9 months post op Dr Salama NEW PICS - Aventura, FL

I have been very unhappy with my body since high...

I have been very unhappy with my body since high school. I have a large chest and no butt! lol I want to be more proportioned and i also want a more attractively shaped butt thats juicy and round. I absolutely hate my back and flanks I want them gone.

I have read tons of reviews on here and honestly this site is what pushed me over the edge and made me call and put down my deposit so thank you! I am so excited I just feel like the surgery is so far away. I hope that time flies!

Hay xxdanil i'm scheduled for july 2 2012 also with dr. salama have you found a hotel yet and how many days are you staying?
Hey! I actually moved my date up to june12th and I live in fl so no hotel or transportation for me
Lol I'm obsessed to, I get on this website every hour on the hour.

Ok so my original date was for july but I'm so...

ok so my original date was for july but I'm so anxious i moved it up to june 12th .. lol and thats the earliest they had.. so now i have 3 months to loose some extra weight. I'm so excited!! Oh and I'm 5'3 154lbs .. i didn't say that before. =)
No he didn't he said I was a great candidate and that he wanted to focus on my flanks and I want him to work on my back. Have u sent pis or scheduled a consult?
Hi! Just read your post and I wanted to know, I'm the same height as you but I'm not sure if I should lose weight or gain some, did the dr tell you about any of that in your consultation?

Hello ladies! well i have been reading a lot of...

Hello ladies! well i have been reading a lot of reviews and one in particular stood out to me .. about arms lol i dont want garilla arms (which i kind of alaready have) so i added liposuction of my arms to the list .. im am still scheduled for june 12th 2012 and hopefully the recovery will go smoothly ..
im so sorry i haunt replied I'm looking to loose between 10-15 more lbs and the date is getting closer and closer!! ahhh i cannot wait!! thank you for wishing me luck RORO =] are you loosing weight Cris? i have no hips and I'm very top heavy ill post before pics closer to the date of surgery lol i don't need them up just chill in right now
good luck hun..:}
@xxdani Definitely kp us posted on ur surgery. I will traveling to c Dr. C the same day for my surgery in TJ. I am good w/ boobs but lack a butt (hips ok). my focus is small waist and my back. the volume he gives to the butt im sure will be just fine., How much weight u wanna lose? we r same height close weight..

Omg ladies 6 weeks to go!! :D I had to book 2...

Omg ladies 6 weeks to go!! :D I had to book 2 nights at a hotel close to the surgery center because palm beach is too far =[ and Dr Salama wants us as close as possible for the first 2 days.. Soo I booked 2 nights at Courtyard Marriott yesterday.. I have not lost any weight :/ lol I've been so busy working but today I plan on starting my diet and work out regimen! Anyways I'm holding off until the last minute to put up my before pics lol I'm hoping I can get in shape so you won't have to see me in my current state I will also put up my measurements at that time.. Any who I'm so excited!! :D

OK ladies i am 14 days away from the big day .. i...

OK ladies i am 14 days away from the big day .. i cannot believe it .. i decided it was probably time to put up my before pics.. I am so ready for this after really seeing myself .. i did all of my pre op clearance stuff and i will stop taking my birth control tomorrow .. i need someone to help me with my measurements i don't know where to measure lol so after i get all that done ill post it .. i have also been reading about Dr Salama not finishing certain spots or missing bra lines .. i am deff going to make it business to let him know that that is what I'm most uncomfortable with and hopefully he does all my spots (arms[extra $400 ], FULL back, FULL stomach / flanks and inner thighs) I really want him to put 900-1000 CCs in each cheek

thanks for reading =]
Aw thank you so much butterbod! I went to the office tester day and got my boppy pillow and signed my consent forms the dr was in surgery so I did not meet him everyone there was so nice and reassured me that he would do my back rolls lol I'll keep you posted and congrats and good luck with your surgery =]
Hey Dani! I'll be joining you in Aventura on 6/15. My sx is 6/16 (so is my girl Nini Fernandez). I have heard the same thing about Salama missing the bra rolls and back area. I'm definitely going to STRESS to him how important those spots are for me too. Hopefully we will get the results we want girl! Can't wait to see your results and I know you'll look fab! Will be sending prayers your way for the big day and after... Keep us updated!
Hello foundumissnewbooty I added my arms on march 19, 2012 I believe the special ended the beginning of this month and the prices went up this month as well ..

