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Hey Bootyfuls, I am new to this site.. but...

Hey Bootyfuls,

I am new to this site.. but have been stalking this site for 3weeks straight ever since i joined it. Im 27yrs old 5'6 145lbs and im not sure what my waist is ill have to measure it. But im a 34C and close to 40hips.

I am so excited about getting the BBL done. Im so nervous because i have never gone through surgery before. And to say the least that i hate anything that has to do with needles and tubes ughh! But im guessing it will all well be worth it in the end.

From researching and seeing all the results you lovely ladies have been posting on here. I decided to go with Dr. Salama's. I filled out the interest form on his website and patiently waited for a consultation call back. Finally a lady named Nancy called me early in the morning around 8:30am stating that if she didnt call me at this time i probably would have had to wait some more time to get a call from her. But even though i was still half way asleep i set up an appt for next month Aug 8, 2012. Im sooo excited! The anticipation is killing me. I dont know if i should bring pics of wish pics or just come as is and try to explain it to my best ability.

I will post pics of my before pics asap

Im just scared of the fact of when i leave the...

Im just scared of the fact of when i leave the hospital and go home,.. Will i remember everything to do and im such a big baby when it comes to blood and tubes and bruises
@truth2 Oh wow thanks alot for telling me this.. Yeah i want my legs to not be touched. I want my legs to remain thick.. Was it hard to heal? And how long did it take for your love handles to heal?
please dont let him lipo ur inner thigh. worst part of the body to lipo. I am speaking from experience. u can take fat from belly, love handle or ur of luck....
Yeah thats what i was told to over the phone that the waiting period isnt until Feb 2013.. My mouth dropped.. But yeah im so anxious to get it done. I was going between Dr. Salama or Dr. Jimerson.. But im a florida local

I am scheduled in for Aug 8, 2012 for a...

I am scheduled in for Aug 8, 2012 for a consultation.. But Nancy was telling me i might not be able to be for surgery until Feb of 2013 and i dont want to have to wait that long.. I was planning on trying to get my sexyness before my bday which is in Dec :(
I'm considering Dr. Salama, (I love his work and he's experienced from what I see on here) I was searching other doctors to see if there was any other ones better than him and came across a girls post and she had a bad experience with DR. Yily. --- Search her name -----"Chulisnakys" ---- You should check that out. I'd say Dr. Salama for sure. Good luck!
@ThattGirl.. No sorry i meant to say i have an appt to meet with Nancy or Dr. Salama.. But i dont have an opening until next year in Feb 2013.. But i mean i dont want them (doctor) to touch my legs during surgery.. Just my upper portion of my body.. Gotta stay thick in some areas lol! But thanks for the extra boost.. I was also looking into other doctors though to make sure im making the right decisions.. So far i have been hearing great review on Dr. S
Welcome to realself ! Nancy is a real sweetheart :) You managed to get an appointment next month for surgery?! Wow! youre lucky! Make sure you do your research on what you want! If you dont want your legs to touch, then maybe you want to go with lipo on the inner thighs, yea it may hurt for a while, like all lipo areas, but wont it be worth it? ( Inner thighs is a pain to work out in the gym ) Keep us updated !
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