Ok, i was emotional, im better now! date still going forward, and LYNNE is the best!! Dr Azzzzzz!!!! - Aventura, FL

I am 5'7" about 185 lbs with 2 children. Before...

I am 5'7" about 185 lbs with 2 children. Before kids I was a solid 11/12, some 9/10s, at my biggest in HS I was maybe a 14. I had my 1st child at 19, afterward I weighed 235! I lost 70 lbs before my daughter was 1 (6 mos to be exact) which gave me a weight of 165 (my ideal image!). Then I got pregnant with my next (the kids are 20 mos apart). So, after that pregnancy I have been struggling with my current weight since then. I am mixed, (dad is white) and he gave me these beautiful "love handles" and plenty of back fat, with NO BOOTY (but big boobies, what a ripoff!).

I do EVERYTHING for my kids, swimming lessons, piano lessons, summer camp, football, cheerleading, MMA, karate, and the list goes on.... And I work 9 hours a day... So I am FINALLY doing something for me!! And im ecstatic about it! I have been wanting to do this for YEARS, but my ex husband was not very.... well... anything. He was controlling, and most definitely NOT supportive of me doing anything like this, but thats over (thank GOD!).

So now that im free! And my new fiance' is totally beside me on this... ITS MY TIME!

OK, I'm between Dr's now... I was Team Salama, but...

OK, I'm between Dr's now... I was Team Salama, but i was thinking of Dra Walkiris... Does anyone have any reviews about her? I have seen a few girls with her work, and they look great! But thats just it, only a few girls... And not really many on RS. But she is like 1/2 the price, with twice the work included... (inner thighs, arms...) and she will take 5 liters. From what I hear, Dr S has to stop at 4L. Any ideas for surgery in DR?

Oh yea, and my bf is soooo tired of hearing/talking about my butt! We actually have a time frame everyday that he will allow me to talk about it! lol, i love that man....

Ok BBL sisters! I'm going with Dr. Perry! I...

Ok BBL sisters! I'm going with Dr. Perry! I received an email from him within 24 hours of sending it! WOW!! I was going with Dr. S but from what I hear, his bedside manner is not all that great (although he is AMAZING!), I know myself and my bf will have tons of ?s, and I want to spend some time with my surgeon so I can fully explain to him what I expect, and he can explain to me what he can do. He does a phone consultation as well, and I just really have a good feeling about him, so I'm gonna trust my gut! He has openings starting in August. My plan was to get this done after the beginning of the year because thats when my vacation starts over and I can take 2 1/2 weeks off.... as well as TAX TIME! lol! So, I wonder if the Dr will let you make payments, I think I wanna start off with the 10% and make payments every 2 weeks until I get the big money in February/ March to finish paying???? I'll check that out and let yall know!

OK, so I started Fruta Planta this week. Im trying...

OK, so I started Fruta Planta this week. Im trying to lose a total of about 20 lbs. I am a pretty healthy eater, (not a great exerciser) which is why i need this little boost! Im super excited too. I have done my homework and read reviews about this product and am just hoping that it works for me. I am currently a size 14/15 (16 is too big) and hoping to be an 8/10.... some 12s. I will not track my weight loss in numbers because i feel that it can be tricky... so im just gonna use how my cloths fit as an example. I have a little black dress in my closet that i used to wear, its an 11, and im trying to be back in it by Halloween! (just a goal date)

oh, with the fruta planta, u just take one in the morning and it works all day, ive been taking them since 8/7 so I guess ill do a review once a week.

Ok, so this is week the beginning of week 2 for my...

Ok, so this is week the beginning of week 2 for my fruta planta diet! And i must say i am really losing something! =) Not sure how much weight yet, i didnt want to weigh myself for results, but i think i may have to because ALOT of ppl have noticed that i have lost some inches/ wt within the last few days. At work my boss was gone on vacation for a week, he came back today, looked at me and was like WOW!! (me, him, and his wife are all dieting together since March) He was saying he gained 10 lbs while on vacation! he must have found the weight that i lost!) LOL! But anyways, my cloths are all fitting me very loose.... i do have my before measurements at home and will post those later and do my measurements again tonight....

Oh, and i was partying too hard this weekend (drinking and what not) so I didnt want to take the pill with that in my system, so i was off the pill on Saturday and Sunday, and back on Monday, So technically this makes day 7 for me, when it should be day 9... oh well, i didnt want to take the chance. but i was also looking at the booty cream/ pills... anyone here tried them, im just curious, i keep seeing them on certain websites saying they work. smh, who knew you could get butt in a jar! LOL

Ok, here are my measurements: Waist - 37 now -...

