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At this point I'm pretty excited and literally...

At this point I'm pretty excited and literally have a day to day countdown going on. Pretty grateful this site exists. It helps you get prepared for the expected and unexpected. Definitely a lot of supporters who too are unhappy with their current shape so they understand your desire more than your friends and family. From the site I've gotten a pretty detailed list of items to purchase. Although my sx isn't scheduled until August I've opted to buy everything now to alleviate all the last minute costs. Next week I'm going to book a room and get that out the way just in case it goes up since I'm will be there during a holiday.

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Pre Op Exam Completed

So today I completed my pre op clearance: CBC, PT, PTT, HCG URINE, UA C & S, CMP, HIV & EKG. Excited because I'm less than ninety days away. I go back to the doctor June 12th to pick up my results. I just signed up to be GNC member so I can get all my vitamins on a discount rate. I'm going to get on my vitamin regimen at least 45 days prior (7/21) to sx. I plan on buying all my needed products in increments. Through a collection of members of RS I have found a couple of cool sites for fajas and squeems. Thanks BBL sistahs!! I will post my complete lists tomorrow.

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Dr. Salama Pre Op Cleared...BBL SX 8/26/13

So I am all cleared to go!!! 72 days until the BIG date. I have booked my stay at the Candlewood Suites for about $80 a day which includes a double bed suite, full kitchen, laundry room, Wi-Fi, pets accepted, complimentary airport shuttle, & a small cupboard store. Plane tickets have been purchased. My mom is accommodating me during this stay and a couple of my friends are flying down to support as well. I'm pretty sure they are going to party too as its Labor Day weekend in Miami!


Less than a month to go...then it will be our time to shine!
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We have the same surgery date! Team August!
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Thirty Days Pre Op!!!

L sisters I felt like I was way ahead of the game. Honestly the only thing that was actually news to me is having body piercings that need to be removed and of course getting my prescriptions filled.

So as of earlier this month, I have been taking my Vitamin C with B Complex (1000 mg) and Iron (65 mg), which is 325 mg Ferrous Sulfate daily.

My current stats: 31, no kids, first time surgery, 150 lbs., 5'6, 38-31-40.

Nancy said I can gain more weight if wanted but my current weight keeps fluctuating. I never thought gaining weight could be so much of a challenge. I think it maybe stress from work because this is our peak season and I'm doubling my work load since I will be taking at least two weeks off. My normal weight is about 125-130. Most of my weight goes to my breast and stomach. Gaining all this weight has made me go from a C cup to a DD...geez.

I haven't bought any post op clothes yet. I decided to wait until next weekend during tax-free weekend in Florida. This way I can get a decent bargain on clothes I may never wear again with no tax!

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Package received

I received my package sometime last week but of course already having very detailed BBL sisters I felt like I was way ahead of the game.


Hey sis congrats on your sx date you picked the right surgeon, my advice is if you want the full support from this site post before pix and wish pix it will help the girls relate to you
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List Finally Checked Off!

* Prescriptions
* Arnica Cream & Gel (not sure which one will work best)
* Tylenol PM
* Bobby Pillow (provided by Dr. S.)
* Maxi Dresses
* Leggings
* Mumu Dresses
* Compression Socks
* Sandals & Flip Flops
* Zip Up Hoodie
* Spandex Tank Tops
* Fitted T Shirts
* Yoga Pants
* Panties
* Depends
* Maxi Pads
* Antibacterial Wipes
* Hibiclens
* Deodorant
* Neosporin
* Gloves
* Gauze/Surgical Tape
* Cotton Balls (belly button insert)
* Benadryl
* Dermo Blast
* Hot & Cold Therapy Pack
* I Phone & Charger
* Plastic Shower Curtains

Grocery Store
* Kiwi
* Pineapples
* Gatorade
* Soup
* Calendula Tea
* Arnica Tea
* Protein Bars
* Emergen C Packets
* Smooth Move
* Ensure
* And of course regular groceries for two weeks!

I collectively came up with the list through bigbootytinywaist, lolajae, sxwallex, bootylisious, thequestforadonk, zuluprincess and other bbl sistahs. Thank yall.


Good luck with your sx. Do Not drink any gatorade its high in sodium. You will swell more and longer. Stay away from salt especially gatorade the sodium content it too high. Water and pineapple juice promotes healing. Just a lil tip.
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Oan gold bond lotion in green container for itching
Good morning sensational.. Wishing you every success on your pending surgery tomorrow afternoon. Prayer Before An Operation Father, as Sensational faces this operation, she comes to You with her fears and misgivings and ask You to put into her heart the needed courage to face the day with unwavering confidence in Your goodness and protection. May the knowledge that You do not slumber nor sleep while she is in a deep sleep, be an assurance to her that she need not worry nor be afraid. Calm her nerves, put her mind at ease and, in Your mercy, comfort her. Give to the surgeon a steady hand and the skill to do his task with ease and perfection. Give to her loved ones the reassuring faith that You are with us, the Keeper of her body and the Lover of her soul! Calm all their anxieties during the coming hours of her operation. Into Your Hands entrust her well being. All this She asks Father, in the Name of Jesus and through the merits of His Most Precious Blood. Amen
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27 Days PO

Finally a before and after pic! Head back to work Monday. This should be exciting...not. I'm sure I'm going to receive a lot of questions and have a thousand & one emails to reply to. I haven't sat yet, not even attempted on the bobby pillow outside of massages so this will be a long typical Monday for me. On the bright side I'm happy I never called into work so I had the 160 hours to give in sick time.


very nice results! look'n good girl
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Amazing transformation! Are u happy with your results?
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Hey JuicyJ I am happy. I'm sure they will improve once I get a waist clincher for more compression in the midsection. I walk a lot so it's giving me lower body strength. Now I just need to get clearance to start working my upper body.
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