now i want boobs is that too much

I am 38 and just want the shape i had about 10...

i am 38 and just want the shape i had about 10 years ago, im 5'2" 150lbs average and love to look sexy so far i have tried to eat healthy, exercise and take the vitamin c and iron as instructed twice a day. have had a little to drink but stopped as of friday May 11th and dont plain on drinking until ive recovered completely, will cont to update

I remember when i was 29 i was asked if my butt...

i remember when i was 29 i was asked if my butt was real so i don't care what people think now its all mine lol

Today i booked a condo in hollywood, i hate to...

today i booked a condo in hollywood, i hate to even say everthing is trying to get in my waypf having bbl, ive been through so much to make this happen and i believe God has blessed me and given me his favor because it is possible at this time thanks to him, i'm just trying to relax and prepare for the surg. i uploaded a before pic

1 week to go and I'm having so nervous but trying...

1 week to go and I'm having so nervous but trying very hard to relax, i lost the 5lbs im around 144 145 i will take measurements soon. i'm booking flight tic today for 4ppl i found them on priceline $590 for all 4 roundtrip. i live in baltimore, but washington dc is were ill leave from since its only 30mins away and the flight tics are around two hundred dollars less, need to save all the money i can now that im unemployed lol i start packing a week ago, don't want to forget anything, my daughter is a certified nursing assistant and will travel with me as my nurse, my other princesses will join her to help as well i hope they are able to enjoy themselves as well. i would like to call the office and ask if the are honoring the special they have on their website if your getting bbl you could get addional areas for 50% off. if anyone could offer any advise it would be greatly appreciated

So sorry for all the errors meant ive been so...

so sorry for all the errors meant ive been so nervous but trying very hard to relax and is there any1 who has a spouse or boyfriend whom is totally against the procedure

6 days to go and i'm still tryingtomakeithappen,...

6 days to go and i'm still tryingtomakeithappen, trying hard to be positive and fight through my trial and tribulations the lord is my shepard and i shall not want, i trust and believe in God and know all will be ok. last night was pretty hard my husband hasn't been talking to me because he doesn't want me to do this for some reason the only reason he could come up with is he can't go without sex for wks, i just want to get this over with, ive been wanted the sg for a long time and tx to the support from my bbl sis i will not give up have a wonderful day and all my sis in recovery i hope you feel better.

Proceed @ 11am out @ 430pm or so sore only when...

Proceed @ 11am out @ 430pm or so sore only when moving n extremely fatigue/dizzy

So the day of surg I arrived at office at 11am and...

So the day of surg I arrived at office at 11am and the Dr came to see me answered all my questions
N marked me areas I receive lipo of upper lower sides if back as well as abdomen n outer thighs need inner thighs too didn't bring enough fund all add areas r 1000 but 1/2 off which is 500 n fees will go up soon so if u need add areas call office right away to to your bill. After Dr visit u go in to get proceed a iv given procedure completed u wake up with garment on then they call your ride n u go home there's two drainage bags one rite above or near crack of butt n one on pubic area rite beneath lower abs I had an appt today and have one Sunday today they looked at everything n removed all bandages but not the drains they r removed in about a wk

As soon as i get time ill give you guys a detail...

as soon as i get time ill give you guys a detail update on my post op



Hey there bbl sis, i have had a long journey in...

hey there bbl sis, i have had a long journey in the last 4 months. it seem like yrs but its done through the grace of God. ok so i live in maryland and here the bbl is 10000 to 20000 way to much, so i chose dr s from fl. when i first thought of the idea of going out of town to have the sx done it seemed like a long shot, but tx to this web site it was all possible i knew exactly what to expect. ladies this is a sx and should not be taken likely your health and results depend on your preparation/preop please follow all your dr orders before and after sx please ask your dr questions your paying your money. some tips to help you
1. think everything through and then go for it don't let nothing or no one stop you
2. if you haven't research! once you have chose a dr put down a deposit fees go up fast
3. get in shape by exercising and eating healthy you will need all your strength after sx
4. you will need vit c and iron 30 days before sx and labs your dr will give you all this info
5. look online for places to stay if money is a issue try getting package from do not book per person
book one person and then just get airline tics for any identional parties this much cheaper book on tues or wed and way in advance
6. stay as close to the facility as possible
7. chose a hotel, condo, motel, etc with at least a microwave, preferably a stove, this will save you time and money
8. be sure you have a good support system for post op
9. you need someone to care for you that you are comfortable with they may have to bath you and help you to the restroom first couple of days
10. shop before sx your will need losts of protein, water, gatorade and anything else you like to eat dr encourage you eat alot of food to maintain your strength and prevention dizziness.
its so much to tell so if you have any questions just ask i will post a pic of a chair i have at home that is a life saver when i need to sit down

