11 months post op! New Pics! Had to get it from Salama bc I didn't get it from my mama!

Well, this is the first official step to my...

Well, this is the first official step to my journey to a better me. I am here to better the physical me. I personally feel very in touch with myself and have always, unfortunately, always felt that was just jipped genetically. Until, now...I just settled (very unlike me) with the fact that I was the way I was, and despite the fact that I've always been active would always feel this way about my body.

I've always been one to take initiative in changing things that I wasn't so previously happy with in every other aspect of my life...except when it came to the physical me, I had no choice...that is, until my discovery of BBL. I'm a young professional, am very detail oriented, and have always appreciated intricacies of the female body. I've been fortunate enough to have survived life's tribulations and turn my life around from some pretty unfortunate circumstances and have always felt that my body never matched my spirit. So now...this surgery gives me the opportunity to contribute to the process of bettering the physical me.

What I wish I knew beforehand???? IF....I'm actually going to be able to make it throughout the recovery period. You see, I am in sales...a road warrior...so do much of my business driving around in my car or sitting at my desk managing my administrative needs of my work. The recovery portion of the procedure worries me more than anything else. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain...so I've already accepted and am embracing the fact that there is no doubt I will undoubtedly experience being uncomfortable.

AND...my boyfriend is a med school grad. Not quite a practicing doctor...and loves me for who I am (or so he says), says he's supportive...but refuses to assist me in moving forward with this. I initially asked him to be a co-signer for my procedure since he would be a benefactor. He agreed he'd do it, but has been real shadey about moving ahead with this. What he doesn't realize, is that it has taken quite a bit of self pride to even share with him my true feelings about my body. I'm an extremely private person and quite frankly have become a bit sour at his lack of support. So...I've decided to leave him out of the process and will admit, that I am a bit sour about it..since I feel he is in his way trying to control what I want to do by not actually supporting me. Words are far more different than action.


I went with financing.. i chose care credit.... all you have to do is go to their site fill out a page of information and you will get approved right then and there and then they will give you your account number and when you get that just give it to nancy or whoever you scheduled you appointment with... i chose the 18 month interest free since its interest free youll be paying the same amount and have more time to pay it off!!
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oh and care credit will send you a debit card in the mail with the max amount that you were approved for
Yes Girl i did Sooo much research lol... i got very lucky actually im staying in a hotel efficency room which is RIGHT on the board walk and its literally 5 min away from dr S!! plus for 8 nights its only cost me around 600 which is cheap!! but dont forget about the costs of the plane ticket. the meds. the blood work, the food and all other necessities!! its a long recovery process but we def deserve it we only live once!! oh and the massages as well which some girls on here are finding 10 massages for 400 but cheapest i can find is 600 so im going to keep searchin and will def let you know!!
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Well...looks like the boyfriend has finally come...

Well...looks like the boyfriend has finally come around...financing is coming together and I'm getting closer to really solidifying this whole journey!

I'm still very excited! Scared indeed, but more excited. I also forgot to mention that I own a clothing boutique...and a majority of the stuff...I can't even wear...sexy, body hugging, feminine clothing...ironic huh? Well...I'm counting the days when that can happen...and I can actually model my own clothes!


O ok great. I think I want to try credit care. My score is near yours but I don't want my hubby to cosign because I don't want to ask lol
Do u have more time to use credit care then 60 days? I wish we could just pick our date with him. I want December so bad, that will be my graduate gift, plus time to heal before my vacation seeing my family and friends.
I'm glad you got to change though!!!
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Hi blao777, welcome to th sisterhood. It's like our own secret society lol. I'm March 14th 2013!
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Thank you and congrats to you too! I'm beside myself! Yay one day, in the near future...I'll be able to wear (with confidence) those bodycon dresses that I stay trying to sell to other girls! Oooooh I can't wait. Today almost turned out to be a bad day for me. I got a text message from medical financing saying I was approved for financing, then called and they informed me that I had to use the financing within 60 days! I said 60 days? Salama doesn't even have any openings until April! The girl Remona said well, better luck when you reapply 60 days prior to procedure date. I had medical financing and care credit mixed up.

So I called care credit...and was approved right then and there. was a little worried, my finances took a bit of a hit in 2010 since I was unemployed and credit cards maxed out for awhile, but my loving bf decided to co-sign for me...so all worked well. Last I checked my credit score average was a 639

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I'm beyond...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I'm beyond excited! It's official. I'm locked in for April 26th! Flying in on the 25th. So, now the countdown begins! It seems so far away, but oh well...the 500-700+/month in credit card & loan bills I'll be paying will be done! My care credit loan payment will be nothing compared to what I'm dishing out now, AND I'm gonna look fly to boot! I can't wait!

I decided to add liposuction to my inner thighs. I'm sick of them rubbing together. I like my curves so I'll leave the outer thighs alone and leave for a more balanced voluptuous look. I took out the transportation ($225) since I believe we'll be renting a car. My boyfriend is coming with, so I know he'll probably want some freedom to roam around. My grand total with inner thigh lipo minus transportation = $8074!


You're scheduled the day after me! Good luck.... #teamsalama
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Welcome blao777. I too am in marketing and know exactly what you mean about being a road warrio as my car is my office. I had a bunch of vacation, sick & personal time built up so I took that. Otherwise December is so slow usually and would be a great time to recover for 2-3 weeks. Good luck.
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hey girl! congrats!! i just booked mine as well with salama for January ! this was on sweet_yellow's page , it might be helpful to you as well:

Clindamycin (Anti-Biotic)
Percocet (Pain Killer)
Phenergan (Nausea)
Colace (Stool Softner)
Vitamin C (1000mg)
Iron (300mg)

Make Me Heal = $175 total
Boiron Arnica Tablets
MMH Pre & Post Op Vitamins
Boiron Arnica Montana Gel (2)
Kelo-cote Scar Reduction Gel

Urinal - $6.95
Gloves - $4.00
Gauges – $5.00
Tape - $2.00
Bed Underpads –$7.95
Dial – $2.00
Wipes – $ 3.00
Suction hooks - $4.00

Additional Costs:
Food - $200
Extra massages - $400.00

Maxi dresses
Sports Bra
Tight tanks/waist clincher
Compression socks

Just passing along the message to a fellow BBL sister getting started! xo
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OK...so, I'm booked and received all of my care...

OK...so, I'm booked and received all of my care credit cards and information in the mail already. It seems so much more real now and I am back and forth about whether to be afraid about the procedure and how much all this is really going to cost. It's overwhelming. On top of that...I'm 32, have no children...my boyfriend and I talk about children all the time and both want them...however, I know that I am the reason why we can't...at this time. I have a blocked fallopian tube. Now that this procedure has been booked, I've been thinking more and more about the WHAT IF I GET PREGNANT scenario. I guess it would just delay things....Something that you should know is that Nancy informed me that I can switch the date as many times as necessary. There is however a fee associated with each time you switch the date. I'd be curious to speak with anyone that has had the BBL and then a pregnancy post op....what was it like, were there any complications, did the pregnancy compromise the results of your procedure????


