I have FINALLY Made A Decision.....I think.

Hey Everyone, Thank you so much to all who have...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much to all who have posted your stories, good and bad, it's been so helpful. I especially appreciate reading the HONEST reviews, where some of you come forward with things some of us don't want to hear.

I already have an ass, but age, as most of know, changes our bodies. I just want to "enhance" what I already have. The issue for me know is which damn doctor to choose, as they all have their pros and cons

If it wasn't so damn scary I would be on the first plane out to the Dominican Republic to see Yily or Duran...these ladies give the BEST results. I also loved Campos' results. But I just simply cannot take the risk of being out of the USA. I know of two girls personally who had to get blood transfusions while out in the DR.

So, back to the US. I was 100% going with Jimerson, but after reading so many negative reviews, I had to let him go. That man is running that place like a factory and just does not give patients the care and attention they need since he became so popular.

Next up, Salama. I was so damn confident in my decision to go him, but after a few VERY helpful and BRAVE ladies came forward about the atrocious burns that man has given me, how can I take the risk in going to him? I do not understand why after just ONE patient burned he hasn't mended his techniques. As if the recovery wasn't hard enough, we now have to worry about being BURNED?!

I have a consultation with him early April and will bring up these concerns. In the meantime I will upload pictures and update as best I can during the process.

Again, thank you to all the amazing ladies who have shared their story on this site, it is so appreciated!

Dr. Shahine Does Nya Lee BBL Totally Awake?!

So ladies, today I saw a video of that girl from Love and Hip New York, Nya Lee, in a video with Dr. Shahine. She was awake for the entire thing. I am totally confused as to what type of butt lift surgery she had. He is a plastic surgeon, and I doubt he would do anything but fat transfer or implants. Can anyone shed some light?

I had no idea you could be totally awake for this. Nya looks like she can walk right up on out of there! I have looked at some of his videos and his patients are totally awake and normal! Yet my impression was that we would be a sleeping mess during the procedure and wake up being a mess. What gives?

Consultations in Two Weeks

Hey Ladies!

Again, thanks for those who continue to keep updating!

I will be flying in to Miami in two weeks and have four consultations scheduled. My official four are Dr. Salama, Dr. Fisher, Dr Mendieta and Dr. Salahauzer. Here are my pros and cons for each doctor so far! I

Dr Fisher at Vanity-
Holy Mother of Hot Mess! This place is a trip yo. It took me 20 minutes to schedule my consult with Fisher after being transferred four times. The lady on the phone was like " I will make a note that you want to see Dr. Fisher" I was like, "what do you mean you are going to make a NOTE" Oh hell no, I am flying in from another state just to consult with Fisher, so you need to make sure I consult with him.

Further to the phone mess and various reviews on this site, I am wondering how the hell am I supposed to put my life in someone's hands when they work at a place like this? Not only that, I heard that Dr. Fisher is booty on the followup. If I want to be treated like sh$t and risk my life I might as well get my ass down to Tijuana or Dominican Republic.

He can shape an ass. But again, with the poor level of care I might as well go somewhere where they are masters at shaping.

-Implant Infections
-Bumpy Looking Stomachs
-Loose Skin

-He can shape an ass. He can give that bubble and heart shape
-Not that many negative reviews
-They are organized and professional

-Super Professional. I KNOW I will be in good hands. These people know what they are doing!
-Seems to take this field of BBL VERY seriously
-Shapes the hips nicely
-Not too many lumpy stomachs
-Feminine Shape
-Mindful of the OVERALL shape and symmetry

-Not the best projection/bubble
-Conservative (this may be a pro for some)


-Great Followup/AfterCare
-OK Shape

-Just Ok Shaping
-Some lumpy stomachs and loose skin

All in all if I Could have the combined Skill of Salama/Fisher with the integrity/professionalism and aftercare of Salhauzer/Mendieta I would be golden!

I will let you all know what happens when I get back from my consultations!


Ladies, if any of you are considering Vanity with ANY Doctor forget about it. DON'T DO IT.

This place should be SHUT DOWN! I saw it with my own eyes. I wouldn't send a dog there to do surgery. The girls who work there are all NASTY, barely speak any English and look like they haven't showered for weeks.

The Surgery Center is in a Fu$ckign STRIP mall! LMAO. The office "decor" is straight out of a tacky 80s swap meet.

