I want to say thanks to all my beautiful BBL...

I want to say thanks to all my beautiful BBL sisters for all your updates, pix, advices and prayers for each others. This is a great support team, and I'm glad to be on board.

I'm a mother of 3 and a wife an amazing man. I just turned 38yrs old, and realized I can have the body I have always wished and wanted. I have always admired girls with the coca cola shape and wished I was built like that, but unfortunately I have the sportish or boyish shape. So with that being said I say thank you LORD for BBL. I just paid my deposit and was told I have to wait till October to get my surgery :-( I will be willing to switch dates with someone in July, so pls let me know if anyone is willing to switch dates.

I weight 185lbs but was told by Naomi that I have to gain 10-15lbs more, ughh....... I have been pigging out cos' it's so hard for me to put on some pounds, any suggestions in gainning weight?

I called Naomi, paid my deposit and added my inner...

I called Naomi, paid my deposit and added my inner thigh lipo which is an additional $400.00. This makes the total so far for my surgery to be $7199.00. I am thinking of getting a tummy tuck, but I don't know if I my body can take all that at once, so I might be going for a TT six months after my BBL.

I am still looking to switch dates for late june/ any time in July with Dr Salama, I'm scheduled for October 8th. Any BBL sisters willing to switch dates pls contact me, luv you all for being there for one another.

I truly wish I can have my sx before I travel to...

I truly wish I can have my sx before I travel to Africa in August, I just hope and pray I can get a spot in July. So my beautiful BBL sisters if anyone want to change their dates plsss contact me. So far, I have gained 5lbs, 10 more to go. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a July date :-)...

So far I am still looking for someone to switch...

So far I am still looking for someone to switch dates with, but with no luck. I've gained 5 more pounds and I don't like it at all, I can't wait to loose all these extra weight after my surgery. Right now I weight 195lbs, and 5lbs more to go before my sx. I am 5'9 and 170lbs - 175lbs is the perfect weight for my body frame.

I got my package today, yeah!!! Reality really...

I got my package today, yeah!!! Reality really kicks in now, I am so excited, getting my new fabulous body soon. It's so important to get your package on time and read it thoroughly, after reading the package I realised that you can't take multa vitamins weeks before sx, so no more multa vitamins for me for now.

5wks and 3days to go, preparation mode activated.
Later sisters, deuces....

Today I called a place FabNewMe gave to me for my...

Today I called a place FabNewMe gave to me for my blood work, and I am going for blood work on Friday, wish me luck. The cost for my clearance tests is $285.00 thanks girl @ FabNewMe. If I find a place cheaper that will be great, but so far this is the cheapest. I have not book my flight or hotel reservations yet b'cos I'm waiting to get cleared for sx. Good luck to all my bbl sisters and happy healing....

Went for my blood work and Ekg today. Ekg was okay...

Went for my blood work and Ekg today. Ekg was okay but I have to wait till next week friday for the result of my blood work. As I am getting close, am getting a lil nervous. I won't book my flight and hotel till I get clearance for my sx, so I will wait till next weekend. I got 30 days to go, YEAH!!!!!
I ordered my make me heal plastic surgery healing suppliments & vitamin kit (pre & post op formula) for $66.90 including shipping from Amazon. I am taking Iron 130mg and Vitamin c 1000mg daily and will start taking the other medication 2 weeks pre sx that Dr Salama recommends. So far just waiting for my clearance to really get the kick of my journey.
Good luck and happy healing to all my bbl sistas.

I am so excited got less than 30 days to go, but ...

I am so excited got less than 30 days to go, but my nerves are getting to me. The more I get closer to my date, the more I am getting nervous and praying for safe sx and recovery. I am so looking forward to the new bootylicious me :)))
Goodluck to all my beautiful bbl sistas and happy healing....

Got my clearance letter for sx today, yeah!!! I...

Got my clearance letter for sx today, yeah!!! I also got my makemeheal multinutrients pre & post op in the mail today. Time to start packing up and getting every lil thing I will need for my trip.
When I went to pick up my clearance letter today, the doc and the assistant wanted to know what kind of sx I am going in for? I said a tt and lipo, definitely left out the bbl, lol..... The doc said she dosen't think I need one, I just smiled. All I want is my clearance letter for my bootay doc :)))
I am just glad I am getting closer to my date.
Thanks to the vets for all your reviews, it's really helping me in preparing. Later ladies and cheers!!!

I got a week to go. I just can't believe it's...

I got a week to go. I just can't believe it's finally here after waiting for about six months. I am so ready, I have been getting every thing I need.

I got my Arnica montana and bromelain healing suppliments from make me heal which I will start taking today, a week before sx as required by Dr Salama. So far I am taking my iron pills, vitamin C, and pre op multinutrients from make-me-heal. I also ordered Arnica montana gel and Arnica massaging oil from Amazon.

I booked for two pre op massages with massage envy this week.

I book my flight with delta airlines, got a good deal from hotwire.com for $180 round trip. I also booked my hotel reservations with Best Western on Sterling rd Dania beach, $895 for the suite with full kichen. The hotel is about 15mins drive from Dr Salama's office which is okay with me. I just got to start packing up my bag for this trip.
Wishing all my bbl sisters having their sx this week happy healing and a speedy recovery.

I called the office and spoke to Naomi about the...

I called the office and spoke to Naomi about the pre op massages, she said it is not recommended, that it really doesn't do anything for you except you just like massages. I read some reviews where girls says it helps you drain better but Naomi said it isn't so. I guess instead of getting two pre op, I will just get one the day before my flight to Miami. Before I do anything or make any decision concerning my sx, I like to speak and confirm with the doctor's office. Sending prayers to my October 1st ladies.

