Surgery Day Coming Up Soon, Very Nervous!...but Excited - Aventura, FL

I will be going to Dr. Pascual office in aventura...

I will be going to Dr. Pascual office in aventura where Dr. Lagrasso will be my surgeon, I am receiving vaserlipo in my back and front abdomen ( they are running a special right now for $4,999) and I am hoping all goes well.
I did my bloodwork and EKG, but my EKG came back abnormal and I had to find a cardiologist to give me a clearance and that clearance comprised of a "stress test" ugh, so inconvenient.
Lorraine was very helpful as well as nancy, but I will be posting by before pictures before surgery and I will definitely keep you guys posted! :)

5 days post op---before & after

Sorry ladies for not updating, but after surgery the anesthetics and pain was kicking my butt! U posted some before and after pix. The surgery went really good and quick, Richard, the anesthesiologists was so fun and nurturing. ..he made me feel relaxed, and pretty much everyone though. Dr lagrasso is a very nice man, he is real down to earth...I was very skeptical cause some dr's are very snobby and act like they don't want to touch u at a consultation, like dr. Pane at strax rejuvenation. Any who, my recovery has been hell with these migraine headaches I've been having everyday, needless to say and these drains. I apologize I didn't take a pic after surgery but everyone's body is different afterwards and I just couldn't get myself up, but I have what I have. Right now as I type I have a headache and my back is burning like all get out! I need some relief advice on the burning sensations.
I have my second follow up tomorrow, hopefully I will be getting my drains removed. The nurse says it has to drain below 50 or 25cc within 24hrs, sheesh, they coming out tomorrow regardless. Tuh!

ladies, I know it's too soon but...

Tell me what you think so far? Still a lot of swelling, soreness, and fluids. I definitely loss volume, I can see it. But too me its just full but not poking. I want to poke. I measured myself 1 day post op and I was a 46, im now a 45. So I lost an inch..sigh. don't leave me fat cells :(

more before & after photos

another photo to evaluate


Ahhhhh, I'm super ecstatic that I can now enjoy my new found bootay (with the exception of not sitting of course). I can take a real shower lol.
But, yesterday they actually removed one because I started crying being overwhelmed by the tugging of the drains and other pains associated with the surgery (I know I'm a cry baby at times lol) but they do tell u if fluids accumulate within the nxt follow up then they have to go in with a needle to drain. Yikes!
Yesterday I met Dr. Pascual for the first drain removal, I don't like her cause I saw some of her work, ugh. But hey, she must be doing something right, she been around for awhile with a few offices and great doctors, but she didn't answer all my questions, but Dr. Lagrasso was worse lol...can somebody say DRIVE BY! Geesh, horrible. I had a list of questions, guess "realself" will have to help me in that department! I will be posting pics soon as my recovery flourishes.

Feeling alot better, but

I'm feeling alot better, but the tightness and swelling is still very painful at times, its almost like I can't breathe sometimes. My baby daughter kicks me in my abdomen when I pick her up usually and I hate it, feels like jabs lol.
It takes about two weeks to see how much fat your derrier will retain, I know I have a dramatic change, I'm considering going back under the knife, but when i think of the pain and swelling, I reconsider lol. I've also gotten a good garment from "lipoexpress" those thangs are soooo good, way better than what they sale at the office, but eBay has a lot of nice ones. I needed one without a latch n hook, and a comfortable one with it also, that's why I got one from lipoexpress and maderna (I believe).
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Y were they not answering Ur questions. ..+ was thinking going to dr. Lagrasso
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Any update? How are your results holding up ?
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How long did it take to get clearance from cardiologist? My EKG CAME BACK ABNORMAL TODAY :-(. My surgery is supposed to be next Wed (10/16/13).
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Hi lovey, I went to cardiologist specialist of south florida off in plantation/davie, they had to do a stress test and then a nuclear heart exam which that had yo be scheduled, so ill say about a week and a half :((
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You look excellent!
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Thanks hun! I will be starting the gym this week also :)
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I hope you continue to have a healthy recovery. You are right you will get more info from RS then for Dr L. Take care.
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Thank you destiny, I appreciate that!
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Pretty good deal a special for under 5000 bucks out here in the states is great. You have a fatty and didnt break the bank. Stay strong hun. Thanks for sharing.
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How are you feeling now?
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Like crap. The swelling and soreness has succumbed my body. The garment they have for sale has a zipper and clamps and is irritating the bruises that run down the middle of my chest, so I thought I would sleep wo it tonight and man it's no winning! ; (
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thanks for update! awesome.
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Hope all went well!
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It went went, no complications, as I was nervous because I had an abnormal ekg cause my palpitations. Some ppl don't wake up. I just thank God. Recovery sucks though.
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Good Luck
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Thank you. It flew by quick. Didn't even remember I went to sleep. Still slept 2hrs after surgery lol the nurse thought I was tired lol wth
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Good luck girl! Nervous for ya ant wait Ta see ya results not seen any lagrasso x
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Thank ya! Yeah haven't seen any recently...we both can't be nervous lol it would make me MORE nervous lol.
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Welcome and good luck bbl sister!
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All went well. Recovery is where it all begins I see. Lol..
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