January is right around the corner!!! (Waiting since June)... #TeamSalama 1/17/2013

Well after STALKING all these beautiful women here...

Well after STALKING all these beautiful women here. I decided to through with the BBL surgery. Reasons why I choose Dr.Samala was because his work reminds me of the plastic surgeons in Dominican Rep. Small Barbie waist with a big self aka my dream body! I'm too afraid to go to DR so I rather get it done here in the states. Can't wait to have Salama work his magic on me!! :)


Congrats! I'm trying to be apart of the January team! I just can't figure out who I want to take these pics for me.. The ones I take myself are HORRIBLE! What was the schedule like when you booked??
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Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on booking your date! Do you have any weight to gain/lose before surgery or are you all set?

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I really wish my surgery date was sooner because...

I really wish my surgery date was sooner because all I do is think about it! Lol I am flying out to Miami, does anyone have any recommendations on what I should bring??? I know of a few thing but what are like the MOST important. Also how can I work out on my thighs legs n arms without losing weight or fat?! I'm 5'2 140 pounds. I'm very small and petite, so I'm looking to tone up my arms and lower half. I'm only getting my stomach, back and flanks lipped so I would like to firm up whats not being done.


I'm apart of the january team to my date is jan 27
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Niccccceee!! Our turn will come soon
Before u know it, it will be time
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Uuuuuugh... I'm leaving to Miami for vacation and...

Uuuuuugh... I'm leaving to Miami for vacation and feel so gross about myself! And seeing all them
fit bodies on S.Beach isn't going to help.. Please God makes these months fly by! 0:)


Don't worry hun, your time is coming. Faster than mine, I don't go until March!!!!
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Really?! Congrats in ur date! At least we'll be good by summer 13' lol ;)
Congrats on your date:)
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Sooo I guess I haven't really told you guys much...

Sooo I guess I haven't really told you guys much about my self.. I'm 23 years old, no kids. Growing up I was always thick and had a bubble juicy butt. As I got into my 20's though I started gaining a lot of weight. At my heaviest I was 162 Lbs and a size 12 in dresses. I was devastated! So I starting eating right and hitting the gym and got down to 127. I was super skinny! Yeyyyy :D but noo booty :'( lol Sooo as I was feeling comfortable at 127-130 I starting slacking at the gym. THEN WINITER HIT! And I my weight went up to 140.. Though I liking my body more now then when I did at 162 I still don't have a killer ass or curves! So I plan on taking the easy way out this time and get the BBL surgery. I'm planing on losing like 5 pounds belter the SX so I can def get the results I want! :D


Yes I live in Miami and I swear my boyfriends neck swings so much bc of all these females with their insane bodies! Lol but I can't blame him because I be looking too :) Good luck
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Lol Girrrl Miami was insane! I just got bak today and now I'm MORE anxious to get my suergry done
Lol!!! girl who u telling..ima be booty shaking every day as a celebration of having a fat a**, lol girl u go be in the same boat with me when u get your booty..u go be learning new dances you never thought you can do..lmfao!!! Booty claps and all!!!
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Sooooo I spoke to Nancy about my concerns on...

Sooooo I spoke to Nancy about my concerns on losing 10 lbs (I'm 140-143 now) and she gave me the go! Said that for my height (5'2 & 1/2) I can afford to lose 10 pounds. Usually weight between 130 - 133 which is where I felt most comfortable at. So I'm so happy that I can work out and eat right. I know that's going to contribute to a faster recover because my body will be fit and somewhat in shape which I read somewhere that's make a prefect candidate for liposuction. Ooooo man can wait for my new booty and abs!! =D


I am getting a revision done around the same time. We might run into each other
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Hey lady, my appt. is jan 8 2013
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Wooot! Woot! TEAM JAN13' ;)

Helloooooo Ladies! Sorry I haven't done much...

Helloooooo Ladies! Sorry I haven't done much updating. I've been so caught up with going back to school and a new job.

Sooooo.. I just want to kinda update you ladies on my journey. I've been trying to lose weight now but I'm still at 140. I want to at least lose 5-8 pounds because I feel like my arms and my thighs are to somewhat big and I want to avoid looking funny after the sx. Tiny waist with big arms so do not mix! Lol However I still have time to get in shape before the sx so that's a very good thing.

Because I have been too busy to eat healthy and exercise, I have been doing something else to prepare for next January. I've been wearing my faja (aka garment). YESSSSSS, you read correctly. I've been wearing the garment that is use for after sx. I wear it every day, when I go to work, when I go to school, even when I go out at night. I have a strapless one I can rock with my dresses. I'm Dominican and one thing I'm use to is going to the hair salon and hearing all the women talk about their lipo stoires. And want I've learned from them is that it's not the lipo that sculpts your body after sx it's the faja. SOOOOO PLEASE LADIES, AS UNCOMFORTABLE AS IT MAYBE DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR GARMENT! KEEP IT ON, YOUR RESULTS WILL ONLY BE
BETTER. The good thing about me wearing starting to wear it now is I'm getting use to the tight fit on my body. That shit is a bitch to get into but once it on I feel fabulous! My waist is small and my butt stands out. It's even starting to get to the point where days I don't have it on my body stills has the shape of the garment. WHICH IS A HUGE PLUS! ;)

My plan is hopefully since I'm not losing weight (at the moment) I can at least sculpt my body so when my time comes to get the sx my body already has that hourglass shape!


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heyyy girl just stopping by to say whats up ?? How are you love? I wanted to share with you i bought this faja very very good!, I started wearing it on Monday and giiiirlll! the stares are ridiculous i feel like i already got the bbl LOL. What i love about this Faja is its tight but comfortable, silky so you can wear a tight shirt or even tights and you won't see anything also the gluteus part is made of a lighter material so rarely any pressure to the butt which i think might be really good for the surgery ..Im going to post pics soon so you or any of the other ladies can see :-)) paid $80
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Thanks for sharing where you got your garment and which one :D Good Luck in your journey girlie! :D
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Jan is right around corner!!! I think I'm getting...

Jan is right around corner!!! I think I'm getting cold feet!!!! =\ I'm nervous about the pain!!!


hey just chekcing up on you!!! you have been in my prayers for the longest waiting, how was your sx love ?? How are you feeling?
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Girl your results are gonna be banging!! You already have a cute shape! Good luck on everything
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Hey luv bug!!! Sorry for the late respond. I haven't been on RS in a while. I'm glad to hear that your wearing a faja!! Thats great. Are you ready for your sx date yet!?!? Congrats, I see you got an earlier date! Hope we run into one another while we're down there! lol
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