Update on seroma

I have been considering this procedure for 4 years...

I have been considering this procedure for 4 years now and literally STALKING this site everyday for months I thought since my procedure was so far away I would wait a little longer until I signed up ..but I couldn't. I admire all you ladies so much for sharing you stories and ultimately helping me chose Dr. Salama :)

Hi ladies, I literally cannot wait until February...

Hi ladies, I literally cannot wait until February rolls around and hoping I can get a sooner date because of school *fingers crossed* But Im trying to figure out what butt shape I want, currently have a nice shape but I want the fat more so inserted on the sides of my butt my hips and for my butt to be rounder. What I wanted mostly from this procedure is nice round wider hips. Im so scared im going to walk out with a shelf butt and thats not what I want.. do any of you ladies want the butt im talking about lol? And also im not sure if everyone can see this but my surgery is scheduled on Feb 19 2012 I desperately need an earlier date, I know a lot of ladies switch through real self so that why Im asking. So if any of you wonderful ladies would like to switch please please let me know :) Oh yeah and how do you ladies feel on arm lipo.. I added it but I just want your opinions :)

Hi beautiful girlies! So I emailed nancy a couple...

Hi beautiful girlies! So I emailed nancy a couple times regarding our welcome package and when i should be getting it.. but no answer.. I know that there super busy and since my surgery isnt until February that their probably not as worried as me lol, but for all the vets reading this when did you receive this wonderful package lol? Another thing are any of the ladies on here keeping this a secret? I know this sounds crazy but i haven't told any one except my mother who is not too fond of it. I think she has excepted it but she keeps trying to convince me not too, and since I don't want to tell any one I asked her to come with me to have my procedure, but I feel like she might stress me out more than going alone lol. If she sees a drop of blood its over lol haha this will be very interesting. Im not sure if everyone on this site can see my entry's but I will be posting before pics soon!! As for my date if anyone would like to switch no matter how soon the date I will be more that appreciative, my school schedule is going to interfear with my recovery and ill be the random weird girl sitting on her knees in the back for 3 hrs lol. This actually feels really good just typing to you ladies because I know you beautiful women actually understand me. Talk to ya later :)

If any ladies want to switch I have feb 19 and...

If any ladies want to switch I have feb 19 and looking for sooner date even if its a couple weeks!! Soo.. back to my update lol Nancy told me to gain about 15 pds for the surgery and im pretty sure i have..last time i stepped on the scale i was 155 and i feel a lot heavier...oh im normally 135-140ish.. ughhh this sucks. I mean im doing it for a good cause but al of this weight went to my stomach and i feel gross.. I dont know if I can even make it to feb 2013 looking like this!! My self esteem just went way down and I want to hit the gym so bad but I know if I start working out im going to lose the weight I tried so hard to put on!


Still looking...lol i have hope though. oh and...

still looking...lol i have hope though. oh and october ladies look soooooo good :) made me happier from looking through negative posts. oh so ive gained weight..ew! cant wait to be skinny again.. my friend took a picture of me last night and you can see the rolls on my stomach and my arms look nasty ugh, things we do to look good lol

I'm so nervous I got the earlier date so my...

I'm so nervous I got the earlier date so my surgery is now jan 18 .,,my concerns are that what I want is different than many girls, I'm getting this surgery for an hourglass shape, I want hips!! Lol so I asked nancy numerous times if dr salama injects fat into the hips and she told me yes.... But girls on here say no? If he didn't I wouldn't have chosen him so hopefully she wasn't just saying that to get my down payment. What I want is fat to the hips and the sides of my butt. I want more fat injected into the sides and bottom half of my butt than the top because I'd rather have a natural heart shape then a big shelf. I'm really nervous ill come out with some square huge ass lol another thing is I feel like lately dr salamas girls have been turning out really great or really horrible.....idk what do you guys think?

Omg I'm so scared, like cant sleep at night scared...

