Hello everyone I'm new to posting but not to the...

Hello everyone I'm new to posting but not to the site, Im in need of a march date. I had a november date but dident get cleared because of my blood pressure issue. So dr. Salama said im next in line for any cancellations.

His assistant called me tuesday and asked if I wanted to take a cancellation coming up and I said I need a march date due to my school schedule I need to have it done during the time I have off. I was told they have to call me first for every cancellation because im first on the list. But I keep stressing them for a march date which they are all booked up unless I can find someone willing to give me theirs.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. There are always ladies wanting to swap dates, so hopefully you'll get lucky!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.


Hello everyone, lemme tell you a little about...

Hello everyone, lemme tell you a little about myself. Im african american (black). 5'4 173 pounds. Ive been on the site since last year and chose to go with Dr. SALAMA for my BBL because I love his work. I am married and my husband supports me 100% with this, infact hes paying for it, he says an unhappy wife equals an unhappy home which equals an unhappy him. I have 2 beautiful children but unfortunately they have taken all my beauty from me. I used to model before I had kids all up until my 2nd child 1year ago and boy has she done a job on my body. Ive been anxiously waiting for the time to come. I tried to get financed but my credit sucks. Lmao even the alternative route wouldent except my credit. Smh yeah its thats bad.

Okay so im trying to upload beforw photos, can...

Okay so im trying to upload beforw photos, can someone please tell me how from my phone?

Still trying to figure out how to upload pictures...

Still trying to figure out how to upload pictures of my poor lil body. I am craving this dang surgery and march cant come fast enough. I must admit I done went shopping for clothes already to fit my new body, my intentions was to buy myself jeans that fit now because im a queen of leggings. I wear a size 9 smh ive never worn a 9 until after I had my 2nd child last year. I want a ass thats bigger than my breast and makes them look small. Im a 38dd naturally. My stomach is not huge but its big to me. I mostly hate the back rolls. I have no hips and a tiny bit of ass. Smh guys look at my face and fall in love, but look at my body and its quickly over. Smh my husband says he loves it but for someone who you to model and turn heads, I miss that and im not happy with my body. Hes very supportive and said either way he loves me. When I first planned for the procedure I said I want a natural looking butt, my husband said hes not gonna waste his time and hard earned money for me not to get the extreme. So im going with the extreme because I dident realise that some of the fat does not make it. Anyone thats all for now.

Hey ladies so im starting to eat sleep and breath...

Hey ladies so im starting to eat sleep and breath this damn bbl, I find myself looking at everyones booty, and some people look at me like im bi cause they catch me looking. Lol amd I cant tell them why. Lol my husband evem said he notices it. Its to the point where I be wondering how many of my fb friends have gotten bbls.

Im going for my surgery on march 5th and looking...

Im going for my surgery on march 5th and looking for a cheap hotel, I dont wanna pay 1500 for a room. Someone help.

Officially 1 month out until my date with Salama...

Officially 1 month out until my date with Salama March 5th!!!!! I cant wait to get my body back!!!! I am still looking for afordable housing for 9 days March 4th through march 12th Does anyone one have any suggestions. I keep reading post about people who pay 350-700 for 9 days all the hotels I have found are starting at 900-1200 I am open to condo, studio apts etc. HELP!!!!!
I sent you an inbox...have you tried can get a comfy condo for a min of 500 if its available.
I have a date of March 4th- and I got my condo on too! Lots of options, and some really great prices too. Good luck ;)
@smile9, I cant stand it. And shopping is a no go. @brandnew414, thank you soo much, ive literally been looking for days. Is there anything I should need to take with me that is not on salamas list in the packet. Im looking crazy running in circles. @KM.REBEL, im going to look into that now, thank you, are you nervous?

So ive finally found a lovely place to stay, but...

So ive finally found a lovely place to stay, but the closer it gets to my date the more nervous and paranoid I seem to be. I cant even sleep at night because im so darn nervous. Thank you ladies for responding to my post on suggestions because I was having such a hard time. Any ladies have suggestions on the best garment to give me the best results for a tiny waste? I had lipo before but I dident need drains, they dident tell me about extra garments or any massages, so this is all new to me.
hey girl! could you give me the information on that villa you found? im looking for places now too. I know you feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders after getting the villa squared away :-)
I sent you a pm to your inbox, is the site, your rates will be way cheaper I'm going during peak season so most prices are doubled during June you can get 9 days for probably 350
wow thanks girl! I will email the owner now!

I'm trying to figure out how a person who gets a...

I'm trying to figure out how a person who gets a bbl should sleep the days after surgery I'm told not to sleep on your stomach and others say not on your back im trying to get nice hips to so that rules out sleeping on my side lol so what do you do?
Hmm I don't think I've heard anything about not sleeping on tummy, as a matter of fact my Dr, didnt want me to use pillows under tummy just to lay straight on tummy on bed, at least for first wk. I layed on my tummy straight w nothing but the pillow for my head up until my 3rd wk. now I sleep like how Brandnew414 said;) I still wake up stiff n pain in lower back:( perhaps I'm not walking enough.... But yes Hunnie sleeping is a pain n gets very frustrating;( but soon we will b over this healing stage n left w a nicer body than b4 it it will b worth the pain! At least for most..... God Bless;)
I sleep with a body pillow I fold it in half length wise so it's a little higher. I lay on my stomach and with 1 leg on the pillow and one flat on the bed. It tricks my body into thinking I'm on my side. Hope it works for u because sleeping is tough.
Is that what you did the day of surgery

I'm just 24 days out nervous trying to make sure...

I'm just 24 days out nervous trying to make sure evening is in order. Can yall give me suggestions on what I should bring with me and what I should get there?
I live in Hollywood Fl. Im 5 min away from Dr. Salama. I want to get the BBL done as well. I go for my consult on Feb 13th, 2013. e mail me at
That's close that's good for you to be able to get work done and see him regularly
Im also african american; 43yr . We must keep in touch becaue if there is anything that I could do to help you in any way I will. I understand that you are from out of town.