Ok, here are my measurements:
Waist - 37 now - 34.75
Hips - 47 now - 45
Thigh - 25 now - 23.75
Chest - 42 now - 41
Arm - 13 now - 12.5
(also, I'm the EXACT same measurements on each side)

I haven't weighed myself yet, because it gets very discouraging if the scale doesn't change, i seem to weigh heavy all the time so I'm not weighing myself until week 4.

How I feel:
I feel more energetic and have no side effects! Yay! OH! 1 thing I noticed, is that I pee a lot in the mornings, and when I have to go, I HAVE TO GO NOW! Lol, but otherwise I'm good. I'm hoping to be at a 33 waist and about 43/42 in the hips.... So that when I get the BBL I'll be closer to my ideal size. =)

OK, so I received a quote from Dr. Campos as...

OK, so I received a quote from Dr. Campos as follows:

This is the estimate:

Liposuction in the waist and full back 2500
Fat grafting in to buttocks 600
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 900
Anesthesia Fee 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Medicine 125

Total 4245 usd
Dr. Campos

***BBLers, please remember everyones quote wont be the same because it depends on how much fat/ time/ effort he will have to do to YOUR body type... but i am happy with this quote, and although i have heard that his bedside manner is not the best, HIS WORK SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! but, im still on the hunt.....

Still taking the fruta planta, i took a week off, didnt gain any inches, but I am overall happy with what it does....

So i dont know if i wanna go with Campos or...

So i dont know if i wanna go with Campos or Robles, im so back and forth and my time is coming soon, im doin this in March... and i have to make sure i can set my date with one of these docs... but im also seeing some GREAT results from Dr Rami.... ugh.!! so i have decided that i will make my decision in the next 30 day so i can pay for it and get my date! So please if any ladies can assist me in choosing... id love to hear your opinions!

So i have been lookin at Dr Yilys before and after...

So i have been lookin at Dr Yilys before and after pics, and oh my! she is amazing! Her quote is also $3500 with extended tummy tuck! And the savings in funds will help cover my travel expenses.... So now my question is this: Did any of you ladies go alone? Did they take care of you at the recovery house? Which are good? I need some answers! lol

Ok, so this is whats new with me, i have been back...

ok, so this is whats new with me, i have been back and forth so much with what doctor and all, and i have chosen to go with Dr Yilly. This is my quote from her:

The price for Tummy tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift and liposuction is 3800$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, clinic expenses.

She is in the DR so I am looking for deals for my airfare, my bf and my mom will be going with me so I am also looking for a condo, or rental for the 10 days we'll be staying. (any ideas are welcomed)

Im super excited about this procedure and my time is ticking away so fast! dang, i need to start a list huh lol

Oh yea... I quit smoking too.... its the hardest...

Oh yea... I quit smoking too.... its the hardest thing, but also the best thing for me to do for myself. I dont plan on picking them back up after surgery....

Im really looking for Dr Yilly's clients that are...

Im really looking for Dr Yilly's clients that are thick like me... i see mostly small frame women.... hmmm.... what does everyone think of Dr Gabay???

So ladies!!!!! I found a pillow for us who are...

So ladies!!!!! I found a pillow for us who are getting BBL w/ TT!!!! check out the PICTURE ABOVE!!!!




Yes yes i know, like "what ur switching again!!!"...

yes yes i know, like "what ur switching again!!!" well i am, im going to Dr Azurin, his price is $5650.00. in Ft Lauderdale, FL (so im staying stateside) I have been checking out some of his recent work as well as his website and im impressed to say the least! so i talked to Linda today (she is sooooo sweet) and she is really understanding about my surgery dates so i just want to put that out there, the office is very nice and responsive! which is a plus!

btw, i am realizing that shit just got real... i have like 2 months... and i need to start my vitamin regimen asap.... OH! also, i will getting a "booty pop" just so that my butt isnt poppin right after i came off vacation and at the same time im unable to sit (seems kinda funny ya know) maybe that will keep ppl from thinkin i had something done?? bc im not real flat, but i know i want the biggest butt he can give me! lol newayz i am gettin that so i can get folks used to the butt.... hope this makes sense! lol

one more thing, i will be getting lipo and BBL only, i dont want the tt to jeopardize my bootay! lol! ttyl

I have to get medica clearance for surgery, how...

I have to get medica clearance for surgery, how much will this cost me? anyone else out there had to get clearance with no insurance??

Ok, today is not so good for me... i cannot find a...

Ok, today is not so good for me... i cannot find a doctor in my area who will do this clearance for me. i dont have insurance and i dont have a primary doctor.... so no place will touch me without a doctor referral or if im a patient of theirs. im so upset right now, i feel like i have gotten this far and now, this is standing in my way. i know i can get the labs done, but the doctor needs a "medical clearance" from a Dr for me to proceed and i just dont know what to do. i could get health insurance, then get a pcm, then ask him to order these tests for me, but thats just more time and money that i dont have. they want me to see a Hematologist.... and have them sign off for the surgery... i feel like crying right now, because this small hurdle is seriously in my way.... if anyone can help, please do

Honestly, i think i just give up. i want this...

