7 days post op :) got my drain out yay

I really want to get a brazilian butt lift with...

I really want to get a brazilian butt lift with doctor Salama but he is booked till March 2013 :( .. I really would love to have to surgery sometime in October 2012 . Is anyone is willing to book for March 2013 to give me their October date? Thank you Ladies :)

Hey Girls I'm new to this , but I love realself I...

Hey Girls I'm new to this , but I love realself I feel I learn so much from reading you lovely ladies experience. Like In 5'2 and 157 pods :( I always hated how my body is shaped I like have no thighs and all stomach and muffin top... Will post pics soon
Like many of you I originally wanted to go with salama but he is way booked and after some research came across his partner and like his work. I send Nancy my pics and the doc says I'm a perfect candidate yay :) Calling tomorrow to put my deposit down Nancy told me he has an April date available which is only a couple weeks away...

My only concern is getting my medical clearance in time.. I live in miami any of you ladies recommend where to get the bloodwork and ekg done ?

Booked my surgery and put deposit with Ghurani ,...

Booked my surgery and put deposit with Ghurani , so excited Aprill 11th . Spoke to Nancy and luckily they have a facility that does the blood work and Ekg for $175 so I don't have to wait for my pcp. :)

Good luck honey. I'm scheduled for Apr 9 with Dr. G
Thank you girlie, omg I can't wait I'm so excited !! Are you ready for your surgery girl :)
I'm so excited!! i just want it to be here already. I am completely ready, purchase everything that i need and 8 additional massages. Its the waiting game now. We are probably going to see in to each with our big booties! :)...

Just started my vitamin c 1000mg and my iron pills...

Just started my vitamin c 1000mg and my iron pills 325mg , so far so good hasn't been harsh on my stomach need to start buying some supplies, I'm still confused on the whole garments we should buy for after surgery...
R u ready hun!?! April 10th w Dr g! Super excited!
Im sooo excited too this is all i think about lol you going in the day before me yay !! best wishes girlie your going to look fabulous :)

Hey girls so excited , just been reading all your...

Hey girls so excited , just been reading all your journeys i couldnt have takenthis step in my life if it wasnt for realself. Im only two weeks away from my surgery date and i couldnt be happier, i finally get to throw away all my padded underwear yay !! Any of you girls scheduled with ghurani on the 11th ??
Hey doll.. U know what time is our sx? I'm on the 10th too... I thought u were the 11th?
I was but today dr. Rami asked if i wanted to do it a day earlier because he had an open spot for the 10th , i was like hell yah lol he told me im scheduled for 1pm and you ??

Just went to my pre op appointment, dr rami is...

Just went to my pre op appointment, dr rami is truly amazing and so is his entire staff. He was so sweet and went through all my questions , he was able to move my day up to April 10th yay one day sooner :)
Yayyyyy team ghurani!!! Ur gonna love the results!
Thx girl i hope i come out looking as good as you did im so excited tommorow is my day :)
Hey girly you are just around the corner. How exciting... I will be having surgery with Dr. G too. But am waiting on tax return to put deposit and set a date. I have an appt to meetwith him on the 18 th and super thrilled. I can't wait to see your results. Hey can you tell me where you went to get the clearance? I don't have insurance and am freaking put about it. Thanks for the info and god luck and happy healing.

Just got everything i need went to ross got me...

Just got everything i need went to ross got me some qute maxi dresses for cheap gotta love ross :) went to church on sunday and just prayed everything will come out okay my saftey is my main prority then my new booty . I feel really good but im not going to lie getting a lil nervous about going under.. Tommorow is my day, plz pray for me ladies.. God bless :). Much love to all of you !! Posting before pics today .
Here are my stats
Im 24 years old
I harvest my fat mostly in my waist and upper body got no ass ir thighs :(
Height 5'3 weight 157
Measurements :
39in waist
40in hip/bottom :(

Ok , the day has come i cant believe how time...

Ok , the day has come i cant believe how time fleww, going in three hours wish me luck cant wait for the new improved me . Thank you girls for all your support couldnt do it with out ya girls. ;)
hey doll...I'm here waiting to go in. Good luck ur next in line baby! Ghurani is gonna work his magic on us today!
Good luck sweety your going to come out looking amazing ill be praying for ya girl then its my turn, yay :)

Omg in soooo much pain this surgery is no joke i...