As the days are getting closer I find myself...

As the days are getting closer I find myself getting more and more frustrated with all the things I need to pack and or buy, also im seeing special garments and waist cinchers that people are using to give a small waste but I need the best one. So far on my list is, dresses. Lol

My bad, swipe got it all messed up, 'waist'

My bad, swipe got it all messed up, 'waist'
Good luck on your surgery I'm going to Dr s March 10 hopefully we can meet up, and we are the same height and weight, so I'm excited to see your results

I'm 5'4" 170 pounds I want the full 30cc's in my...

I'm 5'4" 170 pounds I want the full 30cc's in my but and hips does anyone know the ideal weight to get 1200cc each buttock and 300cc each hip or some one on real self with similar hight and Build
I think thats a Good question to ask Dr. Salama. I'm curious to know.
Congrats on your surgery! I'm also 5"4 170 ish ! Girl I can't wait! It's going to look Nice because you are already thick!! Thick,sculpted right & a big booty!! You will be beach ready!!! I'm following your journey
Thank you I will be following you too

Just 18 days out and the nerves are kicking in, I...

Just 18 days out and the nerves are kicking in, I think I finally realized this is really going to happen (had to wait and make sure my income tax return was going to be what I expected, I ain't Ballin like the rest of yall lol) now everything is in order flight, hotel etc...

Now just making sure my check list for what to bring on the trip, I know I need 3 maxi dresses, (I hear there is a nice store by Dr Salamas office that's really cheap anyone else heard about this Store)

I hear the first 3 days are hell, I plan on getting a urinal to save myself the pain of late night bathroom trips,

I plan on cutting the bottom out of a chair to sit in while I'm there (got that from a fellow rs member)

I know they give me 2 garments at the office should I wait to get a third when I get home? I hear vette is good and others faja what do yall think

Been telling everyone on Facebook for 2 months now im I'm the gym working on my body (really I was gaining weight I want the max in my booty and need hips) I keep hearing 3000cc is through max but I thought it was 4000 Edgar have yall heard?
I wonder what store that is I haven't heard about that
I'll make sure to let you know as soon as I get the info
Ok thanks hun

I found a massage therapist company that provides...

I found a massage therapist company that provides mobile messages to the Miami Beach area including Aventura, hollandale, Hollywood area, they have 12 messieurs and 4 specialize in lymphatic drainage messages, I hear that the lymphatic drainage is the best for our post op for our procedure
How much is it
The lymphatic drainage is 120 for 60 mins I'm working on a Dr. Salama discount but hey it's worth it they come to you set up the table not a lot of driving bumps and discomfort

I like the vette 340 because of the support but my...

I like the vette 340 because of the support but my breast are way to big for that I plan on going for the max 1400cc each cheek so I don't think booty out garments will work what do yall suggest? Is there a breast out version of the vette 340
I mean vedette 340
The 120 is the discount?
No I'm working on a discount now

I cant believe I'm this close to being Salamafied...

I cant believe I'm this close to being Salamafied I'm going to Fl on March 4, will be there til at least the 13(may stay til the 15th)

Who else is going to be there during those dates we should all get together for lunch or something
Good luck with everything. In just 3 days post opt Bastille very swollen but, I can see the roundness in my booty. To be honest I was going for am aggressive Lipo in my stomach & back & a little butt to compliment my waist. I'm also in my last semester of graduate school so I know that feeling around planning. Keep us updated. Oh the urinal is my new BFF. Even my boyfriends loves it. He has been super supportive
Thank you, yeah I go back tob school in april
I'm excited for you! good luck

All of my pix are gone I dont know what happened...

all of my pix are gone I dont know what happened :( anyone else having this problem?

I was so worried because I was told to come into...

I was so worried because I was told to come into the office the day before the surgery, but all my flights got there at 4pm(and we all know larry is never on time, bless his heart) so I called Nancy with my concern so they are letting me come in at 9pm on the day of surgery to take care of paper work my surgery is 2pm :) I am so excited.

I am still nervous, looking at others results have helped allot, I have decided to take the pain of the ride and go to message envy for my messages, the they quoated me $175 for 3 (plus the 2 at dr. Salamas totals 5) I will get a message every other day I am there.

I have a long flight I am coming from the west coast whats the best pillow or boopie to sit on on the flight back?
Aah ok, I guess I should jump on board, anything to get a lower price would b nice. ThAnks

- Arnica capsules gel and tea - Bromelain...

- Arnica capsules gel and tea
- Bromelain capsules
- Iron
- Vitamin C
- Telenol
- Stool softener
- Boppy pillow
- Cell phone/Charger
- Lap top/charger
- Robe
- Compression garment(should I buy one before or wait till i get home)
- 5 Maxi dress
- Leggings
- Sandle/flip flop
- Zip up hoodie/sweater
- Tanktop/ wifebeater (wear under garment)
- Thick socks (cold after surgery)
- Extra large panties for all that ass lmao
- Baby wipes
- Deodorant
- Toothbrush/paste
- maxi pads
- fragrance free body wash
- antibacterial wipes
- triple antibiotic ointment (I dont do well with neosporin for some reason, but this stuff works for me)
- Gauze/ surgical tape
- Gloves
- hydrogen peroxide
- Emergen-C packets
- Protein bars/ mixer (we need protein to help repair our body, this is very important)
- I plan to purchase a chair for when there that I can cut the bottom out so i can sit down with out putting pressure on my ass

Cant wait to see your results
Hi Hunnie so excited for u! I did not use hydrogen peroxide at all.... I also did not use underwear at all during the time I was there except b4 SX.... U will b in garment n u won't need underwear:) also bcuz u will have the drains. As far as garment they give u 2.... Did u buy a poppy or did u get it from Salama's office ? They include one also. I also only took a few dresses but I wish I would of taken more bcuz u will go to the office a bit n I didn't want to b wearing the same clothes over n over.... But that's me;) hope this helps.
Thank you the really helps to know

I called Cynthia and told her my taxes where...

