BBL Review Pt 1: 4 Months PO

Ok, ladies, y'all have no idea how excited I am...

Ok, ladies, y'all have no idea how excited I am just to be writing this! I have been stalking (no lie) this site for about a year now, and my time has finally come. I'm scheduled for surgery on September 28th 2012. I live just north of Atlanta, Ga. and plan to fly down for the surgery. When I first found out about ther surgery, I wanted to stay local, but quickly learned that the PS you choose means EVERYTHING! I'm not trying to go for round 2, so I want it done right the FIRST time! Jimerson, Janho and Dobbs were my choices for ATL, but after seeing countless BAD reviews (or not enough reviews at all) on the three, then Salama with NONE, the choice was apparent! Salama just produces the shape I want every time. All of the ladies who have went with him look amazing, in my opinion!

I'm so excited! I feel I'm prepared thanks to all the wonderful ladies who have shared their stories on here, but I'm open to any and all advise! I want to put together a list of what I need to do before surgery, as well as must haves for surgery & post-op. I would LOVE any tips on things I should buy for post-op, or just ANYTHING that's going to make my life easier through this recovery process.

I've never been under anesthesia, or had ANY type of procedure done (no kids, either), so I am nervous about all of that. I might be alone while I'm in Miami, so I'm also interested in possibly rooming with someone. I've been looking into getting a beachfront condo instead of a hotel, and they're actually very comparable to hotel prices, some even cheaper! I just like the thought of being able to see the ocean through my recovery... I'm ALSO, interested in changing dates with anyone who has a sooner date, but needs to post pone their surgery. So excited about sharing my journey with the BBL ladiesssssss!

:-) I know, it's all so exciting! I'm in the same boat too - never had surgery before, no kids, and DEFINITELY want to be as prepared as possible. My surgery isn't until December (ughh... sooo long, but it's the best time for me to take off for work/holidays.) And I agree about having a beachfront stay. Well, I look forward to sharing this experience with you!
I hear you in all your aspects! No kids, never have I been under anethsia and I want to be as prepared as possible! I stalked the site for about 3months before I scheduled. I'm Aug 14 & I can't wait! Every eek is like a countdown for me! Good luck and keep us posted on any changes or findings!

Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice and support from the other BBL ladies"! Please keep us updated on your progress.


I know its so not original, but idgaf! Kim K is my...

I know its so not original, but idgaf! Kim K is my wish pic =-) Her shape is just so perfect to me! The second pic shows what I want in projection and waist!! SOO going to take a pic just like that, with my husband in the background staring at my beautiful new body!!!!
I do have a question for you ladies; what all vitamins should I be taking, and how soon before surgery should I start?

Also wanted to share I'm 23 (24 next month), 5'5",...

Also wanted to share I'm 23 (24 next month), 5'5", and 170lbs. I've gained like an extra 20 lbs in the last 6 months, which I plan on losing before surgery!
These months are going to fly by ladies.. just watch!
Yay I'm going to Dr.salama on September 24th! Its exciting and scary I want the pain to be worth it!

I just did my measurements for the first time...

I just did my measurements for the first time O_O
42-36-41. Sheesh, I didn't know I was so big :-(
Girl, don't worry about that extra weight! Any time you feel down thinking about how big you are, just remember its all going to be in your butt very soon! So for now, you WANT that fat ;-) but I wasn't meaning that my skin is lose, it's actually tight. On my butt only, though. I've read reviews where women were disappointed because the doctor told them that their butt wouldn't allow enough fat for what she wanted. That it got to a certain point and oozed the rest of the fat out. I'm just worried my butts gna do that :-( cus it's hard as a rock already. I know some girls with flat pancake booties, but it's still super soft.. Not mine :-/
Totally agree! This is all about us, and as long as we're happy, who cares! And thank you! I trust Dr. Salama, I'm just worried about my skin not stretching enough. It really tight on my butt, and I'm worried it won't let him put as many CCs as I want. I'm going for AT LEAST 1200ccs. I don't want a HUGE ass, but I'd rather it be too big than too small! And hey, I can always work out!

I saw your pictures and you are going to have some amazing results.


Quote wasn't honored, and date was pushed back to...

Quote wasn't honored, and date was pushed back to October 10th! I'm opening a store at the end of September, so I NEED to switch with someone in July. ANY time in July works for me! I just really don't want to go through surgery and recovery while trying to get my business up and going!

Thanks to a fabulous fellow BBL sister, I can...

Thanks to a fabulous fellow BBL sister, I can finally stop stressing, and book my flight & hotel! My date is now July 10th! Exactly 2 months away! AHHHH!! I can't explain how excited I am :-D
Brand new my date isn't until November 6 2012, I'm looking for someone who would like to go later..
Or you can call me. ;)
I don't know how to use this site. Text me let's switch dates asap your a life saver. 954-636-9758

I'm becoming VERY impatient, and VERY...

I'm becoming VERY impatient, and VERY booty-obsessed! The next 57 days are going to DRAAAAG!!!
THANK YOU!! Me either!! 57 days, LOL!!
You are going to look great cant wait to see your results:D

I want to loose (min)10-15(max) pounds before the...

I want to loose (min)10-15(max) pounds before the surgery, so one of my besties and I are doing this crash diet. Today is day one! I just weighed myself at the gym and I'm at 169lbs!! So, let's see if this diet works. Here's the link incase y'all are interested!

Just got the news my Granma & Ma will be with...

Just got the news my Granma & Ma will be with me in Miami! Very excited about that! I've also booked my stay at the Courtyard Oceanfront Marriott on North Beach!
Me, too! You have no idea how much of a life saver you are! I can't thank you enough!
How exciting bbl sis i cant wait to see your results!! Im glad the switch worked out for us!

Booked my flight today, and got a quote for 10...

Booked my flight today, and got a quote for 10 lymphatic messages for $400 from Message Envy! I absolutely can not wait for this to happen. Every time I look at my self on the mirror, it's all I can think about. I believe my husband is ready for it to be over, too LOL!! Well, I need to be finding a place to get all of my blog work done within the next 30 days.. If any ladies in metro Atlanta know of a place, I'd greatly appreciate you sharing :-)

Any ladies with a June date needing to switch for...

Any ladies with a June date needing to switch for July, I have a BBL sista who needs desperately to switch! Her date is July 27th. PM me if you're interested!

Got an email from Dr Salama's office telling me...

Got an email from Dr Salama's office telling me NOT to lose weight.. That they would actually recommend me gaining 10lbs O_o so confused on this. I'm really concerned about him reaching the legal max limit of lipo allowed to be taken out! I don't want ANY left! I have 51 days, so I need to be figuring out which way I need to be going on that scale!!

OMG I can't believe what i'm reading lol. I'm so happy for you . I can't to see your results. I;m so freakin happy for you.

I can't wait to see your results! You're almost there girl!!! :-) yaay
Omg your scale is broke lol you do not look 170lbs girl you look around the same weight as me... But anyways, Dr.S will make you look even more fab so get ready mami!!!! Good luck!!! :)

Thinking about getting chin lipo. Any ladies had...

Thinking about getting chin lipo. Any ladies had this? Don't know if it would be even be worth wearing the head garment I would have to for 3 weeks O_O So, any input, experiences or advise, please share.
Thank you, suga! I absolutely can NOT wait to see yours! Just wish you'd gain a few pounds ;-D Feel free to PM me any time if u need advise!
Thank you :-D it feels like forever, though!
Lol, I thought the same about you when I saw your pre-ops. I'm just so happy for you and your easy recovery so far, and I'll continue to send prayers! I can't wait to see pics!

I got my packet today!!!! I've been stalking the...

I got my packet today!!!! I've been stalking the mailbox for two weeks now, so I was VERY excited, to say the least! But I am SO confused as to where I'm supposed to get this bloodwork done! I've been calling all around Atlanta to clinics and no one does it. They keep saying I need to go to a PCP, which I do not have. I've seen plenty of women on here saying they went to a clinic, so ladies, PLEASE HELP! Even if you're not in Atlanta, please tell me where u got your clearances from!

Found this condo, steps away from the beach,...

Found this condo, steps away from the beach, PERFECT location, and thought it would be perfect for the future BBL ladies Who are grouping. It's a two bedroom, each room with two queen beds. AMAZING views!! Only $150/ night O_O
S sorry! Auto correct didn't like your name.. Lisia*
Thank you, Lisa!!
You are going to look so good!! :)

Ladies, please.. I'm so lost as to where to get...

