Scheduled my BBL - Aventura, FL

I have been wanting to get this Brazilian butt...

I have been wanting to get this Brazilian butt lift done forever now. I had a nice body and with a cute butt. As I aged gravity just did not help anymore. LOL So I am excited! Finally put down $1000.00 for February 13th, 2012! Anyone want to share hotel room please contact me. Looking to go with someone. I will update with pictures etc!

One more week till my surgery. So scared but...

One more week till my surgery. So scared but excited. Dr Salama's team has been great help with all my questions. Will update everyone with pictures soon.

I am now two months and six days. I am not...

I am now two months and six days. I am not satisfied with my results. Why? because my left butt is firmer than my right. I lost a lot of volume on my right and my left is hard as a rock still. My left is bigger too by an inch or so. Also Dr Salama went up to high on my right butt (see pictures). It looks deform. I emailed Ruben for a retouch. Took him 2 weeks to give me an answer as to when I can schedule to get this fix. He said I had to wait a year which is fine. We went back and forth as to what I have to pay. I feel I should not have to pay anything but my trip back out there because due to the Dr's mistake. He stated that it might have been my fat not absorbing but that is not the case. You can see he lipo'd too much fat from my right hip area. I am so embarrassed to even wear a bikini this year. This sucks because it is the main reason why I had it done in Feb. :(
Also he did my inner thighs and there is still a lot of fat not lipo'd. My upper back fat has a lot of fat left over and that was included. Ugh I am just not comfortable when this result. I understand it is only 2 months but I can tell this is a huge mistake. It looks like a shark to a chunk of fat from my hip.

Dont get me wrong I am not saying Dr Salama does a bad job but he did on me. I am not sure if he was in a rush because it was getting late but out of all the girls that I see has perfect butt. I now have to wait a year and fly myself out there, spend more money for hotel, flight etc. So not fair. I guess I am one of 1000s that had the horror story. Oh well I just wanted to post this so I can be honest with all the other girls on Real Self. I was not going to let others know but I think it is fair.

I now will just wait to get a revision. :(

I sometimes regret doing this whole surgery. The recover part is insane. If I knew it would be this difficult I would have never put myself through this. On top of it my results not being I thought it would. Now I have to go through the recovery period again before I can show off my butt. Ugh. I might sound like a grouch but I am just disappointed that is all. Just my opinion and thoughts. I know I look better than before but if I am spending all this money I would want a result I am happy with.

Almost four months post surgery. FEEL so much...

Almost four months post surgery. FEEL so much better and back to normal. No itching no more swelling. Gosh was it hell but it has been a journey and loving my new body. Well except for the little minor stuff but that will be revised next year sometime. I dont regret it anymore. At first I did but I feel so much more confident and can wear anything I want! I HOPE everyone are happy with there new body. Ruben and I have been back and forth about the minor problem I have on my right butt. They are going to fix it not sure what is going to be charge. I am going back Oct 11 for Dr Salama to look at everything I feel that needs to be revised.

He didnt take all the fat out of my back like they said they would. I paid extra for my inner thighs and I STILL have a lot of fat. Regardless Dr have to lipo all those areas to make up for the fat he took out of my right cheek. It is not that bad but in person it is very noticeable. However I am still happy with my results all I know Iook so much better than before. I attached my latest picture of my booty! It was taken today. :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Doctor barely spent anytime with me. The most through my trip was 10 minutes. He was nice though. Answered any questions I had. Nomie and Ruben were nice as well and helpful. If you have any questions for the Dr ask him at your consultation because after that he BARELY has anytime for you. That is one thing I did not like. I understand Drs are busy but still TRY to make some time for his clients. My surgery was scheduled at 330pm. Larry dropped my off at 230pm. The girls at the desk did not even ask who I was and I sat there for half hour until they Finally NOTICED me. Then sat in the room until 630pm for surgery. Supposedly they had another case before me. But having me wait that long without having anything to eat prior the night before. Really?? I did not get out until midnight.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Also, is that last picture with the lace underwear a wish pic or a pic of you post op? If it's you, I'm definitely getting a consultation with Dr. Salama!
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Has any of the fat been reabsorbed? I keep hearing that with fat transfers, only about 30% of the fat survives after 3 months and the rest is reabsorbed or dies. It would be nice to hear it from someone who has actual had it done.
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I hope everything goes well for you, and I also hope that you completely satisfied the second time around! Best wishes
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@Getitgyrl, I got my BBL done Feb 13th. Its been almost five months. Everything is starting to soften up. My left butt is still hard in some areas. I think it is fat necrosis, means the dr put too much fat in one area. I am not positive but did some research. Ruben asked for me to get professional massage six times. It has softened up a lot but still one hard area that will not go away.