Wow blao!!!! thank u so much for giving me that info..that really does help...the payment is awesome to..i will defintely try them and see
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anytime...we are all here to help each other through this process...good luck...
well...only 813.28 has been used so far...and that was my deposit. Once you've been approved, you get a card in the mail to use to swipe when you need to use it. you will have already been provided with your account number upon approval. Once the card was received, I went online to the carecredit.com site and registered for my login. It pulled up my info and said my first payment was due on 9/5/2012...in the min amount of $27.00. What's nice is they let you set up auto payment. I'm the worst when it comes o managing my finances. So I set it up for the entire balance. That $813 balance should be paid down entirely by the time I have my procedure :D
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OK...so here I am...September...and April can't...

OK...so here I am...September...and April can't come soon enough! I'm starting to second guess my choice to go with Dr. S bc it is just sooo far away! My boyfriend was going to go with me...but since he'll be starting residency soon, I'm not exactly sure if that's even a realistic option. Out of curiousity, does anyone know how much a nursing assistant would cost?

Now I'm starting to shop around closer to home despite the non refundable deposit situation. Being home while I recover sounds more and more better each time I think about it. But then again...I know exactly what to expect from Salama...and it's exactly what I want.

Additionally...I am thinking of getting my chin lipoed as well. Its a problem area for me and one of the very first places I visually gain weigt :(

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It's 2 days later, and I'm still feeling the same....

It's 2 days later, and I'm still feeling the same. I initially chose Salama bc he is the best & best value for the $$. I just don't know if I can wait that long. Now, my boyfriend won't be able to go with me...so the thought of having additional costs is killing me. I have a consultation in Paramus tomorrow with Dr. Z @ Art...apparently he has alot of experience with fat transfer procedures but doesn't really have anything posted on the site...which concerns me. But, its a free consultation...so I guess it couldn't hurt.

I'm getting so impatient...don't know if I can wait all the way until April 2013 for this procedure with Salama...or if I want to have to travel all that way without any help and have to recover in a hotel and deal with comprimising the procedure results by getting on a plane that sits on the tarmac for a couple of hours (which for me never fails whenever I travel to FL.) looking for some insight ladies. Anyone in NJ have their BBL done by anyone and happy with the results the first time around?


thanks. I'm so back and forth. Salama is the best. with everything inclusive. I was concerned about lodging and comprimising the results of the procedure by getting onto a plain...BUT i just figured out an excellent alternative! Train with a sleeping car! Amtrak has sleeping cars...that if I book far enough in advance will only cost me an additional $214 on top of the one way ticket, which totals to be $350. not so bad...i'd pay that extra. Even with the lodging to stay in FL for a week prior to departure...still puts me at less than I'd pay for Sheila bond...hmmmmmmmm. difference is...you'll see your results in a couple of months. I'd have to wait until end of april 2013 :(
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no prob =) she quoted me 11,596...yea she is def on the high end....that quote includes lipo of the stomach and back.....she told me the bra rolls were an extra fee ..i didnt care i wanted that done cuz i have plenty of fat there lol...that was an extra 1,800 for the upper back.....and of course the injections of fat in the ass....oh and that fee includes the blood work that has to be done..u have to go to the hospital that the surgery will be done at to have it included in the fee..u have any more question def ask =) update me and tell me how ur consult goes!
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Thanks so much Italiana185! I actually do have a consultation scheduled with her next week on the 11th, but didn't know about the real self discount. May I ask what she is charging you and what areas are included in your fee? I'm trying to find out if what is inclusive for her fee. I know she is definitely on the higher end of the price range.
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Well...each day is a struggle to be patient. I'm...

Well...each day is a struggle to be patient. I'm pretty scared about not being able to swing an April date...but honestly don't want anyone but Salama to do my procedure. I'm almost willing to pay CASH to get an earlier date. Heck I'll pay for an extra area of lipo for an earlier date. Seriously. I work in the wine import business so from now through the holidays is perfect time for me to get the procedure done being as none of the stores/restaurants want to even see my face. April however, is prime time preparations for the summer season. I drive everywhere and everyday for my work...it's actually the hard part of the job...getting in the car and motivating myself enough to get off my butt and go somewhere. April is becoming more and more unrealistic. I am continuuing to go on consultations, today i see Dr. Racanelli here in Morristown, NJ...we'll see. Doesn't change the fact that I still want Salama to be my surgeon.

So all jokes aside. if you have an Oct/Nov/Dec date...and you want an extra $500. Let's talk.

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Nancy is an absolute doll. Amazing in fact. I...

Nancy is an absolute doll. Amazing in fact. I was candid with her and told her that April 2013 was unrealistic for me and that I was shopping around for other doctors and she made magic happen! So...I go from an 8 month weight...to 3 friggin weeks! OMG OMG OMG. So much to do!!!!!!


Hey good luck I guess we won't meet at our April date.. Lucky girl... so excited for you!!!
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Omgosh!!! I'm so
Excited for you!! Nancy is freaking amazing!!!! And you are going to have AMAZING results! I'll be following your journey, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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Congrats on your new day!!! Good luck .
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OH...and for anyone curious...I got the call from...

OH...and for anyone curious...I got the call from Nancy with the availability as I was leaving my consult with Racanelli. He was a legit PS, informative, very communicative...and was NOT an advocate of realself at all. said it was bogus and that most of the girls on here are typically PS office managers trying to boost comments for their doctors. Which I don't think is too far fetched. But, I believe that there are some very genuine people bloggin their real experiences. Communication is a two way street. Anyway...for anyone interested...he is willing to do multiple procedures...if you are a good candidate. He however only harvests the fat from the flank area, everything else is seperate. He gave me a quote of Breast aug, abdominal lipo and BBL for 15500. Double my price range. He isn't overly aggressive with lipo, for his own reasons. He's a believer of his own technique and I don't fault him for it. Just not the guy for me. Some may appreciate his approach. The man has a method, is completely professional, and knows the results of his work and stays within those limits. He isn't into overly big bootay results either. He is more of a boutique PS, does his work in an actual hospital and doesn't whip out multiple procedures in a day. He uses superior equipment, making it more labor intensive for him, and provides a subtle to moderate change. Hope that is helpful info for anyone interested.