Ladies, please.. I'm so lost as to where to get the blood work done! I live in Atlanta, and I've been calling all over the place, and I'm getting quotes of $250-700 just for the bloodwork! I got the EKG for $75, so that's not an issue, but now I need bloodwork! I don't have a PCP or insurance, so everything will be out of pocket. Please, ladies, please.. just drop some advise down for me!! Thanks!!
Will urgent care see me under these circumstances?
go to an urgent care doctor , or lab corp they have good prices,
quest lab in miami charge to my insurance $293.00 for my labs (thanks gos I paid $0)
maybe you can spoke with salama team and they can help u.
when I was like u my Dr says if your insurance dosent cover call ud and we can help u. (my dr pierini)
mabe dr salama team can help.
I hope yes!

Wanted to add a few before pics, because I believe...

Wanted to add a few before pics, because I believe they are just as important as after pics to be able to see the full transformation! Getting really excited, since my day is just over 30 days away!! :-D
You can def count on me keeping you posted!! Im excited to see your results! You're going to look amazing!! When is your date?
Your date is coming shortly after mine. I think the hardest part is when you get closer. Well Let's keep each other posted!
How you doing, though? How's the swelling in your legs? I gotta go back to work after 11 days, as well :-/

My birthday was yday, but all I want is my new...

My birthday was yday, but all I want is my new booty, lol! There's been so much going on lately, in my life, that I wonder if I'm making the right decision. God knows how much I want this, but I wonder sometimes if I'm being too vain, or selfish. But I'm 3 weeks away, so no turning back. I haven't gotten ANYTHING except vitamins, and haven't lost any weight. I've been horrible about trying to be prepared. I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by. I just pray all of this is worth it.
hey girl! thanks for commenting on my page. i have lots of friends who live in kennesaw - it would be funny as heck if we happened to know eachother lmao. i just read your blog about not being able to find a clinic - girl i had the hardest time finding a place too. these folks in ATL give you a hardtime and even the hospital wouldnt do it for me because its all cosmetics. i told nomie and she didnt believe me but now i see its not just me who had to go through the headache. but i finally found a urgent care clinic down here in south atlanta they did my bloodwork and ekg for $260. the doctor was kinda creepy he kept checking me out and trying to talk me out of getting plastic surgery telling me how fine i was already hahahaha yeah right thats cuz he aint seen me naked yet hahahaha. but since you already have your ekg done, just google LAB QUEST and get your blood and urine done by them. im not sure how much they charge but they definately do it. i didnt go there because they didnt have ekg and i wanted everything done all at once at one place. oh yeah, i gained like 20 pounds and hope dr. salama can suck the heck out of this fat cuz now i feel like a fat @$$ hippo. i dont want these huge arms and a double chin with a tiny waist wtf lol i'll be checking back up on your page to see how your journey goes - Oh yeah, did you tell message envy that you're getting lipo? make sure they are experienced in this type of massage and they know its for the lipo. im still looking for a massage therapist but someone told me to make sure i find one from or to call other plastic surgeons in ATL who do lipo and see if they have any recommendations or go to the massage therapists that they use at the practice. hope that helps!!
Hope all goes well and please keep us posted!!
Hope everything goes well for you, you'd better get to packing girl! :)

Went to Concentra, Quest AND Labcorp yday.. they...

Went to Concentra, Quest AND Labcorp yday.. they refused to do labwork for me. CRAZY! I've called numerous clincs, they've all denied me. I've, also contacted a few PCPs, most denied me, as well, and the rest are quoting me outragest numbers. The lovely NAVEAH referred me to a clinic for $260, but it's an hour away from my house. I mean I will be more than happy to drive out there for $260, I just think it's crazy I'm getting denied by all these people, when it seems everyone else has no problems. I've been binge eating the past week like a fat girl. I kno I need to stop, but.... LOL. I do have a little bad news to share, though. My husband has been making smart remarks about all of this. I damn sure could be spending this money on something else, but you ladies understand... I know he'll enjoy it afterwards, I just need all of his support, and it bothers me knowing that deep down he's against it. He ACTS supportive (most of the time), but with those little remarks I know the truth. This isnt just affecting us, but all of the people in our lives. I do not want to burden anyone, so I guess my emotions are just everywhere. But I'm still ECSTATIC!!! 2 1/2 weeks!!!!
And no, unofortunately, I do not have any type of medical coverage :-(
Please do, cus I'm stressing about it!! I can't believe I let myself get down to two weeks without doing labs!!! Between being a full time student, having a full time job, AND running a business, I have been SOOOO busy!! But you will DEF see me there!! Any advice, though, I'm more than open to!!
You dont have any medical coverage? I took the paperwork to my regular doctor and he then put a new prescription for blood work then faxed it to salama. I might have to inbox you I hope you gotton the test by now Im going to be looking for you are appts are together

Sigh of relief!! Patience is a virtue, right? I...

Sigh of relief!! Patience is a virtue, right? I found a clinic in Marietta, RIGHT by my house! $175 for everything!!! I go thursday morning, and tests will be back by Tuesday. Now let's just hope I pass ;-P
Lol ok...I will google and see if we have something similar here
Marietta Clinic. It says ON THE WEBSITE they do pre-op surgical clearences. I was like SCORE!!! LOL!!! And thanks, doll!!
Happy you finally found a place...good luck with everything.
(where did you end up going for your labs anyway?)

OMG!! I'm ECSTATIC right now!! Nancy just emailed...

OMG!! I'm ECSTATIC right now!! Nancy just emailed me to tell me that the price of the chin lipo is NOT $400 like she had quoted me, but $250!! That totally just made my mind up about that!! Def getting my chin done now!!! SO EXCITED!! 2 weeks from today, and I'll be on that operating table!!!
have you seen optimistic143's results? omg I honestly think you're gonna have bomb ass results like hers cuz your body type looks like hers. you're gonna be freakin hotttt!
How do you search for people? Every time I try to it never comes up with anything... Could you possibly post the link to my page? You got me courious now!! LOL!!
She's right girl, I looked her up, (just put it in the search box a few times, and it shall show up) and she has BODYYYYYY!!!

Tomorrow is single digits till I leave!! I'MMMMMM...

Tomorrow is single digits till I leave!! I'MMMMMM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I really can't control myself anymore!!! Haha, ok, that is all =-)
TTYL BBL sisters!!
Keep us posted
AHHH!!! I hope and pray I get results like that!!! I wish she'd update more pics, but from the ones I saw, she looks amazing!!!!

Alright, ladies.. I'm down to one week. I finally...

Alright, ladies.. I'm down to one week. I finally started packing last night!! I was stressing super hard because my friend was supposed to be getting me a room at the Marriott for $23 a night, and she went MIA for like 3 weeks. I had budgeted $275 for the hotel, and without her help I was looking at a stack... That's a big ass difference!! But THANK GOD she came through for me today, so last thing is the results for my labs! So effin excited!!! :-D

Tests cleared!!!! Nothing standing in my way...

Tests cleared!!!! Nothing standing in my way now!!!!!!!!! :-D
Excited for you!!!! Keep us posted.hope everything goes smoothly and speedy recovery!!
Kudos to u
Reply turning back now! :-)
I'm excited for you girl!

Happy Fourth, ladies!! I feel gross today. We went...

Happy Fourth, ladies!! I feel gross today. We went to the lake, and I feel like a cow in my bathing suit. Very ready for my new body. So, I've been taking my vitamins for what, 3 weeks now? And just last night I started getting constipated. I have NEVER had this problem, LOL. It's driving me crazy. From what I've read on RealSelf it's from the iron pills. Any one had this problem and found a solution?

I also want to send prayers up for my girl ATLBabyMamma for a smooth recovery. So far she's been doing great, and I'm so happy for her! Her last update was so very informative and comical!! Just wanna tell her thank you, and I'm looking forward to meeting her when I get in town!! 4 days until I'm MIA bound!! So excited!! Not just for the BBL, but because I've never been to MIA, I haven't seen my Ma & Gma since earlier this year, and I'm excited to see my two best friends! Just hope I have a smooth enough recovery so I can get out and enjoy Miami!!!
Cheer up......singing ass ass ass ass
Thanks, love! Can't wait for you, either!!!
Courtyard Marriott Aventura Mall. She clearly read it wrong, because after calling to confirm the resv. I was told my rate is $89!! Not too happy about that!!

It just hit me that I'm going to be separated from...

It just hit me that I'm going to be separated from my husband for 9 days! And then when I get back, he's leaving the next day for 3 days to go to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach. Ughhh, I'm going to miss him so much. My hubby is my bestfriend, my everything :-(
Lmfao @ too lil Kimmy!! Totally feel you on that!! But my face is so fat naturally! My chin is huge. I'm gna post pics so u can understand WHY I wanna do this! And my daddy (whom I look EXACTLY like) has got a HUGE double chin as well. I know with age mine will look like that so I wanna try to nip it in the butt now.
ok.. am glad you are aware. (personally i try to stay away from the face to avoid looking to lil kimmy) it seems u made up ur mind about the chin op. Best of luck
ForeverBooty, dr. Salama usually puts extra in to make up for absorbtion anyways. And he also usually fills it the max.
Truth1, I just feel that for $250 I'll take the chance with the chin lipo. To me it's worth it. I've already decided I will be going back for round 2, because I know I won't get the results I want the first time. I'm very optimistic, yet very realistic with my expectations. Any improvement from what I have now will make me happy. I trust my doctor, and I believe he will make me happy. Thank you for your input, though.

