I'm 5'4 140 lbs - BBL - Aventura, FL

Hey peeps. My surgery is scheduled for 10/30 but I...

hey peeps. My surgery is scheduled for 10/30 but I am in need of a switch with someone with an early November date, preferably the 7-9th. So hopefully someone wants to get their's done sooner than later. I have a scheduling conflict and I will be so pressed if I keep this appointment. If you are serious please respond. I am coming from far and will need to make arrangements soon. Thanks

I'm also open to a October 31st date...if you can...

I'm also open to a October 31st date...if you can help please please let me know.

Hey yall so I've been lurking for a while and...

Hey yall so I've been lurking for a while and wasn't sure if I was gonna go through this but I grew some balls and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Salama. I asked around my area and it seems like noone had the credentials/experience with this procedure. I would hate to be someone's first. Guinea Pig, I will never be. So anywho I am excited and looking forward to breaking necks very soon. My only problem now is that I have a traveling conflict and may have to cancel my plans all together. If you have Oct 31 or Nov 8/9th that you are willing to switch for Oct 30, I will be soooo grateful.
Anywho, back to this review. Everyone in my fam has ass and that gene skipped me so I've felt man-like all my life, thats not even counting my undefined waist. Luckily this procedure includes that so I can have those womanly curves. I'm so happy that this site exists because support is crucial in this journey. I haven't told anyone in my family or friends so all I have is you guys. Sometimes I question myself about this whole thing but I know it will give me the confidence that I want. Don't get me wrong, I don't have esteem issues but this will definitely make me feel more comfortable.
I look forward to interacting with some of you and maybe even possibly getting a travel buddy if I get my desired date
*smooches loves*

Finally purchased my flight. just need a surgery...

finally purchased my flight. just need a surgery buddy. im staying until the 7th

I gotta learn to put stuff in the review and not...

I gotta learn to put stuff in the review and not the comment section.

1. I am no longer looking for a date exchange

2. 11 days and the doc said I have to gain weight. Considering I was trying to lose weight recently, actually lost 10 in the last month, it's hard for me to get an appetite to gain weight. I'm 5'4 140 lbs right now...you'd think this would be easy but I just bought a truck of junk food and it's making me sick looking at it. A month ago I would've finished it by now. 11 days to gain 5 pounds may be harder than I thought...

So seven days away and I can't say I'm nervous.....

So seven days away and I can't say I'm nervous...yet. I've been working on the weight gain I'm not sure if I'm gaining much. I feel thicker but I don't see a difference in my pics from my consultation to now. I try to eat more but my appetites just isn't there. I recently changed my eating habits and as a result lost 10 lbs with portion control and exercise so my brain stops me from pigging out. Hopefully the doc thinks I have enough to give me a feminine figure. I don't want Nicki Minaj but I definitely want a smaller waist and a rounder bottom.

So I know I'm being obnoxious with this post but...

So I know I'm being obnoxious with this post but could someone tell me the basic items that I need to take with me for this surgery. I know there are many reviews on this but I can't figure out which are essential. I have my sx in 6 days and have yet to receive my surgery package from the office. I don't want to pack heavy but I don't want to skip out on the 'musts.' Thanks in advance

5 days left...So today I went shopping...a little....

5 days left...So today I went shopping...a little. I got 1 maxi dress, mederma, and a medium waist cincher(I'm thinking I should've gotten a small). I think I'll wait to get to miami to fill my scripts. I don't want airport ppl all in my pills. Big problem I have is food. I don't get in til basically morning of my surgery and won't have much time to go food shopping. Hopefully there's a nearby store and hopefully ill have some type of energy to at least get some Gatorade or soup. I'm not a big foodie. Btw I will be taking pics. I know pics are invaluable on this site. They've helped me so I feel obligated to help others.

As far as my weight gain the scale hasn't moved yet. I'm thinking I'm not getting a shelf booty but hopefully doc will give me some curves.

Tata ladies...

I'm pigging out this weekend...hopefully. Not sure...

I'm pigging out this weekend...hopefully. Not sure if it'll make the cut but I'm so ready for this...4 more days!

Two days left BUT hurricane sandy is trying to...

Two days left BUT hurricane sandy is trying to ruin my plans. I'm flying from the coast. I'm already coming into town on one of the late flights. If I don't make it Monday, it's a wrap and money wasted. Ill be bummed but if that happens ill take that as a sign that I probably shouldn't be doing this. Ambivalent

Flight canceled

Flight canceled

So due to Sandy I got stuck in NY. Cynthia in the...

So due to Sandy I got stuck in NY. Cynthia in the office was super helpful and sympathetic and was able to accommodate me for another date but unfortunately with many canceled flights and rescheduling I can't find a flight out there before my new date. I've spent countless hours on the phone with airlines. So I'm going to take this one as a loss and wave goodbye to the BBL community. It was exciting and fun to countdown to the new bootilicious me but that will never be so I'm sad. Ill get over it but I really really wanted it. Good luck to all you ladies going in or came out already. Muah

Ok so clearly I did not make my surgery date I got...

