Staying with Dr Salama. Thank you RealSelf.

Ive been doing some online research on Dr Salama...

Ive been doing some online research on Dr Salama and Im set !! Ill let you guys know what happens next year;) Ive booked the appointment for feb made the 10% payment.. Nancy Duque seems very outgoing and sweet!... maybe ill take b4 pics later not sure yet:) I just had a baby and my butt completely disappeared :( Im planning on having another little one in 3 years, has anyone had a baby after a bbl?


Hi I am going to Dr Pascual in Feb of 2014 she is also located in Florida are u going alone I ask because my husband may have to stay back with my children and mabe we could meet up. To answer your question about every haven children after a bbl that was one of the questions I was ask by my surgeon if I planned on having more children and I said no I have six I think she ask me because of the weight changes one would experience I dont think it would be hard to Carrie or conceive if we were talking tummy tuck than I would be saying sum different.
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Im sorry I have not logged on in a while, I had to e change my date later July :( I regret that move I would of loved to met up. Thank you for the answer.. Im hoping the shape will remain the same after pregnancies I only have one baby and I want at least 1 more
I spoke with a friend of mine a few days ago and he said his wife had the surgery before his daughter was born and afterwards she still looked the same. Now I will say I'm not sure if he thought I meanrt her butt or her stomach.
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Change of date

I had to change my date for july 2014 but I would really like to change it again to something earlier maybe june.. or during April.. Anyone?? If not then is anyone going to Dr.Salama July 2014 ?

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Before picture

Finally got the guts to post a before picture. Because it might help someone make a decision!! So here it is!


I have a date of march 7. I am looking to switch
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Welcome to tteam salama sis I am 9 months po and I love it
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Awe thanks! I was JUST looking at your profile before you commented. I hope I look as good as you!

Anyone have a date before July 2014 even June would work

If anyone interested in changing dates please let me know


Just keep calling nancy she will work out for you
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Haven't heard back from you

Salama girls help please

I'm a bit confused about losing or gaining weight I'm about 20lbs over weight right now and I'm tall anyway I really want fat grafted to my hips and butt.. Is this extra $??? Is there a way to contact Salama before like NoW because so far I can only reach Nancy ;/ and I would really like to know if I should lose the weight or not lose the weight etc.. Did any of you have an online consultation?!


He does hips included, we communicated via email prior, got better communication after I paid deposit,
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I paid the deposit the day I booked.. So you were able to communicate to Dr.Salama prior

Should I switch Drs?!

I'm starting to read more and more reviews about girls that switched Drs... I'm kind of irritated I haven't heard from Dr.salamas office I know they're busy but... I have questions lol


email me.... i told nanci she needs the info so that she can change it.

Thank you

I switched dates already thank you ladies for the help. I just couldn't wait.


Hey Im scheduled for July 15. Im sure we are going to look amazing :) Im so excited!
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Which date?
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Yeh what date you took time to post u switched dates and left out what date oh I know your a teaser lol....
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Online research and emails.

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