****I have to PULL OUT OF Salama for July 18th and reshedule, anyone want my date for JULY 18TH?****

Hey ladies. :) lol don't know where to begin.....

Hey ladies. :) lol don't know where to begin.. well I'm 19 years old (will be 20 by time of procedure) 6'0" and 182 lbs.. I didn't originally want to get a bbl, just regular lipo on my stomach.. I've always liked my body since I was younger but I never liked my pooch..

Since I was a teenager I've been very self concious and would wear oversized hoodies or suck in my stomach so nobody could see it.. lol.. For a few years I've also been trying hard to exercise the weight off but haven't had much success, I always seem to stay the same size. I've never had a flat tummy.. so I decided earlier this year upon lipo.

I originally started looking at plastic surgeons in New York because I didn't even think about traveling out of state yet.. so I checked online and through a few searches I discovered real self.. I found a board certified PS that had good reviews here so I decided to have the consultation.. however after I left his office somehow *I* wasn't sure if I would like my results.. even though the doc seemed confident.. and I wanted to make sure I choose the right PS, because I didn't wanna go for a second round..

I promised myself this would be the 1st & last time I did this. Not only could he not guarentee what I had wished (flat tum tum)...but he was charging over 2000 just for deposit.. So I basically forgot about it cause I thought that was kinda ridic.

Soo, I came back to real self, a little down...because I didn't see any other PS's in New York that I was confident about, despite good reviews.. I didn't know how things would turn out cause most patients didn't seem to have my body type.. and I was scared I'd regret it if I just went with a surgeon I was 50/50 on.. so I started looking in the BBL section somehow lol..

I didn't even know what bbl was at first so I started reading some of the ladies posts.. and discovered that BBL might be an even better option! Taking the fat from my stomach and putting it on my butt.. At first I didn't even think about my booty, but then it slowly started dawning on me that I wasn't blessed with a backside.. and not that I really cared for it.. but I started to think about it (like almost everyday lmao). I thought my body would look better if it was proportioned like an hourglass.. I thought I might look better in clothes.. So that's what I decided in the end, that I was going for it.

Most of the ladies I saw had went with Dr. Salama, and they had some amazing results, ones that I was impressed with. So I did a consultation (virtual; with the pics shown above), and was very happy with what I heard.. and the staff seemed pretty friendly when I was talking to them.. so I made the deposit (which I'm happy was reasonable).. I'm set for 7/18/13 and I'm excited but nervous at the same time..

Never had surgery in my life and don't know how dramatically different I'll be, just hope it's all worth it and that Dr. S can fufill my wishes. ^.^ I'm also excited my mom will be coming out to FL with me and that she was ok with traveling out of state.. I want to say thank you to all the ladies for their posts, and their honesty with everything, because it really helped in making that decision.. guess I'll keep you updated within time.. til then just looking at other posts.. Take care! ?


Hi! Thanks for your post! Did you choose your date or did they set the date for you? I heard he's completely booked til the end of next year, so I'm thinking of booking soon.
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Hey hon...they were the one that set the date. I wanted an earlier date but Nancy said they were booked til mid July. If you want something before the end of next year book asap! don't wait a few months because then it most likely will be booked. I wish you good luck. ^.^
Thanks for the heads up. It blows my mind how just a few months ago if you booked you'd get a date that was 4 months later now it's 9 months later, that puts a lot of pressure on you to book right away. And thank you again. I'm going to privately message you.

Yeah.. I've just been keeping up with this and...

Yeah.. I've just been keeping up with this and reading many women's post on here. I see that many are talking about seromas coming a few days after surgery and it's kinda scaring me. I don't want to end up with anything like that, yes i know it's part of the risk that comes with this but is there ay way you can prevent it? Has anyone had it but then it eventually went away? Idk...i guess I was kinda freaking out cause tbh the wait is killing me and I still have like a lil over 8 months to go. My mind has been going crazy over this...