This is a place for people who cannot afford to go to a proficient surgery center. It's low budget and GheTOE! If you are considering Vanity you might as well go to Coloumbia or the Dominican republic. For those of you who already had your surgery there, bless your heart for real. You are lucky to have come out alive.

Consultation Update

Man Where Do I begin. Let's start with the worst...DR. FISHER

Let's get something straight ladies: ONE CANNOT SEPARATE DR. FISHER FROM VANITY. Meaning, there is no such thing as saying "Dr. Fisher is so amazing, too bad he is at Vanity" Dr Fisher and Vanity are one and same. They both suck balls. Dr. Fisher Belongs at Vanity because he chooses to work there. Dr. Fisher has chosen to affiliate himself with this forsaken place, so he is just as bad as them.

I was seduced by his amazing results. But there is more to surgery than looking good in your Faja. There is follow-up, after care and communication.

I showed up for my consultation with Fisher and his funky ass wasn't there. They knew I was flying in from California to meet with him too!

While I waited in the waiting room, I was horrified by what I saw walk in and out of that place and what worked behind the desk. Bitches were ghetto As F$ck. I go in with his equally ghetto ass assistant down this long hall while she tugs at her skirt the whole way after one hour after waiting and she tells me "Ok so de doctor E-fisher es no is here. But For Why you no go for the E-doctor hasan? He make too nice E-Surgery too" I said "But is Doctor Hasan a board certified plastic surgeon" assistant says "SURE he is. Maybe, I dink so!" All the while this heffer is texting on her beat up iPhone. She told me to come back in the morning to see dr. Fisher because apparently he called in saying he had personal problems.

I can't, like I CAN'T. Ladies, don't go to Vanity. Results may look good at the start, but you may end up on the Maury Povich show with fat migrating down your leg. Who the fuck knows what goes on there! Does Doctor eFisher even exist? When I told the nurses etc at my other consults that I was consulting with Dr. Fisher, they all looked at me like my ass was crazy. I now see why.


Next Up Dr. Salama.

All in all this was a good consult. I had to wait 1.5 hours before I saw him. Some of the things which irked me were

1. Waiting 1.5 Hours

2. Waiting room was jammed. I guess this is a common thing in Miami? In LA, being at a plastic surgeons office is a bit of a more Zen Experience. Not trying to sound like a snob but, it really is night and day. In Miami you feel like you are going in for a Mani-Pedi, certainly not the level of sophistication and professionalism you get in LA. But if LA was that good I should have stayed my ass home right? Exacto.

3. There is A LOT going on at the Salama office. He is human after all, how can you do so much in one day, especially as a doctor. I worry about the quality of care and attention pre and post surgery.

On to Salama. After waiting forever I finally see Dr. Salama. Like everyone says, he is very professional and has a re-assuring demeanor with the right amount of professionalism and friendliness- He knew exactly what I wanted or rather needed without me telling him. He said I would need 1000ccs to 1200cc to get the results I needed because my butt is large and I need that much fat to make a difference. All the other Docs told me this too. I was concerned that would be too much because i already have a big ass, he said he could do less. That made me feel better!

Cynthia his patient co ordinator was really great, I think I talked her ear off, poor thang. I did ask about the burns of other patients, and she said she couldn't discuss the particulars. Touche. The burns do scare me though.

They were also quite friendly with their patients who were there for follow ups. But there was one girl in their with me for an hour. Maybe she was there for a massage? Her ass was massive and she looked like she was in pain. I felt bad she had waiting that long.

All in all if I were on a sinking Ship, I'd be jumping on Salama's Boat. However I don't understand how a doctor can or should do so much in one day.

Next Up Mendieta and Salhauzer


Just following up with Mendieta and Dr. Salhauzer

Dr. Salhauzer
Not a negative word to say about my experience at the consult. The most organized, "doctorly" consultation I went on.

There were people there before I arrived and after, but my consult still started on time.

Dr. Sal is a great doctor as well as well as all of his staff. A couple of girls in his office have a BBL and look great. Dr. Sal was my first choice but , I just haven't seen enough reviews and I do prefer Dr. Fisher's and Dr. Salama's shaping a bit more over Sal. I still may consider him though. I love the idea that they send a nurse to you the next day after your surgery. like your ass wants to get up and go into a doctors office the next day. The man knows what the f$ck is up! His office is very efficient, I was super impressed.