Omg I'm so scared, like cant sleep at night scared . All I think about is coming out of the surgery room with one big butt check and one small...I want to be as close to perfect as possible. I love the pics on dr salamas website but the ones on here not so much. I really don't want to come out with a huge "oh my god, she got surgery" ass. Like I want it to e natural. It seem like all of dr js patients come out the way u want to look, but still I have faith salama will do a good job on me. I booked with him in July I believe and have been waiting for this day ever sine. Before I sent my down payment I clearly wrote and told nancy over the phone I am doing this surgery to have hips an a butt to match my hips lol so when all you girls tell me no salama doesn't do hips it weirds me out.. I clearly wrote on my email to her that's what I wanted. So these lateral butt injections, are those basically hips? Or not at all? Some one with expierance please let me know!' I'm so nervous for people reactions, I've only told my mom not even my boyfriend knows I really just wanna play off the whole working out thing.. That's exactly why I can't look too huge or have a shelf.

Okay girlies, how do you feel about my wish...

Okay girlies, how do you feel about my wish pics!?! Let me know thank you ladies I appreciate you so much!

Okay so what happened if you get your period right...

Okay so what happened if you get your period right before surgery?!?? I'm was supposed to get it today but I can feel it coming, but sometimes if I'm stressed I won't get it for a couple more days and my surgery is Friday!!!! So can they still operate and can I wear a tampon I don't want dr salama too be grossed out and wanna hurry out of my surgery ughhh this is the worst :( vets plz help!!

Okay ladies this is it!! I've been with u guys...

Okay ladies this is it!! I've been with u guys since last summer and its finally my turn! Omg nervous cant describe my feelings right now!! I'm hoping and praying everything will go well and I will be happy with my results and my healing time will be fast. This is such a large move for me in the right direction. I try to be very kind and helpful to people all the time, I have such a huge heart and I feel like I deserve this, but then I also know my body is pretty nice and people tell me my butts big all the time so why am I not happy? My pics don't really do me justice ill take a before pic later. I just don't want to seem or be greedy I guess. Also I can't believe I'm even saying this but.... My boyfriend has no idea, I'm saying I'm leaving for a vacation with my mom. We've been together 6 years but have had some rough times so space apart probably would do us good. I can't believe I didn't tell him, I know he would support me but I just feel like I don't want anyone to know and I don't want this ever coming up in a fight or if his friends ask him or something.,. I know selfish...however I still am very excited and am ready to go my mom is coming with me to take care of me and unfortunately she is still a work and of course... Has not packed and the shuttles coming at 440 am!! So I feel like we're not going to go to bed tonight because its already 1030 and she hasn't left work yet. When I spoke to nancy and asked her when my pre op was she just said oh come in whenever you land. I was going to call her today but I totally forgot. So I guess after we land get the rental, go to the hotel and maybe nap a little ill come in. I'm nervous to show salama my wish pics bc I know there unrealistic I just want to show the relative shape I want. I just don't want him to think I'm being unrealistic and disregard me. I feel like when I walk in the office I'm going to blank lol.haha omg the nerves!!! Well ill talk to you tmrw! Goodnight to the ones that are going to bed ( not being me) lol. Oh can we drink coffee the day before surgery like tmrw morning? I haven't really had any caffeine for a while but I think I'll need some tmrw.

Okay so I posted at 1030 saying my mom wasn't here...

Okay so I posted at 1030 saying my mom wasn't here ..... Well it's 350am and were being picked up at 440am and she's still not here and not packed.... I'm so mad I threw a bunch of her stuff into a suitcase and now I'm officially freaking out... So basically she's at work doing paperwork for this promotion she wants ... Which mind u she enter get bc it's almost 4am.... But I mean I'm sure she had months notice about this and held it to the last minute which she does everything, she knows how important this is to me and I we miss our flight I will be so sad... Ill literally cry for days. Please wish me luck that she shows up...

I made it!!!! I haven't slept yet ughhh I'm sooooo...

I made it!!!! I haven't slept yet ughhh I'm sooooo tired, I'm out to eat now waiting for my prescriptions to be filled... Mmm Cuban food is sooo good lol! So I went to the office today for my consult but dr s was in surgery so I signed paperwork and ill be able to talk to him right before surgery, it kinda worrys me bc I haven't even met the man yet but at the same time it's probably a good thing bc then he will remember exactly want I want. I met all the staff at elite plastic surgery and there all soo sweet and caring. They answered all my questions and I didn't feel rushed at all, I was actually the only girl there. I will update more tmrw morning... My nerves are getting the best of me. Wish me luck!

