TT & BBL Secduled for May 2012 with Dr. Salama in Aventura, Fl

Hello all! I am 30 yrs old a mother of two boys....

Hello all! I am 30 yrs old a mother of two boys. 5'1 150lbs. I carry most of my wait in my midsection. Before having kids i was very thin and hated it, after kids I'm heavy and hate it! I just want to be able to like how i look in clothes. Maybe wear a two piece swim suit!! I'm very nervous although i have some time to go... the thought of the surgery sometimes keeps me up.

Any advise on things to expect and or things i will need, would be greatly appreciated!!


hi funsized. im going to salam may 11th. we r also having the same procedures done. i would say you r my twin lol. we have very similar body types. this is exciting lol
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Have you been given a date for your surgery yet?

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Yes May 13!

Ok so please don't think I'm crazy. i just had to...

Ok so please don't think I'm crazy. i just had to change those photos, i couldn't stand to look at them! I also included some of me dressed. My family and close friends tell me i look fine...and have definitely given me the big butt title. I wish i saw what they do,but i don't!


I don't think I will have anyone with me either, I thought it would be okay but as I keep reading reviews, the pain sounds so much worse than I thought it was going to be. I wish they had recovery houses like they do in Mexico!
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I know that they offer aides to assist you in your hotel but it cost like $175 per day if i remember correctly! My so called girl friend bailed on got to do what i got to do! I know some of the girls on here try and meet up and share a room and help each other. Just don't know how well that goes with both being in pain and all!
Hi funsized, I'm scheduled the 14th with Dr. Salama. Do you know where you're staying yet? Sorry to hear about the lack of support, it really makes a difference at times. I haven't told anybody about me getting this done because I'm too nervous. I think its really hard for other people to understand, so I'm glad we have this forum and all these lovely ladies that can relate and give support!
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I finally booked my flight and hotel stay!!...

I finally booked my flight and hotel stay!! Nervous is the word....i can't belive I'm really doing this!!


Is anyone scheduled for may/June 2012 with Dr. Salama that possibly needs to cancel/switch appt?
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I most certainly will
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I will be having the same surgery with Salama on Apr 26th I will start my journey eventually but I wish you the best...Time is Flyng
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Omg this is becoming so real...spoke with Larry...

Omg this is becoming so real...spoke with Larry yesterday. Scared and excited all in one!!


may God bless you during and after your surgery:) Im not far behind!!!
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i saw dr francis and i felt very comfortable with him n the staff i scheduled my surgery for 9/21/12 i can afford to fly anywhere when i have 4 kids lol, but they are being supportive n my fiance also, my question is for my rectangle body shape at 5ft and 145 pounds mind you i have no butt how many cc's should i consider?
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Hi moneainla, well you gotta do whats gonna work for you. Please don't pay all that money to a Dr who promises the world but don't have the proof to back it up. Mexico is a trip and that Dr has amazing results but fir me i didn't feel safe ir comfortable with that travel. Again you must do what most comfortable for you. Before I found Dr S i was considering an Atlanta Dr by the name of Nedra Dods @3:30pm Check her out. Let me know if that web site works. Gook luck with whatever you choose!
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So I'm here in Aventura FL. The flight was a...

So I'm here in Aventura FL. The flight was a little rough. Larry picked me up...he's really nice! Went to see Dr. S he explained everything. I'm going in at 7am. Scared and nervous! Please say a prayer for me!


Wish u a speedy recovery!
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I can't wait to see your result me body is so similar to yours. I'm schedule for Dr Salama on Nov 6.
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good luck!!! i will keep you in my prayers
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Well I'm going in! Soon as i can i will update.

Well I'm going in! Soon as i can i will update.


Hope you are great! Can't wait to hear all about your procedure!
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hey ---just sending some love, a hug and some positive vibes your way .......hope you feel better soon :)
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Good luck and safe recovery
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Hi ladies, sorry for taking so long to post! So...

Hi ladies, sorry for taking so long to post! So I'm on day 7. It's definitely a rollercoaster ride some days good some not so good. First day out the hardest part was the made everything else feel worse. Once i had that under control i was ok. Although i had the caregiver i was doing everything on my own. The pain is tolerable as long as you take it slow. I'm generally happy with the results. I don't know how many cc's yet. I know it's not as much as most, i didn't want to go to big. Tomorrow i get my drains removed, compression garment, and go home. Really happy to be going home! I've been on my own since day two. So I'm really home sick! I want to thank a fellow realselfer who was here at the same time. She and her mother were angels! She was a great support! Thank you! It's kinda hard to got at it alone. Anyway wasn't able to post pics just yet but i will when i get home. Thank you everyone for the prayers and well wishes. I needed them! So i'll be posting again reall soon.


