price and with all the paperwork and everything going on I didn't even think about it. However, i had already figured out beforehand what my total price would be and then after I was advised of the insurance I added that to my cost. Anyways, last week or so when I was looking at my paperwork I realized I had paid an extra $100 than I was quoted so I emailed Ruben and he said "oh not sure why i quoted that" and then I sent him a copy of the email that he sent me quoting that price. He then says to call if I want to discuss!? First of all, there are plenty of girls who received the same price and that was definitely the correct price so I don't understand why play it off like "not sure why I quoted that" and then, what is there to discuss!? I was clearly overcharged so just apologize for the confusion and refund my $100! These people make plenty of money off of us and that $100 means a lot to me especially right now with the extra expenses I've had to pay due to this seroma that I'm still dealing with!

Honestly, I've wanted to stay in good graces with them because I know I may need a revision in the future or even have to get this seroma fixed so I don't want to ruffle feathers but I know if I call and get the same response that I got over email that I've received over the phone I will not be happy and I will dispute that $100 through my credit card company and it will probably turn ugly over $100.. More than the money it's the point. Am I being petty?

Oh yeah.. and I did call and discussed with one of...

Oh yeah.. and I did call and discussed with one of the girls at the desk last week and she said she would have Ruben call me and I was never called. I already proved that's what I was quoted so I just don't see what more there is to discuss about it!?

Thanks for the reassurance ladies!! I just wanted...

Thanks for the reassurance ladies!! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't making a big deal out of nothing before I called. So I finally worked up enough nerve to call again and ask about it and Ruben will not be in until Wednesday. I went ahead and just sent him an email and asked if they are going to honor the price I was quoted or not. Straight to the point, I don't see what there is to discuss about it!??

I also emailed asking about the Cosmetassure because I was told that it covers up to $750 for physician services but in the brochure given it says the maximum is $1500 so I need to know that for sure too because I've already paid $1100 out of pocket for these drains. It really sucks because the Cosmetassure will not discuss anything with me they just say I need to contact the office to make the claim or with any questions so all I can do is keep bothering them about it.. I can't even get an answer as to how long the claim process normally takes.. :/

Ok, so maybe I spoke too soon but I did get a...

Ok, so maybe I spoke too soon but I did get a response to my email and it sounds like they are going to work with me so I'll let you guys know how it goes.

I just wanted to add this before I forgot.. Maybe...

I just wanted to add this before I forgot.. Maybe it will be helpful to someone. Being that I had my surgery over a month ago and still have drains I'm kinda feeling like a pro at it now. lol.. I did use the suction hooks and stuff like that but it was so irritating trying to take a shower like that. I finally tied some gauze around my waist and I just hang the drain on that when I am showering and it is so much better being able to move whichever way I want and not worry about pulling them!

Something so simple and I wonder why I didn't think of it sooner but it's made my showering experience much better! :)

Just an update.. I'm still draining around 60 cc's...

Just an update.. I'm still draining around 60 cc's per day. Called the Dr and was told to give another week with the drains and then we will go from there. Sucks not to know what is going to happen with this. I'm also worried the longer I have this in the worse the scar will be and it's right in my stomach not where the original drain was. :'( I won't really know until this drain is removed if the pocket has closed or not. I'm just praying that it's the irritation from the drain causing the fluid to keep accumulating and not the fact that the pocket still hasn't closed.

Otherwise, feeling better everyday and looking good. I want to take pics but want this drain gone first so I can really feel good about myself!

Just a quick update. I asked Dr Salama his advise...

Just a quick update. I asked Dr Salama his advise on the seroma and he said to wait until I am draining less than 30 cc's per day. I had been draining less than that the past 3 days soand was excited to finally get this drain out.. It's been 6 weeks of drains today!

A few hours later and the fluid gradually started filling the pocket again so it still has not closed.. I've been reading such horror stories on other forums with women who have been dealing with this for YEARS and I'm so scared! I had 2 seroma and the smaller one resolved on its own but this one is not responding to anything.. I feel like it's my fault and I shouldn't. Complain since I chose to have surgery. Nobody ever thinks something is really going to happen to them..