I just paid off my surgery. Shit just got real....

I just paid off my surgery. Shit just got real. Lol

I went and got arnica gel and bromalain from GNC yesterday. It was actually CHEAPER than online, especially with my GNC card! I picked up a couple of dresses from dots for $12 a piece. Now I'm cleaning the house getting my hubby ready to be wife free for (almost) two weeks ::tear:: he surprised me yesterday telling me he may come down for the weekend after surgery. Omg that made my day!! Well, I have 3 more work days, a test Monday morning in class, then I'm off to Miami at noon!! EXCITED!! I will post a detailed list of all my costs on Monday.
You're almost there!

Should I start taking the bromalain now? I'm...

Should I start taking the bromalain now? I'm trying to prevent bruising and swelling as much as possible. Surgery is in 2 days....

For the FOURTH time, I have changed my hotel. I am...

For the FOURTH time, I have changed my hotel. I am now staying at the Cambria Suites in Dania Beach. It's about 8 miles from the office, and all the rooms are suites with a seperate living area. My husband is a GM of a hotel in the same chain, and I finally got him to call their GM and ask her if she'd give a smaller discount than the $120 that was on the internet, and she was able to get it down to $55 a night, which is cheaper than what my girl at the Marriott had ended up getting me. The room's MUCH bigger and nicer, too, so I'm VERY happy. Plus they all seem SOOOO nice up there and accomadating, as where the Marriott were rude, and acted like everything was an issue and inconveinence. AND they have a full bar with starbucks and Cheesecake factory deserts!! I board my plane tomorrow at noon!! Can you say EXCITED?!?!?!
omg, excited... its almost time...

Good luck with your surgery, I hope everythng goes well!

Lol I feel you! Hoppe everything goes well, and and your recovery is painless (lol hey you never know) and rapid.

Everything is ready to go, now I'm jut waiting on...

Everything is ready to go, now I'm jut waiting on my husband to take me to the airport. I'm officially freaking out!! I've felt sick since last night O_O
I question if I'm being selfish.. if this is all in vain.. if God would punish me for this. No turning back now.. I've asked God OVER AND OVER if He doesn't want me to do this, then to stop it somehow, and well.. it's happening. My mother and Grandmother are half way to Miami, and will pick me up at the airport. God, I can't wait to see them!! I really can't believe July 10th is TOMORROW!!!! Time has flown by. I guess the new countdown can start.. 4 weeks and 1 day until I can sit LOL!!! Big Booty Judy HERE I COME!!!

Alright, ladies! I had the best flight today! Sat...

Alright, ladies! I had the best flight today! Sat next to a wonderful gentlemen. who shared great convo ;-D Then was picked up by my hotel's shuttle, and checked in. My Ma & Granma met me at the hotel, then we went to the office so i could sign my life away. OMG, I can not stress enough how sweet the ladies are there. I filled out all my paperwork, then went in the back to speak with Nancy and Ruben. Nancy.. OH EM GEEE, what a doll! She is such a sweety and put me at ease. She is absolutley gorgeous! Ruben was amazing, too! I'm very happy so far with the experience. Let me stress, though, that you will not be seeing the doctor the day before surgery. You see him the day of, and that's it. Not too excited about meeting him, and having to show my grossness :-/ CAN NOT believe it's literally tomorrow. And I have to spend all day without food!!!!!! My surgery isn't until 2 p.m. so I'm sure I'll update tomorrow!!! Very excited about seeing myself after all of this!!
So, about my hotel.. I couldn't be more happier!! The room is SOOOO spacious, with seperate living and bed room areas, with TWO flat screens!! it's so modern, and comfy! The staff has over-extended themselves to make sure I was comfortable! They even have touch screen computers in the lobby!! Gotta give the hubby a bunch of love for hooking this up! I meet my girl ATLbabymomma tomorrow! So excited to see her sexy self!!! Well, I'll update tomorrow!!!
Thank you, ladies!!
Gd Luck❤❤
Good luck on ur surgery. Keep us posted

Well, ladies! I'll see you on the other side...

Well, ladies! I'll see you on the other side...
Hope u love your results!
All prayers to you...and speedy recovery.
I'm wishing you a speedy recovery after surgery. Please keep us all posted.

Ladies, I'm ok! I got in the car around 9p.m....

Ladies, I'm ok! I got in the car around 9p.m. Worst pain I've ever felt, but it's already getting better. I threw up as soon as I woke up recovery, and I just PUKED my brains out just now. Literally everything I had, and I've been doing good about drinking and eating. Ass FUCKING HURTS! Excuse my language. Peeing is a joke. Doesn't work any way I try it. I want to cut a slit in my garment, but my mom won't let me -___- My face feels like a sausage. It's not that it's swollen, which it is, but they have me wrapped in a bandage and it's squeezing my face like whoaa. My poor lips and cheeks are so poofy I look like the lil girl off willy wonka that puffs up. I'm liking my shape so far. At first I was like "fuck the mirror, fuck looking at my self, idgaf what I look like" LOL but I just saw some pics, and OMG O_O ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS!!! HAHA I was (attempting) to dance earlier! AND my bestie showed up a day early!! Love her!! so gma, ma, and her are here now. Ok, it's 3AM.. I'm going back to bed. Will def give you detailed review tomorrow, or when I feel better!

Ladies, I promise as soon as I feel up to it, Ill...

Ladies, I promise as soon as I feel up to it, Ill give you a super detailed review. But I do want to say that all the bad stuff I've heard about Dr. and/or his staff, I never experianced! Everyone, including the ladies at the surgical center were amazing. Dr. Salama joked with me and was SOOOO sweet and cool!! Such an awesome man! I absolutely love him for giving me the body of my dreams. I am BLACK & blue, though!! I just woke up from my nap feeling like 100 times better, though!I hope it continues that way! Ok, I'll ttyl ladies!

Ladies, I'm sorry all my pics are crooked.. any...

Ladies, I'm sorry all my pics are crooked.. any suggestions as to how to fix that? My ass HURTS!!! LOL And it feels like my garment is squeezing me too tight. I can't eat too much or it starts to hurt. 1st massage tomorrow at noon. TERRIFIED!! Please pray for me!!
Hey girl im glade you are doing good!!!! Would you be able to take a pic of your chin? Im getting my chin done as well.
Yeah, I'll post a pic for you here shortly.. I'm not really experiencing any swelling of the face or chin. I had a full head wrap on my head the first 24 hours, and today they changed it to a strap. It's freaking annoying more than anything. Doesn't really hurt at all. Just sucks having this shit on my head. But I'll post pics for you to see when I take the strap off tomorrow to shower.
You look fantastic fabnewme.

Alright, ladies. Let me first warn y'all this is...

Alright, ladies. Let me first warn y'all this is not going to be a good update. Let me start off by saying, no matter how long you research, read, prepare, whatever, you're never ready for this. By far the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life. I was actually doing really well up until I got my massage today. Now, the pain from the surgery is bareable, just like the girls say: tolerable. But when I got my massage, I literally felt like I was being skinned alive. I don't want to scare y'all, but I need to get y'all to understand this to the fullest. I was in so much pain, my friend had to get up and leave the room because she couldn't watch anymore. Eilyn even started crying with me. She is an absolute doll, tho! Salama has done such a good job picking his staff. Ok, so all the ladies on here have always said they felt so much better after the massage: bullshit. Ever since, I've had a fever of 100.4. I called Ruben, and he had Doc call me. I can't express how happy I am with that man. Even through al the pain, I'm still so happy I did this because he made me look fabulous, and he is doing everything in his power to take care of me, and make sure I'm ok. This shit is hard, though. I'm still able to get up and walk around, I'm just weak, and so irritated. I've already started itching EVERYWHERE!!!! Can't ever get comfortable! Ughhh! I took a shower today, though. Felt very weird. I need to go #2 sooooooo bad, but I don't have the strength to push. I'll see what doc says about that tomorrow since he wants to see me due to my fever. I'll prob end up getting an enema or something! I'm still going to go into full detail about my surgical experience and the first few days, it's just too long for me to get into right now. But I promise I will. My measurements as of yesterday are 36-31-43. I absolutely love my shape, and don't think I've lost any volume yet. My waist has def went down a lot, though!! I do want to say how thankful I am for ATLbabymomma. She has been my support system through this, and I'm just so thankful for her. Idk what I woulda done without her! I love you, girl! Wishing u a safe journey home tomorrow! Oh yeah, my throat hurts SOOOO bad! Makes it hard to get the pills down. Well, I'll update later, ladies! Good luck to the ones coming up, and to the ones going through recovery!

