I am scheduled for my surgery sept 27th. I am so...

I am scheduled for my surgery sept 27th. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Dr. Salama told me i had to gain 10-15 more pounds but i've decided not so much. I want that bubble butt but I don't want it so huge. I have always wanted a big butt and use to have a little bubble but, but as I got older it disappeared. Here I go :))

Well, After talking to FabNewMe she convinced me...

Well, After talking to FabNewMe she convinced me go big or go home. So I have decided to gain the weight I need to gain to get the results I want. I have my little countdouwn that I look at everyday on my computer and it helps. He suggested I lipo my inner thigh but i'm afraid it'll look to skinny and make my body look akward. I was quoted $5,600 for back, flanks, upper back, lower back, tummy and a xtra $400 for inner thigh. i'm 145 lbs, 24 years old. I love my thigh and don't want to touch them, but if it means better results.... (what do I do).

Well so far I have 2,000 saved up, and im way...

Well so far I have 2,000 saved up, and im way ahead of schedule with my savings. I have been doing nothing but researching wish pics and reading forums with people who have done surgery with Dr. S. I am so relieve to know that everyone is flocking to Dr.S it reassures me everyday that I made the Right choice.
I'm at ease knowing that I will have someone to go with, who is also doing the surgery. Theres nothing cooler than sharing the experience with someone. I find myself now wanting bigger boobs to match, but I have to take a breath and tell myself one thing at a time. Btw this is the first time in Ever that I'm having surgery done.
Dr.S told me to gain 10-15lbs and I have read that, that is deffinately not a good idea and i've also read that its the best idea for best results. Sometimes making to much research gets me confused and concerned.
I work in an office sitting down all day and it'll be awkward if I have to stand infront of everyone to do my work. I don't want anyone in my family or at work to know. Im surrounded by people that talk shit and word spreads like wild fire.
I know im all over the place with wat im talking about but I feel like my brain is all over the place. Im already trying to figureout want im going to wear. I dont want to wear tight clothing to soon and mess up my butt :/ is it silly for me to think that???

It's almost exactly 3 mopnths until surgery. I'm...

It's almost exactly 3 mopnths until surgery. I'm trying to see what I can do to take care of myself or what vitamins should I start taking. I am gaining the weight that I need to for my surgery. I can tell on my face AND thank God it looks like it's al going to my stomach.I will have to weigh myself because i haven't yet. I need to be at 150. little by little i'm getting there :) and BTW..... I hate the way my stomach looks and I hate getting dress to go out, I rather put on a big shirt and some jeans to hide the way I look. So Depressed I can't wait to get this over with. I am so afraid that people will see a big difference and start talking, but at the same time fuck'em I've always had a PERKY booty and very nice, i just don't know what happen to it. It divorced me one day. lol.

PLEASE HELP!!! I am so frustrated. No matter what...

PLEASE HELP!!! I am so frustrated. No matter what I do I can't gain weight. I eat but can't seem to keep the weight on. I'm still at 145lbs. Is anyone else going through this. What did you do different. I saw myself at most at 148 just the other day and I weigh in at 145 today.I'm drinking Ensure and eating EVERYTHING. UGH. I'm afraid I wont get the results I want. ANY SUGGESTIONS

I've gain 1lb. Nervous and a bit upset. I can't...

I've gain 1lb. Nervous and a bit upset. I can't seem to keep the weight on. *SIGH*

I have been looking at alot of results from dr...

I have been looking at alot of results from dr.salama and I have a really good question for you girls that have already have surgery. If you can describe what you ask Dr. salama for your results to be, to have the results you have. I have seen alot of ROUND booties that don't look natural i I don't like. So if you can write a brief summary and i'll take a look at your pics to see if that what maybe I should ask him? ( dunno if I make sence but bare with me)

OMG OMG OMG I'm so happy. I weighed in today at...

OMG OMG OMG I'm so happy. I weighed in today at 152 still got a couple more months to go but i'm So friggin excited!!!

OK so I'm 2 months away...i gain weight up to 152...

OK so I'm 2 months away...i gain weight up to 152 but can't seem to keep it on because of the long hours at my job. What the hell. I dunno wat to do. i eat the most at night once I get home, but shit, no matter how much I eat i feel like I loose it the next day. I still look like my pictures but want to have more fat. SHOULD I WORRY. I mean I want to have the best results. UGHHH!!

I don't know why realself is giving me issues to...

I don't know why realself is giving me issues to uplaod a pic. Dunno what's the problem but I hope they fix this asap. I got an app on my phone called surgeon THANKS TO CURIOUSME21. I tried it and did a lil surgery on my self tell me what you think of my before and after. for now I have my Profile pic as my after untill realself gets the upload issue fixed.

