Need a December date! BBL Scheduled February 21, 2013 - Aventura, FL

I've never really felt bad about my image until...

I've never really felt bad about my image until last year when I started to care about my appearance. I've never been the dressy type until last year, lol it's like someone pulled the wool from over my eyes. I believe it started from all the attention I was getting, whatever the reason is I love it. I've always had a nice shape but I'm top heavy. I have a small waist and large hips...but my butt is flat! I want it to be bigger to complete my overall appearance. So I began looking into this procedure and stumbled across this lovely website which encouraged me to go ahead with it. Now I paid my deposit on April 30th and was scheduled for October 7th. I then switched my date to February 21, 2013...big mistake because now I want a December spot and it's full! If anyone move their dates please let me know! I would love to go in December..

Hey foreverdolled if u find December date can I have ru FEBUARY. N u should call the office also 2 weeks ago they had 1 date in dec and 1 date in jan available
Girl the price has gotten ridiculous! I'm thinking January for u also.
Oh, I don't have a date yet, i'm still waiting on Nancy to offer me the dates that are available after Dr Salama reviews my photos and I pay the down payment. It's probably going to be around January, I don't know what they have available. :)
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