Hey Everyone, Thank you so much to all who have...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much to all who have posted your stories, good and bad, it's been so helpful. I especially appreciate reading the HONEST reviews, where some of you come forward with things some of us don't want to hear.

I already have an ass, but age, as most of know, changes our bodies. I just want to "enhance" what I already have. The issue for me know is which damn doctor to choose, as they all have their pros and cons

If it wasn't so damn scary I would be on the first plane out to the Dominican Republic to see Yily or Duran...these ladies give the BEST results. I also loved Campos' results. But I just simply cannot take the risk of being out of the USA. I know of two girls personally who had to get blood transfusions while out in the DR.

So, back to the US. I was 100% going with Jimerson, but after reading so many negative reviews, I had to let him go. That man is running that place like a factory and just does not give patients the care and attention they need since he became so popular.

Next up, Salama. I was so damn confident in my decision to go him, but after a few VERY helpful and BRAVE ladies came forward about the atrocious burns that man has given me, how can I take the risk in going to him? I do not understand why after just ONE patient burned he hasn't mended his techniques. As if the recovery wasn't hard enough, we now have to worry about being BURNED?!

I have a consultation with him early April and will bring up these concerns. In the meantime I will upload pictures and update as best I can during the process.

Again, thank you to all the amazing ladies who have shared their story on this site, it is so appreciated!

Dr. Shahine Does Nya Lee BBL Totally Awake?!

So ladies, today I saw a video of that girl from Love and Hip New York, Nya Lee, in a video with Dr. Shahine. She was awake for the entire thing. I am totally confused as to what type of butt lift surgery she had. He is a plastic surgeon, and I doubt he would do anything but fat transfer or implants. Can anyone shed some light?

I had no idea you could be totally awake for this. Nya looks like she can walk right up on out of there! I have looked at some of his videos and his patients are totally awake and normal! Yet my impression was that we would be a sleeping mess during the procedure and wake up being a mess. What gives?

Consultations in Two Weeks

Hey Ladies!

Again, thanks for those who continue to keep updating!

I will be flying in to Miami in two weeks and have four consultations scheduled. My official four are Dr. Salama, Dr. Fisher, Dr Mendieta and Dr. Salahauzer. Here are my pros and cons for each doctor so far! I

Dr Fisher at Vanity-
Holy Mother of Hot Mess! This place is a trip yo. It took me 20 minutes to schedule my consult with Fisher after being transferred four times. The lady on the phone was like " I will make a note that you want to see Dr. Fisher" I was like, "what do you mean you are going to make a NOTE" Oh hell no, I am flying in from another state just to consult with Fisher, so you need to make sure I consult with him.

Further to the phone mess and various reviews on this site, I am wondering how the hell am I supposed to put my life in someone's hands when they work at a place like this? Not only that, I heard that Dr. Fisher is booty on the followup. If I want to be treated like sh$t and risk my life I might as well get my ass down to Tijuana or Dominican Republic.

He can shape an ass. But again, with the poor level of care I might as well go somewhere where they are masters at shaping.

-Implant Infections
-Bumpy Looking Stomachs
-Loose Skin

-He can shape an ass. He can give that bubble and heart shape
-Not that many negative reviews
-They are organized and professional

-Super Professional. I KNOW I will be in good hands. These people know what they are doing!
-Seems to take this field of BBL VERY seriously
-Shapes the hips nicely
-Not too many lumpy stomachs
-Feminine Shape
-Mindful of the OVERALL shape and symmetry

-Not the best projection/bubble
-Conservative (this may be a pro for some)


-Great Followup/AfterCare
-OK Shape

-Just Ok Shaping
-Some lumpy stomachs and loose skin

All in all if I Could have the combined Skill of Salama/Fisher with the integrity/professionalism and aftercare of Salhauzer/Mendieta I would be golden!

I will let you all know what happens when I get back from my consultations!


Ladies, if any of you are considering Vanity with ANY Doctor forget about it. DON'T DO IT.

This place should be SHUT DOWN! I saw it with my own eyes. I wouldn't send a dog there to do surgery. The girls who work there are all NASTY, barely speak any English and look like they haven't showered for weeks.

The Surgery Center is in a Fu$ckign STRIP mall! LMAO. The office "decor" is straight out of a tacky 80s swap meet.

This is a place for people who cannot afford to go to a proficient surgery center. It's low budget and GheTOE! If you are considering Vanity you might as well go to Coloumbia or the Dominican republic. For those of you who already had your surgery there, bless your heart for real. You are lucky to have come out alive.

