Im 5'6 and 189 - BBL - Aventura, FL

Let me just say Im Diva I love to dress up and be...

Let me just say Im Diva I love to dress up and be sexy . I have the attutude and sass but I don't have the A$$! I knw I can catch his eye its just when I walk by and he turns to look I want that same Daaaammmnnn to be said from the back lol.

All jokes aside that has always made me insecure bc people can't help but to look at your butt when you walk by I think Its just some innate urge that comes over you to catch a peek at what someone is working with from the back. I have become obsessed with this website since day one and now I have the courage to do it.

I have put down my deposit and Im scheduled for 4/2/12 and Im about to lose my mind.Im sooo ready. I found a flight but Im homeless I need to know where to stay. Please help!!! Will upload before pics soon.

Ok finally booked.hotel im staying at the Sole on...

Ok finally booked.hotel im staying at the Sole on the ocean.

OK two weeks away sooo excited and SCARED. I keep...

OK two weeks away sooo excited and SCARED. I keep looking on here for reassurance. Anyone who is going aroung April 2nd or that has gone through this hit me up. I have so many unanswered questions. I don't know which vitamins to take wich slender bodies to buy! HEEELLPPP BBL SISTERS!

Im a week and half out and Im nervous, I seem to...

Im a week and half out and Im nervous, I seem to be like the opposite of everyone. Im trying to lose weight! Ok I aint no skinny chick! I will post pics .Im 5'6 and 189 so Im worried that my results wont be as good :( I also ordered my arnica viatmins but I read that they are very strong and vitamins usually make me jittery and quesy. Oh No! Im a soldier though and ill just have to tough it out. any suggestions BBL sisters?

OK three days out. Im trying to find the courage...

OK three days out. Im trying to find the courage to post my before pics.....

Surgery postponed...please pray for Dr. Salama

Surgery postponed...please pray for Dr. Salama

Surgery scheduled for thursday. thanks to all my...

Surgery scheduled for thursday. thanks to all my bbl sisters for your support before pics coming soon!

Ok surgery cancelled going home tomm...but will do...

ok surgery cancelled going home tomm...but will do everything I can to come back om two weeks . anybody having surgery around april 15th please keep in touch.

Ok I need to know about the marbay. the.first.trip...

ok I need to know about the marbay. the.first.trip I paid for.really nice hotels to.recoup in. well since I much money when my surgery was cancelled looking for another hotel . larry yhe driver keeps saying to stay at the Marbay bt ive heard bad things and its looks a little seedy on the ebsite. can someone please tell me abt this hotel.

Ok I decided to stay at the hampton inn hallendale...

ok I decided to stay at the hampton inn hallendale. its less than one mile from docs office,has a microwave and mini fridge SN: ladies I learned from the last time I was there. unless u plan on ordering room service everyday or your caretaker is willing to walk and get u something to eat each time I get hungry stay somewhere w a microwave. I was staying at the sole on ocean it was nice bt I had to walk to eat. it was ok then bt I cannot imagine walking in the heat w drains pain and bandages just to eat on top of tht nauseated and weak from not eating! oh yeah and I called them and told them I was having surgery and the price dropped to 129 a night w 50 for the week for incidentals and you dont have to pay upfront. im someone who prepaid 2000.00 for the sole and the westin diplomat last time so to save money is music to my ears! I was so dossapointed last time bt god is working it out and my persistance is paying off!

Sorry abt all the typos : cell phone.enough said ;)

sorry abt all the typos : cell phone.enough said ;)

Ok just got up the nerve to post my before pics....

Ok just got up the nerve to post my before pics. Its crazy because I always thought it wasnt a big deal but exposing yourself to the world for critique is scary....but then I remembered all my BBL sisters who had the courage to show themselves so others could get a better understanding of the drastic change done to thier body. Now I just have to wait for the AFTER!!!!

Its getting close but Im scared to get excited...

