Been Ready...but NOT PREPARED...HELP! - Aventura, FL

Hey everyone. What's up I'm brand new to the site....

Hey everyone. What's up I'm brand new to the site. My big day coming up soon, (2 weeks) and unfortunately I only have my boppy pillow and my vitamins. Smh. Plan to get this stuff this week. Just signing in to say hello and also looking forward to the support I've been seeing thus far. Everyone be safe and enjoy. :)


Hey you! Its your turn tomorrow. Take some pics tonite so you and all of us can see after op results..... Rest up!
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Hi there... I am 11/26...cant wait to hear more from you...especially pics! Good Luck!
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Thank U!!Ur date is comin soon toooo!! Best wishes Ma!! My pre-op is today:) will definitely b updating after that.......
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