Hello Ladies.

Hello Ladies!! I am new to the group!....Well,...

Hello Ladies!! I am new to the group!....Well, Kinda....lol. I have been following the women of "team Salama" experiences. It is the very reason why I am here today sharing mine. So first, let me thank as well as congrajulate each and everyone of you on your journey. I am just as excited for you guys as I am for me because I know how it feels to want something so badly and not accepting "No" for an answer! especially "No Ass"! And thankyou much for pictures because it really helps make a final decision. I will soon post some but for right now, there isnt much to post but "before Shots"... My surgery date is Aug. 27. of this year. I cant tell you how exciting and anxious I am. I am 26 years young. 5'10 in height. 155lbs. thus far. After Salama's consultation, he told me to gain 10 -15 pounds, and that if i didnt he could guestimate about 700-800 ccs. BUT i have absolutely NO ass or hips to begin with so im eating like crazy. I want 12-1300ccs. And for women out there like me the best thing to do is take Periactin. It helps with weight gain. but do your own research on this drug be for making a decision. Dont get me wrong it is safe as far as i know but everyone's situation is different so please research and refer to a doctor. I am currentlly researching places to stay. but until then ttyl.

Ladies!!! i have a gut now! lol which is great but...

Ladies!!! i have a gut now! lol which is great but i have to play this off. & thats gonna be hard cause I need it to be waay bigger than this. Thing is... i have 2 jobs. I am a stripper parttime. So how am i gonna play this jiggly bubble gut off? lol. i gain weight like a prego person too. My nose spreads.. face gets fat... ect. it looks like im letting myself go! I know the other dancers are gonna talk ish about me but whatever! wait till i come back from surgery! I would choose this procedure without question anyday over those hydrogel shots they get! Dont get me wrong, ive seen some great outcomes but the consequences behind it really isnt worth it. Ive seen a lot of dancers spend $$$ & their ass goes back down after 5-6 months. Trust me ladies this is safer & waaaay cheaper in the end. Ive been thinking that I really want Salama to lipo the back of my thighs for more def. Do yall think he will charge extra for that??? & does anybody know how i can edit my photos where my tattoos wont show? not sure how to photoshop, either way im gonna get you girlies these pics because its Necessary! just didnt want my evidence floating around on net forever! who knows.. i could be next Nicki Minaj! J/King!!
Anyways ill try not to vent too much. tyyl

Things seem to be coming along just nicely. My...

Things seem to be coming along just nicely. My mother, who is a NP, will be staying the entire visit with me. Feels really good to have your mom there, and thank God she is a nurse so I dont have to hire one, hehe. But I wanted to ask my team BBL ladies that have already went through the procedure about the cost of the prescriptions that we will have, and exactly what I will probably need on this trip? I am trying to organize everything now so that when the time comes, all I will have to do is show up. I am happy that the garments and boppy pillow are included; I know i need iron pills, water, t-shirts,...ect. but anything helpful? Could use some help on good places to stay too. Thankyou gurlies for all the help. Oh yeah, to my skinny crew. I thought of another trick to get us a gut very fast... It's called BEER!! all that yeast will give us the bubble gut we've been waiting for. lol. I still cant believe that I AM writing this review for cosmetic surgery. ~tear~ dream come true. I am posting a video that I look at constantly for motivation.. least i can do since i havent posted pictures yet... enjoy. ttyl

Hello Team Salama ladies. I wanted to know if...

Hello Team Salama ladies. I wanted to know if anyone who has a bbl appt. with Salama in the beginning of Aug. would like to swap until the end of Aug? My date is Aug. 27., and I am looking for the first week of Aug. Preferably the first but the first week would be great. Im trying to make this easier for me using my vacation time at work. It's only a 3 week difference but it would mean all the difference in the world to me. Hope i get lucky...~fingers crossed~ Until then best wishes to you all.

Hello Team Salama ladies. I wanted to know if...