UGH. This is getting ridiculous. First I thought I was going with Dr Salama after considering all the PROS and CONS. Only to suddenly read a FLOOD of reviews from patients who need to go in for revisions. We are talking one or two ladies, we are talking a TON! IT seems like after a year their asses are going South. One girl is loosing so much volume it's getting uneven!

So I am like Ok Mendieta it is. He is the self-proclaimed BUTT MASTER, and his a$$ is sure to let you know that when you go for your consult. "Oh I was on this TV Show, I wrote this book, did you ready it" Blah Blah. But then I do a quick google search and learn one of his patients DIED, Betty Pino, died Last year although Mendieta has blamed it on complications of previous Dodgy work she had with Silcone from others. So I let that slide, even though a patient did die on HIS WATCH.

Then I read all of this lawsuits, I read of three so so far. Three patients are suing/ have sued for negligence etc. His defense..."if you haven't been sued, you haven't been practicing long enough" Alright there partna!

So the last man standing is Dr. Salhauzer. Oye Vay! He is good, but I just don't like how all of his asses look so high up. Dr. Sal may be the man for me though.

My Verdict So Far?






Oh Brother. Even with the Burns, the uneven asses, the revisions, I cannot let go of Salama. Why ? Because most of his asses are thicker than a snicker! That cannot be denied. ugh.

But thanks to the incredible results of Dr. Dass Dolls, and especially, Callsmebabydoll, I will be going in for a consult with him. I am stocked because he is in LA like me.

So ...so far It's Salama and Dass. I had to let go of Salhauzer , because some of his results are just meh. Sorry Dr. Sal, I really like you, but the shaping is not for me.

Ok so Pros and Cons SO FAR of each

-Ass Thicker than a sinker. Asses so phat they need a lap dance!
-He's done so many of these surgeries
-The recovery center they work with knows EXACTLY how to take care of you after you have a BBL. This is key for me. I ain't trying to wipe my own ass after surgery!
- I have seen some of his asses in person. Brought a tear to my eye.
-A Miami doctor knows just what the ass needs
-Smart Dude
-The Bubble Booty game on point!

CONS (seems a contradiction of the PROS?!)
-Sometimes lop-sided
-lumpy stomachs
-His hip game ain't the best I've seen

-Beautiful Shaping, OMG. The hips ...PERFECTION!
-Feminine aesthetic, if a TAD conservative on the bubble look (but who cares if that isn't what you want)

-Read only ONE Bad review saying he was late 40 mins. Girl, relax. you don't wanna deal with these Miami Doctors who are ONE AND TWO hours late!

-Happy Patients
-Stomachs look good. No lumpiness.
-Did I say he shapes like a mofo? His patients look like WOMEN.
- He is in LA, yaaaaaaayyyyy/. So he knows how to deal with fastidious broads like myself.

-Is he Too Good to be True?
-Haven't been doing as long as Salama. I wonder about the longevity of this butts.
-Wish they were more bubbly looking.
-Hasn't done as many butts as Salama


So no more Dr. Salama. Too many patients are reporting complications. If it's not the burns, it's the serums, if it's not the serums it's the fat necrosis.

#Bye Felicia.

Doctor Search still on. Sigh.


Hey Ladies! Had a consult with Doctor Dass and for the most part it was probably the most seamless of them all.

Dr. Dass is very calming and his office is very well run. Being that I live in Los Angeles I feel staying here is the best option for me. Also the service you receive in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles is bar none, the best in the world. They got their shit on LOCK! It's not a nightmare like it was in Miami.

Dr. Dass was very honest with what he could do and what he could not do. One of my concerns is filling out the dents in my butt, and adding more to the bottom. Dr. Dass advises me that it may or may not work as fat in the lower part of the butt where the crease is doesn't usually survive. Waaaaaaaaaa. Anyways here are my Dr. Dass Pro's and Con's

-Seamless Office Experience
-No waiting time
-He is great at shaping the hip/Butt
-Offers this procedure with Smart Lipo, which allow Skin Tightening, no loose skin!