Ok ladies I am 1 day post op and let me just say...

Ok ladies I am 1 day post op and let me just say without the Percocet idk what I would do.. I was 1st surgery of the day I cried like a baby when they were putting me to sleep lol but everyone was so nice including dr Salama he was really cool and funny but I guess that's because I went in there humble and ask him my questions rather than demand what I wanted needless to say I don't know how many ccs yet and my but is huge and I'm brused and swollen I kind of hope it doesn't go down too much I like it the
Way it is but I know it will.. Oh and I freaked out in the recovery room I was trying to get up and leave but I could not move which freaked me out even more apparently I was screaming and acting a fool =\ oh and I'm staying at the courtyard Marriott nice clean. my dad has been driving me around let just sat I hate being in the van it makes me sick oh and eat heavy hearty food! Made me feel so much better I didn't get much sleep and neither did my mom =\ peeing in the little coffee cups they provide in the room is the best bet I have not peed on my garment yet using this method .. I have been draining like crazy I think it's because I had 2 lymphatic massages before surgery during the week ladies if u can do it I suggest you do .. Anyways that's it for now I'm going to try and upload pics if it doesn't work I'll do it later

Thanks for reading

Just read paperwork 1100 cc per cheek

Just read paperwork 1100 cc per cheek

Ok I just left the office I got my garment changed...

Ok I just left the office I got my garment changed .. I really don't like the new garment it will deff be hell trying to pee in this new garnet the hole is different. I am so sore make sure to eat and take Percocet before going to this appt I felt really weak .. Nrouille was a bit rough I asked her to be gentle and she's pretty much like I have to get the garment up not very sympathetic.. Other than that it was alright.. 1st massage tomorrow and I will post pics I swear lol


typo: *good
* You're
Happy healings, looks goo, I hope your pleased with your outcome :)
happy healing .... looks great :D

Ok so i started taking antibiotics on day 2 and...

ok so i started taking antibiotics on day 2 and seriously i have been having the worst diarrhea since then. it is a pain in the ass literally! i have to rush and take off the garment which is not easy and my mom has to help me its really bad. maybe its just me i don't know if anyone else is having the same problems but is so how do i fix it? i obi cannot stop taking the antibiotics =/ it all really sucks.

on a different note i got my 1st massage today. i don't remember her name but she came to my room and it was painful i cried like a baby again but i drained a lot.

my skin feels gross on my stomach and yes i have been wearing the tshirt under garment i hope it gets better fast. ok ladies thats it for now ill update again later my butt is huge btw.. the pics don't do it justice at all
I have a personal question, any of you ladies feel free to reply: what does Dr. Salama say about sex post BBL? Non-exsistant for how long? It's not my most important question, but I haven't come across any answers on here....

PS- your body looks AMAZING and congrats girl!
I think they want you to refrain for 6wks, I've ran into this question a couple of times on here, and plus acording to the reviews, the groin is pretty swollen.
aw thank you ny2va i appreciate it and to be honest sex is the last thing on my mind my boyfriend just left here and i was so happy to see him but the thought of sex makes me sick lol your going to be so swollen and walking like a zombie your not going to want any.. or maybe thats just me lol i see dr salama on sunday so ill ask him and tell you what he says lol

Ok so yesterday was day 3 it was pretty good I...