Hello Team Salama ladies. I wanted to know if anyone who has a bbl appt. with Salama in the beginning of Aug. would like to swap until the end of Aug? My date is Aug. 27., and I am looking for the first week of Aug. Preferably the first but the first week would be great. Im trying to make this easier for me using my vacation time at work. It's only a 3 week difference but it would mean all the difference in the world to me. Hope i get lucky...~fingers crossed~ Until then best wishes to you all.

.... drinking beer for the first time & its...

.... drinking beer for the first time & its utterly disgusting!!! But anything it takes to get this Belly! So im writing this post to question any of you ladies that have piercings. Yea.... i have 25!! So Salama told me to take my dermals out around my abdomen & back & butt crack.. which im not lioking forward too because they have to be cut out! o expected he would say that. But does nipple, hood, or ear piercings really matter? just too many to take out.. ugh!!! advice anyone?

Now having surgery Aug.9! Thankyou so much...

now having surgery Aug.9! Thankyou so much darknlovely!!! you guys are awesome!! will keep you updated when something serious happens...

Hello Ladies!! hope all is well! Nothing major has...

Hello Ladies!! hope all is well! Nothing major has happened yet. just wanted to update on my weight gain & measurements. ive gained 15 pounds strong! i get on scale everyday, & it doesnt flucuate under 165 now. Excited bout that. I must say my body has changed much from these pics. im gonna take them down, except from 1 maybe & update on the current me soon. hard because i dont have internet. im on here all the time from my phone & thats how i take pics as well. wish there was an app but ill find a way. anyways my bday is next Sat & i cant really fit my jeans. my belly hangs over & there uncomfortably tight!! dont know what i will wear! im sooooo tired yall! Not sexy enuff to work in club anymore so ive been doing a lot of Overtime at my other job. 12/hour days everyday with one day off a week. gotta get this shit paid for! but im thankful because it will workout. i will have my procedure paid for by 15th according to my personal calendar. hotel & car booked by aug 1. & go from there. not using Larry so hopefully they will deduct $200. waiting on my packet to get clearance. will be exactly a month in two weeks. this is really happening fast. the only thing im scared about is having these 3 dermals removed. ive been procrastinating because of the pain. & watching youtube videos dont help at all. scared me even more. i plan on getting really drunk for the removal process but must hurry cause i officially have 7 werks for surgery. My mom has put in her days off & I was able to take 2months off. yall think thats enuff? i drive for a living so the time off wAs important for me. oh yea my measurements.... lol knockn on chubby's door. my bf grabs my belly all the time & it makes me feel bad but whatever. im 36-36 1/2-38!! dont believe me?? ill post pics if that too. ive always had a big midsection. not fat but my stomach is built big. im looking to be atleast 10in difference with waist to hip ratio. like 36 29 39 or
36 27 40 would be drastic!!! ive noticed women only gaining 2-3 inches in ass so anything over 40 in hips will make me perfect in my eyes.. okay update you in 2weeks when i get clearance!! chow

Today is my bday!!!! got my package yesterday....

Today is my bday!!!! got my package yesterday. studied it.. wrote questions, made a to buy list. mailed some doc. today. gettn clearance tues. got dermals removed today!! ouches!!! makn moves... im bout to be in there! super Xcited! overtime is payin off bigtime. what better bday present than to buy myself a fatass.. cash!! this is the biggest thing ive everdone for myself. not braggn ladies.. just wayy to Xcited. gotta get you girlies these pics.. belly huge!! i look preg. anyway... keep ua posted!! thank yall for the support. u really do play a big part in my life right now. not a day im not on here... ty so much

You know what's weird? My dude has been making...

