Need to switch From july 18th 2013 to july 15th or 16th - dr salama

I have been considered Bbl for the past five...

I have been considered Bbl for the past five years, cannot wait to have it done with dr. salama, my driving time to Aventura is 4 hours but most likely i will be staying close by . I desperately need to switch my surgery date, please someone help. I had my surgery scheduled for last november with dr. Mendieta but decided to wait for salama, i am hoping he can give me the results i m looking for. I m 5'1 122 pounds.


How about a June 14th date? i will love to switch with you due to my school schedule for the summer
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Hey girl! Congrats on your date with Salama! I am in a few days before you :D And I am short or as I like to say, fun size, too! I'm only 5'2 lol. I don't want to come off as rude but did the doctor ask you to gain weight? I am just curious I am not saying you do or not I am just wondering.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Congrats on choosing your doctor and setting your date, not long to wait now!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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