Ok so yesterday was day 3 it was pretty good I felt good was up and about walking around .. Today (day4) I'm hating everything I hate the meds they make me shit .. I hate the drains they hurt and complicate my shitting .. I hate that I have been laying on my stomach for 4 effing days and my jaws and neck are killing me I of corse broke down in a crying fit this morning when I realized my knuckles where raw from me using them to pick my self up off the bed and put myself down .. I am currently lying face down again but with my garment off because I wanted it washed .. I wasn't liking how it smelled my mom says its just me but I swear I'm getting a yeast infection >=[ ughhaghhhh! And just a heads up buy 2 of the 2nd type of garments (the 1 with the zipper) so when ones washing you can put the other one on. I'm in pain my butt doesn't like being out of the garment .. I have also been experiencing shooting pains in my stomach sides and butt I d k y and I hate it .. At this point to be really honest I wish I didn't do it.. I was feeling great before and I didn't look so bad but this experience is wearing on me and my family I feel like the worse daughter in the world =[ my mom is in so much pain from trying to pull me up to use the bathroom and walk around I think her back is out and my sister and cousins are my "gofurs" I don't like that everyone is annoyed with me .. I know I sound like a Whinney bitch and no one made me do this but in just being honest with y'all .. I keep telling myself that all these other girls that are 4 weeks post op and 8 weeks post op did it so u can too.. Then I mentally slap myself and say get your shit together .. but it's not cutting it anymore.. I'm supposed to get my 2nd massage today (yay! -_-) ill tell yall how that goes ..well that's it for now updating naked and miserable from the bed dani b over and out ..
I read your update yesterday :(
Hope you're feeling better now.
I can totally appreciate your honesty with all this, I will pray for you to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally!!!
Sorry your feeling bad!!i hope you feel better,and enjoy you results.hopefully it will feel worth it for you.

On my way to get my drains taken out! Yessss!!!...

On my way to get my drains taken out! Yessss!!! I'll let you ladies know how that is.. I also feel a lot Better since my last post today's my last day on antibiotics :D and no more random diarrhea =]
your booty looks really nice ........................smile;
Congrats on your new body and getting your drains removed. You look amazing and thanks for the updates.
Hope your healing well.I must say that the drains are what scares me most post op,I know youll be happy with them out.

Hello! i am feeling great i started driving today...

hello! i am feeling great i started driving today to get ready to go back to work.. don't worry i used my boppy pillow and a throw pillow for my back.. everything is coming together .. saw dr salama today he said i have no fluid buildup and everything looks fine he says that i will only get smaller form here. i am still very much swollen on my back stomach butt and thighs .. i have been wearing my garment but i take it off for 2 hours everyday .. i am very happy with my results i know its not perfect but I'm a much better version of myself! i am 100% grateful that i had no complications.. 1 of my cheeks is a slight bit bigger than the other but I'm sure it will all even out after swelling goes all the way down.. i took these pics a few days ago .. ill keep posting =]

p.s. sorry about the pic quality I'm using my phone and the front cam isn't as good as the back 1 .. but u get the general idea lol
Hey lady. U look amazing... Can u post more pix? Please :)
hey love... hows the recovering going?
Hey there how r u recovering how r urecovering

Hello everyone i am 50 days post op a little over...

hello everyone i am 50 days post op a little over seven weeks post op.. i have been working and getting ready for school .. i rarely come on rs anymore.. with that being said after this i doubt ill be posting for a while .. i get random shooting pain in my mid section .. i have scar tissue on the left side of my stomach .. my back is still swollen and i will be starting ultrasound therapy to try and soften the scar tissue. like everyone else i do wish i would have gone bigger.. i got 1100 ccs in each cheek and yes you butt shrinks .. id say go as big as you can get it .. i however will NOT be doing a round 2.. the pain and the stress on my family wasn't worth it the 1st time and wouldn't be the 2nd .. don't get me wrong .. i am much happier with myself it just took 7 weeks to feel that way. and i am not perfect my left cheek is great but my right is a bit deformed due to the garment .. make sure if it isn't fitting right to cut your butt out so it doesnt mess anything up.. i took these new pics my self and what i post is all I'm posting for now i cannot capture what i really look like with my iPhone and quite frankly no ones asses look as good or bad as they do on this site in person so everyone stressing to see pictures relax.. i get that we want to get the general idea of what the docs work looks like but honestly we don't end up looking like our wish pics or any of the women on this site so whats the point? and I'm tired of people inboxing me to update.. i don't mean to sound like a bitch but I'm being honest .. i have met only 3 ppl on this site that are genuine and actually cared about me being ok not just getting pics put up.. i have also had women inbox me and ask me questions i have no prob with that ill respond quickly and try to help the best i can with what u need to know like what to bring or what its like etc.. what ever it is if i can answer i will but please do not write me asking for pics that shit is annoying ..