Here's chin pics ladies.

Here's chin pics ladies.
Chin looks damn good! Has it been really painful?
What a bout sleeping since you have to be on your tummy?
I have a round face and have always had a bit of a double chin, mainly shows up in pictures, do you feel or see a difference? Are u in pain in that area? Ur looking fab by the way
Thank doll that's was very quick :D looks good so far not to swollen

This is the worst roller coaster ride I've ever...

This is the worst roller coaster ride I've ever been on! One minute I'm feeling fabulous, then I take a nap.. And it's like I'm waking up from surgery! I don't regret doing this, but I am definitely questioning my self!! I knew what was in store, and I know it's a long road, but damn! It's so different once you're on the other side!! I went booboo today!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!! Never been so excited about taking a sh*t, LMAO. I cant reach back there so my friend had to for me, LOVE her! I didn't need any help. Just took my garment off, rolled up two towels and put them under my thighs, AND PUSHED!! Came out perfectly ;-) felt like a million bucks afterwards! Arnica gel is HEAVEN!! Massage #2 tomorrow: TERRIFIED!! We gotta push through, ladies! We chose this, right?
Girl you look amazing!!!!! Thank you for posting a chin pic! Hope all is well with you.
Omg i swear i cringe whenever one of my ladies is in recovery. Sad sick part is i still want this. Am i nuts or just vain
Hey girlie....wonderful to know that you are feeling better! How does your face feel since you got your chin done? I was thinking about doing my long did he say that you had to keep it wrapped up?

Had my second massage today. Was worse then the...

Had my second massage today. Was worse then the first only because I had a lot of fluid built up, so she had to go harder and longer. Woke up having a breakdown because I felt horrible and I miss my husband SOOOOOOOO much. We've both been kicking ourselves for not working him into the schedule. But as the day progressed and I had my massage I actually started to feel SO much better. I even got dressed and went down stairs to the restaurant, walked outside and got around. I got dressed and took my head strap off so the (good) stares started! Haha!! I kept checking my reflection out like "damn, I look good!" all the people that work here kept complementing me and telling me how much better I look!!
Hi did you get your arms and inner thighs lipo If yes can you tell me if that was worth the extra money did u see a big difference? I know u have a lot of questions but I am getting mine done and don't really hear the ladies talk about that thanks
ohhhhh I see curves coming through!!
POW POW!! Miss youuuuu!! MWAH!

Wtf?!? Literally like ALL of my last update didn't...

Wtf?!? Literally like ALL of my last update didn't post.. So I'll try to remember what all I said. Ok, so yeah.. The stares began yday. I had been down to the lobby a few times, but I had my chin strap on and I wasn't dressed or walking right so this time I got the GOOD stares, lol. One dude tried to get my number lol & SMH. All the people who work here kept telling me how great I look. Theyve seen me before during and after now, so their compliments mean so much. This hotel is amazing. So omg, let me tell y'all.. I said in my last post that my lady parts were getting swollen and I felt so bad. I kept telling her I'm sorry and I'll have the honey make it up to her... Well it's gotten worse. Let me explain why. After my second massage, Eilyn put me in my medium garment. I have 3: 2 large, and a medium. One of the larges shrunk a little in the wash, which I told her it was too small, but she insisted I needed a medium due to my fluid build up. Well.., last night was HORRIBLE in my medium. I felt my organs were being squished to death, I couldn't breeth, I noticed the vajayjay swelling was getting worse, I absolutely COULD NOT pee unless I got it all over me, my ass felt like it was being squished down so much.. SOOO first thing this morning, I said f**k that medium, and took it off. I then noticed my vajayjay looked like it had elephantiasis!! I just started crying!! Not my girl!! Omg!! It's HUGE.. And I can't stress the word HUGE!! Like I can't even walk now!! I am currently laying on the bed with ice on her!!! Poor thing!! :-( and to top it off the medium garment created the oozing that Ms New Booty showed us. So yeah, def got back into my large!! Medium is not for me yet!! Pretty upset about that. Caused me to have yet another horrible night, and a breakdown this morning. But I watched church and pushed through. I was hoping to get out and about today before my girls left, but that just ain't happening. They're gone now and I'm so lonely. My other friend is on her way, and will be here around 8!! Can NOT wait!! Being alone just sucks!! So tomorrow I get my board and foam, Tuesdays drains removed, And Wednesday I go home! CAN NOT WAIT! Any questions.. Ask away ladies.

Ok, so it's major... Like 6 inches bigger than...

Ok, so it's major... Like 6 inches bigger than normal. It's hanging down my thigh. I'm freaking out!! Please someone tell me THIS EXTREME is normal.. Or what can I do??? PLEASE!!!
Omg sounds horrid. But sounds normal based on everyone else post.
Hi Fab. Sorry you are experiencing such extreme swelling. I did experience swelling similar to something like a small orange but I don't know about the 6 inch hanging. That sounds scary and I would get it looked at just to be sure. If the swelling is that bad, I worry that a large amount of fluid is migrating down there. Good luck and keep calm hun.
The swollen vj is totally normal...Mine is swollen an makes me walk like a penguin. Its a hassle. Anlord Im glad someone feels me on the massage afterrmath cause I felt 10x worse after I had them. Now im scared to get a third one because I have yet to find relief after a massage. ... I am going to try it one more time and If i cant bare it it will be my last one. I ordered a 1mhz ultrasonic massagrr on ebay . I am 10days post op an I still feel like shit. My back burns like crazy every time I stand up and I just said forget the Pain Pills as I dont think they work for this typa recovery as far aa relieving pain..... Get better girl......How many ccs did u get?? Ima check out massage envy out jere an see if they are familiar with lymphaticassage

I just want to thank ALL the ladies that commented...

I just want to thank ALL the ladies that commented last night and today. Even though I didn't respond, I received the emails as they came in and read each one. You all put me at such ease, and I'm so thankful to have y'all! I clearly was freaking out LOL. Well I sent Dr. Salama a pic and he told me to put a pad on under the garment to push her back up in there, and when I just took it off she has gone down significantly THANK GOD!!! So I'm VERY happy. I've had a good day today. Got out, went to the office and got by board and pads. Then my girl and I went and got some food from Knife steakhouse on the corner of US 1 and Hallandale. Omg HEAVEN!! My first time being FULL since I've been here! Def recommend!! I'm REALLY over the drains!! I can tell my body is, too, because they've started to hurt really bad! But tonight is my last night with them little buggers!!! I'll be so happy come tomorrow! And I can't wait to see Dr. Salama! I absolutely love that man!! My shape is amazing. Don't think I've lost much volume since day 1, maybe a little, but I'm still VERY happy. I'll post pics when I get home Wednesday and get y'alls opinions. Ttyl ladies, and thanks again to the vets! I love y'all!

Yayyyy glad to hear u r in better spirits
im excited to see more pics..u look so great in the ones u posted very curvy small waist!!
How does your face feel and how long do you have to wear the thingy around your head?


WHOOOO HOOOO I GOT MY DRAINS OUT TODAY!!! Can't tell y'all how happy I am about that!! So I just left the surgery center. Saw my love NEVEAH.. She's looking FABULOUS!! Met the lovely PrettyGirlFLA.. She's gna have banging results, and she's such a doll!! Good luck to both of you ladies!! Ok, so at the surgical center one of the ladies was poking all on me trying to feel for fluid (shit hurt like hell) and she said I had some, which I wasn't expecting since I haven't really been draining and Eilyn said I'm not retaining ANY. So I got worried and she went and consulted with Doc. He said to leave the drains in until tomorrow and I flipped. So I had to stand there with my garment at my knees waiting for him to be done with surgery. He finally came in looked at me. He said I didn't have ANY fluid and we could take them out (THANK GOD)!!!!!!! HE was the one who took them out for me. He is such a sweetie, yet again. He jokes and laughs. Can't express enough how pleased I am with him. He always makes me feel comfortable and secure! Well I just got back to the hotel, and my friend is leaving shortly. My last night in MiA, and then I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon!! Oh yeah... My drains were REALLY bothering my starting yday late afternoon. Like the front one majorly burned. It hurt like hell taking them out, too. But I feel so much better! Road to recovery is running smooth for me ladies! Thank you for your prayers.

Hey, ladies. Something just popped up in my head...

