5 weeks post op a few days shy from 6 weeks post op NEW PICTURES !!

I have been wanting more curves, a smaller waist...

I have been wanting more curves, a smaller waist and a big big onion!! I think this is what's going to complete my frame!

Sorry for the short review ladies!! The day I...

Sorry for the short review ladies!! The day I posted this review it wouldn't let me add anything. Well a little about me, I had a tummy tuck 4 months ago. I'm 5 9 185 pounds and I'm very interested in getting the rest of the fat from my back flanks and thighs to give me more curves so I went ahead and booked a date for salama on Dec 7th. Although I had a tummy tuck this will be challenging since there is a little bit of fat on my stomach that I hate after paying 6000 for a tummy tuck. I plan to lose about 13 pounds for this procedure. I would like about 900 to 1000 cc's each cheek to fill out and make a rounder apple appearance I have two daughters 7 yrs old and 9 months and I have no hips none what so ever after my pregnancy. I'm 25 years old And I'm doing this for me. I'm saving up the money and plan on paying everything by September. I spoke with Nancy from Dr. S and I have a pre op appt alllll the way in Nov but time will fly! I plan on showing Dr. S exactly what I'm looking for and what I want. Till then I'll post a few before pic of myself. I forgot to mention I live in Miami and I'm 15 minutes away from Aventura so I asked Nancy to waive the transportation fee as my boyfriend will be taking me back and fourth to appts etc :)

Does anyone know whether all the dates for...

Does anyone know whether all the dates for November are booked for Dr. Salama? Im starting to get very anxious and would like October or November instead. Im working my butt off trying to prioritize my bills and also save for my surgery. After I financed my tummy tuck 4 months ago I told myself im paying cash for this one. I plan on paying off my car next month so I can really save. I dont know how to upload pictures from my phone but I want to post before pictures of myself I think that its very important so you see the transformation.. Until next time ladies :)

Counting down the days. I need to get a list...

Counting down the days. I need to get a list together soon, Dec 7th will be here in no time!!

Heeeyyyy BBL sisters!!! Happy healing to all the...

Heeeyyyy BBL sisters!!! Happy healing to all the ladies that already had surgery and good luck to those who are scheduled soon. Im so ready for the last few months to be over! Its so tempting to shop but I know I have to save for my surgery. I eat sleep and dream this surgery. I work my butt off to make sure I can save enough and pay it in full. Dec 7th is my scheduled date. Im thinking about adding lipo to the back of my legs. Im already paying for the inner front. I want this bad! Im ready for it to be my turn already. My only concern is that alot of reviews I've been reading some ladies are saying the garments are shrinking their butts? Any suggestions on a garment with the butt out? & will salama allow for you to bring your own?

Hey sisters.. has anyone financed their surgery...

Hey sisters.. has anyone financed their surgery through any finance companies. I'm really confused as to how that works. I'm thinking putting half cash and the rest financed but I dont know where to start, futhermore if I finance it now does that mean I would be making payments until my scheduled surgery in Dec? or will I make the first payment after surgery? I'm confused please help or give advice

Anybody interested please inbox me. I paid a 650...

Anybody interested please inbox me. I paid a 650.00 deposit for Dr
Salama and I really need my money back as I have a very personal family emergency. Im looking to do this as soon as possible so please inbox me asap

Hi BBL sistah's! I barely post but decided to do...

Hi BBL sistah's! I barely post but decided to do so today. I've been reading every one stories, and drooling at how great you ladies look. I am actually able to keep my original surgery date thank god all is well and I'm sorry for all the ladies whose hopes I got high. not my intentions non what so ever but this is actually going to happen for me, and I'm super excited. non the less it sucks that I have to pay out of pocket for everything but I'm making it happen by saving every last dime. my surgery will be paid off by the 2nd week of Nov and my current balance is 3300.00 so I'm getting there ladies. I Just want to know now what type of vitamins should I start purchasing and how much extra will I need for a massage package for Dr. Salama? what type of garment to look into since I'm getting inner thighs lipo'd. I have an appt scheduled Nov 7th with Salama. I Will update you ladies then to let you know how it goes. That is the day that I'm also getting my lab work done. I live in Miami so this should be a breeze (fingers crossed) I posted a few wish pictures and current pictures of me. today I stand 5'9 192lbs I'm trying to gain some weight in the tummy area but since I had a tummy tuck the fat is going every where else. my thighs, arms and back. I'm not sure should I lose about 10lbs prior or maintain the weight I have now. I really dont look my weight but I want to be proportioned with my new body. what do you ladies think? my ideal weight I believe is around 170 .

