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I have always been small framed until about two...

i have always been small framed until about two years ago. i started slowly gaining weight which didn't bother me until i noticed that i went from a size 9 to a size 15, and to make matters worse i have absolutely no butt. so the weight is all in my belly. my fiance, who i share a son with, and i have been engaged for about a year now. unfortunately, because of the weight gain i do not want to walk down the isle. i refuse to look this way for my wedding. i've chosen to marry at city hall and renew my vows in one year (september 2013) hence the reason for the tummy tuck and bbl. my confidence level has gone wayyyyyy down and it's begining to become noticable. i want to look as beautiful as i once felt.

I want to thank all you ladies for the great...

I want to thank all you ladies for the great support and kind words. It truly is nice to feel such support from you all. I am so nervous and anxious and although it's not happening until may it feels like this is going to be quicker than i think. Well will keep posting my daily thoughts and inquiries.
@bootiebeauty78 thankyou and I am planning to lose weight befor the TT because I want the maximum results. And then I have to wait four months after to get the BBL because Dr. Salama no longer does the TT and BBL together anymore. which i dont mind as long as my results are at the best potential and i am safe.
Welcome Erios. Are you planning to lose any weight before your surgeries? Also are you having the TT first of after BBL? You are a very attractive lady, you shouldn't let your confidence go down. Sounds like you have a supportive partner & that should give you some measure of confidence IMO.
welcome girl, and dont feel down you are beautiful and have a man that loves you, u will look great after sx, good luck

So today I am going to meet with a personal...

So today I am going to meet with a personal trainer and begin my healthy eating haabits and exercising. My average body weight should be about 135-155 due to height (5'2). Currently I weigh 206-208 and my goal is to lose 50 pounds by May. This should be plenty of time for me to lose the weight as long as I am dedicated to the healthy eating and exercises that will be layed out for me. Well wish me luck on my journey to getting fit.....Will keep you updated on my weigh loss
I'm so glad to hear someone doing this surgury tge same way I am . I keep wondering wether I am making the right decision doin a TT before getting the BBL. I just dont want to take away from my butt cuz i wanna a ghetto booty when Im done.lol Also any eating tips the trainer gives you would be great! Im so excited Im getting my TT Dec. 19th & so scared!
Welcome. Every journey starts with one single step. Congrats on taking that step :-)
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i chose dr. salama because of his great reviews. realself.com has several ladies who speak highly of his services, his staff, and of him his self. i live in rochester, ny and i believe the trip down there will be worth it.

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