36-32-40 messurements

36-32-40 messurements

I'm Back down to 145 Dunno what's the prob. Got...

I'm Back down to 145 Dunno what's the prob. Got less than 2 months and if I didnt do it in 3 what makes me think ill gain in two

Always nice to hear from you! That infamous...

Always nice to hear from you! That infamous package should arrive 2 months before your day of surgery, if its not there yet give it about a week. She is a little behind with the packages. As far as the rumors about him being too tired they are simply not true. We also heard that rumor by reading real self and when we asked him what that was all about he said that he did not know why they are saying that. Please do not worry because I promise you that its not that he is tired. You can to keep in mind that all the patients that come hear get different results depending on what they look like before surgery, not everyone gets the nicest results. Depending on how much fat you have you may not be totally happy because he had to leave some fat behind and those girls will be unhappy and complain because he didn’t take out enough but it has nothing to do with him being tired.

There you have it girls!!!! I love Nancy

Nancy Duque

Patient Coordinator

So ofcourse as everyone that is around 145lbs is...

So ofcourse as everyone that is around 145lbs is concerned If they have enough fat. Sometimes when i'm going out and I get dressed and put on my clothes and I feel awful. so I just cancel or put on a big shirt and keep it moving ( if I really have to go). Thenwhen i'm home and going through realself, I'm like OMG do I have enough Fat? Will my booty be too small? Am I affecting my own results. what can I do. So what is it. I'm too panicking. i just need to relax and I mean look @ HellllllloNurse, novaStar, bootywork,
barbz1, BBLNikki, Just to name a few ( so dnt feel bad if your not named) who are more or less in my category and have AMAZEBALLZ results...so They have been putting my mind at ease. Does anyone else feel my pain?

You know, I have completely stop living my Life....

You know, I have completely stop living my
Life. I have stop caring about anything except work. All I think about is the new me that's about to come and how confident and happy I will be. This is not only a change but it's to re-live again. I have pushed everyone in my life away because of how I look. I hide away and never go out. I have been invited to so many things I have rejected all due to how I look. I not only feel that this will change my life but I will live again.

I've noticed that everytime I take my iron pill I...

I've noticed that everytime I take my iron pill I get nauseated! Ewww. So I called Dr.Salama office because I was A little concerned and I was told to just try to take it at lunch or dinner not breakfast. Lol so she was very strick on having to take them though so. We'll see tomorrow how I feel and O did I mention instead of constipation they make me poop alot. Lol :)

I am suppose to have my packet 2 Months before...

I am suppose to have my packet 2 Months before surgey and it is 20 days over due!!!!!!

I am ver concerned about injection marks staying...

I am ver concerned about injection marks staying forever, or being noticable. Not that i'll be bending over like this everywhere I go. I am going to post a pic please if you have had surgery already...can you please answer if you can still see injection sights. I wanna hear your answer and what to do to prevent this if you have.

Oh God I'm so excited. Concerned as always but...

Oh God I'm so excited. Concerned as always but excited!!!

Well ladies I am soooo Stinkin Happy to say I have...

Well ladies I am soooo Stinkin Happy to say I have kept on the pounds that i have gained. I have maintained 150-152 and no lower for about a week now. Yay. and I have been eating like a PIG. IT'S ALL OR NOTHING. I don't have much time and time is ticking. donuts, Mcdonadls ( everyday) , lasagna, soda, ice cream, ensure i mean it's rediculous :)) ut it makes me Fat and happy!!

Thinking about getting the body shaper in this pic...

Thinking about getting the body shaper in this pic for second week of surgery. don't want any compression on the butt. what do yall think??

So this week iis goiing by super fast. Monday i...

So this week iis goiing by super fast. Monday i dont work and Thursday I go for blood work. Im trying to paitiently work and go through my week without having an anxiety attack lmao. Wooooosah. Its so close. The following week i have to stat packing and shopping for wat i need after i got the go!

Ladies!! I'm so happy to say that I have reached...

Ladies!! I'm so happy to say that I have reached 155lbs. OMG! Finally

You know, going back to the office reminds me of...

You know, going back to the office reminds me of the first time I went to do the consultation and put my downpayment. There were so many girls in the lobby who had done their Butt augmentation. YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW BAD I WANTED TO STARE, but I was afraid to get caught LMFAO!!! there results were so amazing. I peeked out the side but i was too scared. especially for just having it done. I can't wait to be standing in the room just like they were. As the days get closer I try to go day by day without thinking about it. can't wait to go back. Maybe i'll see a couple of you :)))))

Well I tried to write this a couple days ago but...