I called Cynthia and told her my taxes where audited but finally released the tell me my money could be here next Friday the first or by the 7th but my surgery is on the 5th she said she will check to see if someone local will. Switch my flight is Not refundable neither is my villa rental I pray Someone on the 7th 8th or 11 th will switch keep me in your prayers I feel like crying right now
im praying everything works in ur favor!!
omg I hope it comes in time!
I typed in plastic surgery simulator

They told me today the Released my funds today...

They told me today the Released my funds today typically it will take 2weeks ti get the money but because I have direct deposit it usually gets there a few days faster 14 days would be the 6th my surgery is the 5 th. I have to pray the money comes early because of the direct deposit just 2days early would be perfect everything else is paid for And half the surgery fee is already paid keepppraying for me yall starting

How long after surgery do you start wearing...

How long after surgery do you start wearing squeem, Ave what's the best place to purchase it along with boards and foam? I keep hearing about foam on the triangle above my but can someone explain?
HI there, I'm 10 weeks post op. I went to Salama also. You're asking about the foams and board. They provide you all with that so don't panic. Also.. don't pack a lot. You're not going to want to be dressed while recovering. You definitely do not need undies. I never wore any. Also, I wouldn't take a wife beater bcuz that will mark up your stomach. They want a tight fitting smooth t-shirt. Good luck on your journey. You will be happy with Salama, he's very friendly and listens. Go in with real expectations ;-) where did you find your villa through? I am wanting to go back and see Salama for a tummy tuck but want to bring my kids the next time so they can enjoy the beach. Where I stayed, we didn't have the beach & it was only 1 bedroom. I have a consultation in Houston but if I don't like his work then Salama it is ;)
I got it on home away I will send you a link in a private message
Thanks :)

I have been reading how horrible the rides are too...

I have been reading how horrible the rides are too and from the office after surgery I decided to mapquest my villa to the office, just 5 miles away and virtually straight shot. I may just catch a cab instead of waiting on Larry
The foams will be placed for you and u can just replicate it on your own. I believe the board u start at 2 wks post op. the squeem I wear on top of my garment and I started that at 2 wks but u can ask dr. S when he suggests that. Good luck w everything .
Thank you the nerves are kicking now
Hi guerabooty. Since u have been thru this any suggestions on sleeping other than on ur stomach? Also about how long til u felt like u could actually move somewhat normally?

I dont know why im nervous, ive been under...

I dont know why im nervous, ive been under anesthetia so many times that I lost count, but this particular time, im really nervous. Well im nervous everytime but still. Has anyone else felt this way before going in? I think about this so much that its giving me a headache.
I'm just ready! Lol
It's all normal about how you're feeling. You'll be ok. Dr Salama has a great crew in the surgery room.
Hello Im definitely part of the nervous, scared and anxious crew! Dr S is a great PS so i know u will be fine..

My bags are packed I am ready to go!!! Still...

My bags are packed I am ready to go!!! Still nervous though. I still dont know if I need squeem the 9 days I am there or if I should just order it when I get back? do I really need any other garments or squeem while I am in Miami? I NEED THE BBL VETS HELP
Good luck:)
Congrats girls 6 days is real talk !!!!!! :-)) my prayer and much luck to you!
I know right, shyt just got real lol

A little frustrated but now I have to cancel my...

A little frustrated but now I have to cancel my surgery due to not getting my taxes back in time. I wont get them until the 7th and my surgery is on the 5th. Yeah im very pissed because my flight and room have already been booked and paid in full and im $3000 short until my taxes come. I dont know rather to be pissed or just except it and move on...
I'm trying these financing companies now, they released the money it's just the time it will take to get to me
Oh ok. That sucks!!! I hope everything works out 4 u!!
Hey hun, did u ask the IRS if they could release part of ur taxes? The same thing happened to my husband he was audited I faxed all of his documents n they released part of his return n he Rec'd it w/in 3days. It just depends on ur examiner. I feel 4 u so close n ur ready to go. Keep ur fingers crossed they may deposit early!!

Anyone in the Miami are want to switch dates I may...

Anyone in the Miami are want to switch dates I may not be able to make it next week

I got financed by United medical note it's a...

I got financed by United medical note it's a matter of them getting Salamas office the money in time he said he can do it so I may be ok, my husband says either way we are going to Miami (this is him and his best friends vacation) my sister is taking care of me
Good news when is ur surgery
good news happy for you :)
Thank you

Thanks to booty4days I don't have to Cancel my...

Thanks to booty4days I don't have to Cancel my surgery I know have March 12th. The problem is my husband's job needs him back by the 16th is there any bbl sisters that have a date between the 7th and the 10 th that can switch (hopeful wishing)

So after all of this the credit company was able...

So after all of this the credit company was able to get the money to Dr. Salamae office and I get to keep my date AND. MY BBL SISTER BOOTY4DAYS GETS TO STILL GO ON THE 5TH TOO WE WILL BE GOING ON THE SAME DAY God is good Thank you for your prayers

If someone needs the 12th I can get them that spot hit me ASAP
Good news!
Wow, that's beautiful!

I'm so excited, nervous and any other happy...

I'm so excited, nervous and any other happy feeling you can think of...
If you have followed my story you know this last week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. My surgery was on then off then on then off now it is completely paid for and I'm so happy

The ladies at Dr. Salamas office are amazing Cynthia spent All day setting up an electronic transfer account with United Medical financing so now you can get financed and they get paid in a day (ask for Chris he is amazing)

I filled out the application on line Thursday morning Chris sent me an approval email 30 minutes later. I called him explained my surgery was Tuesday and he Said "don't worry we will get this done for you" and they did.