Congrats on your new date! I'm trying to get a date in April and would be willing to take yours if its not already taken! Let me know!!!
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thanks! Good luck. Just be pro active in following up with the folks in the office. Something can happen if you will it too!
I know...but...i probably would have had to either cancel or find another doctor. I was pretty forthright with Nancy...just let her know that I was honestly willing to lose my deposit bc April was a no go. I didn't even think about my work when I booked. lol. I was just to bbl obsessed! :o

Wow! What a day! I just finished all my...

Wow! What a day! I just finished all my bloodwork and EKG stuff today. Results should be available within the next 2-3 days. I don't forsee any major issues about receiving the medical clearance and my primary doctor assured me the same. So, I'm going to move foward with booking my ticket today!!!!!! I'm ecstatic...the date is getting closer and closer. I can only swing 10 days off...then have to go back to work...and have a tradeshow the Monday I return :( (AT least I'll be standing) Hopefully I won't be in too much pain by then and be able to interact with people while i'm working :D

I've figured out a way to suspend my butt in the air while driving too. I bought a high denisity foam roller off of amazon ($9) and grabbed a foam yoga block from marshalls for $5. I'm going to suspend the yoga block and use that as back support and strap it to my headrest with rope/ribbon...haven't quite done it yet. Then use the block to put under my thighs and lift my butt from the seat of the chair. I tried it out preliminarily and it seems to work so far!

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OH and PS...I just found out I need to hit the gym...

OH and PS...I just found out I need to hit the gym hard for the next couple of week! I'm actually 10lbs heavier than I thought I was. I'm 5'4", 162 lbs.....thought I was 154 lbs :( That's ok though...working toward a better me!


Congratulations on your date change!
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Oh yeahyour driving technique sounds like it might work.
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I did my labs yesterday and my surgery is next week. Kinda regretting waiting so late but it wAs cheaper to use my primary. Girl good luck with losing weight. I decided im gonna have to wait til after surgery
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Good morning all! So...I'm 15 days away....so...

Good morning all! So...I'm 15 days away....so wrapped up in getting the medical clearance done and shopping for accomodations that I completely forgot to think about what I need to do to prepare pre-op. I bought arnica gel, need shower curtains (for the bed), was told to take a multi, vitamin B & iron (by Nancy, yesterday), took care of my driving prep, booked hotel, booked flight, got bloodwork done, ekg done...results should be in Friday. What else do I need to do ladies?!?!!?

I'm in pretty good health, always have been...just always carried around my weight in my midsection despite how active I've been. I've never had any complications or major surgeries...ever...rarely even get sick...AND officially quite smoking! Please please please let me know if there is anything else that I need to do. I'm not that into all that extra homeopathic stuff...I'm somewhat of a naturalist...just eat clean and drink plenty of fluids kind of gal. To assist in digestion, I will just drink lots of ginger tea and another cleansing tea. Hopefully that will be all I need. AND btw...what is with people putting depends on their lists????? Do you lose control of your bladder or something post op??


thanks ladies!!! I'll grab some shower curtains from the 99cent store...any feedback on depends?!!??!? I honestly don't think I'm going to have that much trouble going to the bathroom....I've never...ever....(knock on wood) had any major issues in that department. I'm just dreading the recover :-( 14 days ladies....14 days!!!!
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I refuse to wear a diaper at 28, no way. I will squat and pray for them to get in the hole first. But i really think I will be ok and I think i will be up and walking on the 2nd day, that is my prayer.
I am not getting a shower curtain for bed but disposable bed pads. Why not use those so u dont have to constantly wash the shower curtain? As for paperwork you should call them about that. Lastly, how long ago did you stop smoking because you wanna be careful with that. Good luck cuz I carry all my weight in my midsection too.
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"Sometimes when I say I'm okay...I just mean I...

"Sometimes when I say I'm okay...I just mean I wish someone would hold me tight, hug me, and tell me that they know I'm not....."

Man...this IS stressful. Very much a emotional rollercoaster that everyone says it is. I've got people trying to talk me out of it left and right. Even my own boyfriend. For the past week...Mr. "Supportive" apparently wants to be the "reason of voice" Listen....I don't need for anyone to be any reason of voice for me...this is a decision I've made on my own for myself pertaining to my body. I'm already stressed out as it is because anyone that I have mustered the courage up to asking to help me, has bailed. Story of my life, reason why i've lived solo since 16 and #diditbymydamnself.

I'm proud. to a flaw. and rarely does it ever occur, but when it does and I am humbled by a situation that is overbearing, set aside my pride and work up the courage to communicate openly and honestly and reach out a hand. life/or the people in mine anyway...never fail to let me down. But, I will make this happen. always have. It does hurt my feelings. I'm typically one of those super strong independant types that I feel most people take for granted. I'll bend over backwords for those I love and are close to me and more times than not are let down by those very same people. suppose my problem is that I expect the same from others as I dish out for them...setting myself up for disappointment. I'm sad today...just want the days to move forward so I can. Cheers to all ya'll. & happy Friday! At least 2 more fridays from now...I'll have the body I've always wanted :D

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Regarding travel expenses so far: I initially...

Regarding travel expenses so far:

I initially had a place booked (actually still do) at the Hollywood beachside boutique for 775. 9 nights total. which isn't bad, close to the office, and close (20 steps from the beach)...but i found a better deal on hotwire!!!!! I opted for a 3 1/2 star deal...selected south ft.lauderdale/hollywood area...set a fare watcher for that search and got an email saying there was a "1 day sale"....for 9/28 - 10/6, I paid 667!!!!!!! $61/night...and guess where i'm staying?!?!? The Hilton garden in Dania Beach. I spoke with Nancy at the office and she said that Larry would drive there and that it wasn't too far :D So i WIN!!!!


Hotel (via Hotwire): 9/28 - 10/6 = $667

Airfare Spirit air = $193 RT

1 of: Natrol Quercetin 500mg Capsules, 50-Count $5.99
1 of: Botanic Choice Bromelain 500mg, 180-Count $10.93
1 of: Nature's Plus - Chewable Iron W/ Vit C, 90 chewable tablets $12.20
1 of: Emergen-C Super Orange, 30-count $11.50

1 of: Black High Density Foam Rollers - Extra Firm - 6" x 12" Round $10.78
2 of: Black High Density Foam Rollers - Extra Firm - 6" x 12" HALF Round (Semi-Circle; "D" Shape) [Misc.] $16.28 (8.14/each)


MASSAGES2MASSAGES.COM - It's right in UNION CITY, NJ...it's a teeny tiny place across the street from Havanna Sandwhich Queen - Best cubanos in NOrthern NJ!!!!! The couple that own/run the place Jorge & Anida (Se habla Espagnol) are sweet. It's not a high end spot...but it's 20 steps from my front door and affordable!

$50/month membership - 1st 1hr service is free. Any 1hr service thereafter is $50. So technically for 8 massages, I am paying $400.

