Sept 28, 2012 with Dr.Salama - Aventura, FL

Originally I booked a bbl with mini-tuck, however...

Originally I booked a bbl with mini-tuck, however a month before I was informed they would no longer be doing the dual procedure because it was flattening the butt when youre flipped over to get the tuck. =( bummer. I decided to proceed with the bbl because everything was already booked and I wanted a new look anyways. So.....

-1st day in miami
when i arrived I found out that I would have to stay an extra three days which was an inconvience because when I originally communicated with the office I was told I could come on sept 27 and leave oct 4th. However I had to switch hotels because they were full and pay for 3 more nights and ended up hving to buy one way tickets home for my mother, my daughter and myself. Out of towners please allow more than a week to be there it's essential.

-surgery day
Everyone was very friendly and patient with all of my many questions and concerns :) I woke up from surgery groggy and out of it so there was really no pain involved. Aside from walking every hr and eating, I slept the day away.

- day 1 after surgery
I was sore and slow to move obviously but adjusting to the tight garment. I used a styrofoam cup with a hole poked in the bottom to use the restroom so there was no mess.

-day 2
office visit. getting in and out of the garment is a b***h BUT it's gotta be done. It litterally becomes your second skin for the next month and 1/2.

-day 4
FREAKING massage day. HOLY! So I was thinking ok this is gonna help me relax I've been through alot. Everyone kept saying it helps with fluid, but I didn't think they would litterally try to milk it out of me during the massage. They shouldn't call it that it should be called something else because I'm a spa girl and it just poses the wrong impression. LMAO seriously. The massages were the only moments that I thought why did I do this. But honestly right after I'd be joking around and walking alot better you'll feel amazing afterwards. Just get doped up before hand. lol

-week 1
Feeling great and had drains removed. It didn't hurt AT ALL I litterally was like that's it? So no worries here. It's alot easier getting around without the drains.

-day 11
Back home and had to try on clothes! Looking good and in love with my shape!!!! Dr. Salama really did his thing like I have a whole new shape!!! There were no irregularities, his symetry is unmatched, and my butt is identical to my wish pic!!!

-one month out
Bruises are gone and all the little "holes" are healed up beautifully. I'm getting around well and was able to sit today.....feels great and such a relief.(on the boppy ofcourse)

-try to get down to the weight you want to be before surgery because the surgeon is just that....he's not God.
-I did tap out xt a month before surgery and I will post a before and after extreme workout pics
- the smaller your legs, the larger your butt looks
- do everything they tell you to do to a T! no cheating because it will come back to bite you in the ass literally. I kept in contact with girls that sat before the given "sit" date and it didn't work out in their favor.
- be realistic about your result possibilities and get wish pics of people closest to your real size so you can get idea what you will really look like after
- rest rest rest
- I had a seroma that had to be drained a few times which sucked.....haha both ways. but this was only because i had lots of fat that was removed and there was a little space for fluid to gather. Very common. I know this because my mother has had some work done as well and she too had a seroma. Evil little suckers. ><

If I had to do it all over again would I? Absolutely. Dr.Salama is an amazing I have a good friend that came down in the spring and came back looking fabulous so that's why I went ahead and booked. I also have other family members who plan to book with him as well because they are blown away by my results. Everyone stayed in close contact with me after I returned home so it was like they were there with me every step of the way. I couldn't ask for more. There were issues with the driver (kinda bipolar) really sweet then really crazy so if you can afford it, find your own car service don't use the one suggested unless you have to trust me. I mean he'll get ya there, but who knows what kind of ride you'll get. lol That however, is no reflection on the experience that I had with Dr.Salama and his staff.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have a good friend that came down in the spring and came back looking fabulous. I booked, now I look the same. He has really mastered the hourglass shape and gave me that pow pow booty!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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did you fly in from out of state?
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did you fly in from out of state? im comin all the way from hawaii so im so so so scared about the seating ituation..i had my surgery date for nove 13 th but cancelled..due to death of a family member..but im gonna try next year hopefully =( but i think this time im gonna go with salama instead of mendieta
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sry to hear about your loss. i had the same exact situation. i was scheduled for oct.17 and had to switch it b/c of a loss. but now i'm scheduled for jan.18th!! don't loose hope :^)
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You look absolutely amazing!!! Thanks so much for your tips! I'm scheduled for August with Dr. S. Can't wait :)
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Btw how tall are you and how much did you weight b4 you Sx? I am currently 5 feet 5 inches and 165 lbs
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I really want to thank you for helping make up my mind. I was so confused on which doctor to go too, but after I saw your results "my mind was made up" lol Dr. Salama it is I am having a BBL & TT not together of course. I just don't know which 1 will he say to do first. My consult day will be Jan 16 (crossing my fingers) I am so scared and at the sage time excited and ready. You look amazing and I am using you a my wish pic lol.. Hope you are doing well.
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Why haven't I seen this review, you look amazing!
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girl you look stunning! I follow on the girls on here and haven't seen you. Another girl mentioned how amazing your results were and wow, she was right! Congrats!! Thats totally the look I want
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Aww thank you so much! Wishing u a quick recovery!!!
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I kept looking for your pre-ops and finally realized the last 3 were it - Girl you already had a nice body & booty!!! no fair (lol) - Dr. Salama just improved on it :) He'll have to work miracles on mine :(
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Haha aww Thankx. Well I did a large amount of kickbacks for months like while cooking or standing or doing whatever. Like 10-20 each leg randomly throughout the day and it helps. Takes time but it helps.
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your butt is amazinggg did you wear the garment like you were suppose to because i feel like the garment makes it look a little more square but yours is soo round and how much weight did you lose from tapout cause i need to lose like 50
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Thank you! Yes I did after like wk2 my waist was way smaller and I could've fit a smaller size however I didn't wanna squish the butt so I stayed in it just stuffed with large foam pads all the way around. I went from wk1-2 xl, wk3 L, now 1month lipo express m and sliced slices of the butt out but didn't cut the seams so it'd keep structure.
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Oh and I lost 17lbs in one month with the diet plan it comes with then I stopped dieting and list inches from there.
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You look absolutely marvelous... can't wait for my day February 4th with Dr.Salama.
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Thankx! Wishing u a quick recovery!
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glad everything turned out as you wanted. you look good! what kinda of garment did you wear and did you go back to working out in the gym regualrly?
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thankx i've tried different garments all along the way ending with a lipoexpress garment and cut slices of the butt gym workouts yet just walking here n there and started light crunches.
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ok sounds good. u mention u did a diet plan. what was that?
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The food plan that came with tap out was very filling
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you look great...
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thankx :)
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body banging :)
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congrats girl you look fab!! whats your height and how much did you weight post op?
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