Now that everything is paid for I can focus on last minute packing and making sure everything is in order (well actually my husband is doing all that) he has a membership with massage envy set up and 3 extra massages for while I'm in Florida totaling 5 in Florida then 10 more set up at the massage envy in my town. Plan on ordering a new garment at 2 weeks (the vedette thong) its really nice and you can where it with anything. All I have to do is heal, I have a wonderful Dr. Here and she knows all about my surgery so she will give me a prescription for pain or anything else and my medical will cover it when I get back.

I leave Monday morning at 5am to go to Florida and my surgery is Tuesday can't wait to see all my March BBL sisters allot of us are getting together on the 12 or 13th

Finally did my measurements 38DDD- 37-44 as you...

Finally did my measurements 38DDD- 37-44 as you can see I'm top heavy with no hips I would love to be 36-28-48 I need booty to match these boobs
We have sx on the same day but with different doctors. Good luck hun.
where is the villa u and family will be staying at
Holly wood just 5 miles from dr. S office

I'm so ready to go, everything is in order flight...

I'm so ready to go, everything is in order flight leaves at 5 am tomorrow

Because booty4days was willing to change days with me (ended up not having to and she goes in on the same day) I decided to pay it forward, I have an extra room at the villa and actually was leaving before my reservation was up so now my bbl sister SNATCHED is going to share a few days with us then take over the remaining 8 days (a win win)

I'm calling Dr S office tomorrow and see if they will let my husband record my going in and coming out the surgery as much as possible so yall can really see what's going on.

We plan on meeting up with BBL sisters on the 10th and 13th if yall in town in box info we may do lunch or something

That's all for now
Many blessings on your journey!
im excited for you!! good luck
Thank you gir!!!!l!!! Good luck...I will be checking for your updates!!!

I hope Larry is on time to pick us up. One...

I hope Larry is on time to pick us up.

One more day till I'm Salamafied

We made it the flight was good calledv Larry and...

We made it the flight was good calledv Larry and he said he thought we where coming in at 430 even though he was clearly told 4pm lol no worries
Good luck & happy healing! I'm excited to see your upcoming updates!
good luck tomorrow hun
Hey.....u are in my prayers for a speedy recovery and a big boonkey lol..... ;)

When we got here last night larry was late...

When we got here last night larry was late ofcourse(but he is such a cool dude it does not even mater lol) when we get to what is supposed to be my Villa we find out its nothing like what we where told(contacted the owner and she said there was a problem with the other unit and this was all they had) so in stead of a 2 bedroom villa I am in a 1 bedroom colonial smh. I will post pix of it its not all bad but not what I expected.

spoke with Snatched and we are still on for our arrangments we worked things out so everyone will be comfortable.

that was last night as for today, I woke up Larry took us to the office met with Nancy, Cynthia and Ruben the office is nice the people are so friendly Cynthia is beutiful I filled out all of the paperwork my surgery is at 2pm

I am starving I have not ate or drank anything since midnight, I will keep yall updated after suregery

See you on the other side of being Salamafied...

See you on the other side of being Salamafied (pray for me)

Hello this is her husband she is out cold but she...

Hello this is her husband she is out cold but she wanted me to update her blog

Her surgery went well the nurse said they removed the Max and added 1500cc's to each side I don't know what that means but her butt is GINORMOUS

She Thanks all of you for well wishes and will add pix tomorrow after her post op appointment

2:30am day 1 post op She is doing well, she...

2:30am day 1 post op

She is doing well, she gets really light headed when she stands (the paperwork says it means she needs more food and water) made her chicken noodle soup, and a smoothy (yogurt, strawberries, bananas, cantaloupe, and pineapples)

She is feeling burning around her incisions and her butt, she takes percacet Endy 3 hours (she does not do well with pain ) and extra strength Tylenol every 4 hours she is feeling pain only at about a 3 out of 10

Showed her pictures of her butt she loves it

She Also all the well wishes and prayers almost made her cry (looking forward to meeting the bbl sisters on the 10th and 13th)

That's all for now
:-)) thanks for the update !!! Happy to know u are well and resting xoxo
Oh woooow...can't wait to see you standing really look good.

Day 2 My husband has been a help Thanks for all...

Day 2
My husband has been a help Thanks for all the well wishes

Last night was actually not that bad I slept they woke me up every two hours to pee and eat and drink (you have to eat and drink and walk if you want to get better) I did get really dizzy when standing I passed out once (it's normal) took percs every 4 hours (nurse aid I can take every 2 hours if needed) I like to stay ahead of the pain

Went to see Dr S for post op appointment and finally got to look in the mirror of all this ASS I got yes lawd..... He said most of the 1500 went in each cheek my hips skin was too tight so he couldn't give me big hips (I am fine with all this boootaaay and he did really good on getting fat out my back) the nurse gave me cspri sun because I felt faint (the sugar helps)

Set up my first massage for Friday

Then back to the hotel

Ok I am feeling great and since I slept all night...

Ok I am feeling great and since I slept all night I am wide awake

The staff at Elite Plastic Surgery are the absolue best!!!!! they take special care of you like you are the only client there.

