I'm excited about the procedure - Brazilian Butt Lift - Aventura, FL

Hi ladies!! I'm excited about the procedure but...

Hi ladies!! I'm excited about the procedure but some unexpected changes happened with my family's schedule, so I'm looking to change my dates so everything at home will be covered while I'm out of town. So if anyone needs a later date... let me know. Thanks so much.

Height: 5'7"
Weight 189 lbs

No prob!
Good luck - if I see anything I let u know also
Thanks for looking out for me :-). I appreciate that so much.


Hey missy chk inbox

Thank you RealSelf members for being so supportive...

Thank you RealSelf members for being so supportive in helping me to prepare for my surgery and helping me with my date change. Oct 8th is the big day

I have to give a huge thank you to ***Brandnew***...

I have to give a huge thank you to ***Brandnew*** for switching dates with me :-)!
Ya - just let me know where U stay at ! :))
will do!
I found a hotel Hampton inn Miami airport

Shout out for all the ladies going in next week...

Shout out for all the ladies going in next week and happy healing for out RealSelf sisters in recovery!! I have't booked my hotel yet, I really want to stay near the Ft Lauderdale airport because they consistently have great rates and I can just take the hotel shuttle to and from the airport instead of troubling Larry, but they said that that area is too far for Larry... added a few before pics
I book directly with best western, I wanted a full kitchen so I called the hotel directly. It was only $890 for 8 days, not a bad deal. I understand the 15mins drive in a pain, but I want to be very comfortable afterwards.
Hey Cinnamon2 we have thesame date, hope to see you. I am booked at the best westin on Sterling rd Dania beach, it's a suit with full kitchen. I called the office and asked them before booking, and was told that Larry goes there. I am so excited for the new me.
My husband mentioned Dania Beach, but when I called the office the other day the lady I spoke to, not sure who that was, said "you don't want to be driving far when you're in pain". However, I need to book my hotel LOL!!! Did you book through hotwire, priceline, expedia etc., or did you just book directly with Best Western? I'm so excited too!!

Hi RealSelf sisters! We all know that the risk of...

Hi RealSelf sisters! We all know that the risk of getting seromas increase with aggressive lipo, however I'm wondering if we can increase our chances of not getting them. Whether you're a bbl vet, just starting your journey, about to go into surgery or recovering from a bbl procedure, I'd really love to hear your thoughts about ways we can help lessen our chances of developing seromas.

Here are my thoughts ( I posted this on missmiami's thread as well :-) )

I know that aggresssive lipo comes with the risk of seromas, but I have a theory. After surgery our bodies are constantly filling with fluid in the lipo areas to heal itself, if we were able to keep compression on it, or in other words [bold] don't remove the compression in the torso area for at least a week so that the skin has a chance of reattaching to the tissue better[/bold] (no showers -maybe sponge baths for a week but torso has to remain compressed). It seems that as soon as the garment comes off, the fluid immediately fills those spaces preventing or slowing the skin and tissue reattachment process and increasing the risk of seromas. I wish we could get our massages with the garment on for the first week.... I'm sure there's probably problems with leaving compression on the lipo areas for 7 days, but it seems like taking it off causes so many problems. This would be more preventative and wouldn't be helpful if the seroma has already developed...

Would love to hear what you ladies think!
Your day is coming up soon I no your excited!!
bamabunni, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!! Thank you and congratulations on getting your date changed. Oh about the garment question... from what I understand you need lower compression as well (between naval and pubic bone), so the waist cinchers wouldn't be able to keep down the swelling in that area. :-)
Awww hunn i hope my post didnt scare u. The best way to avoid is to make sure u have compression. When the garment gets too loose take it in or swap it out. Meelee had a seroma after surgery and it healed itself up because she got her massage and compressed the hell out of it. So I am sure this is the best method. After i get this sucka drained tomorrow its WAR:-) and imma win.

I can't believe I'm up at 1:03am. Flew in this...

I can't believe I'm up at 1:03am. Flew in this afternoon and met with Afrobeauty and her beautiful mother, shopped, went to pre op and shopped some more. It was good to finally meet Rueben and Larry. My surgery is at 11:30 am, Afrobeauty is before mine, so please keep us in your prayers.. thank you so much.
Hey, hey...I hope all is well darling.
cinnamon i hope to hear from u soon sweetheart :) God bless you *xoxo*
Thank u AFROBEAUTY AND Brandnew414 for letting us know Cinnamon2 way ok ......Cinnamon2 get well soon girl ...........

I have to give it up for ladies who keep us...

I have to give it up for ladies who keep us updated after having their bbl sx and give a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your prayers!! I was very uncomfortable after my surgery and could barely come on RealSelf, but when I did and read your comments, I can't tell you how much that encouraged me! You guys are great!

I'm trying real real hard not to fall in love with my swollen size, but I can't help it .. lol. I received 1100ccs and have no idea how many ccs were removed, but I like the size, even though the day after surgery, I thought it was too big and wanted it to go down some. Back at home.. thank goodness, but when I was fresh out of recovery, I kept asking myself "how in the world did Nini walk for 2 hours!" haha I walked my 15 minutes every hour or 2 and couldn't wait to get back to bed :-)

For those who will be using a nurse.... I used Best Care and received a really nice nurse, HOWEVER she kept asking to leave before her 48hrs were up....1 day to her was 8pm to 8am :o .. LOL! (this was very irritating... she did this both mornings)

I thought coming home was going to be tough, but thank goodness it wasn't for me...and this whole experience has made me very thankful for my family. I have so much catching up to do, all the new reviews and updates!! FabNewMe, it's good to see you updating and thank you so much for encouraging me when I was so discouraged! Baltimore, Nini, Forever, Afrobeauty, Brandnew414, Joselyn, Jayln, fit2bsexy, abettame, missy007, secretcharm, miss incredible, missmiamei, yassie, portland, MsFlat2FabAzz, Candiapple, BlossomedLily and Sexybaknew... A BIG BIG thank you ladies!!

Hey- thanks so much for responding to me- I asked you a couple more questions about liposuction healing I hope you don't mind answering? Thanks love xxxxxxxxx
I have another annoying question! Thanks for responding BTW this helps a lot, I don't get conclusive answers from a lot of people xxxxx
are you still wearing your garments too? I wish I could see your results?
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