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Procedure is scheduled with dr salama hopefull I...

Procedure is scheduled with dr salama hopefull I can. Get it done sooner. Booked with dr salama...nancy was great. Can't wait to fill out a dress and stunt wit my new booty. Could get approved for financing so will make payment until the time is here then maybe 3 mm os before i will try again to finance whatever is left. But uploaded a wish pic finally.
Welcome hun!! Good luck on your journey and Dr S. has some banging bodies and I know he will hook you up...Muah xoxo

wish pics...amazin amie has thee best body...

Just looking into wish pics.... there's so many booties to choose from....
Hey Hun.. goodluck on your journey.. im #TEAMSALAMA as well jan 24 2014
oops i meant 2015 lol
Good luck ~ I'm #teamsalama Dec 18, 2014
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