Dr. Salama is the perfect Surgen he does not rush you and he answers all of your questions aswell as giving you realistic expectations for your results

They give you everything you need, they provide the boppy, compression socks, slipper socks and arnica pills( I was looking everywhere for the pills) They told me Arnica gel is only good for scrapes and cuts on the skin, but the pills work under the skin(SO YOU MAY NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THE GEL)

I have used a couple of bandaids(for my incesions) but really nothing else out of the medical supplies, I am eating allot of pinapples and taking my vitamins

Dr. S told me not to use my squeem for 1 to 2 weeks and when I do to wear it over my garment not under(so it was no need to bring it or purchase before I came)

I am in love with the female urinal it works wonder got it at walmart for 5.99

I cant wait till the 10th I told Ruben about the REAL SELF BBL luncheon we are having and they where excited said take pictures ( he joked about showing up lol)

I really love the staff the experience has been great and I love my BOOOOTTTAAAY he did an amazing job on my back and stomach as well I am still in aww of the 1500cc's i told him i want the biggest booty i could get with nice shelf and projection( I figured if I go big any loss will be ok)

Ill post pix after I take a shower later today or tomorrow depending on how these drugs kick in Ladies stay ahead of the pain take 1 perc every 2 hours or 2 percs every 4 hours dont let it catch up with you also take tylenol( my face swole up my eyes are so tight)
Hi ms lady, you are looking great! Your body will be as fabulous as your attitude. Cant wait to meet up!
Very happy 4u sis! Clearly you are in the BEST of hands--nothing like having a supportive spouse. I'm gonna make sure my husband takes some notes!
Thanks for the update glad to hear your doing well!!!

Day 3 post op Last night was ruff the...

Day 3 post op

Last night was ruff the Clindamycin (the meds to prevent infection) really did a number on me, had me vomiting and stomach pain it says to drink allot of water, eat food and not to lay Down for at least 10mins after taking it(I didn't follow any of those rules and paid for it)

My waist is small and my ass is huge sorry no pix of me standing I was sick when I took my garment off will update tomorrow at massage
Oh yeah, girl so what end up happening to your condo again? I was planning on booking with them also and I dont want no drama....should I find a different condo?
Yes dont use them their service sucks And they got me in the wrong place
Okay, thank you I will try to find a different place

Day 4 Woke up took a shower (had to wash my...

Day 4

Woke up took a shower (had to wash my garment). Popped 2 percs and off to my first Massage, when I got here I told them about my nausea with the anti boitic and they switched them I'm here waiting in the room for the massage pray for me I here its painful

Well I made it, it was not a cake walk, but it...

Well I made it, it was not a cake walk, but it really was not that bad I feel much better now. Got a good luck at my waist (its so small). My stomach is still lumpy and swollen but I can tell it's going to be really flat. I got my tighter garment today and more foam (this thing is tight). When I came out and London2miami was in the lobby (she is gorgeous with a phat ass). I took some pic with my new garment. So we all are meeting sunday at 4pm at Anthonys pizza (Ruben said it's the best) 17901 biscayne Blvd, aventura, fl. Ibox me if you need my number
You look so Good already! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Thanks for all the updates and posting pics my day is coming n may and its reassuring to keep on seeing great results!
Congrats on your new booty girl you look fantastic:))
Wow, looking good already!!

Day 5 post op Tried to cut Down on the percs...

Day 5 post op

Tried to cut Down on the percs last night (bad idea) woke up in pain lol I figured because I didn't feel any pain I was good lol NOT

so I took 2 percs this morning and I'm feeling fine now.

My husband brought me a massage pillow from the cvs and it works wonders look at the pix. This thing makes the flow to my drains increase drastically

Cant wait to meet the girls tomorrow inbox me for info for the meet and greet
looking good. ur hubby rocks !!!! thanks for the update

Day 6 post op we all are meeting sunday at...

Day 6 post op

we all are meeting sunday at 2pm at Anthonys pizza (Ruben said it's the best)17901 biscayne Blvd, aventura, fl

I measured Myself today my new Measurements are 38ddd-27-48 (yes 48 inches of bootay)
WOW. 1500ccs! Gorgeous! Looking lovely, hunni! Your body is gonna be out of control once it's healed :)
Have fun Today!! Protect that bo0tay!
We had a boat

Day 7 Had a great meet n greet yesterday...

Day 7

Had a great meet n greet yesterday everyone had a blast

Found a faja y mas store but far from me. Going to check it out today

Got my second massage today (way more painful because of fluid build up in my back)

After I had my rear drain removed and moved from an extra large garment to a large (makes my waist even smaller)

My roomy Neisha88 had her surgery today she is now boot luscious neisha88 lol

Me and the Hubby and London2miami and her man are going to the the strip club Kings of Diamonds tomorrow should be fun

I'm getting smaller each day in the waist making my bootay look even bigger still 48"

Lol I was so worried about neisha88 I put her name...

Lol I was so worried about neisha88 I put her name in instead of my Real roommate SNATCHED lol my bad
That was is ridiculous girl. He went to work on you he did such an amazing job. I have high hopes now lol
Thank you for your insight. I'm scheduled for 5/1/13 #teamGhurani
He does great work too

1 week post op. On my way to get my final Massage,...

1 week post op. On my way to get my final Massage, get my board etc. We fly out tonight(not looking forward to it). I love my results took some pix in leggings today wow hj

Just left my 3rd massage cicilia is amazing (it...

Just left my 3rd massage cicilia is amazing (it hurts but she knows what she is doing). She expanded my slit so would not have to take it off for bowel movements.

Then Dr Salama came in, the first thing he said is "that is allot of booty" lol we all laughed he asked if I had questions told me how to remove the drains and wrote a prescription authorizing me to stand on the flight home. Gave everyone hugs now I'm downstairs waiting on larry (rent a car people)

Well it's been 8 days since surgery I love my...

Well it's been 8 days since surgery I love my results I'm at the airport headed home now, I won't disapear on yall I'm Keep you updated

I met some wonderful people through this Site that made my trip amazing, Snatched, booty4days, neisha5, missmercy and London2miami

At the office today it was a really nice send off I really love all the folks at elite plastic surgery great service

Oh and when leaving the office I met a girl Dr. Salama did who got 1800cc's per side wow (if your skin will take it He will get it in)
Looking good mama
Happy you had a good flight home! We had conflicting appointments yesterday so I couldn't say the proper goodbye but I thank you, hub, and sis soooo much y'all have been amazing. I know you bout to put the city on smash with that bod though get em girl!
Glad to hear you made it home safe...enjoy the new you..and keep us posted please.