It has been crazy the last two days, running...

It has been crazy the last two days, running around to get every thing I need for tnis trip. Thanks to all the bbl vets, for making it easy for me to buy all I need for this trip.

Just got in the flight on my way to see the butt wiz.

just got in the flight on my way to see the butt wiz.

I arrived Fortlauderdale at about 11am, and sweet...

I arrived Fortlauderdale at about 11am, and sweet Mr Larry picked me up and dropped me off at my hotel, the Best Western on Stirling rd.
My bbl buddy partner Cinnamon2 came over to see me, she is super cool. We both went shopping for all we will need for the week, and went for our pre-op together. She rented a car which made moving around very easy. Met with Ruben to fill out all my paper work, he is very nice, and answered all my questions.

It is about 9.40pm, so I have to get some rest for tomorrow, my sx is at 7.00am. Keep on praying for me my beautiful bbl sisters.


Thanks my beautiful bbl sisters for all your...

Thanks my beautiful bbl sisters for all your prayers and well wishes. I am feeling great, been drinking a lot of fluid and walking. I am not so much in pain, from a scale of 1-10, I will say a 4 to 5. It more of discomfort and stiffness. I got 1100cc, I told Dr S I don't want a big bootay, more of a nice shape and he showed of me. I will update tomorrow after my garment change, need to get some rest. Cheers!

Oct- 9th Went to the office to get the paddings...

Oct- 9th
Went to the office to get the paddings removed from inside my garment, and my skin was so sensitive to touch, not a good feeling. Had an extra small t shirt on before I put my garment back on. I can't remember the last time I wore an extra small t shirt. My waist is super small, love it. I thought I was getting a garment change today, but I didn't, my garment was socked yesterday ,all the back and front was socked from drainage. I took my garment off when I got back to the hotel and washed it, I did not like the feeling at all cos my butt felt like exploding after about 30mins.Putting the garment back on wasn't as bad, but was difficult.
A little tip " I had a maxipad on the inside of my garment right underneath my boobs to protect the garment from hurting my skin" it sure felt comfortable afterwards.

Oct- 10th
Finally did #2 this morning, I know it's tmi but just had to share, the night before sx I had a lot of fiber so that helped. I took a shower this morning and I felt dizzy and weak afterward, I had to drink some cold water and lay down for a lil bit. I had my massage today with Celia, and it wasn't fun at all, I took a Peck and half before I went and that shit was still painful, it's like a burning feeling. The good thing was that Celia uses ice pack for the massage which kind of cool down the burning effect. I felt real good after the massage and just wanted to get back to the hotel to sleep, but I had to wait for Larry for an hour. Mr Larry is a sweet old man but just too much work for him alone. I met a fellow bbl sister QTQT, and she looks real good, Dr Salama is really doing his thing lately.


Hello bbl sister, I am looking for any bbl sister that is willing to switch dates with me. My date is March 17th 2014, I am looking for a JUNE or JULY 2014 . If you are interested please get in touch with me ASAP. Thanks, keep looking beautiful ladies.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama did a great job on me and I gave a kiss on his hand. He his a great artist.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Am looking for a June 2014 date If u want a later date I have Sep 29th 2014.
  • Reply
I have a September date too now, looking for a June or July 2014 :) wishing you the best
  • Reply
Thank u afrobeauty you too. I hope we can get a June date. The sooner the better.
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I hope so too girl :))
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Hey hun i keep seeing great results with round 2. Sorry it go the way you wanted. Is it gone be round 2 or a revision? Do you have any pics from round one? Sorry dont mean to bother you only if u want to share. I guess we want to know all the good and the bad
  • Reply
I meant sorry it didnt go the way you wanted
  • Reply
You are not bothering me at all, am going for a revision. I will post some pictures as soon as I get back into town.
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Ah ok, i heard from other girls is not nearly as bad as the first. I pray you get the results you want this time around
  • Reply
Thanks mami. So I heard too.
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I thinki knows rs sis looking for that
  • Reply
Pls bigbootytinywaist, ask her to get in touch with me if she's still interested.
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A nice lady and I tried to switch her date and they are starting to become strict on this policy because they have a waiting lost of people waiting for sooner dates. Good luck.
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I called the office, they don't mind me getting someone to switch. Did you switch your dates?
  • Reply
No I didn't. Wanted to go in July but I won't have all the funds by then.
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Do you still have your July date?
  • Reply
Yes I do. I think I am going to keep it. I will keep you posted if anything changes beforehand.
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Ok sis, keep me posted. They are giving me a September date now. I will try to get an earlier date before that:))
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hey! how are you doing?
  • Reply
I am feeling better now, thanks for asking but definitely going in for a round two.
  • Reply
Really? Why? I'm only asking because I want to assess why ppl are going for round 2 so I can ask the right questions & get it right the 1st time. :0)
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I think a lot of people need to also get upper back done and maybe combined with tummy tuck? My fish I hope he gets it all the first time around and makes my bumpa as big as he can
  • Reply
sweetmahogany, I asked all the right questions and followed every instruction to the T. The problem was I had seroma on both side of my tummy and after that fat necrosis on my hips which hurts like hell. After the seroma, now my tummy is lumpy and you can see the lumpiness thru a fitted top. So I have to go in for a TT. I want to be happy with my body after spending about $10,000 cash in total. More money to spend, which I am not really happy about. I guess every body is different with different experiences. Good luck swtheart and I wish you get the result you want.
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