Consultation Update

Man Where Do I begin. Let's start with the worst...DR. FISHER

Let's get something straight ladies: ONE CANNOT SEPARATE DR. FISHER FROM VANITY. Meaning, there is no such thing as saying "Dr. Fisher is so amazing, too bad he is at Vanity" Dr Fisher and Vanity are one and same. They both suck balls. Dr. Fisher Belongs at Vanity because he chooses to work there. Dr. Fisher has chosen to affiliate himself with this forsaken place, so he is just as bad as them.

I was seduced by his amazing results. But there is more to surgery than looking good in your Faja. There is follow-up, after care and communication.

I showed up for my consultation with Fisher and his funky ass wasn't there. They knew I was flying in from California to meet with him too!

While I waited in the waiting room, I was horrified by what I saw walk in and out of that place and what worked behind the desk. Bitches were ghetto As F$ck. I go in with his equally ghetto ass assistant down this long hall while she tugs at her skirt the whole way after one hour after waiting and she tells me "Ok so de doctor E-fisher es no is here. But For Why you no go for the E-doctor hasan? He make too nice E-Surgery too" I said "But is Doctor Hasan a board certified plastic surgeon" assistant says "SURE he is. Maybe, I dink so!" All the while this heffer is texting on her beat up iPhone. She told me to come back in the morning to see dr. Fisher because apparently he called in saying he had personal problems.

I can't, like I CAN'T. Ladies, don't go to Vanity. Results may look good at the start, but you may end up on the Maury Povich show with fat migrating down your leg. Who the fuck knows what goes on there! Does Doctor eFisher even exist? When I told the nurses etc at my other consults that I was consulting with Dr. Fisher, they all looked at me like my ass was crazy. I now see why.


Next Up Dr. Salama.

All in all this was a good consult. I had to wait 1.5 hours before I saw him. Some of the things which irked me were

1. Waiting 1.5 Hours

2. Waiting room was jammed. I guess this is a common thing in Miami? In LA, being at a plastic surgeons office is a bit of a more Zen Experience. Not trying to sound like a snob but, it really is night and day. In Miami you feel like you are going in for a Mani-Pedi, certainly not the level of sophistication and professionalism you get in LA. But if LA was that good I should have stayed my ass home right? Exacto.

3. There is A LOT going on at the Salama office. He is human after all, how can you do so much in one day, especially as a doctor. I worry about the quality of care and attention pre and post surgery.

On to Salama. After waiting forever I finally see Dr. Salama. Like everyone says, he is very professional and has a re-assuring demeanor with the right amount of professionalism and friendliness- He knew exactly what I wanted or rather needed without me telling him. He said I would need 1000ccs to 1200cc to get the results I needed because my butt is large and I need that much fat to make a difference. All the other Docs told me this too. I was concerned that would be too much because i already have a big ass, he said he could do less. That made me feel better!

Cynthia his patient co ordinator was really great, I think I talked her ear off, poor thang. I did ask about the burns of other patients, and she said she couldn't discuss the particulars. Touche. The burns do scare me though.

They were also quite friendly with their patients who were there for follow ups. But there was one girl in their with me for an hour. Maybe she was there for a massage? Her ass was massive and she looked like she was in pain. I felt bad she had waiting that long.

All in all if I were on a sinking Ship, I'd be jumping on Salama's Boat. However I don't understand how a doctor can or should do so much in one day.

Next Up Mendieta and Salhauzer


Just following up with Mendieta and Dr. Salhauzer

Dr. Salhauzer
Not a negative word to say about my experience at the consult. The most organized, "doctorly" consultation I went on.

There were people there before I arrived and after, but my consult still started on time.

Dr. Sal is a great doctor as well as well as all of his staff. A couple of girls in his office have a BBL and look great. Dr. Sal was my first choice but , I just haven't seen enough reviews and I do prefer Dr. Fisher's and Dr. Salama's shaping a bit more over Sal. I still may consider him though. I love the idea that they send a nurse to you the next day after your surgery. like your ass wants to get up and go into a doctors office the next day. The man knows what the f$ck is up! His office is very efficient, I was super impressed.


UGH. This is getting ridiculous. First I thought I was going with Dr Salama after considering all the PROS and CONS. Only to suddenly read a FLOOD of reviews from patients who need to go in for revisions. We are talking one or two ladies, we are talking a TON! IT seems like after a year their asses are going South. One girl is loosing so much volume it's getting uneven!

So I am like Ok Mendieta it is. He is the self-proclaimed BUTT MASTER, and his a$$ is sure to let you know that when you go for your consult. "Oh I was on this TV Show, I wrote this book, did you ready it" Blah Blah. But then I do a quick google search and learn one of his patients DIED, Betty Pino, died Last year although Mendieta has blamed it on complications of previous Dodgy work she had with Silcone from others. So I let that slide, even though a patient did die on HIS WATCH.