They do have a referral service available. Tell them The Wine girl sent you :D (I've agreed to cross promote them, and them me...we'll be doing Massages & Moscato Mondays soon :D)
If you do, they will waive your introductory fee ($50), allow you to try a 1 hour session for $50 +$10 intro fee ($60 total).
IF you like the massage and want to start services then you just sign a 12 month contract, pay $50 for membership per month (get your 1hr free service with monthly membership, then pay $50 for any other service you want. Please do remember to tell them I referred you...or you will have to pay $75/hr of service.

Hope that info helps!


Ommmmmmggggggg girl!!!!!!!!! Yyyyyaaaaayyyy i just googled it and that massage place i drive by almost everyday!!!! Lol like some morning u go ti the Havana sandwich spot which u love Lololol im so happy u found this place AND im super excited for your surgery coming up!!!!! :-)))))))) i cannOt wait ill be on here to cheer u on!!! Sometimes its own friends, Family or those that we absolutely love can turn out to be our biggest critics but after the fact the most loving supporters i can only think of a few in my shoes, much like u i give my 100%..never change thats you and the bbl is you too because u deserve and want it sister!!! :-x love, peace, bootine
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Bootiness!! Lol
good luck on your surgery
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11 days to sx date!!!!! I can't believe how...

11 days to sx date!!!!! I can't believe how quickly the days have been flyin since the date change! I'm sitting her updating realself feeling like crap though. I'm super nauseous from all the vitamins. My body never did like taking supplements...or any kind of meds in fact.

Hotel is booked, flights are booked, vitamins all sorted out in my weekly organizer :D, and currently debating on what garment to order or to use the ones that the doctor gives me. I know I'll need a cincher, but when is too soon to start wearing the squeem?? I've been researching alternative garments and I like the looks of the Salome faja ones....but they are pricey (eek).

I've taken 9/27 - 10/9 off from work. I hope that's enough time. I'm hoping for the best in recovery. I typically do bounce back relatively quickly. They say that the pain of liposuction feels like you've been hit by a truck...well...I have been and bounced back from that pretty quickly soooooo...I have my fingers crossed and am praying for the strength to do so. My job is pretty easy. I'm in sales, so most of it is management of relationships/talking/and driving. Upon my return I'll be training it to my markets so I don't have to drive :D

I also went to HEALING MASSAGES this past friday and had my pre op lymphatic draining massage. It's suppose to help prevent clotting with the post op drainage...idk if it's true...but...I'm willing to do whatever it takes...within reason of course...to maximize recovery.

I'm reconsidering inner thigh lipo. AND replacing it with upper back...but not sure if that is an area included in the procedure or even worth the hassle. always looking for insight vets! :D


i thought i was the only person that got nauseaus from vitamins. lmao, but i bet it pays off with the recovery. wait and see.
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Hey girl congrats on finding a massage place near you.. I also live in UC but I'm thinking of getting the massages at Healing and wellness in Weehawken.. They have good rates and also go to your house..
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I believe that it's the same place...on 48th Street right??? Healing Massage & Wellness Spa. I live on that same block :D It's less than a 2 min walk door to door for me :D Anida is great! Jorge is super courteous and attentive. I'm all about supporting the small business owner.

Good morning ladies! 10 days to go!!! I've opted...

Good morning ladies! 10 days to go!!! I've opted to cancel my inner thigh lips since I did find out that I'm 10 lbs heavier than I had anticipated. Ill have the doctor focus on creating that small waist and butt/ hip projection development. I am def doing the chin Lipo. I'm back and forth abo utilities whether to do axillary. I want my arms and legs functional to assist in my recovery.

I took my measurement yesterday....I'm 162lbs, 5'5", 36b, 33 (under my bra, 36 around the widest part of my stomach...and hips are 40 :( I'm an proportionate mess! I felt so dang weird last night. Couldn't sleep. Kept waking up thinking I've missed my flight or was late for my procedure. I guess I'm overly excited and anxious!


hey love, even though i haven't done the surgery yet i i would def follow through with the iron regimen since you want to be as healthy and prepare your body for such trauma. Most surgical procedures require patients to take iron, I'm going into the med field and based on what i've learned you need hemoglobin an agent of iron/ that contains protein and carry ((oxygen)) to your red blood cells (all over your body) a good amount of iron helps to heal and balance your immune system that will try to keep possible infections away . Also, Arnica montanta its similar to bromelain it helps with the bruising and swelling, many ladies use the gel since I believe the office will give you bromelain since it also reduces pain and helps heal bruises/skin. Good luck :-)) my jersey girly!
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good luck on your upcoming surgery blao,hope everything turns out the way you want it :)
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I just noticed the insane aim unit of iron we take. I bought the supplements and they were only 45mg each. So j have to take 6 of those things a day. My bf tells me though that our bodies can only absorb so much of them. I'd be curious to know if there is anyone out there that has wine into Sx without doing the vitamin regimen and hear about their recovery experience.

Feeling good today!!! didn't get so nauseous this...

feeling good today!!! didn't get so nauseous this morning when i took all the vitamins..yay! So either my body is finally getting use to it...or it's because i waited until after i ate breakfast to take the vitamins. nonetheless I feel great! I think it's a combo of vitamins and my body being completely NICOTINE FREE!!!!!!!! I have smoked since I was 17! I'm going to pick up my results from the doctor today.

I miss shopping! I haven't bought anything (clotheswise) for myself in over a month! I'm waiting on post op to treat myself :D I'll also find out officially about my medical clearance today...fingers crossed all is well! I've always been in good health...so....I can't imagine anything otherwise! knock on wood tho.


Thanks BBellaBooty!!!!!!! that makes sense! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overdosing on Iron...not to be gross...but i've noticed a change in the color of my BMs...it's black. lol. I have Arnica montana on the way, have the gel too...and bromelain. I'm also taking quercetin which is a citrus bioflavanoid...so...hopefully i'm doing what's right.
Thanks Nini!!!! Your results are bangin! I know it's going to get here before I know it!!!!

Good morning ladies! and happy Friday! It's...

Good morning ladies! and happy Friday! It's official...7 days from today I will be getting SALAMIFIED! (Sorry NiNi! I had to steal!) I'm a little nervous, a tiny bit scared...and reallly excited! I've been waiting for this body my whole life and only saw it in my dreams. lol. Hence...the reason why I'm making my way to FL by way of NJ to see the (in my opinion) best in the nation for this procedure according to my wants and desires. Hotel booked, flight booked, medical clearance in, carecredit situated, have my supplements, credit cards paid off...and now...I'm packing!!!! I would like to order a strapless garment to wear with some of my summer dresses or a racerback...something that doesn't compress the booty too much. Any suggestions?

Good luck to MissMiami today!!!!! It's almost your time lady!