-Allows you to be AWAKE for the surgery, eliminating the risk of General Anesthesia

-Great demeanor

-No lumpy looking stomachs

- He has been doing this for almost 10 years , yet there are not a lot of reviews of him. Why?

-He has only been at his office for one year. Previously at Boris Cosmetic with Dr. Hughes. As a result, the review seems to only be from the past year

-Some of his reviews here are repeated elsewhere on other sites. SUSPECT.

- I am not sure if he can produce that bubble butt look.

-Some of his Butts just don't have that fullness on the bottom that we all want

-His patient co ordinator Ryan, was SUPER NICE, but prone to over-exaggearation. This makes me nervous. He kept on trying to sell me on a procedure I was already sold on. Kept re iterating that Dass was an artist and patients experience MINIMAL pain post-op, which I know to NOT be true.

All things considered. I Think Dass may be my man. I just really need him to get on board with the bubble heart shape I want.

With all that you ladies have gone through post op with complications, I could not imagine not being near the doctor whenever I need to be drained etc. So I am probably going to stay in Los Angeles.

Talk soon!


Hey Guys well, I guess it's time to upload those before pictures! Like I said, I don't feel like I have a awful body, I just want to enhance it up a bit. With that being said, I am not sure if all the stress and recovery is worth it. As you can see I already have a shape.


So Ladies. This is just a reminder to DO YO MUTHA-F$CKING RESEARCH. I am coming to find out that Dr. Dass' office is shady as F$ck. The shadiest and fairest of them all. Let me submit the evidence below.

SHADY ITEM #1 : The First Red Flag was I asked Dr. Dass and Ryan how long Dass had been doing this procedure. Ryan who exaggerates said "Oh 10 Years!" I then asked Dr. Dass and he said 8 years. But they both wavered in their response. The Lie detector test determined that was a LIE! FACT: Dr. Dass only became certified in 2012.

2. SHADY ITEM #2: Take a look at all these reviews. Only a FEW of Doctor Dass Patients update. Yet you have been doing this for 10 years? Sit Yo ass down.

3. SHADY ITEM #3: The reviews all sound like the same person, with the exception of a few. Maaaaaan, sit yo ass down.

4. SHADY ITEM #4: RYAN RYAN RYAN! This dude's favorite word is ARTIST and ARTISTIC HANDS. When I went in for my consult all he could talk about was Dass is an artist this and artistic that. Look at these fake ass reviews, a couple of them use the words ARTISTIC HANDS. Interestingly these same reviews are repeated on YELP, VITALS, RATEMDS etc. Who the hell goes and posts the same review on more than one website? RYAN THAT"S WHO! Ain't no bitch recovering from surgery trying to get accounts on 100 websites to write one review. Maaaaaan, sit yo ass down!

5. SHADY ITEM #5: Bitches be getting up after surgery and doing the fucking Salsa! According to RYAN bitches are twerking the night of surgery. How stupid do you think we are?! Major Liposuction and Fat transfer and your ass is bout to turn up the SAME DAY? Ryan, sit yo ass down!

6. SHADY ITEM #5 : Peep the AUSTRALIA" review. User Lydia2012 . This "down under" bezzie seriously endured a 24 hour flight back to Australia 7 days after surgery? Girl (Ryan/Dass) you betta sit yo ass down. Her ass just did an around the world flight after major surgery but can't post any pictures? Most of you heffas on here can't even take your garments without fainting after 7 days.

It's a no-go for Dr. Dass. And for all of you considering him, call his ass out on this shit! And don't let Ryan take you for a fool! Ryan if you are reading this homie..you betta SIT YO ASS DOWN AND BEHAVE!


Hey Ladies,

Nothing super riveting to report today. However for now. I am skipping out on Dass. Yes his work speaks for itself, but I thought I was Considering a doctor who has been doing this surgery for 10 years. Come to find out that He has only been certified as a plastic surgeon for 2 Years. It makes me uneasy that a Doctor's office would fib on such vital information. It explains why he has so little reviews.

Still the results of his patients are outstanding, but I can't deal with a Doc who doesn't have dull disclosure.


Hey Ladies. Nothing extra exciting except that I got a Faja and waist cincher to practice how it feels to be uncomfortable all the damn time. Reading all your stories about garment woes made me decide to get one and practice wearing it before surgery. That way it may ease the shock of having to wear this dreadful torture device. It's a bitch putting on! I have no idea how you ladies do it POST SURGERY!

