Almost 2 months po SALAMA

Hey ladies, I have been looking on this site...

Hey ladies,

I have been looking on this site for months. Last year I paid my deposit with salama (Nancy).

Im 25, will be 26 years old really soon. I have two kids. And as graduation present, I wanted to do this for myself. Any salama girls in feb looking for earlier date? Pls let me know asap...

I will update profile and add pics later.........


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

You must be excited with your date so soon! Good luck with surgery, I hope everything goes well for you!

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OK...... So here are my pics.. I really would...

OK...... So here are my pics..
I really would like a flat stomach, curves and a fuller/rounder butt. I was also thinking about maybe doing just lipo since I dont really want a big butt....but my husband is like do it now so you wont have to make that decision later(he wants azz)..
A lil more about me. Im around 5'8 and weight between 170-175. I live a couple minutes from the office so my husband will drive and be my nurse.
Im nervous and excited and want the support of you ladies. Sometimes I want to back out and then some days I just want this so bad. I will probably keep my date of 18th. I was originally scheduled on the 7th but hey. So I have 10 days to gooo.
Alright ladies.... Good Luck to Everyone!


that's my day too...but in so excited..dont back out..if you want it do'll be life changing and why waste the fat get you some more booty girl..ass so fat.. i told her look back at it! (2chains voice) lol good luck
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Thanks gurl. Good luck to you n I will be checking on you...
oOo.. you're getting real close to your date! I'm excited for you!! And congrats on graduating!!
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Update.....Well last week I got a call to move my...

Update.....Well last week I got a call to move my surgery day up. So with that being said, I have two days until I get my sexy body. 1/17/2013. I'm so nervous about the recovery. I have to little people with the youngest being two. Well I’m just gonna keep it easy and relax. I don’t have to do too much bc I’m local. I plan on going grocery shopping tomorrow to keep my mind busy. Thanks to all the RealGirls that have been coming back and updating. It means a lot and keeps me motivated. I have learned so much from you all. I don’t plan on updating until surgery day and then few days post-op. Good luck to all of us. N thanks for the support.


Good luck!!! My day is the day after with Salama !!! Yay.sending prayers your way!!
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Y'all bring them prayers this way. Thank you all...

Y'all bring them prayers this way. Thank you all in advance bbl sisters.


Thanks sisters. I been out since one. Just tired n thankful. I know yall want to know how many ccs. Coming soon. Really soon. Luv ya
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Good luck! Prayers sent.
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Good luck and sending prayers your way..
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Hey ladies. It's po day three. I feel a little...

Hey ladies. It's po day three. I feel a little better. Here are a few pics n dr s put 1250 cc per cheek. Recovery is a beast. I'm dealing with a swollen cooch and swollen throat. Ugggh. Have a lovely day.


Wow he gave u nice hips !!
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Thanks Hun.
you look great girl... happy healing :-)
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Hey ladies. Here to do a little update. I love my...

Hey ladies. Here to do a little update. I love my new body. Dr. Salama did tha damn thing. Here is a pic n I will update more later. Good luck y'all n stay blessed.

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More pics...

More pics...


Can I please see up results I'm so nervous
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Hey , I had my surgery the day after u. How r u feeling? R u still wearing garments? Just curious because we're at the same stage in recovery! U look amazing!!!
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Hey Brandnew414. I just read ur post and hope that you feel better soon. I usually wear the garment during the day bc for some reason I itch a lot at night. I feel almost normal but not completely. I have the same burning and ripping feeling you describe esp when I turn or get out of bed. You look so good n I cant wait to see your final results. Are you happy overall with the procedure?

1 year and some days

Hey yall. Decided to do a little update. Its has been a year and I still have all my bootay. Yeahhh. Any who, a few pics now. I took my before photos down, but will add it back later. I love my results but I do have some imperfections. I did not diet or exercise in this past year but still held up a great shape. I have a few more pics and will add later. Well back to work.....


You look amazing a year later I'm 11 months and holding tight
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Omg so happy i picked him you look amazing i wish you had some preop pics so i could see what he did
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I love your results
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