Congratulations on giving up smoking! I saw your comment about hotwire and I wanted to select a pretty good price of $69 in the ft lauderdale airport area. I know Larry picks us up from that airport but I wasn't sure if that was too far to drive us to and from our post op appointments. Do you know if that area is out of the area they want us to stay?
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I'm sorry ... I read your review and post my comment and then saw your comment above. From reading your, it sounds like we can stay in the airport area
Blao77: Hi my sx is for October 1st and I am looking for a place, how can I get the info on the place you got and what should I do. I am running out of time and I need help! Thanks!
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I need suggestions on what type of compression...

I need suggestions on what type of compression garment to buy ladies.....firm, extra firm? im looking at vedette brands. Suggestions would be welcomed.


I wish you the best of luck and you will be in my prayers
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i love the maxi dresses!!!! the ones with the boatneck color. if possible can you take a pic with one on so i can see how they look pre and post pls
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Love the dresses your bringing. I might have to get some for my trip.
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Well...the clock is officially ticking and I am...

Well...the clock is officially ticking and I am past the 7 day mark. I'm scheduled to leave first thing Thursday morning and my procedure has been scheduled first thing Friday. I'm nervous, scared, ecstatic all at the same time....but....doing my best to still play it cool so I don't psych myself out.

For the days leading up to this I've been readjusting my sleeping position to try and prepare for post op sleeping. So I will start off on my stomach, switch to my sides...but still end up on my back :( I'm considering purchasing a foam topper for the bed at the hotel. I have one on my bed at home and have grown accustomed to sleeping on it and want to be as comfortable as possible. I'm thinking of buying one of those camping cots and cutting out a hole for my butt...not sure if that'll work...but trying my best to prepare for this recovery post op.


So happy for u lil. Mama!!!!! :-))) I can't wait I'm getting nervous for u but it's ok they Call him mr. Bombastic master Salamafantastic! Haha!! Xoxo God bless my jersey girl!
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Fyi: looooooooove those dresses, wish rs had emoji Lol.
me too hehe...wish I had more emoji. lol ::::D I know what you mean. lol.

Wow...and so the 3 day countdown begins to the new...

Wow...and so the 3 day countdown begins to the new me that I wanna be! I'm ecstatic...no longer nervous, or scared. That's what anesthesia is for right?!?! I affectionately refer to the whole procedure as "the nap". I have every faith that I've chosen the right doctor. I've done thorough research and received much feedback from you ladies on this board and am truly greatful for all the insight and candid feedback. I'm confident going into this procedure about what I'm doing, what will happen, and what to expect. When it comes to pain....I'll deal with it. Folks say that the recovery feels like you've been hit by a truck before....which I have been...on the long Island expressway...so I think I have a pretty good gauge of what to expect. I've been following procedure and taking my vitamins...I'm prepared, and my boyfriend has been chasing me around the house like my own personal waterboy to keep me hydrated and prepped for a speedy recovery. I love him...he's such a good & patient man (for the most part :D)


i love your page...you seem really in touch with yourself and i know youre going to be fine..you already have a great shape i predict you will be amazingly happy with your results. good luck and keep us posted xoxoxo
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You are going to look so dang hot you have a really nice frame to begin with!! Can't wait to see you!!
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So...1 day left for departure....and 2 days left...

So...1 day left for departure....and 2 days left to procedure. I'm emotional....but in a good way. I'm feeling really uplifted...and inspired...since this is and has (for one of the first times in my life) something that is ENTIRELY all about me. For years I've been spreading myself thin....to help out others....and this procedure has never been anything close to a reality for me. But, with the love and support of my family (and a better paying job) I can finally make this happen....with Dr. Salama's help of course. I'm not scared...the anesthesia will take care of that...and I know I'll make it through recovery with some aches and pains...but make it through nonetheless. I'm conciously choosing to maintain a positive mindset about this through and through bc this is something that I chose to do. No need to waste energy being afraid. Dr. Salama is phenomenal at what he does, is educated on how to do it, very experienced, has a discriminating asthetic eye and this is the reason why I've chosen him. I put myself into his hands and pray that he helps to push me closer to a better me. I can't friggin wait! Good day ladies!


Right attitude. I am cheering for u
  • Reply
Excited for you can't wait to see you on the other side!!
  • Reply
"let's do this"...loveeeeeee the enthuisiasm!
Mine is not the first and I'm ready!
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So.....I just finished filling out all that...

So.....I just finished filling out all that paperwork.....it was a bit.....but not as bad as I anticipated. I guess you really never know until your experience it for yourself. Everyone has different gauges and different expectations.....so.....here we go! I'm just waiting to head in to review everything with Nancy then going to eat a huge dinner tonight since I missed lunch travelling here. The final countdown is here ladies! I can't want :)


Good luck pray and only good thoughts
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God bless u blao777!!!! i wish u a smooth recovery and awesome results, we'll be waiting tk heat from you soon... :)
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You know i have you in my thoughts and prayers !! good luck tom. love peace and bootiness
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Today is the day....less than 20 mins away. I'm...

Today is the day....less than 20 mins away. I'm feeling good...the nerves are surprisingly calm..and just waiting for my Larry to pick me up!

Hercules Hercules!


Can't wait to see the results~!
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I hope you're doing ok girl... Let us know as soon as you have a chance. God is good!!
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good luck hope to see those great pics soon!!
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Hi BBL sisters! I made it to the other side!!! ...

Hi BBL sisters! I made it to the other side!!! I'm doing extremely well with my recovery! I went in first thing in the morning yesterday and had my consultation with Dr. Salama who in my opinion was very honest, kind, and professional. I didn't come in with any wish pics of any kind. He asked me what kind of butt I wanted and i said that I always like the heart shaped butt. He then explained that I had a short butt, so the round would best suit me. So what he said was that he'd give me a little more fullness on the bottom of my cheeks. I did not give him any fixated number of cc's that I wanted bc I firmly believe that he knows best. HE IS THE PROFESSIONAL and ARTIST. I just said that Iwant curves and balance so that I look as sexy as I feel :D He was very appreciative of that. Ladies, you have to keep in mind that its tough for the doctor to do his thing if you dictate to him how many CCs to put in your body. He is an artist, so if you put restrictions on him you take away from his creative ability. So...Igave him a blank canvas.