Well I tried to write this a couple days ago but my phone deleted it before I could post it. Well On Sept 6 I went to go do my blood work and my appointment was for 2pm. well I walked to floor 3 room 335 (Dr. Salamas Office). there was this older lady with her husband, her husband was sitting there and I knew she did the BBl cuz ofcourse she's wasn't sitting. Well we started talking and poor lady i asked her a million-an-one questions. Her husband was sooooo funny. He kept telling me his experience with his wife's surgery and that it wasnt easy. He Laughed and went on to tell us that they fought alot because according to her he didnt do anything right.....Well anywayz after we sat there for a while we went into see Nancy. We spoke about our payment and progress. Nancy is such a sweetheart. It warms my heart to see her. Oh and while we were in the waiting room we went through some documents and signed papers. AND LADIES...those of you who say you weren't told what to do before surgery....no one warned you.... BULLSHIT, If you were to take a minute and read what your signing before you go in for your blood work, everything is written in black and white. well anyways after we were done talking to Nancy and getting our Boppy pillow.. they gave us directions to go to the building where our surgery would take place.and apparently that where our blood work is done. Looks a lil crumby down stairs befor you reach his office. Well there Was a sweet Lady name Yaneilis or something like that poor girl was overwhelmed because the other nurse was out. My dad said he watch Steve Harvey show, ellen the generous and the beggining of something else ever since we got there and left. Then we went home :))) Can't wait till Surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Feeling a little nervous. Not at all prepared. I...

Feeling a little nervous. Not at all prepared. I just finish my period so, I lost weight. I dunno why that happens to me. I use to love the fact that i FELT SO THIN AFTER BUT NOW IT'S CRUCIAL i FEEL fat !!! LOL. Will upload. Pre Surgery pics. Stay tuned.

Well I took the weekend to pack WHAT i NEEDED...

Well I took the weekend to pack WHAT i NEEDED.
because I work Today (monday) and Tomorrow (tuesday), Wednesday I leave to Miami.
Well here are Just a few Things I packed.
*I bought Two Gorgeous Robes that look like dresses. One for day of surgery and one for next day when I go to change my garment.
* I got 3 long dresses for4 the last couple days before I leave.
*Two sets of Jammies (for the under shirt that goes in garment) which the shirts are also spandex.
* 3 seperate shirts for under garment (The material is spandex so I wont get no lines)
*5 spandex boyshort undies just incase I want to put them over my garment so mu Vajayjay is not hanging out lol.
*One pair of comfy bed slipper for day of surgery.
*MY face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, a body brush, sour patch watermelon candies, shanving blades, makeup, baby powder,
bandaid, gauze, neosporin, benadryl anti-itch gel to sooth my tummy,lotion, deodorant, booties so when my feet get cold,
*The command stick on to hang drainage bags in shower. I was afraid that if I bought the suction ones at any moment it can fall and YANK my bags out!!! OUCH !!
*chapstck cuz i know my lips will chap.
*we bought a shit load of food. If you guys want when I unpack them at the hotel I can make a list of them (LET ME KNOW)
*My boppy pillow*can't forget
*Yoga Mat
*My LAptop.
*My phone
* Pill Divider ( very Useful!!!)
*Ice pack/ heating pad.
* Bring a hoodie I heard you will be cold!
*Hair Clip.
*WipesClorox spray/wipes.
*dish liquid.
*Vitamins. ( can't forget!)
*Step stool for those who are getting inner thigh like me.
*And I have netflix on my phone for movie watching since I can't lay on the bed on my back to watch TV.

Ladies. My surgery is in a couple hours. I'm in my...

Ladies. My surgery is in a couple hours. I'm in my Hotel room at the Westin Diplomat!!!! I love it, it's gorgeous! I am not allowed to eat or drink anything pass 10:30pm ugh!!!! Got to get up at 6am. I'll try to figure out this shit with the internet so I can upload the pictures on my computer. My stupid phone wont do it.

This is the loooongeat night of my Life!!!!! I...

This is the loooongeat night of my Life!!!!! I have been up every hour os the night. Im so anxious. I cannot sleep at all. My dad said dont worry i'll be forced to sleep in a couple hrs lol. My goodness

Well ladies here it goes!! I got up at 5am and...