I still also worry sometimes too. I say yes I'm doing the right thing for myself, that my body will change somewhat, and then I freak cause I'm soo scared I won't like how I look after it's done. I scared I'll still look the same. What if my body still looks the same afterwards? Do I sound ridiculous? Idk...


as long as u have a good garment and WEAR IT, keep up with massages you will be fine. Compression is the key. He does aggressive lipo so it kinda comes with the territory. I had a seroma but keep up with massages and wear your garment that actually fits/compresses and you will be ok.
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check your inbox
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@mshoneybunz - How are you? Its Ruben. You'll come out great and don't worry about the seroma. Dr S has taken steps to avoid them from coming up. So i'm you'll be fine. Let me know if I can help at all. Speak to you soon, Ruben
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Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to those...

hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to those who were reassuring about the risks of everything & that I'm sorry I responded so late! lol. I've just been busy with getting ready for college next year, etc.. I hope eveyone have a happy halloween. Take care


Thank you Miss Miami! I'll keep this in mind.
Sent! ty
Aww, thank u MsHoneyBunz...truly everything you said made me feel a bit more confident of how this'll all turn out. Hoping for the best...and best wishes on your surgery as well! God bless

Okay well, I was just thinking. Despite how my...

Okay well, I was just thinking. Despite how my pooch looks in pics I have a veeeerrry slim looking figure in person. Yes, I'm like 20 lbs. overweight but being tall hides that. Since I look slim in clothes in addition to sometimes sucking it in, and since I have no booty whatsoever I look pretty straight as a figure. I don't really have a defined hourglass shape (unless I suck in my tummy). But anyways, the point is...how do all of you ladies explain your newly changed figure after surgery? I know you've had people take a second glance and ask you questions.. I mean...obviously my mom will know about it, so that doesn't bother me. I don't care if my family notices either because they don't really see me that much except around thankgiving gatherings and birthdays, etc. I'm more concerned about what my FRIENDS are going to say...or think. Especially my guy friend (who is my best friend). Everybody knows I don't have a butt & I don't have a body like post op patients so after I return to NY from Florida with a new body, and I start wearing tight fitting clothes I am going to be so scared of how to tell them what happened. Should I if they ask me? What do i say to them? Women on real are always saying they get attention everywhere they go and I already get attention for being tall!!!!! LOL, so it's not really the attention I'm looking for.. Especially for having assets. I want to have new body but I don't wanna have to explain how I changed...because I know someone is gonna notice. How do I play this off, stories appreciated!! Thank you ladies!!!


it's bout time we had a tall legged girl on this website
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lmao...thanks. Well, I wasn't originally gonna post on here in the first place but thought maybe in the future another tall person (around 6' and up; or maybe 5'10/ 5'11) would find before and after results helpful if they came across real self & was interested in bbl as well. Other than that, I'm a little embarrased to have half naked pics of myself up..haha.
Ya i dont think u really have to explain to anyone what you do with your body, is your decision. My family (Mom and brother) knows and my partner and that is all i care... after all you are the one who will pay for it , and go through the pain and recovery. so u earn it . .
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Hey ladies, so I have changed plans. I made the...

Hey ladies, so I have changed plans. I made the decision based on help from a few ladies here to cancel my sx. I've been looking at photos and decided to go with Dr Campos in Tijuana Mexico. I apologize to Dr Salama. Would anyone like to buy me out of my date? I know July seems far but it's probably a little earlier than what's being scheduled at the moment. Just want to get my deposit back and please email me if you're seriously offering. My deposit is $550. Thanks guys,.


I'm willing to pay that if you haven't found someone yet my date is August 1st ):
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Oh wow ., we had the same date of surgery ., ur deposit was only 550?
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I know i'm so sorry hon :/ I just want to make sure I'm making the best decision.. I only paid for abdomen, flanks, back and 2 post op massages. I didn't want any extra work done like arms & legs (didn't need it). Somehow that all cost 550.

[Update]: Soo... awkward. I decided after a debate...