Its getting close but Im scared to get excited because I don't want to be disappointed again......Everyone has been soooo supportive. Its crazy because my friends and family try to be supportive but they don't understand why I want to do this. On here Im comforted in knowing other people share in that same desire of wanting to do something just for them. There is so much work, sacrifice and courage that goes into this that no one would understand unless they are going through it. This is not just physical transformation but it tests your endurance, will and determination. I have gone on a spiritual journey as well beacuse I know throughout all the rescheduling, loss of income and mental stress God has made this happen for me. To all those that are still thinking about this Do it for you no one else bc you have to be prepared good or bad for what could happen. Im feeling nervous but happy bc my body is in someone elses hands but I have full confidence in my Doctor and God. I posted new before pics ith my clothes on. I know most people want to be bikini ready but I want to look goood in jeans that are painted on lol.!!!!!!!After pics soon!!!!!!

Ok ladies Im here. Im still not excited yet bc Ive...

Ok ladies Im here. Im still not excited yet bc Ive been here before. I got in at 11 AM. Larry picked me up and took me grocery shopping. Ive checked in my hotel anbd for 129.00 this hotel is not bad.The pics online dont do it justice I took a couple of pics so you can see. It may not float everyones boat but its better than the Marbay , you wont catch you a baller here but you will heal in comfort lol. I had to wait to get my meds here bc in Texas Perks are a "C2" drug and cant be filled outside of the state they are prescribed from but they accept my insurance here so they were about 15.00. The pharmacist at Winn Dixie Alan stated that Perks have codeine in them and thats what makes you nauseated. Well ladies Ill check back in before I go under. If any other ladies are in town we should go have a drink before 12 midnight that is!

OK ladies im three days post op , one message down...

OK ladies im three days post op , one message down and a shower later. All I can say my results are amazing he really shaped me I am dirty south thick lol. I got 1250 ccs and my butt is so tight it feels like its going to bust. The message is major paaaaaayyyyynnnneee. I just bit a towel and let her do her thing ceclia is sweet and while you want to kill her she really does make you drain better.Ive been draining like crazy and yes i take those meds but i eat something every hour so the only time im nausated is when took my garment off. i have pics but some are really gross oh yeah i had to put down my diva card bc peeing is a real job lord i feel sorry for my caregiver two days without a shower aint pretty! well ladies my phone was stolen from my cousin while i was in surgery so if you tried to reach me thats why i havent responded. oh yeah when i came out i remember sitting in a chair begging to lay down, everything else is a blank. will post pics soon

Thank you lord got drains taken out today....

Thank you lord got drains taken out today. UUUGGGHhh they are the worst. I also had my second messgae with Eileen she is a master at what she does , it was far less painful today. Still have burning sensation on my stomach but Im soldiering through. Gett one more message in the AM and then Im going home. want to post pics but my cousin is no photographer and the pics dont really do me justice. but ill post them anyway.

Ok its a week and some change later and Im feeling...

ok its a week and some change later and Im feeling sooo much better ladies its gets better you just have to push through it. OAN: ladies we are not toast you are not going to just pop out and be video vixen or americas next top model no matter how much you pay. Perfection comes from being satisfied with healthy results. Even if you put a benz emblem on car doesnt mean its a benz. Youve got to also put a benz motor in it among other parts. In other words you are still you and even though you are being upgraded you will still be you, just better and you have to take care of yourself inside out. Dont get me wrong You pay for good results but we still have to be realistic in what we should look like because baby trust me mentally you will drive yourself crazy with this perfect body that exists in your mind. I say this out of nothing but love especially when I was going through the pain and I was questioning whether it was worth it and the answer is YES!!!!!! I cant wait to get dressed up. When I first started posting I talked about turning heads , now Im not even worried about that because I am so happy with me , my confidence is through the roof. Ladies feel free to ask me anything even if you feel like its akward, gross or simple. even though everyones experience is different I know there are many questions that run through your head that you may be afraid to ask. you can inbox me as well.