you know what's weird? My dude has been making really smart and sarcastic comments lately about my surgery that's coming up. when I first mentioned this procedure a couple of months ago he brushed it off and really didn't think much of it, but now since everything is becoming a reality and he knows how serious I am I just keep hearing these smart remarks from him and it's very discouraging for me. there has been times in the past where I made him comment about my butt. don't get me wrong he doesn't complain he always compliments my body. but he is very honest at the same time so I knew I would get it honest opinion from him about my backside. and his answer would be just as I expected that I was lacking in the butt area but then he will go on to compliment me on other parts of my body such as my legs which he adores and my hair etc. but now he says things like I don't know why you are having surgery I think that you are perfect just the way that you are even without me asking him. he also says things like people that have plastic surgery become addicted and it never stops. again he says this out of the blue without me asking him. I have gained a significant amount of weight about 15 pounds so I do have a gut, and he says that I don't have real people say it's just sugar fat whatever that means I don't even know if his answer is legitimate I really do believe that he is just trying to say something to discourage me from going on with this procedure. but then when I am all over his house I find magazines with women that have huge ba Donks and also he has to watch porn with women that has huge butts. so I just can't understand why he will not just be happy for me and even more excited than I am because it's kind of like his fantasy will soon be a reality but whatever this update was to inform all of you that I successfully passed all my bloodwork and EKG exam so I am cleared for surgery and that I have my prescriptions filled already and I have been taken iron and vitamin C for a week and a half now. everything is falling into place. I am more prepared than what I thought that I would be. My procedure will be paid for in full by this Friday. I am so very excited and proud of myself for that and all there is left to do from there is book a hotel and rent a car. my flight reservations are already taken care of, I will be staying in Aventura for 10 days. I'm guessing my next update won't be until around August 1 when everything is finally booked and paid for and from there I will keep you ladies updated hope to put pictures up soon

Paid off surgery today.3 weeks to go. only hotel...

paid off surgery today.3 weeks to go. only hotel & car rentals to hassle with. I am not sure if I to want too many cc in my butt now because I've read somewhere that if you put too many fat cells in your butt it will cost them to compress against each other and Risk fat survival. im scared now yall... smh

I have exactly 3 weeks for surgery from today. I...

I have exactly 3 weeks for surgery from today. I am not, however, as excited as i once was. I don't want to bust anyone's bubble, but things have been rather confusing lately between Dr. Salama's office and I. I must say that I am not impressed with their professionalism. While they seem nice as ever, business for them is a little off key. Guess I should have paid attention to the way my consultation was in April. Everything went smoothly once I got to see Dr. Salama, but they had no recolation of my appt. for that day. Yesterday things got a little off key as well. My payments were miscalculated, and I had to clarify the mishaps over a few phonecalls and emails. I was also notified on yesterday that they were still waiting for my blood results, when only a couple of days ago I was told everything for me was on file. Also, two weeks ago, they were confusing someone else's EKG results for mine. SMH. Just a lot of confusion. I have been going back and forth over somethings via email with Ruben, Salama's brother. He handles all of the important things concerning Dr. Salama's office apparently. ( He is very handsome too, getting off subject) Anywho, I expressed to him how I wasn't inlove with their garments. I really wanted to know if they could substitute or allow me to purchase and bring my own rather. He simply brushed the idea off by telling me that their garments are right for me. I still want the one with the butt out.. BTW.... Also, I have been doing extensive research on the technique used during a BBL procedure because of the massive fatloss involved in some of Dr. Salama's recent patients. Shot out to REAL SELF huh? Anyway, of course it concerns me when I hear Past patients of his saying it was a complete waste of time and money, and here I am scheduled in 3 weeks. Yes, I understand that everyone is different, but under the same breath, I dont know what side of different I will be on. With that being said I have learned that ..."the best long term volume results from fat injections into the buttocks is when it is placed in both the gluteal maximus muscle and subcutaneous space. if all of the fat is put into the buttock fat tissue only, there is a much higher chance of it being completely reabsorbed. while all fat cannot be placed completely INTO the muscle, the more the better. the fat needs to be placed near a place of oxygen and nutrients for it to survive, and the best place for that is the muscle..." I wrote that very phrase to Ruben and asked Dr. Salama's technique. His answer was that I am partially correct, and placing fat Under the muscle increases chances for an embolism and could even result in death; therefore Salama doesnt use this technique. I am a bit confused with his response because after further research, I understand that fat cannot be placed UNDER the muscle, but INTO the muscle and in fat spaces. But his response in the email clearly stated Under the muscle rather Into the muscle. Im sure he knows more than me about this procedure by a long shot so maybe I am the one overtly confused and making a big deal over nothing. But the cost and all the trouble of this is something; and the mishaps from his office aren't helping; also, the unfortunate reviews are worrying the $#%$ out of me too. I worked my ass off for this, so I just want it to be worth it. Anywho, as I said, i dont want to discourage anyone. But wondering if im the only one having a hard time. Its hard to look forward to such a life changing event when things are already seeming like a rollercoaster ride. goodluck to everyone.
Oh yeah, I added posterior thighs(crease line). extra $400.