Well ladies here it goes!!
I got up at 5am and sat in bed because I was so anxious . My surgery was for 7:30am. I sat in the tub and scrub my skin with a brush. I then washed my face, put my robe on and combed my hair. Well as we drove over to the surgery center I was already mentally preped!!! As I walked in I didnt even wait I walked st8 in got undressed And met with dr. salama. The anesthesiologist then walked in and chatted with me for a bit. They took me to the surgery room and gave me soon Tequila!! Next thing u know i'm out! When i woke up I was lying face downand woke up in pain. I hollered for Yaneilise and in seconds I felt better and back to sleep I went. She let me sleep for 4 hrs ugh it was much needed. Then when they told me to sit I kinda refuse she said I had to so I held my body weight and hovered my butt over the wheel chair untill I got outside. Then layed in the back of the car and headed to the Hotel. Everyone was st8 staring oh well it's mine! i got the the room and drank a Gatorade and ate soup. Then I felt my ass super heavy and a burning sensation on my stomach!!!! I quicly took a perc, that thing is my bestfriend. It say 4-6 hrs I guarantee u, u will be taking it every 4 hrs!!!! I have been getting up every hour to waly....I DUNNO IF IT's JUST ME. But this was not as bad as Many of u said. I ate steak and potato around 8 with another gatorde. Oh and I pooped this morning right b4 surgery and so far I have peed 5 times. Well I'll try to figure out how to post pics :)))) ttyl girls Luv you

Ok well im almost 24hrs in and holy shit im...

Ok well im almost 24hrs in and holy shit im starting to swell. I can feel my ass. Its so huge its a lottle uncomfortable. Im not looking forward to changing my garment at 9am. I dont want nothing to touch ME!!!! In this garment my breathing is very minimal. Its so tight I have to take short breaths! MY ASS HURTS lol

Having muscle spasms on my right cheek lol...

Having muscle spasms on my right cheek lol.
Slept quite a bit for the first time but when i got up my percs wore off lol. Aaaaahh!!!! Feeling alot better

Took a shower and changed my garment. Taking off...

Took a shower and changed my garment. Taking off the garment was easy and the shower was amazing!!!! BUT!!!' holly crap putting on my garment over this huge ass was super painful. I almost cried. My garment is a medium and I changed into a medium but it feels like a XtraSmall!!! My waist is so uncomfortable and i feel like i cant breath. I've never read anything on my Bbls sister page about garment change but I thought i was going to the office and they were going to change it over there. Well they give it to u and take it to your hotel and do it yourself lol. I wanted to die cuz i had inner thigh lipo. Ooo Boy. But you just go over they are going to pull your garment down to your legs and remove all the tape(which hurts) and the gauze.. Ok well might get my massage tomorrow.... Untill then

I got 1,100cc

I got 1,100cc

I think that the third day is the worst. You feel...

I think that the third day is the worst. You feel constipated and getting on and off your bed starts to bother you. I have learned to do everything on my own, i dont like to feel like Im bothering anyone. Its wierd but I literally feel better today. Im getting on and off my bed like nothing but keep in mind i've been doing it since day one. In the end of day two and beggining of day 3 you might need a little help but key is to
Lay as close to the edge of the bed as comfortable ( please dont do this if your going to roll off!!!!!). I sleep on top
Of two pillows and its the Best thing ever!! I wish I knew to do this since day one!!! I get mu massage on monday and let me
Tell u, i'm Looking forward to it!!!! Still waiting to poop :/

I dont know if its the extent if lipo or what. But...

I dont know if its the extent if lipo or what. But u had my inner thigh lipo and unless I dont touch it I wouldnt know. Sometimes I even forget ive had them lipo. Doesn't hurt me at all at no point. Now if i could have brought something to deffinately help it would be a back scratcher!!! You will need move your compressed socks around cuz they get itchy. When your lying down something you cant reach might start itching. I sleep with a comb! And when my ass itch I just rub a little with a cloth. Got to pee ttyl

Finally pooped!!!! Omg!!! I know it's probably tmi...

Finally pooped!!!! Omg!!! I know it's probably tmi but it was amazing! And i took a shower right after. I finally figured out how to take off and put on my garment without ANY PAIN!!!!!!!! That is the best news!!!! No pain!!!!! Now ill be able to shower as often as I want with no worries!!! Girls if you've had the bbl done you know this is really damn good news. Girls if one thing I can tell you is NO MATTER WHAT YOU READ YOU WONT BE PREPARED FOR YOUR DAILY CHALLENGES. YOU MUST GET CREATIVE AND THINK ON YOUR TOES IF U ARE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS!!!!!!!! Any whoo I text ruben and bless his heart he's so cute. He txt me back right away cuz i had concerns about my garment. My massage is for tomorrow at 11am and I know its gonna hurt but i'm ready. Till tomorrow grls. LUV YA

So I just got my massage done and ket me tell you...