[Update]: Soo... awkward. I decided after a debate with my mom on which doctor we thought produced the best results I decided to stick with Salama. So July is still on!! I'm sorry for going back and forth but I been stalking this site just 'bout every day and it drives me insane thinking what if I don't have the results I desire. I hope in the end I chose the right doctor and this money I'm dropping is worth it. Damn - so nervous just thinking of it! I added another photo up there cause I did lose 10 pounds from working out in the gym so I could increase my chances of having a flatter tummy. I'm going to try to lose more weight, I have like 7 months. Will continue to look around and check out future BBL ladies results and follow on the post op patients results. Again thank u to the girls here cause it's soo tough making a decision and these posts really help me !


Good luck on your journey
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Are you looking for a big butt? because if you are and you lose anymore weight, you may not have enough fat.
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I'm so looking for a nice booty, i got no big butt whatsoever lol. My backside is like a pancake lmao. I'm wanting something proportionate with my shape but still shows a lot from the back. I want fluff and curves. I guess that's up to Salama and what he can do. But I'm just thinking what if I leave from sx not having a flat tummy. That's my main thing...thinking I may lose like 5 - 10 pounds more...already 172 lbs so around the 160's maybe. Idk. I think he'll have enough fat either way cause he gave some women with less fat big butts too although I don't know how he did...lol. I am going to keep a little tummy fat tho.

Lost a pound and think of adding my chin, but not...

Lost a pound and think of adding my chin, but not sure yet.. all I know I'm doing this 1 time, there is NO second round.


Thank u. Same to you too, good luck
He never said anything about the weight, only told me I'm a good candidate for sx. All I could do was compare myself to women who carried weight on the tummy to see how they'd come out after, and depending on how they look I'd drop weight or stay as I am. But what you're saying is true though, & I'm a definitely keep this in mind.
Hey missgiggle! I was kinda thinking the same thing RedBonz was thinking... Even if you are tall and even if you are kind of hiding your weight, you are overall kinda small. You are not a fat girl by any means, and Dr.Salama is famous for doing aggressive lipo. How tall are you? I noticed that you said you are 172 lbs, but I didn't see an exact height anywhere. It's better to have a little extra fat, than to not have enough for good results. Keep in mind, the butt you will have fresh out of surgery is not the butt you will have about two months later, because some fat cells will die and you will lose some volume. I am only 5'3 and 152 lbs, but I feel like I need to GAIN about 5-10 lbs for the results I want! Just be careful hun. If he felt you needed to lose weight, he would tell you with no hesitation lol! I know that you probably don't want to hold on to excess weight all the way until July, but you don't want to go through the whole procedure for nothing (unless you are more focused on the lipo than on the bbl, in which case, I stand corrected). And you never know, an earlier date may open up! I will be seeing Dr.Ghurani, and I was originally scheduled for April 10, but just yesterday I was able to move my date up to February 27!! There's always hope lol! Good luck on your journey hun :-)

So I've decided to stay at my current weight,...

So I've decided to stay at my current weight, which is 170 at the moment. This leaves me roughly 10 pounds or a little more over my normal weight. When I posted those pics in pink and black undergarments I was in the 180's so I think losing 10 pounds helped make sure I was definitely going to see the desired results. On Thanksgiving I had some of the regular type of food like Turkey, macaroni, ham.. yeah yeah, but I did make sure to eat small portions and I also cooked healthier, same as Christmas time now I'm cooking everything as healthy as possible, using EVOO and upping my vegetable intake. It's important for me to start learning how to cook healthy and get in the habit of cutting out junk food (ie, cookies, chips, ice cream, soda, etc) so I won't get urges to chow on that stuff AFTER surgery. I'll eat it once in a while, but overall I'm starting to do a 180 on how I eat.