So physically, how do I feel? I feel good considering the trauma my body has gone through. The doctor ended up giving me 900CCs in each cheek...which is what I honestly thought would be appropriate for my body. I wasn't going for huge...just full and balanced :D My only real challenge has been with the bleeding from the incisions. The fluid soaked my garment in the public area, but Iput on a pair of loose fitting panties and lined the hips and undercarriage with maxi ipads to absorb the liquid. Since my garment got nasty real quick, I ended up taking a wash clothe and soaking it with hot water and washing away the leakage on my garment while it was still on me and then used the blow dryer to get rid of the moisture. I have no vaginal swelling (yet) and no signs of yeast infection (yet) but use the blowdryer on my vag everytime i use the bathroom to avoid having too much moisture in that area. Moist environments are breeding grounds for bacteria growth and infection. I have had my wonderful boyfriend here helping me in and out of bed which at first was difficult but after a little practice got the hang of it. Instead of putting hands flat to push myself up....i form fists with my hands and use my entire upper body to push me up on my knees (less pain on the abdomen this way) when i was using flat hands, i was straining my ab muscles and it felt like pulling and hurt quite a bit. As for using the bathroom, no urinal for me. I tried to just straddle the toilet and soaked my garment, so I've found that the paper cup method works the best. Make sure its a big one though...i've been rehydrating like crazy and so i've been peeing like crazy too. I have been using a starbucks venti (20 oz) size cup...it has the perfect size opening and is easier to pee in. Anything smaller gets full too fast and gets your garment soaked. Sleeping: I've been using the boppy pillow to prop my head into the center so that my spine is aligned while on my stomach to avoid uncomfort. My neck was being strained when just laying on a pillow before. I also ended up bringing my 6" half circle high density foam roller with me as well. I put that on the bed with a pillow over it and laid on that so that my ass was elevated and all the fluids would drain downward. As for protecting the bed, while still in recovery...I asked Yuneilas for extra bed pads pillow cases and hospital bed covering and she gave some to me, so that's what I've been using. Its the same stuff they line the gurneys with in the recovery room. One last thanks to my girl Fabnewme....I appreciate all your support post op and so doesn't my boyfriend. The advice was helpful and put us at ease and for that we're very greatful. All my other bbl sisters, thank you for all the positive energy...the positivity has been crucial to my recovery. Strong mind strong body girls. Iwas surprisingly super calm the day of the procedure....and Sergio was my anesthesiologist. As they were giving my my "cocktail" I asked where the music was. Said it must be happy hour...and if it was needed my music and they much obliged. Next thing I knew I was awake and in recovery.

Food consumption post op: when i first woke up my first complaint was...."I'm hungry" lol. When we got back to the hotel I drank 2 gatorades and 2 meal replacement shakes to get some calories in me asap. Took my antibotics and arnica bromelain. Took a nap and woke up. When i did, I munched on some pre prepped chicken (perdue grilled chicken packages $4.99) and a cheese stick, had another meal replacement drink and took another nap. After waking up downed tons of water and did about 15-20 of walking. When i first came back to the hotel Ifelt alot of throbbing in my ass kinda like it was going to explode...but after i ate and walked around i found comfort in standing and that throbbing subsided. Now it just feels like my ass cheeks are really full. OH how I miss sitting already! I slept ok...my arms kept falling asleep, but i feel like the key to my comfort was elevating the butt and making sure my neck was aligned with my spine that was you dont get tired from the strain. I woke up about 6 times to go pee and then finally woke at about 8:15 this morning and have been kneeling, standing, and walking ever since. I'm not scheduled to go into the office until tomorrow, Sunday @ 11am for garment change. Hope that was enough detail for you ladies. It is what you make it out to be. I really believe that. Prepare yourself mentally and brace yourself with positivity and THAT will give you the strength to make it through.

I can't remember if i mentioned it earlier....but I have managed NOT to take any pain meds. All is well this way so far! TTYS BBL sisters :D


Nice reviews! Very thorough...I'm glad that you're recovering well.
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Ill be in the office on Monday for my first massage at11...when are getting your consult done?
I did pprwrk today, and come in for sx at 10:30 a.m...how are you feeling?

So...I just finished my first massage...which for...

So...I just finished my first massage...which for me, wasn't so bad at all. It actually felt great. I feel more in touch with my body again. I have a high tolerance for pain...so please don't assume that you will have the same experience. I also had my first bm this morning...so all in all I'm feeling like a million bucks! My mister left me this morning...so that was a sad start to mg day but I'm feeling stronger and more mobile each day. Celia did my massage and was great. She worked out a lot of areas that were feeling weird to me. I to my first shower last night after I saw the doctor. I thought I was supposed to get a garment change but he only removed th pads , tape, and sponges and checked my incisions and tubes. And sent me on my way. Nothing too exciting over here...just trying to master finding comfort through this recovery period. There has to be a way to sleep comfortably! I'm uo every couple of hours trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.I think I'm going to start shopping for my own ultrasoundtherapy machine to help break up ay hard tissue. That's what Celia used on me for my lymph drainage. She said the technique she uses is a combination of lymph drainage and deep tissue so be cognicent that the massage you get atthe office is a combination of massage techniques. Don't waste your time jumping from massage therapist to massage therapist. It is as much your responsibility to communicate this to your massage therapist. Thellymph drainage massage is technically an extremely light massage. I known bc i actually Had one done the week pror to procedure and it felt nothing like the massage I got today.


look at those stunning curves!!! love it, and the prayers and positive energy is def working looks like you got this I'm very happy to see that your recovery is going good love! Happy healing
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u look great congrats!
  • Reply
u look great
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Ugh....today is the worst....I feel awful today....

Ugh....today is the worst....I feel awful today. Sicky...hurty...achey. I caved in...and just popped a perc. I had to. I thought taking a shower would make me feel better...but nah. I think had my garment off too long. I started to get dizzy and light headed. Gonna take a nap now. Miss my mister.......


you look soo good... that pink dress fits you beatifully and you have a very pretty face :) fast healing *blessings*
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Happy healing you look great.
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You look really good, I see a nice difference already but like wrkonit said you had a nice foundation to start with, I know Dr. Salama had fun sculpting you. I like the before and after in the pink and grey dress. Im going to do that. I pray you recover well.
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Hi ladies....im day 6 post op....had to give up...

Hi ladies....im day 6 post op....had to give up the tough girl act and started popping te percs for sheer comfort. ig uess there is a reason why they give te pills to ya. i will admit that they do help....but will aldo day that im less active and spend more time horizontal. my butt swells so much that its uncomfortable to stand or walk so i lay horizontally and sleep for te majority of my day since ive started taking te pills. i had my second massage with celia yrsterday...and i finally felt pain! it did feel lile i was being skinned alive! It was brutal. but afterwards i:-)felt great. until i stood around for an hour waiting on larry to pick me up. i swelled up so bad! apparently someone booked a place in miami and he had to fight rush hour traffic to ge back. i was swollen and in pain but tookit in stride. i just wanted to get back to take my meds and get horizontal. im so nauseous right now....nauseous and sleepy. only one more day til i ge my drains out...bu:-)notbefore one last massage with celia:-) they hurt like crazy but make your stomach look and feel so much better.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Omg. I am on constant swo! Everything is swollen...