dr salama is a good dr i do not regret anything and over all i look better than i did before i am grateful i had no complications and i wish the same for the ladies who will be doing this procedure .. it is not easy! go in with REALISTIC expectations for you body type!! .. drives me insane when i see before and after pics and the girl is bad mouthing the doc because she thought she would look like kim k when she started out looking like precious .. be realistic people .. again i don't mean to sound like a bitch .. i thank everyone for reading my posts.. i hope i helped .. OH AND ABOUT THE ARMS! I PERSONALLY DO NOT SEE A DIFFERENCE, IT WAS NOT WORTH IT FOR ME .. I WISH I WOULD HAVE DONE MY CHIN INSTEAD .. IJS

P.S.S. i did not wear my garment the way i was...

P.S.S. i did not wear my garment the way i was supposed to.. they cost 100 each and i refused to buy a smaller size because my butt couldn't and wouldn't fit and it would have caused further damage .. i stopped wearing it about 2 weeks ago..

Unfortunately i did not take before measurements...

unfortunately i did not take before measurements but my current measurements are 36 28 42
Thanks Dani for updating! I know you're not going to be on RealSelf as much, but hopefully you occassionally let us know how things are going. Your results at 7 weeks are great. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your journey.
Hey girl so glad you are liking your results, you look great. I have been following your journey from the beginning and remember you had regrets the first few days after surgery, so happy you are better now. I know exactly what you mean about ppl not really caring about you but just asking for pics....it's the worst. Anyway, best of luck :-).
your results are very nice. looks like u have no swelling. thanks mama for updating us

Been going to ultra sound therapy for scar tissue...

Been going to ultra sound therapy for scar tissue its sort of working i just have to continue to go.. Measurements are still 36DD 28 42 I'm sure that I'm done shrinking at this point i just have to lose weight the old fashioned way now..
Nice results :)
Hey there just passing through. Hope all is well. I always loved your results.
I LOVE your comments. That's why I didn't have any wish pics. It is so important to have realistic expectations before doing this. Almost EVERYONE looks way better after than they looked before their BBL, but there are limitations to what even the most gifted surgeon can do. If more women used their before pics as a comparison instead of some photoshopped vixen poc, they would be thrilled with their results. Also, I wish that women would post pics at one year post op. I know that we are all excited about our new curves right after surgery, but everybody looks pretty much the same 1 day or 2 weeks or even 2 months post op. The real results take much longer.

I'm almost a year post op I will be going back to...

I'm almost a year post op I will be going back to dr Salama for a retouch in July due to fat bulge in my right butt check that needs Lipo and to retouch my back and flanks.. Still loving my results. Still very happy with my decision.. Thank you for all the love ladies
Thanks for your review. I've been looking into Salama as well and reading a lot of reviews from recent Salama patients. Did Salama burn you and did your stomach have dents in it or was it bumpy? Anyhelp will be appreciated.
How much did you weight when you went into surgery???. I am 5'4 160 and would like to lose some weight. my surgery is 4 weeks away so i know i can at least lose 10 pounds the healthy way before that.
Just wondering where you are getting the ultra sound therapy done at? Or where in palm beach they offer the post op lymphatic massages?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama and staff have been great so glad I chose him. He is very realistic and friendly so is Ruben and all the other staff. I also appreciated how the payment process went I payed out of pocket and they did not ever call me about payments or stress me out which was nice. I would pick Salama and his team a million times over.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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