Omg in soooo much pain this surgery is no joke i feel so stiff and my neww booty feels hard .
Hi doll! How are you feeling??? Oye! I just had mine done last week Thursday. I'm feeling your pain right now!!!
Girl tell me how you doing im so stiff on my waist and butt i walk like a penguin lol taking off the garment is the worst my stomach is the worst im dreading those massages.. Have yu gotten massages yet?
Yes I got only my first massage. The lady that did it for me said I did really well with it because most girls go in there freaked out and don't try to just relax and let her work. I was nervous about the massages cuz of a lot of the things i heard on RS, but personally I love massages. So I was like let me just go in there, enjoy it, and scream if I have too lol. I didn't do any screaming. But that was only my first massage. I was supposed to get my 2nd massage and I waited for over an hour and noone came out to get me so I left. I'm looking for someone else now. I'm hoping to have it done the second time tomorrow. I walk like a penguin too! Stiff like hell! I will tell you though, every day gets better. I freaked out when they gave me my second garment, but now I can't wait to wear it cuz I feel how lose this one is. I will have my 2nd drain removed tomorrow and I'm planning on putting my new garment on when I get home. It won't feel pretty, but I know its gonna do me some serious justice lol!

The pain sux.but through the swelling i can see...

The pain sux.but through the swelling i can see already my new shape and new booty rami is truly amazing its wrth the pain ;) in a lil bit will post before and after pics .
Hey babe how r u feeling???? Each day will get better :-) happy healing! Can't wait to see ur results!!
Thank you girlie for your well wishes your absolutly right it gets better each day i hate all the stiffness and sleeping on tummy so uncomfortable
U will get use to everything after 1-2 weeks. Happy healing. First couple days r tough. U will be fine after.

Feeling better finally got my appetite back thank...

Feeling better finally got my appetite back thank god for my mom ive been eating lots of protein and nutritious foods and lots of gatorade and peeing around the clock i have a funnel so i it helps me pee not on my garment . I still feel stiff but im slowly getting my energy back , the lord gives me strength i dont know how anyone can get through this recovery alone i know for sure i couldnt i need my moms help for alot of things, so my heart goes out to those ladies that go through this alone. Got my massage schedule for monday at 2pm wish me luck ladies my tummy feels tender, then imma see if ghurani sends me a copy of my before and after pics so i can show you girls my new body :) thank you again for your prayers and well wishes happy healing :)

Todays my first massage im soo nervous wish me...

Todays my first massage im soo nervous wish me luck will take a percocet before .

Finally resting in my bed.. What a long day and...

Finally resting in my bed.. What a long day and car ride.. Got my first massage wasnt so bad but it did hurt a lil but i was expecting worse. I only had half of a percocet because i cant handle a whole one makes me nauseous. I met two beautiful young ladies today ms yolo and newbooty13. Its so nice to share this journey and pain and happiness with others going through the same. No doubt ghuranis wrk is amazing . At my massage cecila found a burn from cannula on my tummy so they prescribe me a cream for that so i pray it heals great. Going to see the doc tomorow to see the status on my drains hopefully he can at least take the back drain out or should i say my "tail" lol. Then wedsday my second massage and smaller garment they ran out today i need compression .
My massage Is today too at 1:00!!!... I'm going to pm my phone number. I tried calling newbooty13 but her number is going straight to vm... Maybe we will see each other!!

Today had my second massage wasnt bad at all i...

Today had my second massage wasnt bad at all i felt like new after. Got a smaller garment im a medium now but i cant put it on till a week from now cuz i have a burn on my tummy from cannula and rami doesnt want me to irritate . Hes such a wonderful caring doctor. Healso took out my back drain it didnt hurt at all im so relieved no more drain . But i still have the front drain on because i still have more than 20cc fluid a day so im stuck with it till next wednesday ughhhh sux. Im walking a lot better , less waddling.
Hey what happened are you Ok. you seemed so excited
Cant wait to see ur results! :)
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