Honestly, i think i just give up. i want this surgery so bad i can taste it, but this "medical clearance" is killing me. yea, im signing out.... i cant keep looking at these great results knowing that mines wont be coming any time soon. :'(

Ok, i can admit that i was a bit emotional the...

Ok, i can admit that i was a bit emotional the other day, but i found a way through it! long story short, my insurance will cover my tests!!!!! ohyea!!!!!! i called and emailed Lynne (SHE IS AWESOME BTW) back and forth and she was so helpful, Dr A is lucky to have her on his staff! Ok, so i have a question, can anyone help me out with the Hotel or condo's in Coral Springs, ill be there 9 days and would love a kitchen.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Heard of him from RS. =)

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Good luck on your surgery...Dr A is the MAN!! I did my TT with lipo and let me tell you I can't get my husband off of me lol!! Even his 80 year old uncle looks at me and wonders what had I done to my body... Can't be happier of my choice, him and his entire crew are wonderful form beginning to end...GOOD LUCK!!
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ok,.. just read that you switched. since he is a US doctor he should be able mail you a script for blood work and ecg. The blood work script you can take to a lab facility and i think it cost around 50-75 bucks. the ecg.. there are some pre surgical testing companies.. and many of them have their on labs too... I would say 50 for the ecg. for a full check up plus labs and ecg it would be roughly 300 i think b/c ur doc should do the ecg for free... its a very simple test,.. only takes 3 mins. confirm with azurin what EXACTLY he wants for a presurgical test so that u dont have to pay extra for uneeded stuff.
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Yea, I emailed Lynne, so I'm waiting for response
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yilys quote ( at least mine) said that she will do all your labs and ecg and stuff like that. You might still have to do blood work before hand. the problem is that the actual lab work isn't that expensive but most docs wont see you if all ur coming for is labs. I had to pay $250 out of pocket and the doc literally didn't touch me. just asked a few questions and then let the tech do the bloodwork. this is exactly what i wanted because i didnt feel like being bothered and undressed anywayz lol,.. but thats a steep price. My advice... if you have any low income clinics in your area then go there and tell them that lately you have been feeling very worn down and tired, sometimes dizzy when you stand up,.. tell them you have a history of anemia so you want your CBC and lytes checked and they will do a lab work up of you and i think their doctor fees are waaayyy cheaper. I have insurance but I forgot to get a referral beforehand and was not about to leave without my labs.. so ehh
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whats a booty pop?
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Lol, its a booty in a box! Fake butt...
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First choice labs is very reasonable. You should email them or call them. I only needed 3 test and it cost me $55 and I have no insurance and I got my results the next day.
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do the labs require blood work?
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Yes for me everything was blood. They took two tubes of blood. Even the preggo test is blood. But im not sure what all you need.
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the reason i ask is because i was told i had to get my clearance done thirty days before my surgery however my doctor said my blood work results will o ltake up to ten days to get back but i have to have my results back to the doctor no less than three weeks so doing the math i would need to get my lab work done before the thirty days
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With first choice labs you get your results within 24-48 hours. I dont know which test you need but you should call them and see cus I got mine back in 24 hours and I had to do my labs 2 weeks prior to surgery.
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Thanks for the pillow info. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how in the world I'm going to be able to try and sleep after this, lol. Good luck to you, glad to see another Azurin patient on here!
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right! thats why i opted out of the TT, bc i dont want to jeopardize either result... i plan on sleeping on my head if i must! haha! but at least ill be able to sleep on my tummy.
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Dr. Azurin is the man. Check out my profile. he was my doctor
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oh i did!!!!!! you and zizi helped make my decision! i was already nervous about goin to DR, but im so excited abt this!!!!! btw, you look GREAT!!!
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I'm Dominican. I thought about going to D.R too but in the end, Azurin's results and seeing another friend (also Dominican) with her results let me know that he was the doctor for me!
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Looks like we're BBL (2/21) buddies!... Yaaaayyyyyy!!! Congrats on finding the right doctor for you!
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yes maam!!! im excited, ill be going to Floriday on 2/18!
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thanks im buying this pillow...
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yes, i feel that it will be a MUST HAVE!
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Yes she does and she does a damn good job of it as well. Didn't u see her website, there are many thick girls on there
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Yes but I'm looking for real reviews... Not just the online photos...
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message Jcox
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Where can I get me some fruta planta? :)
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you can find it on google, but just make sure its not the imitation, while i was using it tho i lost 10 lbs, and i stopped and am at a stand still again.... so i will be ordering it again.... they work too! but you will use tinkle a lot...
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