Okay I'm here about to go in surgery haven't...

Okay I'm here about to go in surgery haven't talked to salama yet but I'm about to wish me luck please pray for me I'm terified

Hey girls I'm 2 days post op today and I just got...

Hey girls I'm 2 days post op today and I just got the strength to write this. I had my consult with dr s and he was super sweet and let me ask him I million questions. I met Sergio the anesthesiologist who is super handsome and nice. I was kinda nervous to be naked around him. So I went under didn't feel a thing and then woke up in a warm bed in recovery. This is and probably will be the hardest this I've ever gone through. It feels like u have been hot by trucks u can't move your draining crazy and swollen everywhere. I got back to the hotel and I don't even know how. I was in excruciating pain and I didn't have any pain meds... My mom was sopposed to pick them up but something happend and I didn't get them until just now. Who ever wrapped my arms from lipo wrapped them entirely too tight my hards swoll about 6 times the normal size and were probably my most painful part. My mom called dr salama this morning and he told her to take the wrap off my arms to get circulation through, boy do I feel better. I wish I took a pic for u girls then but I didn't until a out an hour ago. There still super swollen and this is 8 hrs later! My butt is huge!!!!! I'm a little freaked out bc I told him I wanted hips and not a huge butt and from what I see I have a little hips and a huge ass.... :( I'm praying it will go down. Oh after surgery Sergio came in and told me salama put extra in me to make up for what will go down... That kinda worried me oh and Sergio also came in recovery and said asked me why i did this bc I already had a nice butt.. Aw he was so sweet. Well... Other than that I'm pretty much covered in bruises and my eyes are swollen shut..I can't wait until this swelling goes down. Tommarrow is my garment change and I'm very scared of the pain, I also want to see what my hips look like bc I have a butt out and I can't see them. Okay I'm going to lay down now. Sorry for all the typos. Ttyl

Hey girls I feel so much better now that I got...

Hey girls I feel so much better now that I got Percs. Your wont believe the differnce. ! I love love love my hips right now. Yes salama gives hips!!! There amazing! My butt is way too big for me though it seems to be a nice shape but I told him I didn't want a shelf or much fat at the top, but right now it seems like that's what I have... I'm sure it will drop though. Do any girls now how long it takes to drop/get soft/ shrink??? Right now I feel very stiff , it's hard to walk, my throat is really bothering me and some burning in the incisions. Honestly the first couple days are terrible and there's no way to describe it until you go through it. However every day it gets better. I went to the office today and met my bbl sis brandnew414 wow she is so sweet and looks amazing, stay tuned for her results! So three of us showed up at 11am for a garment change today but no one was there.. We waited in the hallway maybe 20 minutes (I got there late so I feel bad for the other girls) and the yassi? The nurse sorry idk how to spell her name... Came to change out garments so we all had to wait quite a while. I was kind of confused bc I didn't get a new garment she just gave me new pads. Yassi was so sweet though and she finally got me the prescription I desperately needed. Salamas sister went into labor today so that's why he couldn't show up, I really wish I could have seen him but I totally understand. I'm sopposed to call to get an appointment for my first massage tommarow I'm so scared about that!! I really want to talk to salama about the shape of the butt he gave me and how he thinks it will look in the end. Oh so I haven't gotten my stool softener but my moms going to run out in the morning to get me if. I feel like I should be taking a bowel movement soon but I'm not sure when it will happen. I have some pics of myself from my garment change but I want to cover my tattoos.. Any ladies no how to covet them on your phone?? Thanks for all the well wishes girls I appreciate you so much!! Xoxo

Okay day four post op... Feeling a lot better,...

Okay day four post op... Feeling a lot better, scheduled a massage tommarrow at 1230. I'm leaving the condo for the first time and I'm going to walk on the boardwalk. I really hope my hips don't go down, I love them I'm going to post pics but I don't think they do justice to how good my hips look lol! My hair is falling out by the handfuls and feels soo damaged :( my throat still hurts and I'm still sore with bruising. My arm lipo looks okay... But I know it could be a lot better. My lower back lipo and tummy lipo looks great to me however my upper back not so much.. It kinda seems like it wasn't lipoed as aggressively. My upper back/ bra roll area was the area of main concern to me so I will be talking to salama on Wednesday about that. Other than that here's some pics! Xoxo

Okay so there's a red hurting large spot on my...