Hey Ladies, So yesterday my package finally...

Hey Ladies,

So yesterday my package finally came in the mail from doctors salama's office, with instructions on pre-op and post op care, along with a list of vitamins that they recommend. for those who do not have insurance I filled all 3 of my prescriptions minus the colace since its over the counter and I paid 71.00 for my meds, and pain killers at walmart with no insurance. I also picked up a few other items that I needed. I'm missing Bioflavanoid and arnica montana tablets and a really good waist cincher which I plan to purchase on amazon sometime today. I started taking my vitamin pills last week. which I should've started sooner but i've been so busy with trying to work my ass to pay this surgery off. im proud to say my balance is now $1500.00 and in two weeks that'll be paid. I went and purchased a comfy house dress along with compression comfy socks and bedroom shoes. I found two lycra shirts that I plan on wearing under my garment to avoid lines or marks on my skin, I will post pictures of those too. I'm welcome to all suggestions since Im going into this head first and need all the advice that I can receive. I have alot of maxi dresses like literally 40 of them hanging in my closet (no exaggeration) so I wont spend any extra money on those. other than that if any of the vets has purchased a massage package from salamas team can someone please inform me on the price, so I'm aware of how much to put up for it. I need a directors chair or something I can use because laying on my stomach all day isnt going to cut it. until then my first appt is NOV 7th (yikes) and that's the day im scheduled to have my blood work and ekg done at salama's office since I didnt take the medical insurance at my job I have no choice and to be quite honest I prefer to just get it over with instead of calling around everywhere and having the lab refer me for the ekg. I was told by Jennifer it will be 175.00 for my labs and ekg. for those who are inquiring im getting my full back, flanks, stomach and inner thighs done. any recommendations on good compression garments and anything else I may need please feel free to comment or inbox me I'd really appreciate it. happy healing to those of you whose already had surgery and good luck to those that are around the corner.

Sorry the vitamin list is not showing clear I dont...

sorry the vitamin list is not showing clear I dont know why but if anyone needs it I would be more than happy to email it to you

Hey girls. I'm wondering if Lipo to the inner...

Hey girls. I'm wondering if Lipo to the inner thighs worth doing for this procedure. I'm really torn on deciding.. it's included in my price but im thinking about removing it. please share your thoughts.





Im debating on if im letting my boyfriend pick me...

im debating on if im letting my boyfriend pick me up in my own car (chrysler sebring) which im too tall to lay in..or rent a mini van lol im not sitting on my ass!! somebody better magically get me there.. help

I cant wait until this is over! now that time has...

I cant wait until this is over! now that time has changed 1 hour back it seems like it takes forever for me to get off work! I need time to fly! I want to fall asleep and wake up and it's already my time lol but there's no need to rush..it's still a few things in order I need. nonetheless I have an appointment this Wednesday with Salama for blood work. then this friday my 700.00 balance would be paid and my surgery would be paid in full... taking these these vitamin pills are a pain in the ass! it makes my pee very yellow like I swallowed a banana! ladies make sure you drink tons and tons of water. I need to flush all of that out of my system. ewww! lol goodnight ladies

Hey dolls!! so let me just say I saw a few ladies...

Hey dolls!! so let me just say I saw a few ladies in the office today. I saw @ik although she didnt know it was me lol but she looks really good! and also @miamilife305 omg ass so big doesnt make any sense :) geesh them ladies look great yall. so today I was scheduled for my appointment to have my labs done. I finally met salama who came across so serious. I was like o_O ok... ok... ok... ok.... ok... to everything he said. he explained everything to me, talked about complications and etc. he said I already had a butt!! and im looking at him like (do you see the sagginess in this ass) but overall EVERYONE IS VERY NICE! I dont like the wait times though. I was there at 10:30 (11:00) am appointment, I didnt leave until about 1:20 although I filled out some paper work and chit chatted I was ready to leave since I had to return back to work! I did my paper work with Nancy who is super cool.. and I joked around with Ruben. I received my BOPPY pillow today along with some arnica tablets that they provided to me to take a day before surgery. Salama did clarfiy that drains are being left in longer depending on how well your body is draining. but according to him it could be left in for as long as 2 weeks.. Nancy told me that after the 2 garments if you'd like to purchase another one they charge 100.00 and for a package of 8 massages it's 70.00 each. they told me an ekg was not needed now since im only 25 but the day of surgery they will perform one before I get on the operating table.. hmmm.. what else? blood work was super easy, they made me pee in a cup and that was basically it. I make my last and final payment this friday. and i've decided to remove the inner thigh lipo as Dr. Salama explained that it is a very delicate area and usually there's not much fat he can get from that area. he said for me it will help the appearance look better but its not like he's lipo'n my whole inner thigh how I thought so in my opinion I dont think its worth it. so my total left over balance to pay it in full is 300.00 plus 170.00 for the labs they added it to my tab so I didnt have to pay today. all in all everything went great and I'm happy I chose salama!! :) good night ladies

I just brought this garment today at my local mall...