I have 2weeks before surgery & must take a...

I have 2weeks before surgery & must take a plan B pill. do you guys think this will be an issue? i know there shouldnt be any BC 30 days prior... smh the things i get myself into

Hey ladies!! how has everyone been? i remember a...

hey ladies!! how has everyone been? i remember a time when i would wake up to 30+ emails of realself updates/comments. now i wake up to hardly any. hope the hype hasnt settled down because its just beginning for me as i have only 11 days for surgery!!! wow! sometimes im too tired to get Xcited & fully grasp whats about to happen because im still working 12/hrs day;6days/wk. work & then sleep is all i know. oh yeah and stuffing my face. lol. anyways hope i didnt give any bad vibes from either of my reviews. i was only trying to share as much as my experience as possible. i re-read my review today & could see how it might have some people guessing. sorry for that. im a worryier by nature. anywho im updating to let u ladies know that i found a studio apt for $350/7days!! & its 11min away!! freakn awesome right? i can cook & wash clothes. well my mother can. anyway you soon to be bootilicious ladies should checkout tripadvisor.com. oh & about the birthcontrol.. i researched, and it said it could cause blood clots to the legs & lungs after surgery. yikes!! just a bit of advice for women who worry like me... k ttyl!!

Today was my last day at work! I dont go back...

Today was my last day at work! I dont go back until Oct. 3.... whew!!! so excited for that time off. lol you guys dont know what its like to work 12 hours a day in the hot ass sun. anyways i will be staying with my mom the entire recovery which means i had to find a babysitter for my babies.!! (5snAkes) i dropped them off just now & i miss them so much already. cant believe i wont see my little monsters for 2months.. this really hurts... ok so im venting. oh yeah i came on my period todAy.. im always happy to see her but darnitt she picked a complicated time.. i can imagine the first couple of days being very uncomfortable to me. i need to buy plastic containers for my piercings & pack. do all that tommorrow. so glad i can leave my pedicure on.. hate being plain jane my nails look horrible without acrylics... wish me luck ladies. My time is 10:30am on thurs the 9th. you prob wont hear from me till aft. or who knows take care

Hello ladies. i know youve been waiting to hear...

hello ladies. i know youve been waiting to hear wassup. ive just been in a lot of pain. i feel a lot better now. but getting up & laying down isnt easy for me... feels like the incision from drain is burning everytime i move. & when i stand i get very nauseated but no vomiting. thank Goodness for my mom. i couldnt have done this alone. i couldnt even wipe myself from using bathroom & being on my period makes this a lil diificult. anyway ill update laterwith pics. brought a laptop. from what i notice he shaped me good. got 1000 Ccs per side

Hey RS Fam! Im in good spirits today. My recovery...

Hey RS Fam! Im in good spirits today. My recovery is an emotional rollercoaster. One day i feel like i still have more work to do with my body , & other days, like today, im loving my results. I never did regret this surgery & always felt as if I look 5X better thAn before, but im hArd on myself i guess. Wanna look 10X better. I still wAnt a bigger butt. BUT, to be able to say that i am no longer considered the "no ass" girl is so very comforting. ive heArd that all my life. smh. truth is my body is literally changing daily. I have that S shape now.. & a cute Ass. haha cant believe i can say i have a cute ass. just hope i keep this. think i have some advice for some of you. I am using a waist cincher instead of my girdle now. i no longer feel compression is needed for my butt. & wearing thAt cincher is uncomfortable at first but it brought my waist down 2 inches. (without it on) see that girdle will only do so much & then you will need a smaller one, but the cincher will last a while cause it has the ability to adjust to smaller hooks as your waist cinches .. love it. im using th Ann Chery from Classic Shapewear. Anywho, i cant wait anylonger for a pedicure. Do yall think they will do my feet standing up? lol gonna find out Monday cause I been holding on this nail polish for almost 4 weeks.. haha. oh yea on the 13th im going to a surgeon Salama referred me to for complications. i have a small pocket of fluid that wont leave. its been there for a week or so.. & i just want him to make sure im healing properly. heating pad does wonders for me. i stopped with professional massages cause i refuse to lay on my butt. however i still massage myself daily... k tyyl gudluck to all.