I plan to practice wearing at least three months pre surgery on top of training my waist.

Current Measurements

28 Waist
43 Hips

Reality Check

Ladies. In case anyone is considering going of town and specifically To Vanity and using their recovery home package, please spare a moment and ready BeautyBooty review here


They had her and other patients staying on a BARN of some sort with Actual Horse Stables. Yes, Horses. One patients even feel on her ass almost unconscious and the nurse was more concerned with washing the blood off her hands than help the girl get up off the ground.

Ladies, be careful. Don't let your thirst for the ass rob you of your reason.

Doctors Posting FAKE Reviews

This is just a vent. I wish there was a way for real self to better monitor Doctor reviews. I won't call out any doctors here, but I have already mentioned this problem before. Doctors posting fake reviews are DISGUSTING! You are a DOCTOR, where the f$ck is your integrity! You are a doctor you shouldn't have to resort to this high school nonsense! This is the kind of shit little girls do. But a doctor, really?

I just read some lame ass "review" where they said the doctor gave them a "Celebrity Butt" LMAO! Do you know of any woman who speaks this way? And no, posting up ONE ass picture doesn't legitimize your review either.

Ladies, beware. Damn if they lying in the reviews, what the f$ck are they doing while you are under? Ah hell no!

For the Record, I have not seen Dr. Salhauser, Salama, Fisher, or Mendieta post fake reviews. Because their asses stay too busy for that shit!

Doctors Posting Fake Reviews

How exactly are these accounts verified? Real Self will only verify with email address, so that doesn't mean shit! They really need to crack down. It's not right. If you are allowing Doctors to post fake reviews, RealSelf.com will loose credibility with its users. I had a couple of "Dass" patients respond to me in inbox. Guess what? The ones that did respond (with the exception of the real ones) all said the SAME thing. Go to Dass, he is AMAZING! OMG MY HUBBY CAN'T KEEP HIS HANDS OFF ME" Hmmmm, suspect. Of course they responded to you before surgery, waning to make sure you choose them. Then after you pay and have your surgery, they are done with yo ass. No More replying to your PM's.

There are enough REAL reviews to base a decision. But the fact that a Doctor would lie, makes you forget the truth, which is that DASS is a good Doctor. That Mother F$cker had my ass at Hello! I was ready to put down money for surgery, but had to figure out a date. But then the shit hit the fan, and I had to pass.

Another serious reason why these fake reviews from Dr. Dass are detrimental: They have him all with five stars and thus place him in the REAL SELF TOP DOCTORS Category. This distinction alone will coerce women into getting the procedure because he is a so-called Top Doc, but what they don't realize is that this Top Doc Distinction is based on FAKE REVIEWS! So he put himself in the Top Category. It's so deceiving, and RealSelf has power over this.

In regards to fake reviews, there are MANY ways to distinguish between a fake review and a real one. One red flag is when they don't have ONE NEGATIVE THING TO SAY. Are you kidding me? This is the most HELLISH procedure I have heard of! Some women have even said, Childbirth was easier, some are STILL recovering MONTHS later. And you're gonna tell me you had a "LITTLE DISCOMFORT" Chile PLEASE. Sit the fuck down! And I don't wanna hear that business about "EVERYONE BODY IS DIFFERENT" Man, stop it. This is MAJOR trauma to your body and you will be feeling some kind of way for a long ass time.

Rest Assured if I decide to do this surgery with Dr. Dass, and I can't get up and do the Fox Trot the next day, Imma beat yo ass Ryan! And that's real! I will make you come to my house and wash my Faja and scrub my booty!

I'm About To Divorce RealSelf.com

Bruh.....Oh my word. This new site update is no bueno. Come fix my ass not the site! The site was fine before.

A Change of Heart

Hey Ladies! It's been a while since I updated, a while back my ass was fired the fuck up!

Here's the situation; I'm going to hold off on getting the BBL done as this time. I still want to do it, but the need is not as fierce as it once was. Why? Because thanks to some of the ladies on this board I have come to learn of the REAL TEA concerning this surgery. Truth be told I am not super dissatisfied with my body. My ass is just greedy. I just want to enhance it. But I cannot justify the 6-month recovery and all the risks for some more ass and a smaller waist.