I just brought this garment today at my local mall in Miami for 75.00 The brand is Diane.this is the 2nd faja I have from that company... this one is waaayyyy better than my first one. compression is excellent!! sucked me in completely.it's a size Large and it took me 5 minutes to put on lol but it's worth it



Wishing all of the ladies who recently had surgery...

Wishing all of the ladies who recently had surgery a speedy and nice recovery and a BIG THANK YOU for all of the vets for posting pictures and experiences and to all the ladies that has an upcoming surgery THANK YOU AND GOODLUCK

Hey ladies, I cant believe I have four more...

Hey ladies,

I cant believe I have four more days left to work and then it's my turn to get glammed! hopefully this week is a drag because im a little nervous. I know results aren't suit to be perfect but I damn sure hope mines come out close to it lol. in the mean time good luck to all the ladies who recently made it to the other side and who will soon have surgery next

1 more day of work and then im off to the surgery...

1 more day of work and then im off to the surgery center friday by 7:00 am.question? what did you girls put on the day of surgery? is it better to just wear an oversized dress?

Hi girls!! let me start off by sating this is a...

Hi girls!! let me start off by sating this is a very very hard procedue. I feel like I've been hit by bricks and trucks! I been trying to force my self to eat but i fall asleep so fast! let me say I didnt leave with a garment on I dont know why they put me on my robe and thats it. I go back Sunday to put it on. I like it like that makes it easier for me to pee. I do have on a cincher for my tummy. when I feel better ill post a detailed review with pictures

I would love to give a detail update but I'm super...

I would love to give a detail update but I'm super tired. I'll post two pictures for you ladies let me know what you think

Hey Girls!! I feel alot better so I decided to...

Hey Girls!!
I feel alot better so I decided to post a more detailed review. I had my surgery Dec 7th on Friday at 7:30 am. even though It was suppose to be at 7:00 am I received a text from Ruben like 9:00 at night confirming that it will be at 7:30. I still managed to get the facility center at 7:00 and Monica showed up exactly at 7:30. I went and undressed, pee'd in a cup for the pregnancy test and was off to get marked. Salama came in around 7:50 and we chit chatted a little. he asked me what type of butt or shape I was going for? I told him a round circle butt. he said I had a heart shaped butt and he would follow that pattern. he asked if I wanted a shelf I told him no. The anthestiologist went over everything and before you know it I was laying on the table with an IV in my arm knocked the hell out. while in recovery I felt myself moving around and squirming in pain. I remember telling Monica that my feet were very cold. I woke up around 2:30. the first thing I realized was that I was still naked with no garment and I just had on my robe that I brought. when I woke up I threw up from the anesthesia. it was so nasty but I felt better. they wheeled me off in a wheel chair and I sat on my butt for 2 minutes which felt like 2 hours. i've been eating soup and drinking water water and more water!! gatorade after gatorade. I went for an appointment today and Dr. Salama said they were able to get alot of fat in and that my butt was toooo big to put a garment on it.I told him my thighs were very swollen from the thigh lipo but he was like just rest and come in Wendesday and we will put you on a garment, I must admit it has made peeing alot better. I walk around and move as much as I can. Im not fully standing straight when I walk but im getting there. my back already is starting to itch. my mom rubbed benadryl on my back it felt so good! im actually ready for the massages because my neck arms and back are so stiff! I have a cotton waist cincher for compression on my belly. im standing right now as I type. I feel alot better and im getting out of the bed much better. I will post better pictures when im able.

He put in 1400's cc's and im very pleased with the...

he put in 1400's cc's and im very pleased with the lipo. I like what I see so far

A few more pictures added. im sore and swollen as...

a few more pictures added. im sore and swollen as hell!!

I finally was put on a garment. they started me...