@Nicki86, I have been back and forth with Ruben about how much. I am fighting for it to be free but not sure yet. Last we spoke was $1000 but I mentioned for me to pay half of that since it is not my fault. That If it wasnt for the right butt I WOULD not be putting myself through this again. He said we will talk about it.

@wnt2shine, Yes I am sure. You can tell that I am missing fat in person. I dont feel 100% comfortable in a bikini without a wrap. Sucks but oh well for now. My stomach is flat and no lumps. There are times I do feel bumps on my lower abs depending on what I wear. Like jeans will put dents but will go away. Kind of weird my lower abs might still be swollen. Other wise I used the card board they gave me and used it under my garment every day and night. It helped smooth out my stomach and pushed all the liquid to other places. To be honest I am not sure how to answer that question. I am 50 50 on that one bc of the situation I am going through. I guess I am undecided on that one until I get my revision. :)

Thanks ladies for your compliments!
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Wow!!! your last photo is so nice!!!! It seems that true results don't begin to show until months later. You sure you want to touch that up? It looks awsome. Was wondering how your stomach is coming along, lumps, bumps, smooth? Also, would you recommend Dr. Salama now?
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Thanks for taking the time to document your journey. Your latest picture looks correct. I hope you get the revisions you need :-)
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Love your latest pic my upper back fat wasn't lipoed either waiting till everything is not swollen to see my final results to see if I need a touch up.
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hey girl i love the last picture that you took, your ass loks great and im jealous... and i see what your going back for, did they tell you what you have to pay?
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Looks great ! I know we expect perfection but it's really does look good !
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@Mrs. Billionaire. I know bc my butt soften up a lot and it fluffed up. I still don't like the results and will be retouching in a year. My right side has list a lot of volume. My left is still hard like a rock in some areas. :-( emailed Ruben he said to get more massage to soften it up. Geez more money out of my pocket.
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@want a new body - when did you get your bbl done?
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Sorry you went through this . How long did it take before you notice your results ?
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Hey there, I noticed my right softened up a month and a half. My left some areas are still hard. It might be fast necrosis. Meaning the dr might have put to much fat in one area. I have to see in a few months to determine if it is or not. So many complications so far that's just one of my list.
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Fabulous ! Keepmus updated
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Thanks Jennifer I think he told me 1000 ccs. All of a sudden my butt has gotten bigger. Weird.
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How do you look now? Has it changed??? I'm debating whether to go to this doctor. Nancy took so long to get back to me and they said I have to have drains. I don't like the points where Dr. Salama lipo's from where I see on your picture. I'm skeptical about him. All the women praise him but none of them give pics a year later. Everyone has a Big butt right after surgery... you know what I mean?
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For me you look great, how many ccs you get in each side?
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Thank you ladies! Appreciate the nice comments. I do love my new self but a revision is definitely going to happen. I have to be happy and I am not 100% satisfied. :)
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I know that we ladies arent the patient in this case but me personally.. I think u look great and ur butt looks actually juicy. I could understand that you want to lookperfect especially if you paid for it. BUT I see u look awesome
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Wow i think you look good but i understand what your saying when you spend your money yo want everything to be perfect. i dont think theres a need for a redo one of my butt cheeks is a lil lower than the other and i had not even notice til i decided i wanted to get this surgery. you can wear your bathing suite noone will even notice that....
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Omg when I saw ur post pic from the back..I thought wow that's what I want..nice, round, a lil bigger than i have and not to look great..hott..I think maybe after a while you wont be so critical and you will enjoy all of you including imperfections...You look bangin
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Omg. You look awesome. And I think he was trying to create a crease where u think the fat is missing. You look hot!
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I think he was trying to create a crease too. In your before pics, you dont have a crease. So I think there are imperfections there for that reason. I think you look good and I dont know if it is worth going through the procedure a second time because you look good. But you have to be satisfied and confident. As far as the left over back fat, I think Smart Lipo could easily remove that and you will pretty much be healed after 2 - 4 days. But overall, you look good.
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