So I just got my massage done and ket me tell you that everything u have done up to that moment is a piece of cake with a cherry ontop. The massage felt like the worst pain u can imagine over and over again!! I screamed and cried the had an anxiety attack right in the middle of my session!! Omg I think I scared the massuse to death! My dad tried to help but its something u have to control on your own. Then when I was Finally done and I had another anxiety attack. Not fun!!! I'm scared that on Thursday it'll happen again. I'm going to get in contact with Ruben to see wat can be done. Girls i'm sorry to scare u but no words can explain wat u go through!

I would like to give you girls the details on how...

I would like to give you girls the details on how the massages are but dont know if its such a good idea.

Ever since I called Ruben about the Anxiety attack...

Ever since I called Ruben about the Anxiety attack he texts and chks up on me every so often. He told me to make sure i take the percs with food and if anything he'll get the Doc on the phone. I feel pretty safe :) wat a reliefe.

Well im really starting to get annoyed! This being...

Well im really starting to get annoyed! This being on my stomach and standing only!!! I'm sick to my stomach. No matter what I eat I dont feel better. :/

I couldnt hold it anymore i just started to cry!!!...

I couldnt hold it anymore i just started to cry!!! I cant stoP crying im so emotional. But it has nothing to do
With the way i look or any complications. I'm trying to hold it cuz i know ill have another anxiety attack. :/ well enough about that. My downstairs lip is swollen so
Bad im getting scared. Good thing my appointment is for tomorrow:)

Well ladies... STRANGELY my medium garment that i...

Well ladies... STRANGELY my medium garment that i took off yesterday got washed yesterday so I could wear it today and, i took a shower and put it back on today AND IT DONT FIT!!! IT BROKE as I was putting it on!! I COULDNT BUTTON IT UP so I left it open AND AFTER A WHILE I couldnt take it squeezing me anymore so when i took it off i marked my butt and my skin pretty bad not to mention they are both mediums. So I had to put back on my other garment. WIERD!!!


I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT FABNEWME!! And my bbl sisters support you guys are amazing!!

Dr. visit today for 3:30

Dr. visit today for 3:30

Salama observed my bum and he sat back and smaked...

Salama observed my bum and he sat back and smaked his knee and said... PERFERCT!!! He was so amazed with my results. What can i say he's the best!

I'm going through the night without taking a perc....

I'm going through the night without taking a perc. I go as far as 9 hrs sometimes. The pain is very minimal at this time-7 days

Omg the second massage was so much better. No...

Omg the second massage was so much better. No crying no suffering. It still is uncomfortable, but bareable. Got my drains taken out WOOT!!!


WELL NOW IM FINALLY BACK HOME AND LET ME TELL YOU I HAVE NEVER WANTED TO BE HOME SO BAD!!!!!!! I have stop taking my percs cuz I dont feel the need to. I havent had another anxiety attack but Dr. Salama wants me to get chked!MY Vajayjay got so swollen i felt like i had a pair of ballz inbetween my legs. By the way ladies that is perfectly normal

Well as many of you my Vajayjay swelled up and let...

Well as many of you my Vajayjay swelled up and let me tell you that feeling is super duper uncomfortable and a lil painful. when Mine got swollen nomie told me that it could take up to 2 months for the sweelling to go down.......oh hell no! My shit was nice and tight WTF!!!!. well when it happened rather than letting it hang i quickly stuffed it with toilet paper so i wont see it, not knowing thats exactly wat i was suppose to do. ladies take an unopen pad and block it from hanging out of your garment. its only been a couple days and my swellingis completely gone and im back to normal YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORe BALLZ

It's day 12. I havent taken a perc for 3 days now....