I finally was put on a garment. they started me off with a 3X. Celia helped me put it on and said by next week ill be in a XL it didnt hurt at all.. I feel alot better just minor headaches. walking around makes me feel so much better. I ate a salad and drunk a bunch of water. I posted a few pictures for you ladies. let me know if you have any questions

Hey y'all sorry I havent updated sooner but i've...

hey y'all sorry I havent updated sooner but i've been feeling like crap times a million and seriously contemplated on why the hell did I have this surgery. I consider myself a strong young woman but boy have I been crying like a lil punk a** B**** lol. so you all know since I came out of surgery I didnt have a garment on! I've had a garment since day 2 but my experience is a little different. I've been complaining about swooshing noises as if I can hear my heart rate pounding in my head when I lay down. I mean it's so bad at times and so loud I didnt sleep for an entire day. boy was I a mess still a mess! I went to urgent care in my area and told them about the surgery at the time i was 4 days post op. my blood pressure was perfect,no fever, or anything but my heart rate was 130 beats per minute. when the doctor came in he was asking me if I feel like this is the worst headache ive ever had I said yes on a scale 1-10 its a 10. he told me he would have to refer me to the hospital and that I may need a cat scan I can either have blood or fluid in my brain. omfg I got the hell out of there. mind you they did an ekg and that was fine. they kept telling me to sit down I said hell no, they were looking at me like they didnt know what a BBL was. I was like damn this is Miami wtf!! I stood up the whole time while they checked by blood pressure etc. one of the nurses kept looking at me.. then she finally said why did you do it? at this point im highly aggravated looking for a resolution and all you can think about is my ass? lol I snapped on her ass and was like because I WANTED TOO!! and me and my boyfriend left. I texted Ruben around 7:00 am because since post 2 or 3 the headaches started and he's been very nice and on point and has been telling me make sure im eating make sure im drinking. but this time something was wrong. Ruben told me he got into contact with Salama and then salama called me at 7:30 am I explained to him everything and he told me to get to the surgery center asap so they can give me fluid via IV and recheck my blood count. he was like I dont need a cat scan lol. I was like omg Im dying I felt so horrible. so I went to the surgery center and the nurses took care of me. I hung out with them for an hour while 2 bags of IV ran through my body. when I got home my headache only got worse. Dr. Salama was performing a surgery but he did manage to stop in and talk to me while I was there. the nure told me my blood count was a 7.1. which was low but normal after surgery Dr.Salama kept saying I need to eat red meats things very high in protein so I did just that. went home at a steak, some rice some beans. I had chilli, and ground beef any damn thing red I ate it. and it still hasnt resolved my problem. in my honest opinion when I lay down my heart beat is ridiculous I cant close my eyes because its very loud and I feel scared of dying in my sleep.I have to take perocets to force me to be groggy enough to sleep. last night was the first time in a long time that ive been able to sleep for at least 6hours. BUT!! its only my right side of my head that has the swooshing sounds and also when I lay down the right feet and right hand goes numb. I dont know if pressure and fluid build up is causing the issue but Im hopiing that after I have my massage today they drain as much as they can on my right side especially my thigh.I hope I dont have any blood clots as its been extremely difficult for me to move around with the bogus headaches.but ive been doing what I can,walking when I can. I was starting to think I was taking all of my meds all at once around the same time and that was causing it. im not a doctor but I damn sure hope salama can help me. I just want to feel normal or at least lay down without feeling my head is going to bust open and my heart is going to pop out, even when I kneel on my knees I feel the pulsing sensation I definitely thinks the right side of my body has sooooo much fluid its causing pressure on my brain lol thats my assumption. I took a bath and felt the fluid moving around ladies im sick of these restless nights. I feel like my body cant fight anymore. sometimes my body is drenched in sweat trying to sleep through the head noises. tylenol has not worked at all for me. PLUS I DONT HAVE ANY SENSATION ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE SO I CAN BARELY TASTE MY FOOD. FML Im regretting this shit!! :( sorry for my review being all over the place. I saw my one year yesterday and I couldnt even look at her because the pain in my head and the throbbing! im sad and really want something done about this

Hey BBL sisters!! I know I scared nearly half of...

Hey BBL sisters!! I know I scared nearly half of you to death but I only wanted to keep it real with you girls so you have a better understanding that things do go wrong. for all of the ladies that has kept in touch via text message to all of the ladies that has sent prayers my way and also messages via inbox, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers. to say the least Salama and his team has been very attentive to me. Here's what's going on. The sensation I was feeling in my head was caused from Tachycardia which can often happen after a surgery. My heart rate was extremely fast to the point where I can hear my own heart beat. laying down in the position that were forced doesnt help at all. I had to literally force myself to stand and walk sometimes for 4-6 hours to get my flood flowing. also I retained so much fluid in my body. Im 5'9 I went in at 202 lbs after surgery I was 220 so I can imagine what my body was going through.