I am doing great pain wise I was told on Wed I did...

I am doing great pain wise I was told on Wed I did not need the the compression socks any more so I took them off and woke up with my legs and feet swollen, does anyone know how long this should last
Absolutely amazing! He did such a wonderful job! Enjoy your new bootay!
You are working them leopard leggings girl! You're looking really nice:)
Wow!!! U look great Salama did the dam thing I hope u are enjoying and loving ur new figure cause I kno ur hubby is lol.... HAPPY HEALING ;)

Ok that has been a good day brought a new dress to...

Ok that has been a good day brought a new dress to start the day. My husband took out my front drain(it is so long inside you). Took some pictures in my new dress with no foam (I took my garment off to wash and shower so I put the larger garment on with no foam). Then off to my first massage at the massage Envy here where I live. Celia let my husband video my last massage with her to show how it should be done (I really love her she was stuck a help). I showed her the video explained it probably would hurt but I wanted it done that way, she said she got it and went to work, I mean went to Work! She did it perfectly it hurt lint hell but I felt great after. Its only 39 per massage I set 3 up a week for three next month then 2 a week after

I love my results!
Love that snake print are workin it;)
U look amazing that dress with the one arm is hot!!!
Reply look gorgeous in that pretty! So wonderful to hear that you're not in a whole lot of pain....hope the swelling steadily improves

This is bothering me, my right leg is so swollen...

This is bothering me, my right leg is so swollen it hurts to stand up for longer periods of time, also my arm and hand be going numb alot. I lay down and have to position my arm the same way everyday so it don't go numb. Does anyone else have this issue?

So its day 12, heres a rundown. The first week I...

So its day 12, heres a rundown. The first week I went through 3 garments. I was sent hime in the tightest garment possible and he doubled up on all my phone so my garment looked like seams were going to bust and ribs were moving. Lol I dident wanna take it off so for 3 days straight I kept it on, I even washed up in my garment. Yes. I dident wet the foam, just washed my lady parts and blow dried it all. After 3 days I took it off, my husband removed my front drain, I took a shower, we washed the garment and while waiting I put on the bigger garment anf my waist cincher on as tight as possible until I felt no difference. I got a massage( hurt like hell still).. than put my garment and foams back on which was still really tight, but now for some reason today, it feels really lose. So im gonna wear my waist cincher over the garment and foams until my board and sqeem come. Im able to move around alot and feel fine, no pain just stiffness when I wake up, I be wanting to do stuff but cant because I cannot sit down anywhere in public. Lol and of course I look retarded in flip flops and compression socks when its cold as hell here. Lmao. I use a heating pad at night before I go to sleep and also a massaging pad on my stomach for when im kneeling on my knees leaning up against my couch to watch tv, its comfortable and helps alot. I rarely have to do anything, because my husband still does everything for me. Thank god for him. Oh before I forget, ladies I had my husband record the massages I w. Getting I florida so that when I got home and went to massage envy I could show the specialist how it needed to be done. I got to my appointment, showed her the videi and told her, I will cry and scream and whatever else as you see in my video, but do not stop. Its crazy because thid lady did my massage just like they did in florida, the exact same way. Oh I was in pain but glad she could do it. I felt so much relief when I left her office, she hit all the areas that fluid was building up and she even sounded like them when she said oh you can see the fluid shifting and moving im going to get it out, and she did. My skin was as smooth as a babys bottom when she got done. Not 1 lump or side roll. Also the placement of the foam is very important, being that dr salama doubled up on mines and placed some right under my arms to prevent thr rolls from coming back, I had my husband also record how the foams was placed in my garment so that he could do it right when I did remove it all. The videos really saved me.
great ideas , I didn't think to record the video
I hope the sweeling goes down keep us posted and thanks soo much for all the updates they really help us know what to spect when our time comes to get surgery :)
My arms go numb every night if they aren't by my side. My left leg is alot more swollen then my right. It's really annoying.

Today is day 14, I'm still dealing with leg...

Today is day 14,

I'm still dealing with leg selling (I hate it)
I hate not being able to sit, I didn't think it would be so hard.

The good thing is I am off the percs (except the days of massages)

My butt is starting to soften around the edges, my Garment is not as tight, I ordered my squeem in a small, my vedette 128 ordered in a medium (they say they run small)

I will probably start wearing my waist cincher on wed after my Massage (I get 3 a week) LADIES RECORD YOUR MASSAGE SO YOU CAN SHOW YOUR MASSAGE THERAPIST WHAT YOU NEED

that's all for now

I few people twisted me to send my massage video,...

I few people twisted me to send my massage video, I showed it to my massage therapist at home and she does it just like at the office

***I don't do well with any pain so I am crying and moaning, don't be scared you feel great afterwards***

I will upload the front and Back massage I also have video of her putting my garment and foam on

I received a call from Dr. S. TODAY, just to check on me(it's amazing he took the time, just shows what type of Dr he is)

I told him about the swelling in my legs and the numbness in my hand, he said swelling is normal unless one leg gets way bigger then the other if that happens go get an ultrasound for blood clots

He said the numbness will go away as well

I told him about the veddette 128 being a thong with no leg compression he said if I did not have thigh compression I can wear it when I'm ready, he said I can also wear squeem or corset when I'm ready as well just wear over garment

Because I have the videos unlisted you have to...

Because I have the videos unlisted you have to copy each url and Paste it in your Browser Window to view each of them

The link below is my stomach and back Massage
Thank You for the videos!! They were hard to watch but at least I know what to expect in the future!!
How can i watch the video?

Today is day 16 Had my second massage at the...

Today is day 16
Had my second massage at the massage Envy here where I live, it felt much better and you can see the difference,

My swelling in my legs is going down almost gone I only feel tenderness in my field where all my role where but the messages are getting the fluid out and smoothing it out.