Its almost three weeks,I still have pain in my...

Its almost three weeks,I still have pain in my lower back especially in the mornings. Butt is starting to look natural and jiggles when I walk :). I took a pic in the same outfit (jeans) to show the diff.I took pics in dresses and I will upload soon. Still get tired easily but I push myself to build my ebndurance. I wont lie I sleep mainly on my sides with about five pillow under me and I use my boppy pillow to support my neck. I stopped tAking the pain meds so any pain I feel I try to stretch my body for relief. I get on my knees and pile pillows under me and then I move my body down like Im about to sit on my feet . Its hard at first but I go down a little more each time until its comfortable for my butt to hit me feet. It works for me . The worst is when I get up in the morning and my body is hunched over bc my back is so tight. I force myself to stand straight. You also get random tingling or burning sensations in your butt I just told myself my nerves are coming back.The only parts that hurt on my butt are the hard areas but most of my hard areas are around the crack of my butt the rest is pretty soft.My stomach still has hard areas and the stomach massage is the worst for me I just hate the way it feels when they are pushing on my stomach its not really painful just uncomfortable. V jay jay has gone down but still alittle swollen. The hole healed fast from the drains in my VJJ so I dont know if thats my im still swollen. The drain hole in my butt is still open and drains when Im getting massages Ive been told thats good. Thats about it. Wait the attention is noticeable I noticed people staring at my ass, at first i thought it was bc it looked fake until I saw the smiles that accompanies the staring and it felt good. Im not 100% but when i look in the mirror its all worth it.Im still needing to know if I have to order another full garment or can I go with a strapless garment, those straps are killing my arms.

Ok many have asked me about this so ...When people...

Ok many have asked me about this so ...When people are bold enough to ask me about my butt I tell them.....drumroll please...That while I was out of town I was involved in an accident. Most people assume car accident but I just say I don't like to talk About it but I'm fine. I haven't had one person yet to continue to question me. I'm not proud of it but it A. Explains why I have to wear a garment for support.B. why my waist is so much smaller bc the garment does not. allow me to eat as much .C why my back hurts and I have trouble sitting D. Why I go to therapy (massages)And E. Of course my butt looks bigger bc my waist is so much smaller,it creates a stronger illusion (but I did have a little butt to start with) .I'm not proud of my excuse by hey it also keeps people from wanting to touch me bc they think they will hurt me. Ironically my back is still sore and hugs aren't that comfortable right now so I'm ok w that. It works for me .hey don't judge me lol

Almost 1 Month post op and I have learned some...