It's day 12. I havent taken a perc for 3 days now. I don't feel the need to cuz I dont feel ANY pain. Now sleeping through the night is my biggest challenge. I wake up with my back hurting so bad i'll get up and walk for a few pee and try to go back to sleep. because of the routine I hade during the first 7 days I wake up everyday around 6am stay in bed for a while and go back to sleep till about 7 and im up. I make sure to eat first thing and drink some water with my calcium and iron pills. Oh and the Arnica. most of my day I spend it lying down and walking because kneeling down is so uncomfortable.it's becoming so frustrating and a human natural urge to sit kicks in and it SUX!!!! I count down all the days but it sux because when the days are over I go back to work, but enjoying my time off is so hard. well for two days now my incision on my back is an open hole. literally its atleast 1-2cm. I cry everytime I look at it. Dr. Salama said just to wipe it down twice a day and put neosporin on it. HMmm.i have very minimal brusing on my thighs but everything else on my body is gone. No brusing :)). My belly button looks really funny and soggy! eww. moving around the board and sponges to make sure you are sculpting your body is difficult. no matter what you do it still looks a little funny and lumpy. my waist is very tiny though. I cant wait to take some really good pics for you girls. I know there can never be to many pictures. I want to start working out my upper body so it matches my new lower half. My hips feel like someone is poking it with a needle all day long but I can manage. it's just super annoying. I feel like the top layer of my but is soft. everytime I walk pass a mirror I cant help but to look at myself. It makes me really happy :)). I keepm measuring everyday and it makes me depressed!!!!! so I stopped! FABNEWME said it'll fluff eventually and let me tell you it's like waiting for surgery day:( so far away LOL well untill nxt time

Well I am at week 3 and I guess things are getting...

well I am at week 3 and I guess things are getting better. Sleeping through the night is nonw existant. My tummy is still soar and hurts when I take off my garmnet. I had my 5th massage yesterday and I enjoyed it. I love that i'm actually relaxing and not in pain.I had to give away half of my closet to my younger siser :(( Let me just tell you she was so happy cuz I have a very expensive taste. I hate to meassure my butt, but let me tell you that is the most depressing thing you can do to yourself. It really takes a toll on you. I try to just go by the way I look but you know your loosing volume :/ thank God to Fabnewme she's m rock and she gets me through my day.BRB breakfast is ready. ILL put pics

After my massage I will have my garment of and I...

after my massage I will have my garment of and I have so much to tell you guys. Bare with me and YAY I love pics, I know pics say a million words

So ladies. I went for my 6th massage today and it...

So ladies. I went for my 6th massage today and it just gets better and better. Well I forgot to mention that a week 2 weeks ago I scraped off the scab in the center of my back and it left a nasty open hole. Literally open like it was oozing some clear liqquid from the inside. Well today Oct 18th it's still open but healing well. From taking off and putting on your garmnt after your shower you scabs will fall off before they are suppose to. I am praying that they heal without any trace!!!! My butt has gone down and let me tell you when I first saw it I remeber saying Lord please this has to go down. I look so awkward!! I called Fabnewme and she said oh don't worry it will and you will hate it lol. In my head i'm like nah, it'll be a good thing cuz it's to big and let me tell you, just as she said I would hate it and I did. I wish it was back to how it was before but I know that is not possible. I haven't fluff yet so I am hoping I fluff well! I have lost a total of 2 whole inches and I have stop meassureing because it makes me cry!!! This is a up and down rollercoaster. I started trying on my swimsuits yesterday and let me tell you. I was so happy my butt is the size it is. It is crazii huge in a swim suit. And again I tell you (rollercoaster) cuz then I put on my garments and I am like WTF!!! MY ASS, where did you go!!!! I can't tell you ladies how important it is to maintain your garment on. I can't wait to take it off but it does wonders. When I do take it off my skin feels raw and I can't wait to put it back on! I know my butt is big butt just the difference to how it was after surgery it is so depressing, But then I remember how I was before and IT'S WAAAAAYYYY BETTER!!!!!!!! Because i did inner thigh.....PLEASE LADIES THAT ARE CONSIDERING HAVING INNER THIGH. I was not told or warned by anyone but please make sure your garment is not cutting into your skin cuz mine was and I didn't know and now I have a lump of fat that hard in my inner thigh. And everytime I look at It i break down. I have had agressive massage and its going away little by little (little by little)!!! I went out today to JcPenny to get myself a waist cincher and let me tell you WOMEN were starring ike crazii!!! and the guy that checked me out at the register and said " I know that waist cincher is not for you? your waist is so tiny". Am like yes I have to maintain my figure lol He said " WOW" lol as I walked away I didn't have to see this to know it but I know his ass was staring at my ass LMAO!!!!! The only down side is that I know I need to workout because my face and upper body does not match my lower half. I was hoping my face would go down lol but no. I think thats asking for too much. My vajayjay is the only thing that hurts and is swollen. everything else is just lumpy lol.Sleeping is Not easy at all. OMG!!! I wake up still 2-3 times at night to pee and just ta walk around to lay back down because It is horrible.Peeing has become easy because I hold on to the front of the toilet lik a frog to hold my body weight and it makes it AAALLOOOT easier. Pushing my poop has also become better because the first time you poop when you push your stomach hurts and it makes it a lil more difficult. I am worried that I have to go back to work next week and I am going to be sitting for 30-40 min at a time. UFFF this sucks.After surgery it hurts to stand for a long period of time I am at 3 weeks and standing for a good while is still a little uncomfortable. The back of your legs hurts and your feet, even your Ass lol. I have had the Luxury of having my mom cook healthy foods for me everyday so I have been maintaining a great diet. But I do sneak a lil something here and there. I have yet to have my period cuz my cycles are 34 days ( yes i know) but I dont know what im going to do when I have it and I go get my massage..ever since surgery I have POOped everyday faithfully.Ladies by the time your done you wont even know what the HELL A UNDERWEAR IS!!! Over all, even wat i've gone through with the massage IT WAS WORTH EVERY SECOND EVERY PENNY AND ALL THE PAIN lol. Ladies it passes so fast that you don't even feel it. Please make sure that you are with someone that is very supportive and is willing to do things as order. If you say i'm thirsty , hurting, or scratch my ass or anything they are willing to do it without an attitude because they know you need them. Trust me it will make your time so much easier. Dr.. Salama and Ruben hav been the best. make sure you have both their number because it doesn't matter what time I txt these two Loyal men they answer. I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH. For the beutiful ladies that have been asking if Dr. Salama fills in your hips, He only does if it's needed. everything goes according to your body type. Dr. Salama is THE MAN!!! he knows a womans body. i'll update if I think of anything else or depending on your questions. I love you girls. Keep safe and healthy.





