Scheduled - Aventura, FL

Procedure is scheduled with dr salama hopefull I...

Procedure is scheduled with dr salama hopefull I can. Get it done sooner. Booked with dr salama...nancy was great. Can't wait to fill out a dress and stunt wit my new booty. Could get approved for financing so will make payment until the time is here then maybe 3 mm os before i will try again to finance whatever is left. But uploaded a wish pic finally.

wish pics...amazin amie has thee best body...

Just looking into wish pics.... there's so many booties to choose from....

Date is scheduled

Deposit made and scheduled for November 2015.

Time off work

Went Into work today and requested my time off work for my procedure and my boss gave me a full 6 weeks off! I hope that will be enough time because I am in customer service and sitting 8 hours a day. Does anyone that had their surgery already think that will be enough time???

Hotel Stay

right now I am in the process of trying to figure out what hotel I am going to stay at. I was going to Stay in miami but instead I will be staying in Fort Lauderdale.... it is way cheaper. on if you book for 10 days you get one day free so that works really good for me because I am actually staying for 13 days. Where did you other salama dolls stay????

almost time...

30 more days! I'm soooooo nervous!?. I will start loading before pictures soon....I'm super flat.... can't wait to see the miracle!

22 days until salama

I've got my maxi dresses together, hotel, Medical supplies and I really need to find a massage place! Look at this body....he's got a lot of work to do. Anything is better than this! Excuse my dirty mirror!

It's done!

So glad I chose dr. Salama. My whole experience has been 5 star so far. Him and his staff are very nice and attentive. Im at the recovery house now. Grace is super nice...She started taking care of me the moment I walked In the door. She made sure I had food and fruit and lots to drink. The house is very clean....I would definitely recommend the Recovery house over going to a hotel. It's been 3 days since my bbl and the pain isn't that bad. I stay on top of meds. I get my first massage tomorrow...I'm so nervous for that! Salama did a great job on my's swollen but from the looks of it I will be tiny there. Not sure about the butt for now...I know it takes a while but a can't wait to see my results! I would highly recommend this doctor if you are interested in a bbl!


Today was my first hurt like hell...I cried like a baby. Lourdes was right there holding my hand...talking me through it.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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