Almost 1 Month post op and I have learned some things. Here are my TOP TEN Booty Lessons.. 1. I sleep on my side and I don't see any negative effects. 2. DO NOT go without any support . I didnt wear any support or my garment during the day at work for two days and my stomach and back became very swollen.3. I can sit but I have to do it in increments not exceeding 15 mins bc its uncomfortable. I sit on pillows even at work.4. Water is a must not juice. not kool aid. not water with flavoring . Plain water. I drink it all day everyday. I go alot too but It seems to relieve swelling in my stomach.5. My eating habits suck. Im not gone lie I have not been sticking to my healthy diet but Im going to change that because i don't want to ruin my results but I crave salty foods and we all know salt is the enemy! 6.I obsessed with my butt and rub it every single time i get up from sitting to feel for an difference. I rub it constantly in the store , walking around and at People probably think Im crazy but I just have this strong innate urge to rub on it.7. Trying on clothes is now fun but challenging I love the way I look in anything stretchy but anything without lycra or spandex is a no go. Thank God its warm and I can wear dresses. 8. Im addicted to lotion, my skin on my stomach is a diffrent texture after surgery and my butt gets dry so I am constantly slabing on Eucerin every time I \can get to my stomach back and butt. I have convinced myself that this is aiding is softening my butt and stomach.9. I havent had Sex because my VJJ is still swollen some and I want to make sure all wounds are closed but by no means should this stop anyone else from getting it in . Its hard when you feel sooo sexy, Just gauge how you are feeling and decide. And please know its hard because i do feel the pressure from my mate.10. I have learned to just enjoy my results . I obsessed over this procedure and I just knew I knew exactly what I wanted but in reality I really didint. I thought I wanted this huge butt but when I first finished surgery I was praying for it to go down. I let go of what I thought my perfect body would be and learned to love having a nice sized butt that looks so natural people that have known me for years arent really questioning me about it and ladies you know my butt is not that small. Is ok to feel anxious before surgery even second guess it . Dont automatically expect support either if you have it great but If not don't expect people that dont share your desire to understand why having a butt is so important. just vent on here. WOOSAH!!Its normal thats why I say make sure you do this for you . Be vocal withyour surgeon but make sure that the look you are going for will look good on you. I looved Bria Myles body (wish pics) but I had to realize I wasnt built like her to start with and the doc can't change my bone structure so I had to trust him to sculpt the best me he could. Is surgery scary. Yes. Is recovery painful. Yes. Is the healing process long and sometimes frustrating/. YES. Yes and Yes . But when I look in the mirror and see the new me would I do this all over again? HELL YEEESSS!
** Thank you to everyone for your love . laughter and support. To all the BBL who have come before thank you for all the insight and Sharing . To all that are on your way Don't forget about us when you get all fine. Keep sharing you never know your experience can change someone ellses life. Well thats all for now. PEACE. LOVE AND BIG BOOTYS!

SIX WEEKS IN. still sore on the back and stomach...

SIX WEEKS IN. still sore on the back and stomach but def getting better , butt has dropped and back has gone down. Still hard spots on stomach none on butt but then again Im always rubbing on it so I dont know if that caused it to soften. I heard no massages on the but but ladies I have everyone i know rubbing my butt for relief. I know it sounds wierd but I find relief in the rubbing sensation bc my butt was sore for a while.This may shock you but its crazy you wait and wait to sit and then when you can... you can't! well not for long periods of time. Sitting is so uncomfortable and strange . You would think that you havent been sitting all your life . I sit down like im pregnant. because I have to ease into a seat and even then I find myself shifting. Ive been to the movies, work and a graduation and each time I have had to test my endurance. Ladies I have to discuss the negative side of this surgery for me. Since we talk about everything on here I just have to share two experiences since this surgery that I wasnt prepared for. One I lost my relationship. All the attention made my mate insecure and the attention was too much to handle. So im single now. Second sometimes the attention is negative and you have to have tough skin. For example today at work I get called into my supervisors office who basically tells me Im violating dress code policy due to being too shapely and my clothing is now considered provocative. Mind you Im wearing the same clothes as pre BBLhowever bc my Sup (who is a woman ) has determined that she does not like the way they fit Im in violation. Trust ladies I am in dress code but I guess my body is not. Ladies my point is this you can never prepare yourself for the negative attention but hold your head up high and don't let anyone make you feel less than because you now have more. Peace . Love and Big Bootys

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girl they just hating! i wish i could see your before and after pics!! I'm booked for salama for oct.4th! =0)
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Hi Gsmith,
So sorry these negative things happen to you. Omgosh! there are always going to be haters even when you don't have the hourglass shape that's just how it is so I would just say _uck'em. I would think your man would love your new shape. Well good luck with everything and hope to see some pictures soon.
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I'm am so sorry about your breakup... I really hope things will work out. Right now my husband is supportive, but I hope he doesn't feel unhappy after the procedure... I'm of a different opinion .... so don't get mad at me ladies.. but I think having a beautiful body and knowing how to tone it down goes a long way, so I think you're on the right track not wanting to ruffle any feathers. Thanks for your honesty...reading your post really made me stop and think about how this may impact my personal and work relationships. I pray the best and God's blessings for you.
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Yes! What happend? You were so vocal & it really made me feel better about all this & now ............?????? Does anyone know what happend? Hope your alright.
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Hiii girl!

