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I finally scheduled my BBL with Dr. Salama and Im...

I finally scheduled my BBL with Dr. Salama and Im so excited! Im 31 yrs old, 5ft 1" and I just tipped the scale at 150lbs the heaviest I have been all my life. Although I have a fairly small frame, I carry most of my weight in my stomach. I think for the most part I have always had a nice shape but I cant remember ever having a completely flat stomach. I have tried working out but I always get thrown off by my busy and ever changing schedule so I never yielded the results that I wanted and I dont know if its because I didnt stick with it long enough or If my belly fat is just that stubborn. Plus I've heard that Its almost impossible to get completly flat after having a c-section which I had 11 yrs ago. When I spoke to Nancy she was super nice and very informative, she did say that it would be okay for me to lose about ten pounds before surgery to help me get my desired result. In the meantime I am going to do a little light working out and work on a healthier diet.


@fancyme congrats on taking the step towards your new booty! i gain weight in my stomach too! i still think dr s can make our bodies look banging! i'm on a weightloss journey before my sx, & so far it's not going well. but we can do it girl!
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Yea me too! Im thinking a swim class, pilates, or boxing before surgery. Once done I want to keep up a new healthy lifestyle anyways so hay! But good luck on your journey, do you have a date set yet?
Welcome to where 95% of your questions ( surgery ) will be answered and congrats on your decision to a new booty!!
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I am so tired of dressing to hide my midsection...

I am so tired of dressing to hide my midsection and feeling self concious about my body. My body image has somewhat been in the way of me doing things that I want to do because Im always concious of it. I am absolutly thrilled to be getting this done and Its almost surreal. My date is getting closer and Im so glad that I booked when I did. I so excited to shop for my new body, no more hiding. Its about looking and feeling good. Next summer Im gone shut it down, down, down!


Good luck with your journey!
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Hey fancy Michigan in the house (pumping fist). I'm so excited to see someone from MI goodluck on becoming bootilicious
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@fancyme....i'm booked for thurs 11/29. i can't wait! i'm staying in FL thru 12/7.....just booked the plane tix & reserved the car. now i just need to get a condo on lock & i'll be good to go....kinda.
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