My stomach is getting flatter by the day just waiting on my board to arrive to help Smooth it out

I love my curves And waist

My new garment arrived I talked to Ruben he said it was Ok to wear it now since my Garment I got from them was getting loose this means I'm getting Smaller yah

That's all for now but
Looking real good gurl...........
Thank you how are you recovering
where did u end up staying? I'm looking for a cheap place since i don't live in florida

Day 17 believe it or not I'm even smaller then day...

Day 17 believe it or not I'm even smaller then day 15 this is amazing

I went to my 6 th massage today she is great she has really worked wonders especially where the fluid was trying to build up on my flanks and back (where all the rolls used to be) my back and side is almost completely smooth

My stomach is so flat my board should be here by Wed and it will be smooth

I had my corset in a med but now it is too big luckily my small squeem just got here today my waist is tiny its a 27/28 that's a 10 inch difference

I love my booty, it's perfect no complaints here
Hey girl! You are healing beautifully! I have 5 more weeks for surgery and still struggling to gain weight. Sigh. Anyway, were did you get that waist cincher? I want one that ties like yours so I can squeeze it as tight as I need to, but cant find one.
Hey have you been sent the board yet?
No :( they are saying tomorrow

3 week update I am 22 days post op now my...

3 week update
I am 22 days post op now my results continue to increase. I went from a 37 inch waist to a 28 inch waist WOW

I'M happy with my stomach yet it is Flat but not smooth yet I have not received my board they say tomorrow once I smooth it out with the board I will be a happy camper

I am retaining my big booty well maybe I have lost a half inch but I'm told it actually gets bigger with fluffing at week 5 or 6 (cant wait )

I go to my 7 th massage tonight I will take pix there I'm starting to soften up well (I can make it clap and jiggle)

My husband is in heaven he still rubs my coco butter on my booty daily and says "oooh my previous" in the creature from Lord of the rings voice (yes I let him hit it doggy style one time, he don't know how to act so he gotta wait for that position lol)

My clothes look amazing on me I have plenty of shopping to do my measurements are 36-28-47 1\2

**** he says "Oh my precious" not previous

**** he says "Oh my precious" not previous

3 week update cont. Just finished my 7th...

3 week update cont.

Just finished my 7th massage, word of advice ladies keep your tight garments on, I loosened mine for days and paid for it with fluid build up, my misuse got it out but it was painful

On a good note I'M IN A SMALL SQUEEM NOW!!! MY WAIST IS STEADY SHRINKING. Can't wait for my board to arrive tomorrow
Lmfao I love reading ur updates!! U put ur hubby on restriction lol I told my husband the same thing he better not flatten this booty!
Lol I had too he get back there and loose his mind looking at all this booty

I really hate not sitting :( But I love my...

I really hate not sitting :(

But I love my results just added another before and after picture of me in the dress u wore into the office the day of surgery
Uu loook fabulous!!! I just had my bbl done in Cali on Wed not nearly as beautiful as urs ;(,.. what's the name of Ur massager from CVS?
Thank you. Its called Miyashi
Where can I order an ab board?

I need help starting a part 2 does anyone know...

I need help starting a part 2 does anyone know how?

I uploaded pix of my first day showing off my new booty 24 days po the reaction was crazy I got stares and complements now to see how people who see me all the time react at school tomorrow

So my abdominal board has not arrived yet so I...

So my abdominal board has not arrived yet so I emailed Dr. S because I was irritated, he emailed back immediately, he assured me it was mailed out Wed. He gave me instructions on how to make my own out of a shoe box top until mine arrived (I wished I had asked him a week ago smh)

Here is how it goes:

Take the shoe box top place it under your breast and Mark down to your pubic area. Then cut the edges to round them and place it directly on my skin under my garment (he said I should no longer be wearing a shirt under my garment)

I added pix
damn you have ass for days! you are working those leggings you look great
I forgot to mention in my update but I did get my board I received it on Thursday. You are across the country compared to me in the same state but I would think you should have yours by Monday. Tuesday at the latest. I didn't know we shouldn't be wearing a shirt under garmet anymore though so that's news to me. Good news
I always wear the cami underneath..did he say why its not good?

Ugh, ive been itching like crazy and cant help but...

Ugh, ive been itching like crazy and cant help but to scratch, rub and put more hydrocortisone on every where. I will admit, I scratch my ass. But I do it after I put on lotion so im not messing up the skin. 2 more weeks and I cannot wait to sit down. As of now, I still dont sit on my boppy pillow, I lay in the back seat and my husband pretty much drives me everywhere or I dont go. I sleep on a layer of pillows to keep my back from hurting, my feet elevated, my knees from being sore and my head at the same level as my body. I get irritated with the garments at night, but I take a ibuprofen and go to sleep. I only take them off to shower and hand wash them, and dry them, or to get massage, which my husband has also learned how to do, so in between time of shower and waiting on garment to dry, he massages me like my messuse showed him with the q10 lotion and arnica gel all over. I still go to massage envy 2 times a week but in between time, he can do it. Hes so wonderful, hes been trying his best to make sure that im happy and its always worked. I lovr him dearly, he has no idea I couldent have remained positive without him. Of course we tried sex a few times, he said he cant not look at me without getting hard, which is true. Lol tmi... oh before I go am I the only one that wakes up everyday asking if my butt is still big? Lol he measured me again today so I would shut up. Its still the same size at 4wks.
I still havent gotten anyyy massages and smoothe shapes r way to expensive (8 for 1000 dollars) and massage envy tellin me i need a drs note did they tel u that??
Each massage envy is different but I was not asked for a note in aventura or here at home, just google local lymphatic drainage massage you should be able to find a cheaper one
you look great dr s did his considering him however im in new orleans would like a dr a lil closer also considering dr cortes he in tx however he is more expensive question for anyone is do dr base there quote on a pt size...

Today is officially week 4 I'm excited today...