Loving my results today!!! cant wait for round...

Loving my results today!!! cant wait for round two!!! Salama us awesome ladies

My bofriend is coming to see me soon & i hadnt had...

My bofriend is coming to see me soon & i hadnt had a pedicure in a month. My mother drove me around to 5 different nail salons only to be turned down 5 Xs. They refused to do my feet standing up. It isnt impossible; its just unusual. i guess they cant seem to think outside the box. if anything i would be the one uncomfortable not them bc they can still sit down. i was expecting to stand in the portable foot spa bowl rather than the massage chair obviously but no one was having it. My mother is super busy & couldnt find time to help. My boyfriend offered to help(which is so sweet by the way. i love him so much for that) but i wanted to look nice before he got here so i did it myself. Awful!!! i stood up with my feet propped up on a stool & bent down trying to be neat. Not only did i paint around my toenails lol, but i felt like i was still putting pressure on my butt from the awkward bending position. Now im worried & i still need to shave my legs. wish i can wax too. Ladies please do share your maintenece techniques. Maybe you have better strategies. goouck to all.

So yesterday i tried doing it. it wasnt painful...

So yesterday i tried doing it. it wasnt painful just complicated cause i didnt really want him touching my butt. positions are limited... as soon as we were done i jumped up and started measuring my butt. haha i am so silly. it seems fine so far but the pressure did feel weird.

Hello ladies. as of yesterday; im officially a...

hello ladies. as of yesterday; im officially a month post-op. I went out for the first time to a concert; i wore a red tight fitted a dress & boy did i get stares. it felt really good. everytime iwalked by a mirror i glanced at my figure & just couldnt believe that was MY BUTT pokin out like that!! On the downside tho, i did sit for the first time for like 3 hours on/off. i actually brought my yoga mat to help but it made me so tall in seat & i didnt wanna be so rude to the people behind me. i constantly made bathroom/drink breaks. i was nervous the whole time. Today i feel like my butt looks smaller but i think my mind is playing trix on me cause i know i sat down. i measured myself & its about the same. its weird cause it goes up & down daily in measurements from 40' to 39.5'. dont know what thats about. Anyway, happy healing!

Hello Ladies!! i just want to share some things...

Hello Ladies!! i just want to share some things that I would have done differently if I had a second chance. I know everybody is different which leaves room for different outcomes obviously but perhaps this bit of advice could help someone. Overall, Ive had an okay experience & followed the rules to the T! But if I could do this over again, 1) I would have not added the inner thigh lipo. i dont see a difference whatsoever.
2.) I would have never put on the extra smaller gArment that Salama gave. I would have kept the original & put a smAller waist cincher over it for 2-3 weeks, & then only wore the cinchers. They do work. I went from a L garment to an XS waist cincher. I feel that the smaller garment compressed too tight for my "then" big butt. I did notice shrinkage after wearing it cause i do measure daily. 3.) i would have used those plastic red store bought cups to put in opening of garment to pee. i learned this the end of first week but the first few days i was peeing on everything. 4) i would have brought my huge rolled up yoga mad the day of surgery to sit on the way out. they are gonna wheel you out in wheel chair & i did sit that first day. i dont think that boppy pillow does much. so i would have put that mat under my thighs. i waznt that out of it cause i kept telling the nurse i didnt want to sit down. 5) i wouldnt have never laid on my back for massages. i could be wrong but i think that had alot to do with the loss. i would have told her to do my stomach standing up as i do now. same thing blah blah. thing is that boppy pillow only helps so much. your ass is still on the table with pressure on it. ive sat only 1 at my 4 week mark and its going on 6 weeks so it isnt me!! im glad i rented a vehicle rather than a driver. but for now thats all the advice i can give you ladies!! def go for the heatingpads, babyoil, & squeems. a lot cheaper than new garments. be blessed!!