Then I read all of this lawsuits, I read of three so so far. Three patients are suing/ have sued for negligence etc. His defense..."if you haven't been sued, you haven't been practicing long enough" Alright there partna!

So the last man standing is Dr. Salhauzer. Oye Vay! He is good, but I just don't like how all of his asses look so high up. Dr. Sal may be the man for me though.

My Verdict So Far?






Oh Brother. Even with the Burns, the uneven asses, the revisions, I cannot let go of Salama. Why ? Because most of his asses are thicker than a snicker! That cannot be denied. ugh.

But thanks to the incredible results of Dr. Dass Dolls, and especially, Callsmebabydoll, I will be going in for a consult with him. I am stocked because he is in LA like me.

So far It's Salama and Dass. I had to let go of Salhauzer , because some of his results are just meh. Sorry Dr. Sal, I really like you, but the shaping is not for me.

Ok so Pros and Cons SO FAR of each

-Ass Thicker than a sinker. Asses so phat they need a lap dance!
-He's done so many of these surgeries
-The recovery center they work with knows EXACTLY how to take care of you after you have a BBL. This is key for me. I ain't trying to wipe my own ass after surgery!
- I have seen some of his asses in person. Brought a tear to my eye.
-A Miami doctor knows just what the ass needs
-Smart Dude
-The Bubble Booty game on point!

CONS (seems a contradiction of the PROS?!)
-Sometimes lop-sided
-lumpy stomachs
-His hip game ain't the best I've seen

-Beautiful Shaping, OMG. The hips ...PERFECTION!
-Feminine aesthetic, if a TAD conservative on the bubble look (but who cares if that isn't what you want)

-Read only ONE Bad review saying he was late 40 mins. Girl, relax. you don't wanna deal with these Miami Doctors who are ONE AND TWO hours late!

-Happy Patients
-Stomachs look good. No lumpiness.
-Did I say he shapes like a mofo? His patients look like WOMEN.
- He is in LA, yaaaaaaayyyyy/. So he knows how to deal with fastidious broads like myself.

-Is he Too Good to be True?
-Haven't been doing as long as Salama. I wonder about the longevity of this butts.
-Wish they were more bubbly looking.
-Hasn't done as many butts as Salama


So no more Dr. Salama. Too many patients are reporting complications. If it's not the burns, it's the serums, if it's not the serums it's the fat necrosis.

#Bye Felicia.

Doctor Search still on. Sigh.
Moises Salama

No surgery yet.