Ok so clearly I did not make my surgery date I got another new date. I switched and got a December date. I really thought I was gonna give up on this procedure all together; first it was sandy canceling my flight, then I couldnt make my make up date again because of sandy and then I realized a lot of the things I was supposed to get before surgery I did not have (packet, scripts, food, supplies). I just knew these were all signs to NOT get this but I know what I want, I see so many of you with what I want and I can't help but to have it. So I am counting down again and in 6.5 weeks I'll be Miss NewBooty. Only this is this damn weight. I just saw a girl, Mella1, that was actually smaller than me that Salama did last year or earlier this year and she has AAAA-mazing results. These last couple of weeks I've been eating but my belly looks more distended than it does fatty. Not sure how much he can get off but I definitely am Ms ThunderThighs, I'm sure that'll help. Oh because I my new date is so far ahead guess what I have to do again: DAMN lab work. That's some bull and watch it not even change much but I guess these are pre-sx requirements.
Anyway back to RS lurking

So this last week I've been questioning whether...

So this last week I've been questioning whether I'm making the right decision. $8000 is a lot of money and can definitely be used for something else or better yet nothing at all. I'm also gaining weight which is not healthy and the more I think about it the more I feel like I'm taking several steps back. I don't know. I'm not even sure if this will be permanently my body or just a couple of months. Not sure what to do, already paid my deposit

I leave for a couple of days and come back to...

I leave for a couple of days and come back to negativity. What's going on here. I come to this site for support and advice. I think freedom of speech and the ability to talk about our experiences are what makes this site so useful but at the same time we have to be careful at how we speak to and about each other. Surgery is a major thing to go through and involves lots of sensitivity, whether its our bodies or careers. Words carry weight and if we are not careful they can destroy us. Long story short lets love and not hate. Share but be professional. Many of us only have this site for support and it would be terrible not to have it when undergoing a major surgery.

Anyway I am looking forward to my surgery. I am putting on weight and hoping for the best. I pray that everyone that goes in will get the results that they hope for, especially me...haha. When I get closer to my date I will post befores and eventually afters. Also if anyone is going late December let me know. Looking for a roomie, especially since it may run into the holiday :( we can put up decorations together and eat cookies lol

I need answers. After 1 or 2 years where does your...

I need answers. After 1 or 2 years where does your booty go? I can count on my one hand of patients that have come back after a year but where are the rest of them. I keep reading about round 2s, dissatisfaction then that random overly positive patient that coincidentally posts after some negative reviews. Sorry guys but this sample size is not enough for me to draw conclusions regarding the longevity of this procedure. Ive been reading articles on PubMed (oodles of research papers) and from what i read fat transfer results are too variable, unpredictable and often dependent on technique. Hmmmm Ladies how can we get more feedback. I asked the office about followup and they said that people often don't report back because "they are so happy with their results." Hmmm I don't know about that...we need more people. I don't want to sound like a Debby downer but this is an investment. I would hate to pay $8000 for a procedure that only lasts 6 months. A round 2 is out of the question. Why can't video vixens A thru Z let us know about their maintenance. Hunny we know that booty ain't real. So can we pleeeaaassssseee get more vet input. We need answers. WHERE ARE Y'ALL!!!!!!

Getting excited! My friend can't come again so...

Getting excited! My friend can't come again so looking for a buddy in this time frame. Inbox me

Hey ladies. Just wanted to tell y'all that I made...

Hey ladies. Just wanted to tell y'all that I made it to the other side. I'm not in "pain" but really sore. I feel like I did 5000 sit-ups, push-ups and squats, ran a marathon and won the hell out of a track & field championship. From what I can see through my packaging, I look like a female now. Didn't expect it but I got hips y'all. Unlike a lot of you I didn't want a large behind just a womanly figure. I know it's super early but I think I'm pleased. Also i had to gain weight and it didnt seem like i gained enough so he did his best i think. again its pretty early i havent really seen me completely but im optimistic. Also my 2pm sx ended up starting at 430 but I know how that goes, I didn't mind tho...stuff happens.

Man I was doing so well until they changed my...

Man I was doing so well until they changed my garment today. Last night when I got home I was able to go to the bathroom by myself and even empty my drains by myself even tho I had help at the hotel. I was eating real food and I felt fine. But This morning the office was crazy busy today so waiting in the office standing up for an hour and some change made me really lightheaded. And then when they removed my garment and changed my dressing, boy oh boy. That was pure hell. Still suffering now but ill be ok. Also wanted to say Dr. Salama, Ruben, Cynthia, nancy were so nice. They don't stop smiling and they were super helpful. Also met some cool vets and current in the office and they were so cool. I've taken pics but I have to wait to get home to upload them. Sorry but I will keep you all posted. Btw dr. Salama said he went to town on me ...1100 ccs!!! Yassss gawd!

So I finally made it out of my garment since being...

