Salama BBL July 2013!

I've done the research, and made my deposit for Dr...

I've done the research, and made my deposit for Dr. Salama today. I made it for November 12, 2013 with hopes I could switch dates. If you need a later date, PLEASE contact me :)

I want a larger ass and some upside down heart shaped hips, and I'm sure Dr. Salama can do that for me while also giving me a smaller waistline and smaller thighs to complete my hourglass!

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Thanks to MsPhatBack I have July 26 as my new date...

Thanks to MsPhatBack I have July 26 as my new date. So excited! Any ladies interested in rooming together? I want to stay the full 3 weeks in FL.

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Also, I just added a whole bunch of wish pics! ;)...

Also, I just added a whole bunch of wish pics! ;) I know some may not be "realistic" with my body type, but I won't know until I go to FL. Still hoping I can get something similar and a lot of fat out and into my booty.


@ladylonghorn u are not out of line with tha lipo app pic I see u like that right after surgery that is you be the way what the lipo,app
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I hope it's how it comes out. He said he might not be able to get all the areas because there is so much fat :/
Hey ladylonghorn check out londa84 your have same sx date maybe your could room together
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A little over 2 months until surgery!

I'm nervous and I feel I haven't planned much. Also, none of my family knows but my sister who is coming with me. I'm expecting to hear backlash from everyone when I get back.

The road to weight loss hasn't been productive, but I am still hoping Dr. S can take from all the areas I ask for. Will update more soon!

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So my sister ditched

She said that "something doesn't feel right" and she doesn't want to go. Now I have to find a nurse, and that's double what I was paying for her ticket. Also, she refuses to watch my dogs, which we originally planned to leave them at her husbands, so now I get to pay for doggy day care, which will be a good 800. I'm so stressed about money and getting everything I need. :( UGH!


Sorry to hear that about your sis... Is she trying to throw a monkey wrench in your plans? I'm going through it alone too, and will need a nurse for my date in December. Let me know what you find when you're searching for a nurse. Best wishes.
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She is. She just keeps saying "don't do it" or "I don't see what's wrong with the doctors here" even though I've explained a million times. My back-up is "Palace at Home" for $132 every two hours. It's a private duty nurse or assistant. Seems like a fair price. I think I'll have one for 3 days.

Considering not going

I have no support and everyone is telling me not to go :(


Hey ladylonghorn! I was just reading your thread and had the same hang up as you and I'm on my third day of dieting. I am 220 though and needed to be at 180:( and girl I'm not half way there. I don't want to reschedule because the best time to do it is now. But I do want to look my very best. I want hips and booty. Salama also said that i have more than 4 liters of fat to take out which means that some fat still maybe around after lipo. Now because my date is so close I am starting to freak out and second guess everything.
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I got a nurse too ., just do whatever your heart tells u . It will be fine . Let me know if u want nurse info . I m July 16 th
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Can you PM me nurse info please? Prices too?
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