I've had 2 massages done so far. for me the experience was not that bad at all. I didnt take a perc because at that point I was through with how they made me feel. it was either feel nauseated or take the pain. I chose the pain. lol Celia was my massage therapist and man she did a great job. she showed me all of the fluid she was draining out of my body. the back massage didnt hurt neither did my thighs, The stomach was the killer. according to Celia where ever you feel the burning sensation is where the fluid is building.. when she touched the parts of my body that burned that was the most painful part. I since then had another massage and it didnt hurt at all its really mind over matter. before I carry on futher, the numbness I was feeling in my right foot and hand is because that part of my body wasnt circulating enough blood. the right side of my body is the swollest due to the thigh lipo, and from what i've learned the tube that they use to atick down your throat to monitor your breathing when you're sleeping can cause your tongue to lose a little sensation. that too is coming back slowly and I can now taste my food it's just something im not use too, since I like to savor the juices of my food! lmao maybe it's best for me and will help me maintain my weight j/k.. but anyways back to the massages afterwards you do feel less stiff and very much normal. so fast forwarding.. Celia gave me the butt out garment and squeezed 1400 cc's in an X large. I went walking around Publix with my asshole on fire. I couldnt take it, when I got home I needed help just taking it off. immediately after taking it off I had a dent in my ass..No ma'am not after paying almost 7 stacks cash I took that shit off and put my old garment back on.. what I use for compression on my tummy is the tummy tuck wrap around cinchers for more tighter compression along with my old garment until I receive my waist cincher in the mail that I ordered. I have my third massage this thursday and I plan on giving that garment back to them in exchange for the regular garment just in an XL sixe. The day of my 2nd massage Nomie removed the back drain. I felt a small burning sensation nothing bad, I was told to come back thursday for the front drain but I ended up meeting with dr salama at the surgery center yesterday to have my heart rate check which went from 140 beats per minute the day of surgery to 104. Ruben has been the one delaying info between salama and I about my concerns and pounding headaches. Salama prescribed me some medicine to clear up sinus infections and nasal block because the right side of my ear was muffled which is the same side I was getting the headaches and hearing the heart beats. he also removed my front drain which again I didnt feel anything at all..

I'm taking the medicine as told and hoping it clears my right ear. I no longer have pounding headaches but I when I lay down I still faintly hear my heart beat very very faint. in my opinion I belive until this extra weight is off of me then my heart doesnt have to pump so much harder to circulate my blood. Im a tall girl but never in my life have I been this size besides my pregnancies. my normal weight has always been between 167-172 lbs.now that my heart rate is more controlled, the less I hear my heartbeat in my head.

so now the fun part I've been eating still high protein food, fruits and water. I no longer drink gatorade because its full of sugar and it ends up making me back thirsty, so I now notice my butt is getting soft and starting to jiggle in little places. I've never measured my waist or ass because for one I've been busy trying to heal and make sure my kids are off to school and that they've eaten and homework is done etc and havent had the time to actually do me.. last night was a very great night. I slept for about 7 hours and woke up feeling like a queen.. the other day my eyes went back swelling but again that's because I wasnt doing enough walking. all I WANTED TO DO WAS LAY DOWN BECAUSE THE HEARTBEAT NOISE WAS MAKING ME WANT TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF. but im up and moving now because I know this could've been worst. swelling has gone down alot. in my opinion I believe after a BBL the only compression should be for your waist and not for your ass. regardless of the fact the swelling is going to go down naturally, I feel the garment only adds to it. so from time to time after I go number 2 I take a bath and wrap my tummy tight as ever with compression and let this ass breath. I do yoga stretches as I was instructed from Celia. I know I had inner thigh lipo but I use my heating pad 3 times a day for an hour and its helped with the swelling tremendously. I use it for my back, stomach and thighs and I also massage my own thighs the same way Celia does it and I see a drastic change. their still swollen but way better than before.