This is really taking a toll on me emotionally and physically and I don't know what to do anymore I'm so upset right now. I started crying as soon as I seen it was back..

Oh and also taking a toll on me financially. :'(...

Oh and also taking a toll on me financially. :'( who knows what's next...

Real quick added current pics of seroma as of...

Real quick added current pics of seroma as of today. It still has a little fluid in it but now it has turned hard and makes my stomach look deformed. If this does not get fixed without additional surgery and my abdomen looking the same as it did before than I will be devastated and this surgery will be 100% not worth it. I was atleast somewhat happy with my body before and never insecure just wanted a little improvement. Now I am INSECURE and embarressed of my stomach.. :(

It's hard to capture on camera bow bad it really looks but I took a pic of both sides and from the top view to show a comparison..

So I went to the Doctor. As soon as I got there I...

So I went to the Doctor. As soon as I got there I was going to pay the $100 office fee that I always have to pay just to visit the Dr. She said I didn't need to pay yet so I should have known something was wrong at that point. To make a long story short he basically has never had experience with a seroma like this (and he's been practicing over 20 years. The only option he will give me at this point would be surgery that would require a large incision from one hip bone to the other. He advised other than that to find a surgeon who is experienced with persistant seroma's or to go back to Dr Salama at this point.

I told him I have read about doctors that inject antibacterial solution or alcohol into the seroma in order to irritate the lining and get it to go back together but he has never did that and says he doesn't feel at this point I have any other options besides surgery which is very costly and huge scar.. I would have never had this surgery to pay thousands of dollars to ruin my perfectly nice stomach!!!

My only fear is paying and taking the time off to go to Dr Salama just so he can do the same thing that a Dr here is going to do. So far all this time and $1100 for NOTHING!! Now I am back to square one looking for a Doctor to help me.

I feel like this is happening to me for being so vain and messing with my body which was fine before. Yes, I would have liked a bigger butt but I was still content with my body and atleast it wasn't deformed looking..

As of right now this surgery was a huge mistake for me.

I'm not trying to scare anyone and for those going into surgery I'm sure you will be fine but just sharing my own experience. I knew there were risks and I possibly would need to get drained or aspirated a few more times but NEVER expected this.

Quick update... I found another Dr who is willing...

Quick update... I found another Dr who is willing to see me tomorrow and see if there is anything he can do.. Feeling a little better there might be some hope. Please pray for me!! :)

I know I sound like such a drama queen right now...

I know I sound like such a drama queen right now but my whole body has felt achy the past 2 days kinda like how the flu makes you feel. I thought maybe it was just sore from massage but I've had the same feeling today and I just took my temp and it is 100 degrees.. I hope this seroma isn't infected now. It is really red and irritated but I assumed from the compression. I'll keep an eye on it tonight and if it gets worse will go the the ER but hoping to hold out for my Dr appt tomorrow!

I also got a call from another Dr who personally called me and gave his number to call and discuss my situation and he will let me know his thoughts so hopefully one of these guys will cure me once and for all!! Lol

Went to visit the new Doctor today and his opinion...

Went to visit the new Doctor today and his opinion that the best option would be to try a drain again. This time will leave in for another 4-6 weeks (unless it stops before by some miracle :( If that fails he will try injecting some solution that basically burns the inside of the pocket and my get it to adhere back together but he does not want to do that yet because it may turn the whole area hard.. :( Last ditch effort would be a major expensive surgery not just a little procedure and will leave me with a tummy tuck type scar. I spoke to 2 different doctors today and they both agreed that we are following the best course of action right now.

The one good thing is this Doctor felt sorry for me and he is only charging me $250 instead of the $550 that the other doctor charged me twice. He seen me today for $85 as opposed to $100..

So far I've spent atleast $12000 for this surgery with all the additional and unexpected costs.

The new Doctor has more experience with seromas...

The new Doctor has more experience with seromas but he also told me that this is the worst he has ever seen and usually only seen with tummy tucks.

I was supposed to get another drain tomorrow. ...