Omg. I am on constant swo! Everything is swollen....my butt is throbbing....my back itches....my vagina feels like it's multiplying down there. It really is no joke what we subject our bodies to when we do this to ourselves. Please take caution to the emotional and physical consequences of the the recovery process. I'm 1 day away frm being 1 week post op and have tried to remain so positive about this....but being alone and going through this recovery for the latter part of my stay here has put me in such a miserable state. I miss my mister....I miss my home....I miss my normal size vagina and miss sleeping on my back. This is no easy recovery....your abs, back, and butt are constantly swollen....feel like they're on fire bc the red blood vessels are trying to strive and reach the surface through the transferred fat cells.....constant throbbing! It's normal and just simply has to be endured. Your skin is super itchy bc the nerves are regenerating and you cannot itch it. I've taken benedryl which just doesn't do much at all. Since I've been taking the Painmeds all I do is sleep the day away and wake up in Bw to wAlk eat drink and use the bathroom. My knees are crazy swollen so I've been trying to prop them up on the boppy...and there's been little impmovement. So sorry for being so frank ladies but I feel that this board just be a place whee we c an and should be candid about our experiences.


Hope you're feeling better pumpkin, I'm very swollen myself, heading to office in a bit, but I don't think they're evrn going to be able t downsize my garment, I feel like I'm busting out of this Xl? I feel like a fat duck lol Text me your location, maybe I can stop by and get you out of the house. And if you waddle when u walk, we can waddle together lol
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Hey bbellabooty! Today is a better day already thank you! Omw home today!
great love home is the remedy of relief!!! let the healing begin xoxoxo

Hello BBL sistahs!!!! It's been awhile since...

Hello BBL sistahs!!!! It's been awhile since I've updated....and honestly the reason being is simply bc I just can't find a comfortable position to get onto my computer to update....You'll see! I have been recovering quite well! I had my drains out 7 days post op and felt like a new woman immediately after! Dr. Salama was the one to take out my drains and boy did that burn! Some woman say that it felt like absolutely nothing, but for me that was NOT the case. Especially the front, wait until you see the size of that thing when it's on the outside of your body. As soon as I saw the size of the drain, I now knew where most of my discomfort in the groin area and left pubic region came from. They put the drain on the right side of your pubic region, but the piece of plastic that acts as the drain actually spans the entire width of your pelvic region! The drain part that was inside of me had to have been at least 6" in width. At least! I would always experience a burning sensation if I got up too quickly or put too much pressure on my pelvic region....and as far as I can tell it was from the drain. I never invested in any suction cups for the shower wall...I improvised, and just clipped my drains to the shower curtain and that worked just fine. You just had to be mindful that they were there...and trust me....you will be mindful. I really overpacked for the trip...when the folks tell you in the office to pack light....PACK LIGHT! I packed panties, bras, extra tank tops, dresses, pants, sneakers, my foam rollers, and honestly did not touch any of it! When I was recovering and at the hotel...I just wore the garment with a tight baby tee underneath and occassionally wore underwear (to clip my drains onto the sides). The following day after I got my drains out I was on my way home!!!! I flew Spirit airlines, which this time around wasn't so bad at all! I did pop a couple of percs before the flight. toted around my boppy and my personal bag. Spirit air charges you if you want to select your seat on the plane, $10 $20 $30 depending on the type of seat you select. I selected the seat in the aisle in the very back of the plane...so I could have easy access to my seat and the bathroom and the aisle. It was a $10 well spent! I lucked out bc they didn't have a booked flight and NO ONE sat in the seats next to me! I had all 3 seats to myself! When I first got on the plane I just told the stewardess that I just had surgery and would need to be standing or laying down and they had no problems with that at all. They want you seated until you're in the air and the seatbelt sign is off. I just sat on my boppy and braced my body weight by placing my feet on the seat bases in front of me and shifted forward to alleviate the pressure on my bottom while seated. I just found comfort in knowing that there have been hundreds of women out there that made the same flight after having the same procedure and everything turned out just fine. I'm not one to fuss over something I have no control over...just go with the flow and trust. As far as I can see I'm ok with it! It felt amazing to finally be back at home. My first night home however was absolute misery!!!! My bed is too soft so laying on my stomach was no bueno! It hurt my back so much because it was so arched the entire time. So, I've been sleeping on my couch since and have been sleeping through the night! I'm a lucky girl bc my mister is sweet enough to sleep out there with me


How are you doing? Any new pics you can load. Result look good so far....
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How are you doing??
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any new updated pics?
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Well...well well well well. It's been quite awhile...

Well...well well well well. It's been quite awhile since I've updated. Between the pains of recovery (physical, mental, emotional, and professional) I had to step away from Real Self. The site itself was acting a bit wacky and it became more frustrating than soothing to blog my experience. Sorry for that folks. I think I've done my best to be as open and candid about my experience as possible...and will continue to do so. If you've read earlier in to my blog, I mention over and over than I like to consider myself a part of the stronger half of people...physically, mentally, spiritually. Let me tell you this....I grossly underestimated the pains of recovery. Though the "pains" may not have been entirely physical, the procedure most definitely effects so many other aspects of your life bc of the mental and physical state of your recovery. First and foremost, I must give much respect and admiration to my mister. I'm a woman. and an outspoken one at that. This poor man stayed by my side and supported me through all my cranky fits and itchy butt days. Chased me around the house with water to make sure I was hydrated and covered me after getting into and out of bed bc I was so stiff to even reach around to cover myself. He was the first person within verbal reach on a daily basis so he unfortunately took the brunt of all my frustrations and anxieties from recovery. It's no excuse...but you ladies simply won't understand until you go through it yourselves. This is no easy breezy procedure. It's probably one of the longest recoveries for any elective SX out there...it is EXTENSIVE. I was in a constant state of discomfort for the first 6 weeks of recovery. CONSTANT. Prior to the procedure I hated to wear fitted clothes....post op, its a requirement. You have to wear that garment all day and all night. Going to the bathroom is a process every single time. sleeping isn't nearly as comforting as it used to be.

We ALL get caught up in the hype of the before an after...WE ALL DO...and Real Self plays a big role in that. So this site has its pros and cons. But I can not stress enough how important it is that you be prepared, make sure you have the proper support network, finances, and time off work in place to help make your recovery as less stressful as possible. Because it WILL stress every other part of your life. Make every effort to plan as much as you can. As I mentioned earlier. I grossly underestimated the recovery process. Thought it would be easy breezy and back to work on the 12th day, but boy was I out of my damn mind. 14 days came around, and I still was not about it. Thank goodness my boss was flexible and my job is too, I was able to work light duty from home (barely). working from home entails me on the computer and the phone. however, during recovery...you can't comfortably be on the computer. Well I couldn't anyway. You try laying on your stomach and working on your computer comfortably. lol. Your neck gets strained and then your eyes do too from looking upwards. I actually started to sit...on my thighs around wk 3 (cpl hours at a time on padded chairs)...I had no choice :( I had a dinner to host for work and couldn't cancel or eat standing up without being too obvious.