I will continue to use the garment but around week 3 or 4 I plan to STOP and just use a very compressed waist cincher.. I know that with swelling gone the illusion of a really big booty has alot to do with a very small waist which is what Im working on. I know it may not be a smart thing to do but with the heating pad and daily massages on my thighs I feel will keep the swelling down. plus drinking plenty of water and staying away from salty foods. I wouldnt recommend anyone else to follow me but I also thinks the garments form your ass into other shapes. Dr. Salama said everyone was complaining about the original garment so thats why they switched to the butt out garments. the butt out garments are for asses that has received lesser amounts of cc's where the ass isnt bulging out of it, mines was ripping the thread in my a**hole TMI so that definitely was not for me,I dont care what they say. I even told Salama I refuse to wear it and he agreed. he did tell me that the one im wearing is too loose but I plan to switch this thursday to an XL but just the regular garment. ill wear that for like 2 weeks and will just stop wearing it all in all.

I'll post a few pictures for you ladies and let me know what you think, whether good or bad I appreciate your thoughts, concerns, comments etc. oh and I left out that I went number 2 since day 2 post op all by myself. it was hard but not impossible, I just took some rolled up towels and leaned forward on by laundry basket and since im tall with long arms I wiped my own ass lol.. My boyfriend has sustained so much trauma from this surgery.he works over night and hasnt been able to sleep due to taking me everywhere and missing sleep,hearing me complain and cry so I did what I had to do. I hate depending on people even loved ones. since day 2 I've been able to poop everyday. I guess it has alot to do with the foods I eat but oh well lol I mastered it to a T.
any questions ask away..

AGAIN ALL OF YOU WHO PRAYED FOR ME, TEXTED ME AND INBOXED ME WHETHER IT WAS A COMMENT OF CONCERN OR A COMPLIMENT I APPRECIATE YOU GIRLS!! I REALLY FOUND SOME STRENGTH IN READING THOSE MESSAGES AND IT PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE EVEN WHEN I FELT LIKE CRYING FROM PAIN. this surgery is not easy and can break the toughest down. I consider myself tough and very pain manageable but baaaaabbbbyy this will BREAK YOU DOWN only if you let it. so for future BBL ladies please eat, drink and walk . take your meds and just keep doing it until you regain your energy back.. much love ladies xoxo headed to the mall so I can break necks :) :)

Heeyyy ya'll :0 So let me tell you gals/guys what...

heeyyy ya'll :0
So let me tell you gals/guys what happened today. SOOOO it never fails that a day before your massage is scheduled Nomie or someone from the office calls you to confirm your massage but yet when you make it on time IT'S NEVER ON TIME!! WTF! this is my 3rd and last massage probably with the office. here's the thing. if the massage is not going to start on time then why be there on time? Nomie has called me at least one time and advised me they were running behind 1 hour but I feel like the office where the consultations and post op care/massages is too small and for one more than one massage therapist is needed. when I showed up for my appt this morning at 10:00 am mind you at least 10 people were all standing around in the lobby not included the BBL ladies who cannot sit down. bad enough everyone is looking at you like you have a disease or some shit! and I waited at least 45 minutes before I can get my massage. this is not the first time this has happened. this has happened ALL MY MASSAGE SESSIONS so all in all he does great work but the follow up care and massages should definitely come better than that. now to the massage, I never saw this lady before. but she came in with a travel massage table, took 10 minutes to set everything up, and spoke to me in spanish the whole time. she tried her best to speak as much english as she could and I tried my best to understand as much spanish lol but she was very very aggressive and did a great job. only thing is I felt like she had me on my butt too long when she was massaging my stomach. she made me turn on each side something different the other massage lady Celia has never done, but I like them both. her name was Laura I believe. she kept complaining how hot she was in spanish and that she was sweating lol.. She also mentioned that I can boil some chamomile tea and put it in the refrigerator and take a guaze and rub it on my stomach. she said it was good for inflammation. finally I have my XL regular garment, not the one with the ass out, and im now wearing the board for the front and my XL garment can clapse to the second row which I thought was great. other than that ladies I feel over all the surgery was worth it, but like any doctor in high demand nothing is going to be perfect. everyone in the office is super nice and friendly but I guess today and tomorrow would be hectic considering that the office would be closed monday and tuesday due to the holidays and maybe they were trying to squeeze as many people in as possible. but I know I was aggravated because I'm ready to be gone with my day not stand around in the office looking at the tv that never has no damn sound lol ayways I posted a few new pictures as I'll be 2 weeks post op tomorrow and probably would do a review 1 month post op.. happy holidays and merry christmas to you all xoxoxoxo

So I tried to post my review yesterday but of...

so I tried to post my review yesterday but of course real self wouldnt let me...omg im pissed about that because it was very detailed. I'm back working now and is getting ready to leave for work but when I come home ill post a better review. i'm 3 weeks post op today here's a few pictures

Heeeeyyy yall lol!! So I went to work this...

