1000ccs = 2.2lbs of fat/Calculating your Body Mass Index

MARCH 07, 2014 Sex: Female Height:...

MARCH 07, 2014

Sex: Female
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 95lbs
Jean Size: Size 0
Bra Size: 32C
Booty: Pancake Status

Hello previously & currently booty challenged friends! I've been commenting/messaging here and there for a week now. I wasn't going to start blogging until I at least had a consultation...BUT! I just realized that although I haven't even positively absolutely settled on a surgeon- I have a lot of notes to take. I have come across a lot of profiles -pre & post op- that I'd like to follow and need to write down. All of the invaluable tips/comments/warnings/opinions/lists/websites/pictures/etc. that I find I want to safely save here on my BBL blog. I'm kicking myself already because I didn't start journaling sooner and I'm like- "Omg who was that girl with the great neccessities list?!" or "Who was the chick I found with a similar structure to me?!". I was frantically searching through a couple dozen profiles without luck and I can't waste any more time nor lose track of highly necessary information. So! Here I am. I'll be compiling all types of lists in order to prepare from the very start. Thank you everyone whom I have bombarded with a million questions.
Plastic Surgeons
First Choice- Dr. Moises Salama, Elite Plastic Surgery, Aventura, FL

Second Choice- Dr. Rami Ghurani, Elite Plastic Surgery, Aventura, FL

My original list also included:
Dr. Michael Salzhauer
Dr. Jimerson
Dr. Perry

I finally have my list cut down to just two. So I am continuing my research for at least another week or so in order to be absolutely sure of my choice before I call in/email for a consultation. Taking it one step at a time!

I'm not a super serious person but my physical & mental health -my life most importantly- are a very delicate matter. I've been talking about butt pads, butt implants, & BBL for a long time to friends & family so they support me and know how I feel. We all joke around about our lack of a bum but if you're like me; there has been more than a handful of moments in your life when you weren't laughing anymore. I'm entirely happy with myself, my friends, family life, social life- just happy with life; Period. Buuuut! There's just a smidge of sadness for me when I workout hard and see no results. When I fall in love with an outfit and come to find that it doesn't suit or flatter my body at all. I'm short, I'm petite, (great set of natural knockers), and a Latina without a trace of booty. I try to make due with what I have but being surrounded by so many shapely women... I can't help but feel like a little boy. I want to feel feminine and exude that ever so feminine womanly vibe. I want hips! I want a booty! I want a tiny waist! I want my exterior to match my fabulous interior! And I fully intend to set about this journey the right way and not blindly jump into the operating table of some nutjob.

Happy Journey/Informative Hunting/Smooth Healing my friends!
And I leave you with some of my personal favorite lack-of-ass sayings.
I've got to sift through a lot of profiles & keep researching! I welcome and thank any and every girl who can comment or pm me with tips/comments/updates/etc. Thank you BBL ladies!
I've got a back with a crack!
I don't refer to it as my butt- it's my lower, lower back.
I suffer from Spongebobalitis Pancakococcus
I can't make my ass clap for you- it can maybe wink...or give you a nod...perhaps a thumbs up on a good day.

Once i have a date set, I plan to gain 15-20lbs....

Once i have a date set, I plan to gain 15-20lbs. in the couple months prior to my surgery. I thought I might be underweight so in order to check I used an online body mass index calculator. I thought some of you might find this tool useful as well. Just google "bmi calculator", enter weight/height & presto! At 4'9, 95lbs my BMI is at the lower end of the "Normal" range- and I'd like to get to the lower end of the "Overweight" range.

Your body mass index number is indicative of your body fat percentage. For example my BMI came out to 20.6- which means my body is roughly 20% fat.