So I finally made it out of my garment since being traumatized the other day. As I'm getting ready to shower can't find my soap. I called Larry to see if he could take me but he suggested I walk. Oh well, here I go. Keeping you guys updated: I only took percocet the first day and since then I've been taking Tylenol, about 3-4 a day. Still not in much pain. My back feels completely normal. My belly however feels weird as hell. It's lumpy and feels like clay. The office will be closed until next Wednesday so no massages for me. Not sure if I want them right now anyway. I've been walking about every hour or two for about an hour and feeling good. The stiffness wakes me up at night so that's what I do. Oh and my neck is the worst now. I can't find a comfy position for it. I don't mind lying in my stomach but the neck is becoming a problem. Any suggestions? As for my early results, so far so good.

I'm actually 3 weeks and a day post op. I have to...

I'm actually 3 weeks and a day post op. I have to wait for my computer to get fixed so that I can upload recent pics but so far recovery has been relatively not bad at all. Since surgery my sensations have been sore more than anything. However Last week after my deep tissue massage I got a sudden tightness around my lower stomach and back. Cynthia said that its normal so give it time. I also have hyperpigmentation of my stomach and back where I was aggressively lipo'ed. I'm a dark chick but dang it's noticeable. Other than this no issues. I do feel like volume has been lost from the inflammation which doesnt bother me but I lack projection which does bother me especially since I'm Miss Thunder thighs! I am 3 weeks so I will wait to see what happens. I've been in the butt out garment and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It definitely puts dents in my fat transferred hips which is sad because its becoming obvious I think. I've been seeing a lot of vets wearing just the vests so I may consider that. Any suggestions let me know. But overall compared to my before I feel like I am much improved. I have my measurements some where. When I find them I will post them.

Hey y'all so I was getting sad because my butt...

Hey y'all so I was getting sad because my butt isnt that big, I have a nice dent in one cheek, not much projection and not as round but looking at my now and comparing to my before I can't believe it. So I will pop my booty as if it is perfect. My stomach is flat, my back is flat and my butt is bigger so I am happy. I think a lot of us get caught up in other people's results and don't assess ourselves to see what's realistic. I'm 3.5 weeks and my stomach is still hard and tender in some areas. My right cheek giggles more than my left but overall both are getting softer. I'd say I'm 70% soft. I've been driving with my boppy and although its not perfect it still takes a lot of pressure off your bum. I tried the yoga mat thing but my thighs weren't ready for that workout yet and usually it loses it's firmness by the end of the ride and so my butt touches the seat. I don't know of too many people who can realistically not sit for 6 weeks. Although we invest so much, I'm sure many of us are busy with life and usually it requires sitting. This past week I had to sit a few times for work but I put a lot of weight on my thighs and arms then after about 15 min I got up. I don't work in a place where I can carry around a pillow so that's not a possibility. Other than that not much else to update. Have a good night!
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What is going on on RS that is causing you to say that? I thought we were on here to learn, share & support each other? I guess I am missing the drama somehow,
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A lot of drama and negativity recently. Makes me just want to erase everything and leave really
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Wow! Well I am happy I miss the drama. Don't shut it down. There are still plenty of us who need the assistance & support.
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from start to present your projection is great!!! your booty looks perfect for your body right now. you also have to remember there's a point where fluffing occurs and your booty gets even bigger. I'm not sure what week that generally happens. but it does I've seen a lot of women talk about that on this site. so be patient more projection maybe in your future. remember you're only about 3 and a half weeks.
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Thanks. Praying to the fluff gods lol. I think I'll start focusing on making this waist a 25 to create that illusion lol.
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there you go! great way to think!
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I think you look really great! There is something to be said for natural looking results. There is no pressure to explain your new body and it will be easier to maintain in the long term. Congrats!
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Aww thanks. U look great as well
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Thank, CCCC Yours is one of the best results I've seen on here. Be happy. You look wonderful.
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Thanks again
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Hey there just passing through.i have thunder thighs too :) so i know how you feel.however u look. Good
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Thanks. Wishing you luck with your situation.
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I hope my expectations aren't too high.. lord knows I don't got the perfect bod at all but I'm a work hard to wards making it like in my wish pics. You look so stunning girl.. it looks very natural.
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Thank you. Good luck on your journey
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Its a sexy heart shaped natural looking booty. U look excellent!:-D
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Thank you. That's what I was going for. Didn't want to show up at work the next day with a EVERYBODY-KNOWS booty lol
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You look really good! xxxxxxx
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Thank ya!
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You look AMAZING! I can't wait until it's my turn. Please keep us posted. Happy Healing!
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Thank you so much! Get excited for your turn. It'll be here before you know it
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looking good..congrats
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Thank you!
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I am looking at you pictures and I am so amazed at the before and after. These doctors are so amazing with how they transform us. I am so excited! you look great girl. happy healing!
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Thanks! Yea I have to give it Dr. S. I've come a long way. From flapjacks to a lil sumthin sumthin lol.
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Waistline, hips, bootay! Girl I can't wait! You are looking good!
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