Ok ladies... so yesterday was the first day of...

ok ladies... so yesterday was the first day of getting back to normal. what an experience!! im exactly 6 weeks today. & yesterday was my 2cd time sitting ut first time sitting all day long. i go back to work in less than 2 weeks so im trying to prepare myself since i drive for a living. Anywho, we can start with the plane ride. haha. oh yea, yeterday was also my first day back home. i stayed with my mother the entire diration of my recovery in another state so, i got the opportunity of seeing people i havent seen in almost 2 months. lol so the plane ride was complicated. i carried that boppy pillow with me everywhere i went yesterday. as i was driving practically all day. i did try to stand when i had the opportunity. But i had to sit for the plane ride & it was awkard cause reAlly you have to get use to sitting & then you are paranoid he entire sitting time b you dont want things to go wrong. but besides that people stare @ you cause you have this huge pillow. lol this old lady who didnt know any better said to me, " that is the biggest neck pillow ive ever seen." haha so funny. i also got my hair done & it took forever so inwas on my butt all day. after i got my hair fixed i felt like a bad B**** so i got dolled up. oh yea it was so fun trying on old clothes. i hadnt seen my loset in forever so that was a happy moment. i put on some booty shorts yesterdAy & went to see my X. ( we r really good friends). he couldnt keep his hands off me tho he was so excited. & made me do a photoshoot for his phone. lol. i also got waxed yesterdY & usually that isnt painful for me but im still swollen down there so it hurt really bad. be mindful if you are the waxing type. skipping over a few details.... when i finally got home i measured myself again & i am an half inch bigger.. weirdz anyway i was paranoid of killing my results. i know im 6 wks but nobody has a real answer for sotting deal. if you notice alot od MD's respond differently to thay question soni was horrified of sitting. but i am more & more & so far im fine... im happy with results but still widh to be bigger. i do still get swollen around mid section without my waist cincher. long process this is ladies. gudluck

I recieved an email asking me to update so I...

I recieved an email asking me to update so I thought why not. Im healing just nicely. I am sitting normally. However i drive for a living so @ work I still use my yoga matt for support. Im sure Indont have too but sometimes I still get sore so I will do this until i get completely comfortable. Its a must that i use lotion on lipoed areas daily or my skin gets extremely tight. it still hurts if i turn to sudden or if im grabbed too tight but i feel 98% normal. As far as volume, i still have my 41. my ass has dropped & looks more natural. oh yea my scar tissue has left & i am no longer massaging myself. i love it when my man hugs me & grabs my ass & it moves!!! lol i feel it jiggle when i walk run or dance. I am definitely going for a round two. but only bc i want to achieve a bigger look. i want two more inches for my frame. the only thing stopping me from a date rigt now is me having to wait 6 months for a consult. i am sure he wil say yes bc i have upper back fat & thigh fat but its not bad. however i wanna use all the fat i can do get atleast 800 more CCs. so i refuse to work out yet. I am happy however & feel sexier than ever. i know round two will complete my ass journey & im hoping for aug. so i will keep you ladies posted. good luck & happy healing to all!

I had my BBL surgery Aug. 9. so i am a little over...