Oh and i lost weight but not on purpose i don't...

oh and i lost weight but not on purpose i don't want to lose another lb. im around 138 haven't be this small since 1999 or so i would like to stay around 145 or so
and one other tip ladies to go shopping before sx wait wait wait i can't fit a thing

A list 4 my bbl sisters on their way Vitamin C ...

A list 4 my bbl sisters on their way
Vitamin C
Arnica pills
Arnica gel
Extra strength Tylenol
non stick bandages
tape for bandages
shower curtain to sleep on so not 2 ruin bed
pads to stick inside of garment
vitamin e oil
silcon scar sheets
2 extra garments in different sizes for when I shrink
pee funel
aintibacterial soap
pee pads 4 bed
caster oil this will help you go poo
flushable wipes
dermaplasty it's an aintibacterial spray works really good
gloves for helper
depends 2!
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What happened to your pictures? And I keep getting e-mails stating you updated, but whenever I come to check you haven't.. Haha! Weird.
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i dont think boobs is too much, by bbl is in one month and i plan on getting my boobs done in 5 months. can't afford to do them at the same time plus i want my butt to healed and beautiful first lol
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Nope do you. I will see him later for a breast lift and tt in about a year!
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I actually want to do a double surgery Butt/Breast Aug. So to anwser your question no its not too much.
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I want to do both also BodyPerfection2013. I've asked Docs the questions but waiting for an reply hopefully we'll find out in the next couple of days! I don't think it's too much. Why not improve both parts at the same time!
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yeah i need my inner thighs done as well as some more work on my tummy
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nope. im getting some too!! go for it
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Hey..i Just wanted to say ...the shower curtain idea was a good tip..LOL..i have a bunch that i don't/will never use --- never thought to use for this! (hee hee)
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Bookmarked. Very informative review and your results look fabulous. Wishing you all the best, girl :)
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@sxwallax tx i wish the best as well
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I love you results. Thanks for the "To Bring List". I paid for half of the surgery a month ago, when should we expect the package??
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@bigbooty tx, it took about a wk or so
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How long was it until the massages didn't hurt
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For me about a week
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one other thing optimistic i wish dr s order that garment dr j use becus those garments he gave me was too tight around my booty so i had to get my xL garments taken in a inch or two maybe you could look into getting one of those garments i'm going to purchase one for myself wish i would have had it right after sx
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Which one? Please let me know PM me the details. I am wearing the medium but the large feels better on my tummy. How did you get yours taken in? I have a large and a med I am gonna get the large taken in. Can I take it to the cleaners? and just say take in the sides an inch?
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tx lina my daughter 18 and my family members 20 and 15ys of ageall went to help me and vacation and those girls did a wonderful job they had to cook, clean, shop, help me to the bathroom, shower me wash my clothes because those garments have to washed daily and so much more and that was about 2-3 days after that i could shower myself and go to the bathroom on my own but have someone monitor you while in the shower just in case you become dizzy and yes i used larry if you have a family member whom drive get a renter car and have office deduct from your bill oh if you dont have someone to care for you they have nurses i made a deal with my 20 yr old cousin i told her to come in help and i would pay her way there she said hell yeah if theres any other questions i can answer just let me no
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also lina larry is great
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U look great ms.judy!! Did your family come with you? Did you use the driver larry? These are 2 issues im facing now?
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No it came like that
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MsJudy, I looked on and didn't see the black garment you're wearing with the holes for the rear. The garments I saw on that website looked small enough to ruin a good bbl. Could you give the name or item number of the black garment you're wearing in your post op pic? Thanks so much for your help.
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Hey mis cinn I looked on bubbles site n that black girdle has been discontinued try or the web site I have above for the garment Dr j uses good luck
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did u cut the holes in the black garment
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Thx for sharing your experience with us, pics look really look really good just a lil dark. Do you mind when you get a chance uplaoding some clearer pics. Thanks in advance. Hope you are healing well.
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