waiting for further review until after surgery...

I would like an hourglass shape and bigger booty....

I would like an hourglass shape and bigger booty. I really want this surgery, the hardest part for me has been finding a doctor I am confident in performing this procedure.

I am already scheduled to have surgery with Dr S but I don't want to say who I am since I have not had my surgery yet in case they read this. I just want to be as honest as I can with my experience.

When I first came to this site there was nothing but 100% positive reviews of Dr S and now it just seems to be getting worse and worse.. I only chose him because of all the positive reviews. I could have went with a Dr much closer and cheaper and took my chances but I didn't want to take chances I wanted to know I would be happy with my results. Now it seems like I will just be taking my chances with Dr S also instead of being confident that I will end up happy. I understand there is no guarantee of results and things happen but it really just seems that now the Dr and his employees are just not caring or trying to make his patients happy anymore because he has all the business he needs now.

For instance, months ago when I sent emails requesting a quote or payment options I got a response back within a few days but now that I have booked my surgery and they have my NON refundable deposit they don't even bother responding to emails that I've sent with real questions and concerns. One of the emails was sent over a month ago with no response whatsoever. Also, I've called and asked questions and the girl at the desk seems kind of rude and has told me she'd look into it or whatever and then 20 minutes later I'll call back and she'd say "and who is this again".. and I'd have to explain the whole thing over again like she wasnt even listening to me the first time and this happened many times!!

It really is starting to seem that once they have our money it doesn't matter if we are happy or not because there are plenty of women happy to take our place. They need to treat each patient like their ONLY patient! These days most people do their research online and gradually if he keeps making unhappy patients people are going to start looking elsewhere!!

So with all that said, I do still plan on going with Dr S since I already paid and I may end up happy with my results and I will make sure to comment on that also if I do. I'm not trying to deter anyone or slander the Dr in any way I am just giving my 100% honest opinion of my experience so far so that other women can make an educated decision. I contribute a lot of his success to this site and I only chose him because of the wonderful reviews and probably wouldn't have chose this Dr now if I had seen the some of the reviews I've seen lately.

Is your concern mainly with the delay/lack of response to your questions, or with the actual reviews and results you have been seeing lately??
Unsure2012 - This is Ruben. Being that I try and make sure ever one at the office handles every patient with care and professionalism, I would like to address any concerns. Please do email me, and I'll personally get back to you. My email is rubensalama@epsmiami.com. I do apologize for you feeling that way, and I would like to make it up to you.
Looking like it MIGHT be a roll of the Dice with Dr. S. that's unfortunate, I too have been lurking and at first saw a great amount of Positive reviews on patients experiences.....now? Womp. Not sooo many. I will be choosing a Dr here in the LA area, I wish you well and to all the women with whichever Dr they choose. Think Positive luv, and positive things will happen. Muah

I do appreciate the message but I just wish it...

I do appreciate the message but I just wish it wouldn't have taken me posting on this website in order to get a response. However, even though there has been some not so great reviews lately everyones results still look great to me. I still don't want to reveal who I am but I will try to refrain from posting anything negative anymore. I just plan on letting the Dr knkow my expectations during my consult and give him a chance to meet those expectations before I judge. In the end being happy with my results means more to me than anything else. I am going to try and wait until I've actually met the Doctor and had my surgery and then I will update my full experience.
We appreciate you're truthfully opinion , I think if your are blunt with your feelings to the recept, doc ect they would make sure you are addressed the waybu want since it us paying our hard earned $ , but every patient has their own needs I feel others need more attention then some and they don't know that untiknu expresses it , I've always been pretty out spoken tho so it's never been a set back but I understand everyone is different , what are the negative reviews I'm looking into them reading each review fully but it will take time for me , I a, highly impressed with the work and was wondering if that was a scare? I am hoping to go in march , please keep in mind your opinion will not change my mind but it is nice to hear concerns and comfort each other as that is whatballnus sisters are here for, please feel free to message me privately , I do understand doctors getting busy and mybonlyncorn with that is work quality I can force answers to questions easily lmao jk jk thank up for your honesty and please do not feel we are judging you as negative we appreciate your input :)
Hope all works out great I bet you will have fabulous results and maybe get some free Botox for your troubles lol! K xoxo make a new page for your before and afters so we can see Pryor results without u being in thought of posts u have out on here take care Hun :)
Unsure2012- I would definitely love to speak. I have been watching the last 40 surgeries and he has been doing his best work. Patients are living it and I know you will be very happy. Regarding staff responding to you I would like to address that personally. Please contact me st your earliest convenience so I can take care of this. These are the things that matter to myself and dr Salama. Greatly appreciate your time.
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