Ladies when i got out of surgery and I took pics...

Ladies when i got out of surgery and I took pics for you.....I just realize that picss are not exactly as they seem. you see when you are out of suregery untill your second week you cant help but to lean forward which pushes out your bum a bit and makes it look a little bigger. please consider this when you are comparing photos. if i were to lean forward now as i had to after my surgey my bum would stick out quite a bit but because now I stand straight it she and understaows the reality of it. don't know if i explained myself well but please notice and understand.

Ladies its been a while. I neglected you girls....

Ladies its been a while. I neglected you girls. Will update in 4 hrs :) with pics. I have alot to say. Not to pleased. I have lost so much volume i feel it wasnt wirth it. The only reason im happy is that my stomach is so small but i could have done iit myself through exercise. I'm waiting for this so called fluff period to see if it changes my mind. I'm happy but disappointed.

Well ladies i'm On my damn phone till my ol ass...

Well ladies i'm On my damn phone till my ol ass computer decides to go up. Its really old anywayz. Right about now i am exactly 10 weeks out of surgery. I have lost a huge amount of weight and I am so unhappy with the size of my bum. I will deff have to go for a round two. Now ladies i am not sure if i have fluffed, Ruben daid possibly not. I will try to gain a lil weight because during the period of this week that pass my ass i feel have dissappeared. No ass. I feel like b4. I will give it its time because Ruben and Fabnewme said im still healing which i am. I have a sick ass waist, stomach. It is beautiful. I have to admit i look way better than b4, but what i love about myself i could have done at the gym. It is not Salamas fault AT ALL i just want a bigger ass. I feel like i just filled out what i already had. I want to exceed that. Shit gimme a sec brb

Ok so ladies... I fell INLOVE WITH MY SWOLLEN ASS!...

Ok so ladies... I fell INLOVE WITH MY SWOLLEN ASS! And that is why i feel unhappy. You see your self so curvy and then when it goes down it such a huge drop. Well i knew this going in. I think if i had go e into surgery and came out how i look now i would be happy. The down part is seeing yourself so big and then missing out on what you hace actually improved. I REPEAT IT IS NOT THE DOCTOR!!! I was already skinny and he was working with what i have. Trut me i know its because i saw myself swollen and wanted to stay that way. I am just being a greedy lil girl and want More. Damn brb again!!!!

Ok, trying to collect all my thoughts. HUMMMMMMM!...

Ok, trying to collect all my thoughts. HUMMMMMMM! Ok ladies. Sorry I have been gone so long. I am part owner in a buisness and I left to surgery at the beggining of our buisy season. Anyways. where did I leave off.....well over the past weeks alot has happen. I didn't sit till my 5th week and it did hurt. I only sat at work but the min I got home I was on my stomach again. I was so worried about losing volume that I refuse to sit. I did all of my massages and let me tell you it's like heaven everytime you go. Now at 10 weeks My stomach STILL hurts. I'm still healing. At night when I am sleeping and I go to turn around to change position My stomach Burns and hurts like hell. My stomach I so tiny!!!!! OMG never in my life have I been so small.Now I do have to workout my arms so that everything matches witht the rest of my body. LOL. After I had surgery I was so scared of the rapid changed that i didnt even know what to do. I wanted it to go down and when It did I was a t a satisfied point then to realize I was still going down. Ladies you have to be strong for this because this seriously takes a toll on you. I am going so crazii I had so uch to say and I can't even think....please feel free to ask away. anything IDC
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He is just excellent. He listens well and is vry funny. I just told him I chose you for a reason do wat u do!