Here's what scares the living shit out of me

1. Death
2. Necrosis
3. Seroma
4. Hormone Issues
5. Complications
6. Fucked up Belly
7. Dents from fat death
8. Having to be on my fucking face for two months, not sitting
9. Feeling like shit for two months
10. The emotional roller coaster
11. The Blood, the bruises, the scars

And so much more. All of the above coupled with the fact that I just have not been able to find a doctor I am 100% on board with. I haven't been confident in any of the doctors I have consulted with for varying reason. I understand why this may be a necessity for a lot of women, but at the moment I am taking a step back....just for the moment. ..Because chances are my greedy ass will be on an operating table near you soon.

Shout out to all my bitches keeping it real on RealSelf!


I have been following one of Dr. Dass' Patient Journeys very closely. Turns out she wasn't happy with her procedure and is very unhappy with Dr. Dass.

Why then REAL-SELF, when I looked at Dr. Dass' Reviews her update is nowhere to be found in HIS profile and he still has a 5-Star Rating . NOWHERE Can I find her NOT WORTH IT designation. This woman has done a great Service to your website and your users by giving a detailed and INTELLIGENT account of her entire procedure, which this site thrives on. Yet, all of a sudden you cannot find her negative review on Dr. Dass's profile.

Now, not only do I NOT trust the so-called positive reviews of Dr. Dass, I am starting to think Real-Self is in Cohoots with these doctors who (probably pay) seem post their own reviews. I even sorted his reviews by "most recent" AND STILL her NOT WORTH IT review did not come up.

I already spoke to real self about these review and of course they are verified to be legit. "EyeRoll"

I guess it just takes time to update? SMH. She posted that mess yesterday! Are ANY of these sites trust worthy?

Chile please!

Well Damn

Ugh. After Deciding that I HAD to stay in Los Angeles to get my ass did, I have decided to say :"F*CK THAT SHIT."

Why you ask? Because the doctors in Los Angeles Suck. The masters of this shit are in Miami, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. And since I will not leave the USA I think I'm going to have to go back to my initial doctors in Miami. Ugh

And once again, I'm getting thirsty for old boy Salama. His asses are the got damn Truth! Like I cannot right. I just saw "princessCash" results and my eyes damn near jumped out of head. You can't say NOTHING to a Salama ass, especially princessCash's ass. And he puts out asses like this on the daily.

Why you ask did I drop him? Well some of his patients were getting burned and experiencing fat necrosis and sagging. So Imma have to hit up these girls and see what's up with them.

The thing is though is is that other doctors may be doing this too , but we just don't see it because Salama does 100's of these surgeries.

I also didn't like how his stomachs were looking, but they seem to be looking a little better.

I was riding tough for two LOS ANGELES Doctors, Dr. Sej and Dr. Dass. Here is why they can keep it pushing.

Dr. Dass: Nice guy, but I have only seen about TWO convincing results. I have seem a lot of his results where there is a FLAT part in the middle of the ass. What part about giving these girls a round ass did ya miss? He has messed up one of my girls, and based on that he can miss me with that shit.

Dr.Sej: He has a lot of promise, but why dis fool only have 8 reviews? He tells you at the consult to go peep his instagram, but when you do, he uses pictures of the same 5 patients. Homeboy been rotating pics of them for the past year. Nah, homie I'm good. Something ain't right with that.

So Back to Salama I go. I really wanted to go with Dr. Fisher's Bald-Headed ass, but he works at the Jerry Springer Show, so nah, I'm good there too. But let me tell you, The BEST ass I have seen was a Fisher Ass. Like It was perfect from every damn angle.

Anyways ladies, my new project is convincing myself to go with Salama. All in all, I got the best Feeling from him. There is something about his demeanor that makes you feel safe. And I know he will have my back.

I'm Being Haunted By the Ghost of Dr. Fisher

Oh Brother. I can't right now. So as I noted previously I gave up on these Half-Assed going nowhere with their lives Los Angeles Doctors. They just aren't there yet in terms of shaping. I WAS considering Dr. Sejal Patel, but as I said, it's like he has only done 10 surgeries and he's turning into an instagram Thot his own damn self.