I was looking at asian booty's page and she had amazing results. I decided like her I'm also going to purchase a massage table around June, 1 month before sx, might take it with me on the trip since it folds like a suitcase. I'm not worried about carrying it around since we'll be taking cabs and I can just use that luggage roller thingy at the airport. But yeah, that's a sure fire thing & also I'm going to purchase a corset and butt out garment in July, to wear maybe 2 weeks to 1 month after sx, definitely getting the After Dark black satin from hourglassangel to suck in that tummy!! I haven't decided on the butt out garment but at this point I think anything will work out. I'm probably goign to get the corset in 1 or 2 sizes smaller, sounds odd because of all the pain your stomach will feel but I want it to shape my waist smaller. Don't care about pain at this point (words I know will bite me in the ass later :P)
I can't wait.. officially like 205 days to go.. that's like a bit over 6 months and yes I've still been stalking this website and daydreaming about that day everyday... my mom can't seem to get me to shut up about it lol...I just wish it was here now :P

Well lovely beautiful ladies, just wanted to tell each and every one of you Merry Christmas Eve and Happy holidays to you and yours. Make sure you tell your loved ones how much you care about them. I hope you all get what you wish for. Xoxo, god bless :))

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The whole financing situation isn't finalized yet...

The whole financing situation isn't finalized yet and we have like 5 months to get everything together. we are not paying in cash cause it's not possible to do at the moment. I'm kinda nervous, not gonna lie. I heard a lot of girls say NPLB worked as a last resort and this for me right now is 50/50. I think we might get approved, but then again I'm not 100%. I hope for us it is approved for this financing because I want this surgery more than anything. I cried just thinking it wouldn't happen.

I wanted to know from people who have used it , do you have to make a down payment if you're approved? And if so, around how much? I have no problem paying for that but I have never done it before and would like to be prepared for all the costs that'll start coming up soon. I really would appreciate your feedback, thanks ladies


HI I saw this on RedBonz post and decided to copy it for you maybe this will assist you in your research efforts: Updated on 3 Oct 2012: I see alot of my BBL sister considering financing through MEDICAL FINANCING "NO PATIENT LEFT BEHIND" please please please do not go to this company. They are a total scam even if they say they are legit and can give you 10, 000, run your a.s.s off. I saw them and said they me try cus like most people my credit is not doing to well at the moment. So I did the initial and one of many applications, then received an email and I was forward to pay $14.95. After that I said let me check up on this and girls let me tell yall I found the most negative reviews and immedietly called and canceled with them. I couldnt get my 14.95 back but thats cool cus after paying that I would have had to pay 200, then like 10% oif what they were gonna loan me. Dude why would I sign up to give you money if I need money. So with all of that said ladies, yall should either find some other company or budget and save, save, and save.
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Wow I am amazed that some people on here would claim that NPLB helped them.. I'm wondering if some of those posts were even real? Real confused right now... but I just spoke to another girl in inbox and she mentioned medicalfinancing.com so I think I'm going to try that. She used it and it is legit. I truly appreciate you both looking out and especially RedBonz.
Hey, I recently applied to see if I would get approved...and I did. I didn't have to pay anything to them upfront or even to run my credit. But maybe I will when I actually use the loan. After filing the app and getting preapproved you have 60 days I believe to have surgery. Other you'll have to file again when your date comes near.

Hey guys so I have some sucky news. Turns out...

Hey guys so I have some sucky news. Turns out something came up for an important family event this summer the week of my sx and I can't miss it, so I'm going to have to get a later date for Salama which I'll probably call the office and set up myself sometime in the future after this is sorted out. Kinda bummed, I really wanted to do this around the summer but it's just not looking possible at the moment. I asking anyone who wants a July 18 2013 date, or wants something earlier than what's currently being scheduled at Salama's office to inbox me to secure the date. My deposit was only $550...thank you guys and god bless. xx


Hey I would love to take your date for July!
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I'm so sorry for not updating lately..but my date was already sold around the beginning of February. But not to anyone on Real Self. Nobody has ever mentioned this (at least from what I read about refunding deposits with Salama) but for me I wasn't able to switch with a person on RS or anyone who ALREADY had put down a deposit and had a date scheduled for surgery with Salama already. Nancy explained you can only get refunds from people who have not put down a deposit. So I waited a few days, she got back to me and said since I made the July date available someone was willing to take it, put a deposit for it, and they were able to refund me. I'm sorry to anyone who wanted the date...I can only go by their office rules. But my advice it is to keep calling them and tell one of the office staff that you would like an earlier date and things may just work itself out for the best! You never know.. People call and cancel sometimes so it is possible.
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I'd love your date! Is it still available?
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