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Hi Hun, THANK YOU, for all the information you provided for us!! Previously i was torn between Dr. CARDENA "MEXICO" & DR. Salama. For my main concern was the "TT". Like you after careful consideration I looked into Dr. Salama, unfortuantly after paying my down payment and securing my date was when i came accross the burned victims, :( I started to have second doubts even talked to my husband and he was like babe, look at the ratio of surgeries he do that were succesful versus those that wasn't.....complications will arise with any surgery etc, etc...After careful consideration im going to stick with him because his results are excellent and he's experienced with curvy trusting in this practice and have faith by putting it in Gods getting a "TT/Lipo/mini bbl " cant resist LOL At the end of the day we have to follow our instincts and choose whats best for us! With all your detailed planning im sure you will find the right one : ) Please keep us informed im excited to see how your results turn out and the doctor you choose .....cause grl u aint playing!
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Girl you know I ain't playing! I am not secure with Salama, but those reasons are my own and just my opinion. I applaud that you have chosen your Doc and are secure with your choice. That's what matters. I felt most comfortable with Salama's experience , but it's his technique and longevity of his asses which left me unsure. I still have not chosen the perfect doctor for me, but I still think of Salama from time to time.... like the guy who got away, lol! One of the issues I have found with Salama besides the burns and yucky stomachs is the fact that he injects only into the skin/fat and fat WILL die. That is why so many of his patients have necrosis etc. At any rate, I can't wait to read your story!
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Girl... You sound just like me and my story . Although I didn't take the time to post all of it. Glad you did . I went through almost the same thing. I'm from LA but I was going to make my way to Mendieta bc he's supposedly the nicest Ass doctor. Salams asses are too big for my taste. Nice shape though. I have a friend who went to Bruno and got good results but very minimal. At the very last day I changed doctors. My gut told me Dass and I listened. It's only been 3 days. So I'll keep u updated . I feel your pain. When you know, you'll go
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Thanks mama!
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Aaaw , just read your posts. Thank you for your sweet comments about my results. I just wanted to say that , keep in mind , I had ZERO. If Dr Dass was able to shape me and fill me to this degree, I can imagine he can do great on you. Especially , since you already have a but?!! Girl, your Golden. When I asked him for shaping, he told me "that's what I do" My Abdomen in person is smooth , I'm even wondering how the hell he did that ? Im loving my hips and he Lipo'd me down to the bone. Have you seem the results of Babeshell? She has a different body type but look at that bubble ass? Daamm! My ass is holding steady but I may want more in my middle area. It's not a surprise , we had discussed it . I also need to be careful because for me, it's a fine line. I want it round and filled in but NOT huge, just because I'm a professional and a Mom of grown Sons, their opinion of me is very important to me, so I keep it in mind. I just can't get over these curves!
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I am so happy you're happy! I am having just one issue with Dass. He has been performing these butt lifts for 8-10 why then are there not as many reviews? I love your results and the results of his other patients...but still not 100% with him because I just have not seen enough results/reviews. Ugh. I am a picky ass bitch!
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I agree. I do sometimes wonder where the patients are? It's not picky , it's our damn bodies. For me the $ is a secondary issue . The inconvenience and HELL of this recovery is the first . To not have it come out correctly the first time , who (unless you're a celebrity or don't work) has the time for all this recovery crap? My gripe and let me tell you , it's real, is that it is Not realistic to say this is a two week recovery? To resume activity in two weeks? I'm here to tell you, no way in hell. So we have to be picky!
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That's how I felt about Ghurani. Even on his website he doesn't have a lot of pictures of all bbls's he's done. When I met with him he showed me pictures he had on his phone which was great but I need to be able to review them over and over again. You know how we do lol... I mentally turns those butts upside down and inside out. I have folders for each doc I'm interested in with pictures of their work and using my x-ray vision I turn those butts inside out. I use those pictures to compare their work to each other. I look at how the fat is placed and then watch to see what it looks like after 2 wks,, 1 month, 3 months etc (if the info in available). If you don't have enough reviews then I cannot do that. I asked Thania to ask Ghurani to give me access to the pictures on his phone so I could scrutinize his work more closely but she said he couldn't do that.
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The thing is that no matter how many Buts we look at , it depends on our bodies and what we have to begin with . The few spectacular results you see on here have commonalities : 1. all very young 2. all very thin 3. Already have a nice shaped rear but they are thin so 4. When you inject the fat to plump them up (The rear) and they were already perfect everywhere else , OF COURSE the But is going to look perfect . That's easy. I think looking at what we have to begin with is much more helpful than looking at pics of others :) just my opinion
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Girl you sound like me! Now I don't feel so bad. For me, I just don't any surprises two years post of. Know what I mean? And Salama girls are the only ones updating. How do we know this is not happening with other girls? BabyDoll raised a good point about Salama. she said he places fat LOW so it looks awesome to begin with. but then after a couple years the ass starts to sag. I think for me, that's the deal breaker!
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Nevermind about Dass. I saw where you commented you will be seeing him.
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Did you check out Dass yet? Did you take a look at Dr's Perry, Lagross and Pazmino?
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I did check out Dr Perry and Lagrosso and Pazmino, their results were meh for me. Thanks!
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yeah - I felt that way also. They had some success but overall I wasn't convinced.
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yeh same here pazmino hs only 1 gr8 pic..perry dolls have revisions too seems fat doesnt stay and lagrasso places fat too high,shelf look have u check out dr ghurani he use to work with salama and it seems hes back at vanity but he has his own office so im guessing @ vanity just for "clients" seem some of his work not sure i im convinced yet on projection but maybe he has gotten tht together for girls who want it biggg...
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Yeah I a m done with my Miami doctors. They are just not for me.
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Hi Hun I hope you make the best decision. My worst fear was the burns. I do have to say he really did listen on that part. I have the smoothest stomach I think his office has ever seen. I get many compliments of it bc it doesn't look like a lipod stomach. No lumps it seromas perfect. I will be updating every month regarding my necrosis. Bc I'm almost at 3 months I doubt I'll shrink that much... Let's hope! Listen to your instinct to guide you :)
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Ugh, i was really set on Salama. Your results were the ones that convinced me. Then the Nercrosis? I feel so bad for you. I really hope that ship resolves itself!
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Well the necrosis isn't bad. You can't tell at all. I mean my booty is a perfect C SHAPE. nercosis happens and it's actually more common than you think. However I would go to a doc that injects the fat into the muscle just to be safer :)
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hmm ok thanks for that. I mean your ass, is like....I mean... I can't. PERFECT! The shape is among one of the BEST I have seen on here. I will follow your journey, I really hope it just gets better for you!
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I concur. Its one of the best I've seen also. I'll never have a butt that looks like that without really accentuating my hips bcuz my ribcage it too wide...sigh. I'll just settle for the best shape I can have.
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