Heeeeyyy yall lol!!
So I went to work this Wednesday and man it's been difficult! I had to stand up for 9 hours. talking about uncomfortable and frustrated. my job requires me to be focused and detailed even though its a desk job.. so since Ive been working my co workers keep telling me my ass is fat! like wtf lol! I have everyone looking at me not trying to sound conceited but literally people are looking with their looking ass :) it's gotten so bad my supervisor pulled me to the side and was like "um what type of surgery did you have? I'm like I had surgery on my back.. she's like what's wrong with your back.. i'm like cursing this bitch out in my head. like damn she's nosey isnt that violating my hippa rights? this is concerning my health why the f*** you want to know.. lol that's what I felt like telling her. I was like I had a cyst on my back. she was like oh because I figured if you had back surgery you would be sitting. I was like it hurts!! everytime she's talking with someone when I walk by her desk they automatically stop and look up at me. smh a bunch of the girls at work give me stares but in a way like ugh!! lol oh well!! my problem is Im going back to work next week wednesday im off for another 4 days thank god then ill be 1 month post op that friday. im really thinking about sitting down. for the month of jan im going to be extremely busy and cant afford my work load to slack due to me not sitting down. bad enough im already tall so imagine me with my back hunched trying to type for 9 hours.. smh just a night mare. for the past 3 days my ankles has been swollen and my feet are crazy swole because I havent sat down at work. when I take my hour lunch I stand by myself and eat. people at work look at me like I lost my damn mind, so what I've been doing is walking around the building playing it off as if im burning some calories lol. I know my supervisor is dying to ask me again because when she talks to me her eyes are on my ass but her mouth is moving. she always have this smirk on her face like yeah I know your secret.. I know one thing attention is something you'll definitely get so if you're not an attention lover get ready. what do you ladies think? should I sit down at 1 month post op? at least for 2 hours? because very soon im going to have to drive myself to work anyway. I do not take my boppy to work for the purpose of keeping them nosey people out of my business. I tried sitting today at work. I rolled a big jacket up and put it under my thighs and applied all of my weight to my thighs. but I just felt so stupid and uncomfortable trying to balance my weight and not poke my ass out too much. im now wearing a waist cincher by slender bodies size medium that I brought from the mall. that thing sucks the soul out of you. I would be buying a squeem this week as suggested by Missnewbooty :) the smaller the waist the bigger that ass looks! also the last thing I would like to include. ladies please eat right and drink alot of water. im a fat girl by heart no offense to anyone. but since I gained my appetite back all I want to do is eat. I try to eat healthy food. but living in miami just doesnt help with all this poison food around us lol. all the grease and fatty foods. I eat fruits veggies and some type of protein a day but at the end of the day im still a woman and crave sweets. I had ice cream the other day, some cup cakes today and lets not forget a good soul food christmas meal from christmas. I feel so bad after I eat something I know damn well I dont have no business eating. so for the new years I told my boyfriend family and friends DO NOT LET ME EAT JUNK FOOD OR BAD FOOD IF I DO SLAP THE S*** OUT OF ME BECAUSE I'D BE DAMNED IF IM WASTING MY HARD EARNED MONEY :) I posted a few pictures in some bathing suits, will be back next year goodnight dolls!

Hey BBL sisters! I'm posting a few pictures that I...

Hey BBL sisters! I'm posting a few pictures that I took from new years up until last week, just a few. mainly the pictures are with me and clothes on no garment or anything. this month im going to be extremely busy at work so I wont be back until the end of this month. I would be one month post op this friday and start driving to work. this is it for now.. talk to you ladies later

Hey y'all.. I've been extremely busy with work,...