I'm now 8 weeks post op. I don't wear my garment any more unless I have a day where I'm really swollen. I'll wear my VEDETTE 136 boyshort garment with board. My stomach is still CRAZY WAVY!!!!!! It's definitely not swimsuit ready and NOT smooth. It's scary to me bc I hope my stomach doesn't end up looking like this forever, but I try to hold out hope that time will soften up the hard spots and that it will smooth out. Am I happy with my butt? For the most part yes. I'm 90% positive that I'll be going in for a round 2 with Dr. Salama. I'm not mad at him or disappointed with my experience because I'm a realist. I'm human and so isn't Dr. Salama. We can all be trained to learn a specific trade but none of us are perfect. I'm happy with my results thus far and know that in order to achieve my desired results I will more than likely have to go in for the second round. I like the overall shape of my body that he's given me however I do have cellulite like dimples on the surface of my butt cheeks that I would like to have taken care of. I also feel as if there was some cellulite left on the right flank and that the left side appears to be more carved because of that. Before scheduling my round 2, I will wait. Since I am NOT a doctor and NOT fully recovered as of yet, I am holding out hope that maybe the fattiness on my right flank is still SWELLING. The doctor did say it would be about 6 months to a year for FULL recovery. Other than that...I'm grateful for what the doctor has done for me. I have a new found confidence when wearing clothes and fit the clothes that I had even better!!!!!!!

That's the best part! I told the doctor I wanted balance, not a video vixen booty. I am afterall a professional and don't want to have too distracting of a derrier, ya'll dig? lol. I want people to listen to what I have to say and not be all up in the booty. lol. HE took what I said and gave me just that. I unlike most girls....can still fit into my clothes....so I didn't have to go out immediately and spend crazy amounts of money on an entire wardrobe. Not something that I really wanted to do knowing I've got this booty and the massages post op to pay for. and btw...I've been having massages twice a week since post op...and still am having them currently...and still the crazy wavy belly :(

Hopefully this was informative...and resonates with some of you. Put some real thought into what you're about to do...and do it for you. Just be prepared. I'm the "not a sissy, on my business, strong chick" that took this head on and was real humbled by this whole experience. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Salama and his staff...and thankful for my family, Mister & BBL sisters that were there for support throughout. Ill post more pics soon :D


Wow amazing blog. Thank u for dedicating your time to blog. Seriously considering a bbl & this has given me a ton of insight
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btw....FLUFF is REAL!
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what is fluff??

11 months post op! New Pics! Had to get it from Salama bc I didn't get it from my mama!

Hello BBL sistahs!!!! It's been forever! I'm almost one year post op and can't even believe that this much time has passed already! I guess you can just say that I've been enjoying my new body. It's been a year full of changes for me...I'm no longer with my mister. We parted ways. Honestly, after the procedure and full recovery...I was looking forward to this increased level of sexual activity within the relationship that just never happened....and just came to the realization that he was a great person, friend, but not as a lover...for me anyway. So, we move on. This summer has been absolutely fantastic! I've done lots of Central Park sun bathing, beach time, and have been participating in water sports. These are all things I've always wanted to do...just never did...or would shy away from bc of the insecurity I had about my body.

I am still extremely pleased with the fact that I did this. The recovery period, in the grand scheme of things is just a blip in my past now that I'm here...a year out...and loving the new body and how I feel about myself. I finally get to do...carelessly....fearlessly...all the things that I've always wanted to do...hence being a better version of me than I was back then.

We are women. Emotional creatures. How we feel about ourselves directly correlates to how we interact with others around us. I always felt like there was something...not exactly sure what it was at the time...but something...that I still needed to feel before I settled down. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite sure what it was back then and am big enough to say that this lack of "something" may have very easily been the downfall of many of my relationships in the past. But, I am glad to now say...that I no longer lack anything. I feel like I've fully blossomed into the person that I have always saw myself as....inside and out. Everyone has their own reasons for modifying their bodies through plastic surgery...and this was mine.

REGARDING MY IMPERFECTIONS: I still have dimpling on the surface of my butt cheeks (both). But as time progresses...I've grown more comfortable with them. Imperfections almost lend to people shying away from thinking your new bodacious booty is fake. I still have a wrinkle on my abs and some fatty pockets in the upper portion, but I've been extremely active, been slimming down, and have noticed a positive change. The change, although miniscule...is what will keep me motivated to continue working hard and see if I can correct the imperfections on my own...thru a good diet and active lifestyle. (which is FREE btw). I'm trying to maximize the results of my procedure as much as possible. This decision was way more than just a decision concerning my vanity. It was an investment in making a better me...inside and out. Good luck ladies!


Very nice. What was you pre-op stats.
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You look amazing
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you look great youre body before the surgery was shaped like how mine is now did a lot of people notice when you went back to work im very nervous on going back to work after my procedure! congrats on your new body
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New pics!!! BBL 14 months post op results with proper diet & excercise & 15 lbs weightloss!

Post op, I lost and gained weight. It's the story of my life...I've always been in constant fluctuation. But, for the first time ever...I've incorporated dieting (Ketogenic diet) into my health regimen. I've worked very hard to lose this 15lbs...having been running 5k on a regular basis weekly and was hoping to improve my physique. The weightloss however seems to only have accentuated the lipo flaws and makes my lumpiness even more pronounced. I'm sending an email to Salama's office today to check and see what exactly can be done about this...additionally I'll also be inquiring about the incision (which by the way looks like a 2nd butthole!)

I have a breast aug scheduled for 1/6/2014 which i'm excited about but trying to figure out if I should have the new PS resolve my concerns or go back to Salama for the corrections. Any ladies out there go back for a round 2 with Salama or your PS and been happy with the results? I'm tetering back and forth about going back to Salama since I'm not so happy with the overall results now that I'm fully recovered and have what I thought to be in my mind a substantial amount of effort on my part to maximize the recovery.


Hey girl, youlook great! Im interested in what Brand of garment Dr salama gave you. Can you please let me know? Thansk
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that scar has me soo worried? that's terrible! what did the office say about it when you called ?
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Hun how did your butt and hips react to weight loss?
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

Upon reviewing all of the results on the BBL forum in real self, I decided that based on asthetics of results, personal experiences, and value he would be the doctor to go with. Dr, S offers results that give a true hourglass shape. He focuses on achieving an asthetic balance, projection, hip/waist ratio, and aggressive lipo.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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