Today is officially week 4

I'm excited today is my first day back at school, I'm nervous because I have 2 more weeks before I can sit di I have to bring my boppy to school for 2 weeks. I have never sat on my boppy for more then 15 mins. Lucky I only have class on Tuesday and Thursdays

I love my body my stomach is starting to tighten my waist is super small I'm ordering a small garment tomorrow (should be my final garment)
Compression is the key you need to wear the tightest Garment you can handle and get messages twice a week atleast (I do 3 times a week) I go Tighter on my garment almost every 3 days, (for instance start with looser clasps in 3 days move to the tighter clasps, then in 3 days add more foam, then corset then Tighter garment starting with looser clasp, then Smaller squeem etc.) I have been through 2 garments(in the 3rd garment now) a corset, and now in a small squeem over my 3rd garment waist was a 37 now a 27

My measurements are 36-27-47

I can't wait for fluffing to happen
Your back and waist look amazing!
How many massages are recommended overall ?
I have heard at least 10, l

Week 4 pix I have used my home made board for 5...

Week 4 pix I have used my home made board for 5 days now and love the results. My board from salama arrived today

Week 4 cont Just left my 9th massage feeling...

Week 4 cont

Just left my 9th massage feeling great my back waist and stomach look wonderful and I love my new booty

To continue reading Part 2 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Let's talk about squeams, fajas, and other compression garments. I want to buy a few, but overwhelmed with the vast selection! Whewww! What's a girl to do?
Fajate have the best fajas.
Thanks Poshe! In going to check them out.

Check my update on part 2

Check my update on part 2
Watching the video bout to have me crying :( awwe
Lol it sounds worse then it really was
you Amazing sweetie

Compression, diet and exercise is the key to a...

Compression, diet and exercise is the key to a smaller waist. I keep going smaller and smaller, when it gets lose I go tighter immediately, I keep my garment on 24hrs a day, 7 days a week unless its time for a message or shower. I take percs for the message and percs for the first 2 days after going into a tighter garment. Also I use foam to make it even tighter in some areas as I want my results to last. .. im in love!!!!
So did you just have fat transferred or implants. Your results are amazing girl!
How long did you stanf during your flight home?


For some reason I can post pix here but not on my part2

I don't know what is going on with real self but it won't let me add pix on part 2 of my review so I will be posting here till they fix it


I'm day 3 of my juice cleans and I feel great
Can you give me the information on the massage company please
Wowwee!!! Looking great!

hubby calls this cakes in the kitchen

Girl you got Cake on top of Cake!
Sorry just realised i already asked you this but id still like to know where they sucked the fat from. Im hoping I can get my ass like this with just body fat
From my stomach, flanks And back, I have more oz on part 2 of my review from 1 MONTH to 9 months,

This cleanse and working out

Has my legs getting smaller but my butt looks bigger but I still just 48"
Thanks hun

Maybe I'm trippin

On the left from Nov 8 right from Dec 10th does my butt look bigger
I must say your body is amazing and your transformation is out of this world, Im going team salama and cant wait to put my deposit down and book my date......I need a nice size but but know as big as yours lol im not sure how many CC's i should consider getting for the surgery and i want a super flat stomach
the number of CCS really depends on how much your skin will take so I would not worry about counting numbershe is really good at getting stomachs really flat so you should be great
In which one you think it looks bigger? Imo is on the left. Becareful with cleansing i wouldnt do it longer than couple days. I did once and lost a lot of muscle and so did my friend. We humans are omnivorus we need protein for our muscles

I've lost 5 lbs in 5 days juicing

And Exercises, I juice for breakfast and lunch and have a light dinner and it is working gotta keep it tight
I think it looks bigger nov 8th but it depends on the clothes too.
It might be the angle Too I'll post another picture after I go out tonight lol
yes im excited so far just the thought of it i know it will probably another 8 months to a year before i am able to but i want to update with pics to show my progress

Me and hubby killed it last night

We stunted on them

9 months po (go to part 2 for 1 MONTH to 9 months)

Real self still trippin
Oooo girl you look hot hot hot, and you guys are so color coordinated :)
Thank you we like to coordinate
You look fabulous.....

Stay waist training

My Take on Salama and these burns


 I think it is unfortunate, I personally think it was because he was doing something different trying to be extra extra aggressive, either way Dr Salama had taken complete responsibility for his patients well being any errors he mskes he does 3 of these a day and out of hundreds only a couple issues like this, knowing him since this Happened he probably will never have the issue again because he takes pride in his work, this is why me and my husband are comfortable enough to still go through with his in march, he has had wonderful results since those burns hundreds of wonderful results prior.

We have to be careful to not jump on and off bandwagons, first it was jimmerson does not do good lipo, then the deaths at cipla, then the attitude and conditions sat yilys office, then the big infection scares... Each time people where going crazy switching surgeons and talking bad about them
WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT our bodies and skin react differently to the sx,

The best thing we can do is promote positive vibes and encourage healing to these sistas not this negative feeding frenzy

WELL SAID!! Everyone takes a risk when doing ANY type of Sx and sometimes things happen. But like you said, compares hundreds of great turns outs & well completed Sx vs. a handful of minor errors!
Yeah I think the burns can happen see I had then ..I think its a sign that he did a good job lol.


We havea juice for breakfast and lunch then a healthy dinner
No not at all
You and hubby brought the FIRE

Which one is bigger

Left or right
First I want to say thank you so much for what you said about the burns. I'm looking to get butt implants and was soooo ready to go to him but the pictures and everything scared the Shi#$ out of me. You really put some peace of mind back in me. :)
wow you took down all your pics, i was looking foward to looking at them
Whats a good waist cincher? Too many to choose from!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

going to Dr salama for my bbl was one of the best decisions I ever made Dr salama is the absolute best at what he does he turned my body into something amazing it changed my entire life I love Dr salamas work. the staff at Elite plastic surgery are great they made me feel comfortable and they all are well informed

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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