Hey y'all.. I've been extremely busy with work, home and kids so I decided to post today. I havent driven to work yet but I do sit on my boppy pillow while i'm being driven, I also use one of my robes and yoga mat and sit down that way at work. My booty is 95% soft and jiggly heeeeyyyy make that ass jiggle lmao!! this isnt going to be a long review. just realistically speaking, I like my results thus far. the healing process is getting better. I still have alot of swelling in my back area. my body itches like crazy everyday especially my back. swelling has gone down on my butt. I'm still measuring at 47 inches, just something I never posted because I wanted to wait closer to 5-6 weeks. I use to think my booty was so damn big now that the swelling is down it looks very average. my mom, boyfriend and friends are like your ass is so huge!! from the stares out in public, to the looks at work I know it's something back there, but to me in my head its just regular.. so please ladies do not fall in love with the swelling because for a good 2-3 weeks you'll notice changes often and trust me it will go down. not trying to be a debbie downer im just saying.. now that my swelling is gone I feel like my butt has dropped a little. I sit from time to time even without my boppy, sometimes I sit in my car since the seats are so soft and just chill while I get driven around by my boyfriend. other than that all is well. im working slowly on building muscle and working my upper body, when im officially 6 weeks I will be working out. I eat salads and seafood but I had burger king today lol. my stomach is coming along good, I just need to maintain it with the right eating habits. until then ladies i'll post when i'm 2 months. I took a few pictures showing my face because at this point, I paid my money and shit I feel so good i dont care who see's me.. dont believe me JUST WATCH LOL CHOW!! :) oh yeah P.S. I was cleaning out my closet today and cant fit anything so the majority of my clothes are being given away.
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Wow...Dr. Salama did an amazing job. I think the "thickness" is sexy. You have a fat azz and flat belly. You're thick in all the right places. Get ma ma#
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U been M.I.A for a minute, hope all is well.
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i love your results... u look great,,,do u wear bigger jeans cause your butt is bigger,,, my friends at work says its very hard to find jeans when your butt is big,,
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You look nice. I'm 5'7 @196 mostly belly arms and back. Was thinking of getting 1600cc because I'm wide in hips. I hope it don't make me look ridiculously big cause u already big at 1400 what I would want to look like
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Wow! Nice shelf. See I wana big butt, but I'm afraid of having to buy an entire new wardrobe. Hope all is well
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I love your results!! This made me want to get it done. I want an ass just like yours lol you are my wish pic
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Hottt...its so natural
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WOW your booty looks amazing!!!! Congrats!!!!
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Also did u have the foam boards? I saw some there were 8x11's from contour md website
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Hi gf how r u...good I hope. What's the name of your garments? Do u like butt in or out? And the compression stockings which ones do u have...
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I had the garment that was provided to me from Dr. Salama's office the brand is called body shape tech. But to be honest i barely used my garment. I hated the but out and felt more comfortable with the butt in. I purchased my own garment which was a brand named Diane. But get any post op garment or thats light or soft around the butt and really right around the waist. The foam and board was also provided to me by salama. The website you went too gives you the same size foam. I have different sized foam. but you can order like 3 foams and cut 1 in half for you to wear on the sides and one for your stomach and one you can fold into a triangle for your back. :)
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I meant a garment light on the butt and tight around the waist.. Compression stockings were also provided by the office. they were long with the toes out but I was told walgreens sale compression stockings or you can always order them from amazon
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This is 1wifey and I just pm you pls pls read and respond. I am experiencing the headaches and rapid heart rate and elevated bp I am 9 days post op and I'm scared. Pls help
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You have an amazing butt girl. I'm 5 weeks today and OMG... it's like the itching has gotten worse. My incisions on my lower part of my butt are still sensitive. My butt has gone down drastically... it looks like a normal butt. Iike it a lot but I wouldn't mind a tad bit more. Just like my husband tells me that I have to realize that I seriously started off with nothing But a flat pancake and Salama did a wonderful job on me. I want a tt and I will definitely go back to him ;) Glad to see you're doing great. Thank God I'm done with the 1st week... I hated that week, lol.
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I agree with your hubby!! We have to realize that we started off with nothing at all lol so im more than grateful for what I have now. And yes itching is horrible doesnt make any damn sense I hate it!! Tomorrow is officially 6 weeks for me. But i already started sitting and driving at a month post op. Some how in the back of my head i think my ass would go down but i think what i have now is what im left with! Lol so im just hoping it doesnt go down anymore. Your results are wonderful i love it!! @guera
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Omg! Those jeans !!!! So are u saying well be buying bigger jeans sizes??? Don't worry ur ass didn't go no where;-).happy healing!!
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Brandnew yeeesss boo. None of my old jeans fit none what so ever!!! And thanks love :)
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Ass4Days, girl I had to post one moe time on that ass girl, lmaooo!!! Still looking good girl:D How you feeling???
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Im feeling good just so itchy and my back feels so tight. Other than that booty is soft im loving it!! @imlovinit
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love the results! u look great! and where did u find the "black girls rock" chain? can u say dope.com
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thank you!! I got that chain from an accessory store at my local mall in miami. I cant think of the store's name
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I love your results .......,,
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thanks hon!!
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Hey mama, you look soooo good. thank you for being so open and honest with us! I appreciate you sharing your journey and for posting so many pics!
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thank you love!
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