I have also noted that I thought Dr. Fisher and Dr. Salama were putting out the BEST asses in he country right now. I had previously dropped Salama because some of his patients were complaining of necrosis and sagging asses a year later. But his asses got supernatural powers though.

Which brings me to Dr. Fisher. Ugh.

Why is he haunting me like this? I have not seen one bad Fisher Ass, he has EVERYTHING a greedy bitch could want; Plump Ass with Beautiful shaping and hips. I mean how he do dis? But how, I mean HOW imma have a surgery in a mother fucking STRIP MALL? Boy you playin' . But I just can't let this fool go! I have read a lot of other Fisher girls who feel the same. Vanity SUCKS, but they had to suck it up because they wanted to have Dr. Fisher perform their surgery. Ugh.

What I don't understand is how a man who has performed 100s of these surgeries, From Northern Cali, Harvard educated, two-time plastic surgery residency, is performing surgeries out a damn STRIP MALL in Southern Florida in bum fuck nowhere. HOW. DOES. THIS. HAPPEN. ? I remember rolling up to Vanity, sweating my damn ass off, and was like "DA Fuck is this shit right here?" Trust me, the girls at the front desk looked at me like "Who da fuck dis bitch?"

Am I being a snob? Should I overlook the poor communication, the Spanglish, the 80s Miami Vice decor, the Arcylic nails which haven't been filled for three months, the peroxide blond hair with black roots, the platform shoes? Should I put my life in Vanity's (excuse me, I mean Vanidades) hands? I am not exaggerating but I thought I was going to contract ebola when I was sitting in the consult room, the place was that musty.

Fisher's Bald Headed ass and cute portruding ears has a bitch in her feelings. Plus I saw a video of him explaining the Surgery on youtube, and I think I may have fallen in love with a white man. I can't right now. I'm weak. Ugh.

I have FINALLY Made A Decision.....I think.


I have been to Los Angeles, To Miami to South Florida and back again to Los Angeles. I have consulted with Six mother fucking Doctors. Changed my mind four times. But I have FINALLY made a decision based on a several factors which I will get into later, which hopefully help ya'll Salty Ass Bitches.

Drum Roll .....


Lawda Mercy! Yes Sir!

Am I in LOVE with his results completely? Nah. But with all things considered I think he is the best.

Here are my concerns. I just don't want a big ass. I already have one. I just don't want hips, I gots dem. I want an ENHANCEMENT. I want to shape a little better. I am happy with my body, I just want to fine tune it. I want

1. To Fill In Dents in Hip and round them out
2. Add some more juice to da ass

What I am not trying to do is audition for the next 50 Cent Video.

It was a toss up between Dr. Fisher and Dr. Salama. Dr. Fisher HANDS down has the best shaping, I don't what ya'll say. His ass and hips look beautiful and harmonious. But his stomachs in my opinion are whack city. If you are a Fisher Doll, I apologize, but his stomach are not my thing. Dr, Salama's asses are not 100% my taste, they are beautiful, but they are full on Donkey Booties and not 100% my thing. Why did I choose him them? I feel with a little direction we may be able to come to meet my expectations. I can't even get an audience with Dr. Fisher how imma give him direction? It's the communication between doctor and patient which is important and I feel I can get this Dr. Salama.


1. He is giving you an ass. A straight up Donkey Ass Booty, but I have seen him do other types too.

2. He has performed SO MANY of these surgeries

3. He has a complete TURN KEY SITUATION. This be my shit doe.
-They do massages in the office
-He has a recovery center where they KNOW how to take care of BBL Patients
-They all know what's up and can be EASILY Reached

4. He knows what he is doing

5. Office Staff THE BEST of all I have experienced.

6. He is honest.

1. Necrosis (But this can happen with any doctor)
2. Burns
3. Sagging..this is MY WORST FEAR!
4. Stomach not perfect (But I have only seen one doctor with good stomach and that was Sej Patel)
5. His hips are kinda wonky looking

In the meantime, I am PRAYING , that no negative reviews surface, cause I will loose my shit! Do I think he is the PEFECT choice for me? No, but he scored the highest for me with all the factors I was considering. I really didn't want to leave Los Angeles, but I had no choice. They Suck Balls over here.

So there you have it. Salama Dolls, we on the same team now!

Lawd Help Dr. Salama.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

No surgery yet.

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