Hey, ladies. Something just popped up in my head that I forgot to mention in previous updates that I feel is extremely important, and they DON'T tell us. Make sure you and your caregiver(s) are checking your drains for blood clots often. You will get them a lot, but make sure you are checking that they are not getting stuck causing your drains not to work properly. I had this happen, and had no clue until the fabulous Eilyn told me and fixed it. All u have to do is push it through the tube. :-) see things are going well for you,hope your flight home goes well.keep us posted!
BTW thx for all the udpates its really nice to be able to hear about ur experience in detail to become better prepared and to see a really honest opinion about everything!

IM GOING HOME TODAY! Can't express or explain how...

IM GOING HOME TODAY! Can't express or explain how happy I am about that. I tried to sleep in my all my friends and family wouldn't let that happen, and bombarded me with texts and calls telling me what I already knew-"you're going home" -__- love them and all but damn people!! Well my flight is at 4:30, so the time is def gna be dragging!! It's 11am now so 4 more hours till i start my journey. I'm flying delta, which I've heard great things about, and I've already requested wheelchair assistance. Only thing is the flight is full :-( I already checked! But it's only a two hour flight to ATL so my fingers are crossed! Man oh man I get teary eyed thinking about wrapping my arms around my husband. I miss him so much, and he's been going crazy without his wife home, he's too cute :-) well I've decide to wear the compression socks to the airport since I'll be standing so much. I'll let y'all know how everything goes! Wish me luck, ladies!!

Oh, yeah.. And I have been having severe pain internally where the drain was. It's much better today than yday. It wa like massage pain level! My theory is that because I heal so fast that maybe my body started to grow around the drain (which is a good 6 inches inside of you) and that's why it started hurting so bad the 6th day. When he took it out, I'm thinking it tore the tissue that had started to form around it. Just my theory tho. Idk if I should call the office because the pain is subsiding. It got so bad yday I was in tears and had to take a perc. I stopped the percs the third day, and was only using them for massages. Any vets had this problem?

Delays in Atlanta? So I'm forced to sit on my...

Delays in Atlanta? So I'm forced to sit on my sensitive, expensive booty for THIRTY minutes longer than I should've had to!!! Just great!!! And this damn boppy.... DOES NOT WORK!! Wanna throw it across this plane. All these people looking at me crazy and asking questions and ish. IM NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! I PRAY I do not lose volume because of this!!
Hey girl. I don't think the pain where they took out the drains is normal...I nevver. Had that issue if anything I actually felt better and free so I deff do suggest to call just to make sure .Hopefully. Its nothing to be worried about and its just that your body reacting different but hope. Everything works out for you and sorry about your bad luck on the flight hopefully it won't mess up the volume on ur booty
Hang in there hun! Could you sit on your knees instead of your butt? You look GREAT! Have a safe trip home :-)
Thank you, Lina baby!

Soooo, I guess I should share my nightmare trip...

Soooo, I guess I should share my nightmare trip home. Well, as y'all know I was delayed 30 mins while sitting on the Tarmac. After the 30 min delay the captain came on and announced another 45 min delayed. Keep in mind I'm sitting on my ass the whole time with the seatbelt light on. Long story short, it 2 1/2 hours before we were cleared for take off. But let me back up. I forgot to mention, that I requested wheelchair service. I did this in order to get help with my bags and to be able to skip all lines. Well I went to the airport with my big hat on, my wonderfully fitting maxi dress, and my nice new booty! My experience started out fabulously, with a nice young gentlemen helping me get my bags checked. He then went to find someone to wheel me around. He comes up with this handsome young islander man, and says "he took one look at you and jumped at the chance to help you" haha. So then the baggage guy tried helping me get my boppy situated and I said "I can't sit on my butt; I just got it done." and he goes "well that's a fine butt you got there, very nice. You must come back so I can see that fine butt again" I about died. So, then we wheeled on through the airport up to security. I sat on my side putting all pressure in my thighs. When we got to security it was like all young men working, and they all went crazy over me. Idk if it was the hat making me look like a super star or what but like EVERYONE dropped everything to help me. They did EVERYTHING for me. Even took my shoes off. Haha. All I had to do was walk to the other side. Even let me keep my bottled water. So I was wheeled all the way to the plane door, and I found my seet, then went and stood in the back. Omg, people. I had the same experience as my love, ATLbabymama with the bombing the bathroom thing. I could choked that lady after she came out. I about DIED!! Omg! And I was still in pain from my drain removal, keep in mind, so I was not too happy! Anyways, jump forward to take off.. Once we got in the air, we had about 20 mins of me being able to stand before major turbulence took over and back to my seat I went. The dude next to me was such a jackass, too. I've never experienced turbulence like that. It was like being on a roller coaster. After all that we were delayed another 30 mins while in the air. They wouldn't let us land. So finally we got there and a nice young woman met me with a chair, and wheeled me through the HUGE atl airport. She got my bags, and dropped me on the curve. 2 seconds later my husband pulls up with a bouquet of roses (tear) and a present. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! So, my dymbass, missing my husband, decides to try to sit in the front seat for my 45 min ride home. Totally doesn't work! Lesson learned. So I get home, to find my hubby has cleaned the whole house, has dinner waiting, and he has bought me a bunch of nighties! Such a doll. Love that man! Well the next morning, bright and early, I had class. 8-12:30. Absolute torture! Standing is freaking rediluous. I still have minor pain, especially after standing, so it was just difficult. Everyone said I look amazing tho ;-D So, after class, I went back home to relax, then around 6 went to walmart for dinner, and to the mall for some new work pants. Boy was that fun. Fun in the sense of hownthingsnlook on me, but not fun in the sense that my hubby and I learned the hard way only stretch waisted jeans will go over this bootaaay! Thang was throbbing by the end of it. I believe I wear a size 9/10 now. I'd say my waist is a 5/7 with the swelling. Can't wait to see how much it will go down! Well today I woke up for the FIRST time, and can honestly say I feel like my road to recovery is finally going! I actually felt good today. Maybe it's because I'm home, maybe it's because I have my honey by my side, idk. But I'm just feeling good. And my ass looks amazing! Haha. Man, I just get so emotional when I think about all of this and my experience with Doc & his staff. They really do go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and apart of the family. They were all accessible at every hour for me when I had concerns. They were so sincere, and just made me feel so good. Especially Dr. Salama. What an amazing man. He spent time with me, answered every question, explained to the fullest, he joked, had such a great demeanor, I'm just so happy with him I could cry! TEAM SALAMA!!!! Oh yeah, while I'm thinking about this.. I put on my garment last night that I slit the hole in the front.. The swollen vajayjay came back. So yeah, I'm guessing compression is def the answer. I also cut slits in the butt. I don't want compression on her any more. I cut 2 slits on the outside of the ASS PART or the garment. I'll post pictures soon showing y'all what I mean. It works perfectly for me. And the garment still fits me exactly how it should. Oh yeah, my period came this morning FABULOUS!! Ok, I have a paper I need to be writing.. But I'm going to be posting my detailed account of the first few days here soon. Love ya, ladies!
looks like somebody done stole my booty. lol. u look good. in time u will heal. how is the chin lipo
Hi ladies, i talked with nancy and she said dr.S is not doing BBL W/TT anymore but i forgot to ask her if he would do a mini TT? anyone know? Im hoping to get scheduled for 2013 just financially i cant afford two trips
Wow girl you look great! He did a good job.

Well, I'm at work right now. First day back....

Well, I'm at work right now. First day back. Absolute torture. Plus, I had to drive 45 mins to get here :-( Driving wasn't horrible, but I had to use my right leg to put all my weight on in oder to push my self up and not put any pressure on booty. It sucked for 45 mins, but whatever. I really don't understand how ladies use the boppy so well, because when I sit on it, it flattens completely out so my ass goes right to the seat and gets smooshed. Maybe I'm not doing it right? I face the U towards me, with the two ends wrapping around my knees, and the circular part under my thighs. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. So, I wore those pants in my most recent pics... they are WAY too small (in the sense that it's tight on my booty with it still being in the healing process)!! OMG, my ass hurts!!! I just wanna get home and take every thing off!!! ::WHOOO SAAAA:: I'm sorry, I'm such a baby and tend to whine too much :-/ Can ya'll tell I'm whining?? LOL.

