Hello Everyone, Years ago, I wanted a butt lift...

Hello Everyone,
Years ago, I wanted a butt lift but could not afford it since it was the price of a new car. But now I am excited about getting my dream butt due to the many women on this site.

About me, I am 5'3" at 162lbs which I am not thrilled about. My normal weight is 120-115lbs. I have a 13yr old and a 19 month old. My husband for 11 years is not in favor. Of me receiving any form of plastic surgery. Because he believes proper diet and weight training is enough. However lately, Ive convienced him that a bigger butt can only be brought if you aren't genetically lucky. :)

My goal is to have a smaller waiste and full round booty. I want it to be proportion to my body yet a tiny bit bigger. So, after reading all the raves about Dr. Salama, I gave him a call and was qouted $7,700. I was like Yikes!....before he was lower. And although you shouldn't go cheap, I am wondering if there are other Dr's out there who are equally good yet cheaper. So I thought about Dr. Campos but needed more advice on what to do. Only reason is because I want to get a breasted augmentation after the BBL.

I just got off the phone with Nancy! I am...

I just got off the phone with Nancy! I am OFFICIALLY SCHEDULED for March 2013, and I am soo ecstatic!! I am 5'3' and I currently weigh 163lbs after giving birth a year ago. Nancy reccommended that I lose 25lbs, but I plan on losing 30-35lbs becuase my body frame was never meant to carry over 125lbs. Understanding everyone's body is slightly different.

For over 15 years, I have always been self conscious about my backside. Not because of flatness but due to it's overall small size. I guess it bothered me a lot knowing other local Baltimore, DC girls had bigger butts and hour glass waist line. And I was left watching them get all the attention. Well, Not any more!! Becuase my dream is coming true Hehee!

Of course my husband never complained about my booty, until now being a stay at home mom. ( I WILL POST PICS soon)

So, who else will be losing a lot of weight prior to their surgery date?

Early this month I jumped on board and put down my...

Early this month I jumped on board and put down my deposit, but became overly nervous about other results and healing process. Mainly the lipo is what worried me. So, I called and canceled my BBL surgery. Now I am wondering did I make a mistake or not!?

So, far nothing was lost. I am just confused as all Hec!!!
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Help I need to switch my August 29th date for a febuary date
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I totally understand how you feel. I just turned in my deposit in today and it took me about 2 weeks to get the guts to do that. Im not even sure what im scared of. The fact that ive lived with my body for over 30yrs and used to seeing it look ah mess and now its gonna change....the pain...the cost..the fact that you change after you go through things like this. A few years back I had a breast reduction and i wasnt scared till the da before. For one I was ready to get rid of the rack I was carrying around along with the pain. But the pain was.....lets see..nothing ive ever imagin. when I saw my boobs a few days after..i was like WTH was I thinking..they looked all bruised up and ugly, but it does take time to heal....and baby! when i was 2-3 out...i was soooo excited about being able to wear a tank top. Simple huh? Yes it does start out rocky, but like jbooty said..you're gonna love your results.

Just pray about it
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This decision should not be taken lightly. If you are not 100% then don't do it till you are. We're here for support if you need us. Gl on ur decision!
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Do whatever is best for "YOU". I think the anxiety and nervousness is normal and at the end of the day you are going to still be wishing you had done it. I say go for it! I too am feeling scared but not about the pain, i am more nervous about the surgery. You have to place your faith in GOD and think positive thoughts. I think in the end you will be happier with the "NEW" you and if you don't do it you will continue to stalk bootys..lol
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Congrats ! March will come sooner than you think ! :)
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Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. You're right that you shouldn't base your doctor simply on price, you need to make sure that you feel comfortable with your doctor and that you have researched them, which it seems like you're doing! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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