I was supposed to get another drain tomorrow. Since last Friday I took long hot Epsom salt baths and kept the area tightly compressed with a support wrap and foams and put all my pressure on the area when I slept. When I woke up Saturday morning it was dramatically smaller and the seroma finally started going down more each day and is almost gone now! :) This is after being told I would need surgery from 1 doctor and the last Dr telling me only 20% chance it would go away on its own.

Now I just want to start working out because I hate my arms right now so I'm hoping I don't lose my butt but I am not happy with all the weight I've gained in my arms. Can't wait to FINALLY start enjoying my new body!

Very happy with my results. Only reason I say I'm...

Very happy with my results. Only reason I say I'm not sure about the surgery is because I'm waiting for a few months for final results and to get past what I've been through but I'm definitely happier now that seroma is almost gone!

Going to bed but I quickly wanted to say thank you...

Going to bed but I quickly wanted to say thank you for all the nice compliments.

Also, thanks for the support and the well wishes and prayers! You wonderful ladies have really helped me to stay positive this past 9 weeks and I'm glad I can finally give some good news! I swear I feel like it's a miracle! I literally prayed that by some miracle this would resolve by tomorrow and it did!! :D

Good luck to all the future bbl ladies and all the ladies still going through this process!

I will update more photos soon in different clothes and what I feel has helped me, etc...

Goodnight :)

Oops.. I counted wrong its been 7 1/2 weeks not 9....

Oops.. I counted wrong its been 7 1/2 weeks not 9.... Still feels like Atleast 9! Lol..
Moises Salama, MD

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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So you got full back, full abdominal and flanks liposuction?
  • Reply
Wow you look so good
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You look amazing! Glad that sermoa went away
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U look amazing!
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Hey lady!! Ur pics look great and prayer always works!! Glad you are doing much better take care. I really wanted to see the videos. But I can imagine. Thanks for the insigjt
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You look amazing!!! Im happy everything worked out for you! I cant wait for my day! what hotel did you stay at? If you don't mind me asking... .
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Ur last pic!! Wow ur belly is flat and ur booty is awesome.after the storm you have see the light. Or something like that. Lol. Hugs
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Hey Baby girl how are you doing? Is everything well?
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I m so glad things have worked out for u so Far.
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Lady you look awesome!
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I'm glad to hear you are doing better, I know you were stressed there for a minute! Your new photos still look GREAT! Thanks for updating us! Any tips on how to prevent getting a Seroma after BBL? Do you think it was something you did or does it just come with the Lipo?
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How did u get tummy so flat? I hate mine it looks weird
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OH, yay!!!! So glad to hear that you are better :-D
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Hi girl! I am sooo happy that you are able to put your worries to rest and that the seroma has finally deciced to stop resisting. I agree with Sugarpop, this experience will definitely be of some help and relief to someone down the line going through the same thing. It is unfortunate that it had to happen to you, BUT at least you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and you can feel at ease. Your figure looks soo good!!! Hoping you continue to progress well.
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Thank God you are doing better!!!!!! am soooo glad to hear that yout seroma is almost gone :) God is good! hoping to hear that the seroma is completely gone look fab and u know that..... *wink wink*
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Omg what a relief I feel so happy for u. Thanks god he listen all our prayer. Be happy girl. Hugs ;)
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You don't sound whiny at all, it looks like seroma is a time consuming, important issue and you have every right to say what's going on and how you truthfully feel as someone in the future may have this problem too and this review will help them immensely. I'm keeping you in my prayers for continued health. And you look great!
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I'm very sorry you had to go through all that drama with the drains. But guuurrrllllllll........You look FABULOUS :) Gorgeous curves. I'm so happy you're feeling better!!
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Your waist is so teeny tiny !!!
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Wow you look amazing !!!
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THANK GOD !!!!! I'm soooooooo happy for you, your news/update brought me an instant smile of relief and if i could give you a hug i would just for the fact of how much you have gone through and everything is finally coming together! you deserve to enjoy your results. YES!!! so happy for you!!! :-)
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wow u look i aint even got to say it u Badd!!!omg
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wow i am so glad that your seroma is almost gone! reading your review had me second guessing going through with this surgery. you look AMAZINGG by the way! flat stomach, tiny waist, and a BIG ass! lol i hope salama can do the same for me
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How are you doing?
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