Average/Normal: 18.5---24.9

Overweight: 25---29.9

Obese: 30 and over

I realized how important CC quantity was to other girls. I also saw someone upload a picture of 1,000CCs of saline but couldn't picture it in my butt or grasp just how much that amount was. So I looked it up!
Every 1000 CCs = 1 liter of fat
1000 CCs = Weighs 2.2 lbs = 1liter
2000 CCs = Weighs 4.4 lbs = 2liters
3000 CCs = Weighs 6.6 lbs = 3liters
4000 CCs = Weighs 8.8 lbs = 4liters
5000 CCs = Weighs 11 lbs = 5liters
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Hey did you ever go through with your procedure
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Be very careful about relying in new weight gain for your butt, Im In the same situation and I've been told by a few docs that the weigh you put on just for this surgery will have to be maintained for as long as you want to keep your booty, or else that fat will go back to the size it was before surgery if you don't stay at that weight, I think that's why some chicks loose everything they gain in heir Butt within the first 6months of having the surgery. good luck on your quest for a booty!
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Lol feel extra dumb u def have that 1000ccs=2.2 lbs of fat. Smh lol
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The ccs r in reference to ccs in fat not saline correct?
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Ur so amazing to put up the ccs lost. Thank you! As I've been blogging felt that gaining 10 lbs was unnecessary for my wish pic n i think I'm right now according to list.. I c dr jimerson in oct. good luck on ur journey :)
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Hi Bklyn! Glad it helped you, and I'll be here following your updates as well! I was very curious to see a petite girl by Dr.J. I'm not set on a dr yet :/ but- I'll be enjoying putting on weight for now lol!
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Yea I'm only 5'5" I'm a shorty :/
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I always wondered how that was calculated I never go of bmi though they want you to be skinny I love being thick
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LMAO!!!! Oh my goodness girl....I know I'm going to love reading your blog. You are a true wordsmith. We are so alike it's crazy. My question to you is why are you only limiting yourself to two consultations to go to? I think you should go to as many consultations as you can to get a good feel of all doctors. You just never know, the doctor you might have eliminated without getting to know them first might've been the perfect doctor for you. It's just a word of advice but I'm here to support you in any of your decision process if you need me =) Keep us posted...as much as possible! lol
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Lol! Well thank you Yas, it means a lot to get some feedback I was starting to think I was talking to myself. But you bring up a great point. I actually have Dr. Michael Salzhauer on my mind & you got my thoughts just right- I'm sure I'd like to keep those 2 doctors on my list...but I keep going back on my decision to remove Salzhauer from that list. I love everything I read about him online/magazines/tv/etc. He's just so under represented on RS. I think I will go ahead with a consultation just bc I have this nagging feeling that I can be the masterpiece to bring in a flood of preference over his way lol! Thanks Yas & I'll most assuredly be keeping up with your BBL voyage.
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I do agree that there is not enough current blogs about Dr. Salzhauer but he is definitely a doctor you need to know for yourself to really know what he is all about. I am over the top proud to work for him not only because of the great work he produces but because the type of person he is.Have you ever seen his parody music videos? They are HI-larious!!!! I am actually in one of them. And no need to think you are talking to yourself here ever again because you have one interested reader regardless of which doctor you choose to go with. =)
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Omg! Lol I spent 2 hours going through the videos. I love your Nicki wig & I especially liked the BOOTY DOC video lmao! Everyday I'm suctioning! You're proud with many a sound reasons! What a lax environment to work in & your boss is so personable and definitely a man to be admired. I'll be re-researching Salzhauer all over again. Even if I don't choose to get my tuches done with him- he's my only option for my schnoz lol! Btw, how is the weight gain coming along?
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LoL! The Booty Doc video is my favorite as well (though I love them all). You would make an excellent choice in him doing your schnoz since its his favorite procedure to do. He is doing mine as well and I just can't wait to see what he can do with mine. My weight gain is going slowly but surely. I need to speed it up though which I intend to use some of those protein shake weight gainer things. It's not the greatest tasting thing but if you blend it with some ice cream, it tastes delicious! I figured if I take about 3 - 4 cups a day as well as stuff my face with peanut butter (on everything) and honey buns, hopefully within the month I will have gained enough weight for my butt. lol. What about you? What is your plan of attack for gaining weight?
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You have just one month! Yikes!! And I'm so enthused to see your results. But lol an ice cream, honeybuns, and peanut butter (pb? really? I had no idea it was a great fattening agent, hmm...) sounds great! I always eat like a slob & remain under 100- but that's mostly due to the stress of college & my involvement in dance & sports such as cross country & badminton. Over winter break I went back home & after the month was up- I had gained 17lbs from eating(lots of drunk nights) and not doing a speck of excercise. Super big belly & fat face. So once I have a set date, I'll just start piling on the weight 2 months or so in advance. Weight gain is my talent so it seems. :| Lucky me lol
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