I had my BBL surgery Aug. 9. so i am a little over 3 months. Alot has changed. I lost an inch & half. went from 41 to 39.4. My stomach looks really good but it itches horribly at times. I am sitting normally but ever so often i might get a dull pain in either of my butt cheeks & often they jump without my control. About a month ago hair started growing on my butt. Not a peach fuzz but a noticeable amount to have to pay $20 extra to wax during my brazilian wax visit. it is bad bc i will sweat there now too. guess this sx does different things to different people. I emailed Ruben about it & they came up with the bright idea that hair came from long periods of compression. while i appreciate their quick response, i know that makes absoultely no sense & has nothing to do with my case. didnt feel the need to tell them i havent worn my garment or even undies since 3wks post. i only wore waist cinchers caused i was scared anything covering my butt would shrink it. Really think they just wanted to shut me up but hey i could be wrong. I Am still happy with my results. & im still healing. just scared eventually my ass will be the same size cause it keeps shrinking. i am not trying to discourage anybody, i am simply sharing my experience. I have a consultation with Dr Jimmerson in Jan. he wants $8800. i am already sold on the idea of a round two & he will be my next try. a lot of money for an ass considering the 2 surgeries but its what i want. really hard to see yourself the way you always dreamed & then it disappears b4 your eyes. i still habe upper back fat & from the looks of things my belly isnt the flatest but ifs still changing. i can tell it will be easy for fat to come back to lipoed areas... goodluck to all. i will keep you posted. my sx will be in beginning of aug. i hope. need time to save & gain weight. 1000 ccs is what im hoping for. i think that will get me my desired size if i dont shrink anymore.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