Well, we're really slow at work, so I figured I'd take the time to give my detailed review of the first few days. So if you skip everything else I've wrote READ THIS UPDATE!
First and foremost, I want to start by saying that this surgery is far worse than we could ever prepare for. Now, I realize there are some blessed women who bounce back like they didn't just have major surgery, and I am SOOO HAPPY for those lucky women, but most of us, DO NOT! Everyone is different, and we all heal and react differently to things, BUT we ALL must not just physically prepare ourselves for this, but mentally and emtionally. Ladies, I researched this precedure for TWO YEARS! I researched Doctor Salama for an entire year. I watched his prices go from $3,500 to $7,999 and counting. I just can NOT stress how much more there is to this procedure than what we prepare for. This is an extremely long road. We have NO IDEA what we're really doing to our bodies. This is def one of the toughest procedures to endure. The surgery itself is entense, and recovery is even worse. We MUST realize BEFORE we make this move that this is a LONG road. As much research as I did, but I just didnt realize that at 11 days PO, I would still not feel normal. I have read EVERY single last review on this website and MMH, and have felt the pain of my girls that went before me, but I was still not prepared for this. IDK WTH I was thinking that I'd be OK to return to work by now. I still have pain in my tummy, it's def tolerable and not intense at all, but pain is pain. My ass still hurts, I'm still stiff, I still go through sperts where I question why in the hell I did this to my body, only because I want so badly to be normal again. I DO realize that this will be all over soon enough, but I'm still in the present. Like, Wiz Khalifa is coming to concert on wednesday, and I can't go :-( so freaking sad about that! (LOL I know)! But my point is, that we just gotta realize this isn't a week or two healing proces then BAM we're back to our old selves, this is a full 6 month life-changing experience. I see girls all the time complaining about their results and they're just a few weeks or a month or two, and it drives me crazy. Our bodies will change so much over the few months following surgery and we have to realize that before going into this. Start your journey with an open mind, realizing you may not get [insert name here]'s body! But you WILL get an wonderfully improved version of you. ok, enough with my rant and rave, I just want you ladies to grasp the depth of severity of which you have chosen to do. Again, THIS IS MAJOR SURGERY!

My Surgery Experience:

My first time meeting with the staff was Monday, July 9th around 4PM. I arrived at the office to find my girl, NEVEAH filling out paperwork with her support system and no one else in the lobby. I met Nomie, Jennifer, Ruben and Nancy for the first time this day. I signed in and was given a medium sized stack of papers to fill out and sign. Afterwards, I went into the back to meet with Nancy. Now let me sidetrack for a minute and give Nancy her praise. This is the woman whom I dealt with through most of my experience. I have absolutley nothing bad to say about her. She was informative, sincere, responsive, personable, professional, and just an all-around doll. I love her!! She was there for me through it all. She did everything in her power to help me through every step of my journey. I was so ecstatic about the chance to finally meet her. Ok, so she took me into the back, went over the paper work, explained everything, gave me my boppy, and my arnica/bromelein (they are a combination of the both. Wish I would've known this so I wouldn't have bought my Bromelein pills) pills, and explained the new insurance doc requires (which is fabulous, if you ask me). I then got to speak with Ruben breifly. He just introduced himself and reassured me on everything. I think that's when everything kinda sunk in. I was like OMG, kinda drifted away as you she was talking because reality hit me. I think she could tell, because she asked me if I was OK. So, my mother, grandmother and I left the office and did some errands before returning to the hotel. I was very calm this night, surprisingly. I never really got TOO crazily nervous at any point. Like I've said before, I trusted my doctor (clearly with my life), so I was always more scared about recovery than the actual surgery.

Day of Surgery-
My surgery was at 2pm. Last surgery of the day. It was torture not being able to eat all day, but w/e. So, I got to the Surgery center with ma & gma, and my mother was literally trying to pull me out the door. She kept saying "this doesn't feel right, are you sure you want to do this?" I'm like " really, Ma???" SMH, clearly I went through with it, LOL. So after about an hour of waiting, one of his assistants came and got me. I said My goodbyes to my mommy and gma, and then I changed into my paper robe, paper panties, footies, and hair net. I then went into the office area and waited another hour. Still wasnt nervous. Alex (anesthesiologist) came in and spoke with me. He is such a doll. Then FINALLY.. the man of the hour.. DOCTOR SALAMA! At first, yes I could see the "serious demeanor" that everyone talks about, but he very quickly loosened up. He introed him self and we got down to business. I got naked (HEHE) and he got to talking. It was weird standing there with his face 6 inches away from my breasts and he's just talking away like everything is normal. Can you say AKWARD? I used to own a strip club, so I don't get bashful at all, but that was just weird, LOL. Then he got to drawling on me... I'm so ticklish and he thought it was hilarious! Ok, so everyone asks me what I told him or asked him along the lines of what I wanted. Well, after hearing he doesnt care for the wish pics anymore (which I completely understand why) I just went in there with the mind frame "let this man do what he does best." He then asked me if I wanted a BIG booty, I said yes, and then asked me what kind of shape I wanted. I told him, the Kim K hourglass shape. He asked if projection or hips were more important, i told him both equally as important. He then asked me what areas were my most hated, and I told him back fat(I'm sure ya'll understand why, hehe) and my tummy. It was so weird when he grabbed my fat. Like GROSS!! OMG!! But it's gone now ;-D But basically, i gave him the reigns. He asked me the questions he needed to know in order to give me the shape i was going for, and he succeeded magnificently. He then guided me to the operating room, where Alex to the reigns. He gave me my good tequila, and before I knew it I was OUT!

Wake Up-
I woke up around 8:30ish. I'm sure I was in recovery for a few hours, but this is the first time I REMEMBER opening my eyes. I literally felt like they had just taken me off the table. The VERY first thing I said after hearing my name was "Is my Mommy here" LOL such a baby, I know! funny thing is, I never call her Mommy. Ma, Mom, Mother, but never Mommy. So I believe I was on my back, and I just remember trying so hard to roll over. I felt so heavy, and in so much pain. Just pain everywhere. I believe I was more terrified, and it intensified the pain, but it def wasn't an untolerable pain. So they got me in the wheelchair, and I immediately felt nauseos, and asked for something to throw up in, which I did. I then was taken out to the waiting room where mom and Gma were. I remember screaming "Mommy" and she was right there, LMFAO!! I don't remember being wheeled down, I just remember them telling me I had to help myself into the car, so I forced my self up, still heavely sedated, and fell into the backseat. We arrived at the hotel, and I was wheeled up to my room where I slept until midnight. my mother was told to let me sleep until midnight and then wake me up every hour to walk, eat and drink. Before I continue I want to say that the ladies at the surgery center were great. I believe that they get such a bad rep MAINLY because their english is horrible. When they "don't speak" to you when you first get there, that is why. They don't know how to converse because they simply can't, but other than that, they're great.

My First Night-
Pure hell. Pretty much sums it up. My mother and gma kept telling me how good I was doing, but this is only because I felt as though I had no other choice. I knew how important fluid consumption is, as well as eating. My Mother was on point with getting me up every hour, forcing me to eat and drink. Around midnight, my fist time getting up my bestie arrived. I remember walking past the mirror before she got there thinking "it's not big enough" then she got there and the first thing she says is "It's SO BIG!" I was very happy LOL! But the first night, my mother did EVERYTHING for me! Emptied my drains, wiped my ass, fed me.. everything. It was hell. I kept up with the meds, so pain wasn't too bad. She had me on a 4 hour schedule, and I finally had to get to a point where I screamed and said we are doing 3 hours. It was wearing off around 3.25 hours. I def felt the pain when the meds wore off. It's like an intense burning sensation throughout my entire abdonemen and back. Even with the pain meds my ass hurt. It literally felt like it was gna explode. Like it had been filled to the max, and was constantly throbbing. Which, in all truth, it was filled to the max!

1st day After surgery/Wednesday-
Today was my first appt. I felt OK today. Def felt like I had major surgery, but i managed. I didn't GAF what I looked like, or if I had make up on.. So I got into the room, and Nomie helped me get my garment off. She was a doll and took pics for me, and then left to get Doc. He came in, looked at me and said "You check yourself out in the mirror? That shape is looking amazing, huh?" AHH I love him!!! So then, before he was ready to leave, I started feeling sick again. no light-headedness like the girls normally feel (Which is what I was prepared for), but instead I felt sick. I told him, and he immediately grabbed the trash can. Nasty ass teal vomit. He says "blue gatorade?" haha. He asked if I wanted some Tea, and Nomie got me some. He then left :-( I got dressed, went out to the front where I purchased a second Large garment, and they gave me my Medium. Back to my cage I would go (My room felt like that after a while). The rest of the day was pretty much the same as the first night. I got up every hour and walked, ate and drank, and of course PEED!! UGHHHHHHHHH BTW Peeing was a joke to me.. Cups never worked, funnels never worked, NOTHING worked.

