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I have been a lurker on this site for quite awhile...

I have been a lurker on this site for quite awhile but have never posted. I am going to have surgery with Doctor Salama in March but I am looking for a later date between last week of April and the beginning of May. Please let me know if you want to switch as I want to start looking for flights and hotels. Thank you

Hey I have an April 29,2013 date and would love to swap dates. I have someone who said they would swap we haven't made the call to nancy please inbox me ASAP

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your expereince with us.

Good luck with your journey and please do keep us updated!


Hey girls, I'm scheduled fo surgery with Dr Salama...

Hey girls, I'm scheduled fo surgery with Dr Salama. I feel not prepared and lost. I have. So many questions and I hope you girls can help me out. I'm looking to book my flight since they are relatively chea at the moment but I'm not sure how long I should stay in Florida. I was going to travel w/ my fiance but it looks like my mother will be the one traveling with me. I was thinking 10-12 days or 2 weeks. I want to be healed with no drains, and since we purchase insurance from Dr Salama's office I would be able to use it in case anything happened. I'm coming from out of state. I was looking into garment from Lipo express, Salome and Fajate but there are so many choices. I'm getting inner knee lipo so I'm confused as to which I should purchase. Does anyone know what garment Salama uses? I don't want to ost wish pics because I feel everyones body is different. I know what I want my body to look like so when I go to Dr S that's what I will show him when I see him. Does anyone know of affordable condo rentals?

Hey ladies, I was wondering how small can your...

Hey ladies, I was wondering how small can your waist get after a bbl. I'm currently a 27 in jeans but I have a gut. My arms have gotten big so I'm thinking about adding them. I already added knee lipo since my knees are ridiculously fat. Has anyone with a 27 waist fotten down to a 24-25?
To answer this ! I truly believe it can go down to 24 -25 with aggressive lipo, just tell Salama exactly what you want. Remember i had a 28" waist before and now mine is freaking small , like unexpected. I have no doubt that Salama would be able to shrink that down, he was one of my first choices, but wanted me to gain too much llbs and the surgery date would have been less than 3 weeks away, Me cant gain so much !
I'm going to stress that to him. I have some hips but I also have the same problem you had w/ the dents. I need them filled in. When I lift my butt w/ my hands like simulating filling in the hips it looks perfect. But when I let go, its a mess. I gain weight easy. But I'm not gaining any for the surgery. American doctors have a limit.
I have feb 14th if you wanna switch ?

Does anyone want to switch witth me? I have a May...

Does anyone want to switch witth me? I have a May 7th date looking for a date the week of June 24th?

Hey ladies I changed my mind and decided to add...

Hey ladies I changed my mind and decided to add wish pics. For all out of state travelers how long do you girls think we should stay in Florida?

Does anyone have a date with Salama in December...

Does anyone have a date with Salama in December that wants to switch to June?
Might still need to switch, hit me up if our interested in March.
Im having my consultation on may 8th and even though i havent got there yet to get a date I 100% positive I am going through with the procedure at esp I would love to take your date so when i get there i will bring up this site and your date and see what can be done...Im not even sure if this is possible but im just so ready to get my bbl and i have stalked this site as alot of these profiles say they do too lol..okay well ill give an update on the 8th
If you can't get a December I have an October 25th date....

Salama switch: in need of late March date

If anyone wants to switch please message me. Need date in mid to late March.
Hit destiny81 she has March 24th for trade
Also welcome to team Salama I'm 11 months po and love it
Thanks honey Iuv your results I actually printed some of the stuff you have posted so I can have with me. I don't post a lot but I so lurk..lol

No switch

No longer need March
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