All around Id rate Dr Salama & his staff 5 stars. They are really great. I experienced a few problems in the beginning, but i'm sure it had everything to do with miscommunication. After meeting Dr Salama & his staff, I felt very sure & relieved. I do wish that i spent more time with the Dr. but i suppose it wasnt necessary. He did everything he was suppose too. & Ruben is amazing. He is always prompt with emails & responses. Even their massage therapists are really caring.Warning!!! they do their job! lol those massages hurt. Anywho i didnt use their driverso i cant rate him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You have any pics?
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How are you doing?
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Im doing pretty good actually. I wanna believe that i am fully recovered but you know they say 6months for lipo. Not complaining about much @ all. just saving for another round. Thanx for asking.
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another round? any suggestIons on what I should do to make my surgery better? what would you change about yours? sorry so many questIons
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Oh your fine. Questions dont bother me. Lets see.... what would I have done different. I think it's important to realize that no one person will/can have the exact same experience. Our bodies will heal differently & take on different results. I didnt take head to that fact in the beginning so my expectations werent in the right place. It is important that you dont set your expectations to high & know you can only achieve the best body that you are built for. guess that's what i'm trying to say as well, we are all built different. But with that being said, there isnt much I would have changed. I wanted this procedure so badly that I did extensive research & prepared myself to the max! Just prepare yourself as much as possible. & I mean mentally, physically, & financially!! Especially mentally! A few things tho, I dont think I would have ever bothered with that 2cd garment. Compression around your new butt bohered me. Doc says its fine but i really think it played a part in shrinkage. If i were you I would start buying waist cinchers now. Maybe 2sizes smaller? cause your initial garment will be a size smaller for sure but i cant be too sure of your results. And dont try too pee with that thing on, use cups from the beginning. Buy big yoga matt now cause when or if you do have to sit it will come in handy. i really went to the max as far as sitting. didnt sit at all for about 4 weeks.. & even adter that i was careful till about 7weeks so take enuff time for yourself. I wouldnt have done it any other way. even for my round two i will take 2months off. bC i def. needed it!! just dont be scared. despite a few glinches, this whole process was fun for me & I cant wait to do it again. even looking back on the pain... it wasnt so bad. I am still inlove with my results... i just wish to be bigger which is the reason for my round two & as far as size I dont hink we have much control over that. just follow "the sitting rules" as much as possible & you will be fine!! gudluck!!
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thank you for the great info do you recommend a certain waist cIncher? I bought an extra small waist cIncher from lIpo express but I wear their med binders now
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I like the Ann Chery from Classic Shapewear
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Hey gurl jus showin you some love,i set my date for my round 2,on Jan 4,2013,im going to the dr who just did my breasts ,of course he said i dont have a lot of fat,but i need it on the bottom part of my buttocks,to me they dont match with the top part,and i have more dimples on the bottom,then what i started with,i trust my dr opinion cuz i have been dealing with him for over 5 yrs,he also did my tummy tuck 4 yrs ago,i just didnt know he did fat transfer too,cuz i called it the brazilian butt lift,technically thats when they lift ur buttocks,and thats what he doesnt do,so shame on me for the miscommunication,money i could of spent with him,instead of someone else,cuz now look,im not satisfied,i knew i wasnt gonna get a big butt,but damn,he could of spread the fat around,so now im left with coming out the pocket again,just to try and fix what im complaining about,i dont care if its 200cc per bottom cheek,i refuse to walk around,and i keep staring at my bottom cheeks,which look funny to me....keep me posted on ur journey gurl...good luck to you!
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Wait... so fat transfer is different from Bbl? So many thoughts lol. is it cheaper since you arent actually getting the lift? & congratz thats only 1 month away. Excited for you gurl you got it going on right now. But are you gonna try & gain weight for this 1month? might be worth it. keep me updated & ty for checking on me. Cant wait for my round 2 & breast!!!!
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Good luck on your journey
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Check your inbox
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Hey gurlie, I too would like a round 2, I didn't have a lot of fat to begin with, but I know I must have some back fat, I just had my breast lift augmentation, and boy I'm in some pain right now! Gurl take care an good luck!!!
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Thanks for the update! Sorry you're going to need a round2, it's a shame but If you're not toally satisfied with the results and you have the desire for another round, then hopefully you'll get what you want next time. Good luck with your consult.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Salama is great! I'm glad you updated and btw I made sure that my second garment was a XL, even though I wish it was a 2XL.
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OMG girl I'm so happy to hear that your butt grew! Haha! So fluffing is real!? How are you recovering? =)
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@ Culona.... i guess so, lol. those 41 inches are still with me & i have been siitting normally for the most part. every now & then my butt gets tender & i use my yoga mat. i have def put this ass to the test as far as pressure goes hehe & its still here. i am loving the new me but i have booty greed!!! Me wants more
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Hope you get 100% back to normal very soon! Do you have any new pics? :)
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I found ur update on July 19 to be very informative! And u had valid concerns! I would be concerned too! Thanks for sharing and I hope the staff read ur post and are making changes for the better! So I noticed u haven't posted pics yet... Are u shy? Lol I bet u look Like a mil ticket - no homo lol ... I wanted to ask u if u would share the info for the condo u booked for $350 and waist clincher- hope all is well;)
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I will inbox you details.
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Sounds like fluff to me too.
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Im guessing that is the "fluff" that occurs after to some girls lucky you.
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Thank you for sharing what you would have done differently, I have started a list of little things I don't want to forget when I go into surgery so I borrowed a few things from your last post. I am skeptical about doing the massages so soon after the surgery. I know that some surgeons don't do them at all. So I was thinking about seeing if they could wait at least a week for my first one....we will see, continue to enjoy your results :)
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thanks girly.i mention about not being black because u girls REALLY know how to shake that a$$ i just try but its nit the same but def want to surprise my hubby dancing like that lol my hips are 42" let me pm you my email, i know ur results cant be that bad;)
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lol @ Nini. That video was my motivation to come up with the $$$$ for surgery. & you dont have to be black. one thing about it, you def have the body for it. Gurl you ARe Fine!!! Im embarassed to show my lil results but if you inbox me your email i will be glad too. may i ask your hip measurement? looks like we have the same size waist. oh & what week were you when you started to sit normally? i ask everybody.
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hi newme! how r u liking your results so far? are planning on posting any pics? girly that video is BAAMM BAAAM BAAAM!!! LOL 1st of all I am NOT african american , so i dont know how to shake it like that, and second i did Not have the boooty (before bbl) to even BUT after seen that video O.M.G!!!!! i shake it and bake it baby!! ;) ROTFL....welll am sure not like them girls im the video but i least i try and i now have the trunk lol dont take it off please.... belueve me when i say i come hete often just to play it and shake it lol *blushing*
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