What happened to your pics? And you have no title, girl are you leaving us?! =O
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Hey , congrats on your procedure. You look great!! Would you recommend Salama? Was your butt squarish at first??
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WOW.....your results are amazing!!!! But Im sorry about the neg attention your boss was giving you at work....she was hatin hard on that ass. I was having the same issue with my husband about getting the BBL done in Nov and the attention I will get afterwards, so I know where you where comming from on that area. But it like what "Sir Mix a Lot said" Some brothers wanna play that "hard" role....And tell you that the butt ain't gold........So they toss it and leave it.....And he'll pull up quick to retrieve it" lol lol lol His lost
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lol thanks
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hey girl, Im new to this site just wanted to tell you u look great! soon I will be next :]
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Congrats make sure you dont forget about the little people when you get all fine ;)
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I am really sorry to hear about your relationship. I have always wondered about that. If anyone else has lost their mate due to being sexier. Sad!
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baby got back! you look great! thank u for sharing pix!
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You look great and thank you for keeping your BBL sisters who haven't had sx yet updated.
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You look great girl!! Thanks for the detailed pictures!!
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Hey Luxury congrats on your beautiful body. If you already answered this, sorry, but I was wondering what type of waist cincher you used? DI you buy it before or after your surgery? Anyone else post op who used a waist cincher, I would like your opinion too. Thanks!
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Can u say HATER!!!! OMG luxury I'm so soorry to hear about your breakup to me hell be back. Sometimes I really don't know y men make choices that they do. Mine has been acting up too talking bout wen I do my body that's wen I'm going to play him lol. Sometimes they just need some time to think. But u looke awesome like I've been telling u. Ya boss is the only hater tell her Dr. Salama has a special going so she can stop hating. I can't stand hating ass bitches. . I wish u the best of luck and happy healing. And I hope things really work out with u and your boyfriend. Xoxo Team Salama
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Can u say HATER!!!! OMG luxury I'm so soorry to hear about your breakup to me hell be back. Sometimes I really don't know y men make choices that they do. Mine has been acting up too talking bout wen I do my body that's wen I'm going to play him lol. Sometimes they just need some time to think. But u looke awesome like I've been telling u. Ya boss is the only hater tell her Dr. Salama has a special going so she can stop hating. I can't stand hating ass bitches. . I wish u the best of luck and happy healing. And I hope things really work out with u and your boyfriend. Xoxo Team Salama
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Amazing results. Can u post more before and after pics? I cant wait
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I'm so sorry to hear about your breakup. Please keep your head up. And please, please, please tell me your joking about your supervisor, PLEASE! I know hating exists but GOTDAMN now you trying to get me fired via " dress code violations". OMG! I know I shouldn't be shocked but it seems to bring memories every time I hear this happening. I know all too well what that hate feels like and it sucks. I'm sorry for the rant but I just feel for you. Boyfriends come and go but my job is my lively hood. Don't eff wit my money! Especially in this economy! Feel better xoxoxo.
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Looking good girl....your body is stopping traffic...Congrats & keep the updates coming
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Looking good girl... Your body is stopping traffic...Congrats & keep the updates coming
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Omg girl our body is banging it ur before body reminds me of my body now but ur now body is banging congrats honey !!!!!!!
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WOW your supervisor is something else. Truth is, she's jealous. Don't worry about her hating ass, you look hot. I am sorry to hear about your break up. You always hear something like this happening when people lose weight but you never think that getting a BBL can affect your relationship, so thanks for sharing that with everyone. And just hold your head up, if you two are meant to be together, he'll come to his senses and see he was being irrational.... If not, someone else better will come along. Good luck, and don't let this negativity make you regret your decision-- you look GREAT!
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Oh and I read your comment about how your boobs look bigger to you now. I think it's because your waist is so tiny now, that it makes them more noticeable. But hey that's a good thing right. Ok i'm off now, thank you for all of your updates :)
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