Day 2/Thursday
I started sleeping for 2 hours, then got up. I started feeling the major stiffness at this point. I attempted a bowel movement, but didn't have the strength to push. I took a shower this day. Ma & Gma left :'-(
First massage was today. Worst pain I have EVER felt. All I'm gna say is it felt like I was being skinned alive. I mentally prepared myself for this, so I knew it would be bad. I was IN TEARS, so bad Eilyn was in tears. She such a sweet woman. She helped me get through it, because at the end of the day, you really do just have to take it. It's pure torcher, though. After the massage I felt like death. This is when I started noticing my fever. It would stay around 100.4. At this point I stopped the pain meds after realizing I didn't need them ,and started taking Tylenol Extra Strength to break my fever. It would get it down to 98.9-99.9. This night was rough, becasue i just started feeling horrible. I was so happy with what I saw in the mirror, but I kept asking myself why did I do this to my body?

Day 3/Friday-
I had my first BM today. I rolled up two towels and put them under my thighs and let it happen. My friend had to wipe my ass, and then I took another shower. I washed my hair today, too! I felt like crap, so really nothing new to report. My other friend arrived late friday night, so I now had 2 people with me.

Day 4/Saturday-
Waking up is the worst. Had a breakdown, needed to call my husband to calm down. Felt a lot better overall today. Had my second massage, and it was worse than the first only because I had retained a lot of fluid, and she had to push it out of me. I felt better after the massage. Eilyn put on my medium garment. I actually got out of the room and went down to the bar and pool area.

Day 5/Sunday-
Another breakdown, called hubby, then watched Church. Had to take my medium garment off becasue it just didn't feel right. before I put on my large garment, I cut a slit in the front part to pee easier. This ultimately is what caused my major swelling of my lady parts. YOU NEED COMPRESSION, LADIES!! Felt better as the day progressed, but my drains really started to bother me. I felt like my body was rejecting them. So my two friends who were there with me left at around 3, then my other friend arrived at 10. After my freak out of elephantiasis lady parts, I texted Doc, who told me I need compression. We put my non-cut Large on, and the next day it was back to the normal swelling! He also recommended for me to put a pad on, which I think is a great idea, becasue it takes the pressure of your girl from where the hole is. A lot of women get swelling becasue of the intense pressure from where the garment ends, so try that from day one ladies!! We went to sleep early, and tonight was the first night I actually slep through and woke up ONE time(to pee, of course)!! WHOO HOOOO!!

Day 6/Monday-
Started feeling much better! Everything was much more tolerable, and I was actually able to eat full meals finally. My drains REALLY bothered me, though! Almost couldn't take it!!

I woke up today and did a "I'm getting my drains out" dance. Literally, for 5 mins I was dancing and singing!! So I got my self together, then we were off! We stopped by the office to pick up my board and foam. I said goodbye to everyone, and I was on my way... Next stop: Walmart. So after a week with the little buggers, of ALL places my drains decided to come undone and drain all over Walmar's floor. So embarrasing. And by this time the fluids are a yellow color, so I can only imagine what people thought. We then headed over to the surgery center to get my drains out. I met with MY LOVE PrettyFLAgirl!! idk what I would do without her!! LOVE YOU GIRL!! I then went in the back and was poked on by one of the assistants (Which hurt like hell, and continued to hurt for about 45 mins after). She went and spoke with Doc, then came back in and said "tomorrow" I refused! No ma'am, you go right back in there and tell him NO! So I had to wait for him to finish with his current surgery to come see me. I was then escorted 45 mins later into the recovery room connected to the surgery room. After about 15 more minutes (I in no way wanted to rush that man in his surgery) Doc came in, all smiles. It's like bitter sweet seeing him!! I really do love him for what he's done for me, I just can't explain it! He took a look at me, and did some (MUCH MORE GENTLE) poking, and told me I had NO fluid built up, and he took my drains out. HURT LIKE HELL! But I'm so glad I was lucky enough to have him do it! He tried to shake my hand, and I asked for a hug, which he gladly gave me! We then went into the office room, where PrettyFLAgirl was waiting in her lovely paper outfit, so that Doc could tell me how many CCs. I spoke with her a little more, and told Doc how appreciative I was before I said my goodbyes! Back to the hotel we went so that my friend could pack me up before she left me all alone for my last night. Slept well, just ready to go home.

Ok, so I explained in detail my trip home, so I think I'm pretty much done. One thing I would like to recommend; get some bra extenders for the straps. I wear them at night so I can lift my arms above my head. Without them the straps cut off circulations and they would fall asleep and hurt A LOT! I don't wear them through out the day because it doesn't pull the garment up high enough.

OMG, ladies, it's 9:30, and I've been standing since 3P.M. My feet and legs are sooo swollen!! I get off at 11, I hope I can make it!!!

Well, I hope this review has been helpful! Good luck to the ladies coming after me, and thank you to the ladies before me! I love you all!

One thing I would like to add that I don't know if...

One thing I would like to add that I don't know if I got across in the last update. When I say this surgery is way more than we can expect, I don't mean the pain. Because the pain subsides rather quickly, if u even feel any at all. When I say this is hard, I mean the toll it puts on your body. You do not feel normal for a very long time. The emotional, mental, physical aspects. Just all of it. So, ladies, my point is don't just prepare for the PAIN, but for the major discomfort for weeks/months after surgery. Ok ladies. Have a great night!!
Thank you so much for your candid account and most importantly for your words of wisdom - from one who has been there and for looking out for those of us who will follow. I too like Niki86 stated so well, will take with me your valuable wisdom through this journey :)
Hey girl,
Your last post is deep and I'm going to travel with it throughout my journey... Thank you for that... Please have a easy healing
Thanks for the review girl...very informal. Don't lv us no time soon!

Had my first massage back at home today. Went...

Had my first massage back at home today. Went pretty well, only thing is they don't use the ultra sonic. I'm not retaining fluids, luckly and my tummy doesn't feel very lumpy, so I think I may be lucky, and don't really need the machine. I paid $400 for 10 massages. I'm going to get two a week from now on, maybe slowing down to one a week for the last 3 weeks, we'll see. It felt good, though. Still slight pain (I did it pain-med free, not even Tylenol!) The ladies at Massage Envy were very curious and intrigued, but I'm not really bashful about talking about this whole situation, either. BUT.. I highly recommend Massage Envy for you ladies trying to save some money, like me! OH, and I feel GOOD today!! WHOOOO HOOO!!! Maybe I'm just getting used to all the BS, who knows, but I feel good! Now if I can just sit and jiggle my new booty I will be GREAT!!

Oh yeah, and I get the most questions about my...

Oh yeah, and I get the most questions about my chin, and I never really talk about it, because I honestly forget I had it done. IN A GOOD WAY. Everything I said before still stands: I never experienced major swelling, pain, or discomfort. The strap is just annoying, that's all. I DEF SEE A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT IN MY CHIN, AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING IT DONE TO ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT IT. It's $250 additional, and prob the best $250 I've EVER spent! I see a TINY bit of swelling, but honestly it's because I only wear my strap at night. Even with the MINOR swelling (which is only on the very botton), I see a major difference. Hope that's helpful, cus it's really NOTHING compared to the BBL. Oh yeah, and I had no issues with it being that I always sleep on my tummy now, and use my chin to prop myself up. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEGATIVE TO SAY ABOUT DR. SALAMA'S CHIN JOB!! (Or anything in any aspect for that matter, THE MAN IS AWESOME!)
You look great and I wish you a speedy recovery. Your chin lipo comments were very helpful...thanks so much! I'm a January Dr. Salama patient and I have chin lipo booked as well as a BBL.
Hey ladies i'm new to the bbl idea but i'm pretty but i'm pretty set on going for it.I've read alot of y'alls blogs i'm pumped I emailed Dr salama pics how long does he usually take to respond?
LMAO. Miss you girlie. Dunno who's schedule on my same date but I wish it was still you :/ but then again that would be a lil selfish. And guess what. Now i'm actually thinking of getting my chin lipoed. HMMMM. should I tell him now or I can let him know the day of surgery...when i decide????

Ok, so before I do my 2 weeks review tonight when...

Ok, so before I do my 2 weeks review tonight when the hubby gets home (he's taking pics.) I wanted to add another little rant and rave about my wonderful team over at Elite Plastic Surgery. So, I was a little concerned (idk why Cus I still have yet to have a bad experience with any of these people) with the communication during post op. Well let me tell y'all how it's been throughout the (almost) week I've been home. Jennifer emailed me the day I left to make sure I made it home safely. Ruben has been emailing me NUMEROUS times checking up on me (on his own initiative, I didn't email him first), and Nancy has responded to EVERY single email I've sent. I emailed her late Saturday night, not expecting an email till Monday morning, and she responded first thing Sunday. These people genuinely care about our well being, and it's so reassuring that I chose the right place. I'm just so pleased and satisfied with every aspect of the practice!! LOVE LOVE LOVE team Salama! The man is an artist, extremely skilled with his hands, and he has an amazing staff to back him up. Bravo EPS Miami, BRAVO!!

