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Hi ladies, ever since I can remember paying...

Hi ladies, ever since I can remember paying attention to my body I could never understand why I didn't have the curves that all other woman had. I am 30 years old, 5ft 8, 210 pounds, and extremly top heavy 40DDD. It didnt really start to bother until I became a teenager and began to be treated differently by my friends, men, and even my family. It was as if I became and outkast of my own race. Its sad but soo true. In the black community if your too skinny or dont have any curves you're looked at as the odd ball or weirdo. And this is my personal opinion based on my life experiences. This is not to offend anyone.

I want the BBL to feel comfortable in my own skin despite what anyone may think of me. I'm not looking to become the next Nikki Minaj or Buffy the Body. I simply want improvement in my shape. In regards to my weight I have always been between 180-185. After I broke up with my ex after a 8 year relationship I gained 25 pounds in 4 months back in 2010. Ever since then I have not been able to get the weight off.

After deciding to research Dr. Salama and his practice I submitted the before pics to be assessed. He recommended I lose just about 20 pounds for the best results. I plan to pay my deposit in September of this year to have the BBL sometime in March. I am thankful for this website and all the insite everyone has provided with there personal experiences. Shout out to Krissy Kriss, Danielle01, and enjoyuself. I hope that at the end of this surgery it will leave me with much more than a rounder butt... All I want is to be confident and happier in my own skin. I believe this will help. For all that took the time to read this preliminary review. Thank you and may GOD bless you with all the desires of your heart.


Welcome to the club. Good luck
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Hey girl, I know exactly what your talking about, I was a skinny teenage chick. And they say black chicks are suppose to have booty... i must not be that black because I only have a small booty, with a gut??? Also just a heads up if your final choice is Dr.Salama then you might want to try to make that payment a bit sooner because his prices right now are low and come with a good package, 2 garments, 2 massages, and transportation. I am scheduled with him but not until November... Good luck on starting your journey
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Has anyone seen like dramatic results with Dr....

Has anyone seen like dramatic results with Dr. Salama? I'm that girl that has no ass at all... lol. I dont have any projection in my butt or at the hip so I wanted to know if anyone like me has seen a dramatic change. Like literally from nothing to something. Alot of pics I've seen the girls have a little something already and after there BBL they look AWESOME


Are you still scheduled for March2013???
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i have a jan 10th date would anyone like to switch for feb or march. please message me
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Yup..I'm talking all types and shapes and sizes of girls on here..we are all divas so dr. s is a genius at what he does..Ro, I ment to tell u I've been following your journey for a lil bit on here..that's how I knew your old ready for next year girl..(trey songz voice) let go!!!
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