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Hey girl hope you are doing well. I am not sure if yourupdate went through all the way. I got an email notifying me you updated, but I do not see pics or an update.
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Hope all is well girl :-)) oxoxoxox
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Hey, did your results last? On Your last pic it said you were losing volume, did you lose a lot more? Your pics look awesome!
  • Reply
Hell yes a lot of volume was lost.
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U really do still look great....I can really tell the diff. I do mean really.....looking good.
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Hey girl, I wanted to ask the vets. does your ass still feel sore? Mine do and I am super concerned bc it still hurts to sit
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Yes it my 5th month and I can't sit on any hard surface
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Hey girl I hope all is well!! You look great
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You look great even with loss of volume! honestly, sooo pretty!
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I agree with her! Girl you still look good regarless. Can't wait until mines
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You look GOOD. Loving the results even after the volume lost!
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HEY BOO! I was wondering what happened to you. I hope the weight gain helps, I know you probably still look great tho. Does your mom like he results? When did you feel like you lost the volume, during week ten or at week 5?
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Hey girl been wondering how you were doing. I always thought you had a rocking bod before surgery. Anyway, i know how you feel. I am 12wks and haven't fluffed. Honestly,i have my own theory about fluffing. Ether way good to see you checked in.
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hey gurlie,well maybe i cant see what you see,but i think ur butt looks good,still biggerr than mine,lol,but i know what you mean,cuz i liked how my butt did look when it was swollen,and when it went away,i was devastated,and i only got 500cc per cheek,so imagine how i feel,but i am going for a round 2,Jan 4,and i am well aware that i dont have a lot of fat,but i only want it on my bottom buttocks,the dr who did my bbl,put it all at the top,none at the bottom,so it does not look right to me now,just had my breasts done,so that dr will do my fat transfer,i just want it to blend in,i know it cant be big,so i wont even expect that...but gurl ur butt looks good to me!!!!Happy Holidays!
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Oh my gosh, girl, EAT SOMETHING!!! that's what you should definitely do before a round 2. 20 lbs is a lot of weight on a small girl. And right after surgery too. I don't have that problem (losing weight, seriously I don't eat very much at all and I am always chunky) But I have lots of friends who struggle with it. I'm sorry to hear you are sad with your results now especially all you just went through (now I REALLY know....) And I'm no doctor, but I think the answer to your problem is seriously just to bulk up on calories. he moved a lot of fat there and as you know fat cells once permanent just get smaller and bigger. Hopefully plenty of the fat retained and they are just smaller now. Good luck, girl. I'm glad you're back. I
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* I love your review and results. Even with a smaller booty your body is still rockin, no joke.
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Thank you Mshoneybunz. Sometimes i can be ungreatful but i pray its the weight lst. i worked something out with Ruben and agreed to gain atleast ten lbs and see where I stand
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I think you still look amazing! What does it look like now?
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Omg! I see what you mean from the 4-5 week pics!! Hopefully it is just from the weight lost. Now I can't weight for you to gain weight again to see it plump up :-) lol. I will be 4 weeks this Tues. and my volume lost is making me sad :-/ I really think this garment is making it smaller so I ordered a thong garment today so my butt won't have that compression so we will see how that goes. I have been terrible with not posting pics but I will tonight and on a continuous basis. I think it is weird how so many of Dr. Salama's patients have been complaining about significant volume loss and are wanting a round two. I wonder is it his technique?? #justsaying
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It's very hard on you to see yourself losing volume. at 3 weeks im like what the F but now I wish I was back at how i was at 3-4 weeks.
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Is your butt soft and jiggly yet??
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it's soft and it jiggles but it still hurts. I can't jump or run. it still has little hard areas
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U look AMAZING!!!!!!
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@Ready4mynewboobsandbutt that was my older pics. I love me now but I love me more after surgery. I have spoken to ruben and because I have lost 20lbs i have lost my bum! Will gradually gain weight to see if that fixes my issue with myself
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Also, why did you decide to lose weight? That probably has a lot to do with the size of your butt. Consider putting on weight before you go for a Round 2!!
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