Measurements at 2 weeks PO: 34-29-44

Measurements at 2 weeks PO:
Looking awsome!!! Just wondering cuz I am freaked out about what my stomach will look post-op what does your stomach look like now? Your booty is awsome but how do you feel about your stomach? Is is lumpy? Did you have any problems with fluid build up? Thanks :)
Lookin hot !!hope your feeling good as well!
u look good. what were your pre surgery measurements

Pre-op measurements- 40-39-41

Pre-op measurements-

Umm... where are my pics????? Can anyone see them?

Umm... where are my pics????? Can anyone see them?

Well, ladies :-D :-D :-D I commenced to my sexual...

Well, ladies :-D :-D :-D I commenced to my sexual activities on my 2 week anniversary!! HAHA! It went VERY well! I was going to hold off till my 4 week mark, but as I was trying on my old dresses, I could just see it in my honey's eyes, and hey, I'm not swollen down there, so I figured let's try! It worked out nicely :-P

So, let's talk about what's going on in my 3rd week now. I'm 16 days post-op, and I feel pretty damn good. Walking normal, booty is getting soft a little, finally am comfortable with the toilet (LOL), but I am at the stage where my tummy just looks horrible. From the board, padding, garment and shirts, it's just a mess. Lines everywhere, it's anoying! I mean they do go away, but every time I put the garment back on they come right back. And I've got indentations going down the middle of my tummy from the clasps of the garment. Doc says the massages will even them out, and I keep either the board or the foam on it now. It's gotten a little better, I just pray it doesnt stay like that. So, I've been shopping a few times for dress pants. I wear a size 8 :-) I used to wear an 11 pre-op, so I've went down. My waist is a 5, and my ass is a 13, but the 8 is the only thing I can get over my ass. And this is dress pants, ladies, so of course the ass part is baggy anyways, with a high waist (which is what us BBB need now). I tried a size 13 pair of jeans on just for the hell of it, and it wouldn't go past my ass crack, or even button. So idk what to do about jeans. Can't wear them for another 5 weeks, 5 days, anyways! Legs still swollen, but I'm dealing with it. can't stay off them so it is what it is. It's not as bad, though, Thank God!

Love your results! Thank you for the thorough review.
The girls were saying keep the big size and take in the sides of the garment
Yup, that's exactly what I'm gna do. I have two large, and one medium, so I'm gna take both large to get altered this weekend sometime.

19 days post-op I've gotten 3 massages since...

19 days post-op

I've gotten 3 massages since I've been home. First one was a lymphatic mixed with deep tissue, then the second two were done on the same day, and were a full lymphatic massage. Let me tell you ladies (because NO ONE told me) DO NOT GET THE LYMPHATIC MASSAGE THAT ARE LIGHT TOUCHING!! That's what she did, after telling me Celia was doing it wrong. She has no experience in lipo, so she has no idea what I need. I had to tell her in a nice way that I trust my DOCTOR whom is a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, not a masseuse! So, I'm trying another woman tomorrow who specializes in deep tissue. We'll see how that goes. I'm still loving my results. I'm noticing my booty getting soft (YAAAAAAY!!!!). My tummy is getting better. I just need these massages to even it out. I wear the foam, just not the boards all the time. I'll be 3 weeks on Tuesday, and I still have a little bruising. My feet, ankles and calves still swell like crazy, even with the compression socks. Can NOT wait to sit!!
wow, its almost 4 weeks. so @ 4 weeks and u sit you are no longer at risk for losing the fat and etc?
you look amazing!! im tryin to get a feel for what people tell dr s in the pre op room of what they want or do you just tell him nothing and let him do what he does?

Hey I recently had a bbl performed january of this year, and i somewhat like my results but there is still room for improvement. I had a question in regards to scheduling with the Dr. After your consult did you have to a hard time actually scheduling an appointment? I'm trying to get a consult for the end of this month, and hoping that he can perform the procedure in december.


3 weeks PO- I had a GREAT massage yesterday,...

3 weeks PO-

I had a GREAT massage yesterday, finally, I just hope it wasn't too late. My stomach looks horrible. It's so lumpy, and I have lines on the bottom. I'm praying it corrects itself. I still have swelling in my lower abdomen, upper pubic area & groin. I've started using a heating pad, and have noticed the swelling going down. Still have swelling on my feet, ankles & calves from standing all day.

Posted a few pics. The before/afters of me in the peach bra & panties, the before is the day before surgery, and the after was taken today at 3 weeks post op. The pics with the garment on, I have pads in the front stomach part, but none in the back.

So far, I'm very happy with my results. Clothes look AMAZING on me, and I can't stop shopping! I fully realize I still have a long road ahead of me, but as I stated before I was fully aware that I do want a round two. I want more hips, and more projection, as well as more of my upper back fat, and front bra/armpit area lipoed. I knew going in that I wouldnt achieve my desired results the first time, but with that being said, I am SOOOO happy so far. He really did more for me, waaaaaay more than I thought the first round. Keep in mind ladies, that my skin on my bottom was very tight. Very, very tight. That's why I wasn't expecting a HUGE booty. But I def got more than I was expecting. My body is amazing, and I'm sooooo happy with it, so we'll just see how it changes over the next 5 months. Who knows, I may change my mind :-)
I am a few days shy of 4 weeks PO and I have the lines and lumpiness on my abdomen too. The lines are on my lower part. They are like a mixture of lines/creases. I hope they aren't permanent. My damm crotch is still swollen and tender too. Has the heating pad worked? Was the deep tissue massage like hell on earth lol??? I really need to get these lumps out so Im going to suck it up and try an find a masseuse asap.
Yes girl.. Find you a masseuse ASAP! It makes all the difference in the world! I have everything you're talking about. I hate it, but I know it's normal for us at this stage in recovery. The heating pad has helped tremendously! I've notices a major decrease on my pubic area. It was really, really swollen, and hard. It puffed up in my groin, and made me look like I had a killer canal toe, LOL! We will get through this!! ;-D
Man grrr. These line creases look permanent to me. They are different than the indents you get from clothing and the garmet etc. And i just about went crazy tryng to find a lymphatic massage person. I found one at $80 a massage but at this point we probably need a much harder massage than the lymphatic right??? W

24 Days Post-Op- Before I start my update I...

24 Days Post-Op-

Before I start my update I want to first state that everything I'm about to say has NOTHING to do with Dr. Salama, his work, or his technique. The man is an absolute artist, and I still stand behind EVERYTHING I have said about him. He is amazing, and does wonders for the female body. I am still entirely happy I chose him, and still believe he is the BEST plastic surgeon for BBL and body contouring!

Ok, now on to my sadness.... Thursday morning I woke up and noticed loss in volume. I proceeded to do measurements (I've been obsessing with the tape measure!), and I lost an inch and a half LITERALLY over night. I cried all day yesterday. I feel like I have no projection now. At this point, I know I haven't lost any fat, what I have is what I will keep, but I lost all my swelling and inflammation, so hopefully I will lose NOTHING more. I'm going to wait until Tuesday to post pics, because that will be my 4 week mark, but it's noticeably smaller. I was sooooo happy with it before Thursday. I already thought it was a little small, but had gotten so used to it at that size, and fell in love. I feel like I lost a loved one or something. I just want my booty back. I mean, I still look amazing. I def still have a good bit back there, but I'm just so disappointed. I am beyond happy with my shape, my waist, all the lipo, and the shape of my bottom... It's just the size I'm sad about. But I must emphasize that I knew this would happen going in. If u read my previous update you'll see I was concerned with my elasticity. But it's hard, seeing yourself so damn fine, then waking up and it's gone. Now I'm just waiting for the 2 month mark so this thang can fluff!! I still have hope, but I will say round 2 is a most definite.


Please read Part 2 of my journey by clicking here.

You look great your comparison pics of 4 days and 3 weeks I think whoa what a big difference....I know you been going through an emotional rollarcoaster but honestly girl your looking hawt!!! How are you feeling now a days?
Helooo Girly Omg I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling a lil better about the situation. I'm sorry about the chin lipo thing. Ugh I know it must be crazii to not know to ask for jaw too but. You know what I know you will loose that weight. dnt stress it. XOXO
Ok good. No one mentioned it so I wanted to make sure. Thanks Hun.



Thank you for this review. I am 3+weeks post op. I am still stiff and I thought it was only me. Going back to work a very physical job. Hope I can do it. You look great. Thanks again.
Love,love your review,unfortunately I was not lucky enough to see your pictures
You can either click the link to my second review on the bottom of my last review, or you can go to my profile and click on my part 2 from there. All of my pics are there :-)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is amazing! Such a sweetie! Ruben and all the girls have been amazing, as well! I am beyond pleased that I chose him!! I LOVE MY DOCTOR AND HIS TEAM!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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