Hope you are well and i wish you a a speedy and healthy recovery. Just curious to know if Dr. Salama removed more than 1 liter of fat from just lipo since he did a BBL/TT? I just read a review and it says she was told by his office that only 1 liter can be removed when doing the two procedures together
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lol....blonde moment...sorry!!!
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It's okay judgment here!

So here are some 9 day pics. I'm a little upset...

So here are some 9 day pics. I'm a little upset cause he put 1100cc in each. I didn't want that much and I told him that...but whats done is done! Just hope it don't stay so big. Today i feel kinda good. I think its because I'm home..yay!! Doing a little more everyday! I'm sure i will be happy with the finished result but i could never and would never again!! Maybe its because i was alone. It took a toll on me emotionally and mentally! And now I'm stuck with this globe on my back!! Lol, we had discussed 800cc. But again cant go back now. Thank you all that supported me and if there's anything you'd like to ask please do. I will continue to update as time goes on.


Hey gurl,
looking good, how are you feeling?
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Tahnks, some moments good some not so good! I'm able to do a little more now though so that's a plus. It's hard for me cause i am the everything in my house, and it hard cause i can't be that right now!
You look great , the new butt doesnt look to big , I'm sure you will like it after a while
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So I'm on day #2 in the hospital. I came ro the ER...

So I'm on day #2 in the hospital. I came ro the ER to have a little pouch of fluid aspirated and it turned out i had an infection. So i was admitted. This sucks everyone is treating me like taboo. They told me that I'm fine i just have to wait ro see the plastic surgeon they called in. I'm hoping he's willing to aspirate this fluid. Wish me luck!


Wow you really look great your going to really enjoy your results :)
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Ill keep u in my prayer funsize!!
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You are healed my BBL Sister. I whispered a little prayer and i honestly hope that you are much better now. I am planning to have a tt and bbl just like you. I love your results, you have that tiny waistline that we are all looking for and a big bum....I am going to go alone and hopefully hire a care cater. How much did you pay for yours, was she good? Can you also give me some advice on the sleeping positions....Is there any advice you can give me? Keep us posted on your progress and do update more photos when you are better. xoxo
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Hi ladies, I'm home they let me go yesterday w/ a...

Hi ladies, I'm home they let me go yesterday w/ a Rx for antibiotics. I feel good. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. I just want to make clear that this in no way was something that involved any wrong doing on Dr. Salamas part. This is just one of the risks and it comes with the territory. In no way did he promise perfection. Yes it is scary but at the end of the day i did this to myself! With that being said again I'm feeling good and hoping for a smooth healing process moving forward.


Wow, if you hadn't said you had a tummy tuck, I wouldn't even know.... there's no scar!!! I don't even see it! He did a great job on that and everything else! You look great and you'll only get better. :-) Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Thanks girl for all the advice and for sharing your journey. We all do appreciate. We will continue to support and pray for you. I hope you will eventually get to the size you want. I know it may not be comforting to hear this but its better to have it big as you can exercise and lose weight than to go for the surgery, pay alot of money and end up not seeing the difference. Look after yourself and be blessed. Keep us posted.
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Lol point well made, and i do agree! I'll defiantly keep you all posted! Thanks again for the prayers!

Can anyone tell me when my butt will begin to...

Can anyone tell me when my butt will begin to shrink? Just tried on shorts from last summer and my ass looks huge. I don't like's too much! And I haven't notice any shrinkage! So if anyone knows when it will begin please enlighten me. It's already begun to soften. I'm wondering if women that already had ahead start in the butt area, dose the fat stay better? Hoping that's not the case! You all are probably think I'm crazy!


Did he do your TT and bbl at the same time??
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How r ya? Any pics
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Wow! you look great already! when the swelling goes down you are going to look amazing! You can tell he gave you a great shape even with all the swelling! Hope you are having a fast and easy recovery! I am going to have the same procedures done. How many hours was the surgery?
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Hello all, sorry for the delay! So Im 4 months out...

Hello all, sorry for the delay! So Im 4 months out...I feel good still swollen a bit in the tummy. And haven't regained all my feeling on my left side yet. Lipoed areas are soft and feel normal. The left upper part of my stomach is still very swollen. Not sure why...maybe both side don't heal at the same exact time. Any how I do like very much how my clothing fits. All my old stuff still fits me, its just looser on my waist. I haven't had to buy anything new. My butt looks a bit fuller but Im measuring the same as before surgery. Over all Im happy with the out come...but if I could go back I still would not have done it. Just my personal feelings about it! Good luck to all that are looking to do it. Word of advice don't hope to look like someone you go through with it or not if you don't love you before wont change that!!!


Thanks for sharing! you look wonderful!~
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