Okay so there's a red hurting large spot on my left side of stomach and when I touch it.. It has a ripple effect... Is this a Seroma? What do I have to do to make it go away? Will it scar?? Thanks girls I really need this info! Xoxo

Hey loves, I just finished my first massage with...

Hey loves, I just finished my first massage with Eileen she is amazing so sweet and a genuinely caring person. She made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions. She was in no rush and took her time. She told me they ran out of medium garments and that's why I have a large but I really need a medium and that's why I had fluid I thought was a Seroma. She got all the fluid out and i thought it would have been much worse. My back didn't bother me at all but when I turned around for her to do my stomach that's when the pain kicked in. I would say it was an 8.5 out of 10 lol. Just cover your face and clench your teeth and you'll be find. She also told me that yassi( the nurse) told me to put my foams in wrong and she corrected them. Wow I had such a wonders expierance with her, she really will brighten your day! I have an appointment with dr salama tmrw and I plan on talking to him about my arms not being lipoed fully and my upper back. I also wish I would have added my upper shoulder area bc it's so manly and I hate that. Any ladies know how long u have to wait to get a lipo procedure done?

So like all of dr s other patients, I too have...

So like all of dr s other patients, I too have developed a Seroma.. I'm really upset bc for the week I was down there I was never given the correct garment bc the office was out of stock of size med. hence I was in a size large stage one garment until the day before leaving where I was crammed into a sz s that had to be cut many different ways for me to fit even Eileen said this garment was way too small... Anyways since the garment was cut so many time it began to rip and rip until it became nothing more than shreads unable to wear. One side is Completely gone. Now I have major fluid build up on my lower left side of my stomach and I called the office and all they said was yeah u need to get it drained by a dr .,,, well long story short NO doctor will touch me and I was forced to go to the emergency room. Where I am right now and have been for 6 hrs I've called the office many times but they don't care after surgery you are on your own. If you think they will help you find a dr or anything your wrong. Any advice from ladies that have had fluid drained is very appreciated!! I really don't want this coming back but I think it will....

Hey ladies, to all the vets do seromas keep coming...

Hey ladies, to all the vets do seromas keep coming back forever?? How do u per entry get rid of them? Thank you so much I feel like I only have you ladies to depend on!

Okay ladies so I contacted the office again this...

Okay ladies so I contacted the office again this morning to let them know about my Seroma. The lady that answered was more than helpful and she told me to text salama I just did and he texted me back immediately. To get this straight I am very happy I chose dr salama and I would chose him again. The only thing I was upset about was the garment problem and the phone tag I played in the beginning of the week. Ill update about what's going on later! Love u all!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Salama based of many positive reviews on realself as well as his website. I think he gives the shape that most of us women are looking for.

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Hun how is everything going ! Would love to see results now, how are hips? I want them thinking of Salama ! We had same body time, i wanted to know if you are happy with results? Thanks doll
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I've been following you, bc like you I also want hips. So sorry to hear about your seromas. Any new updates? Hope your journey has gotten easier. :)
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That's one thing that I was kinda turned off by was the garment situation and communication in the office. I really think that they need to keep garments all stocked up at all times. I mean look how many patients he has. Once they get down to 20 garments in each size, they should order more. I'm so so sorry you're going through that :( no fun! Ruben & Doc are good at responding back right away. Don't hesitate to text or call them. Good Luck Babe. Praying that it goes away fast and fluid disappears.
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Thank u so much for you kind words. And I agree with u!!
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Yeah ur right about the garments I had an xl too long
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I hope u feel better soon!
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I feel terrible and sorry for her and I have been seeing a lot of girls giving up their surgery date with him due to bad reviews. praying for a speedy recovery
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I've read of some people getting seromas drained multiple times and I've heard of people only doing it once. I'd say once its drained get as much compression on it as possible and get massaged. Hope this is the last seroma for you.how many days after sx was your drain removed ? Do u think it was removed to soon?feel better!
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Thanks love, and I didn't remove my drain until last night but I got the Seroma on Monday. I put a lot of compression but now it's back :/ I'm do happy with everything else tho!
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Wow! I didn't know that can happen? U thought a seroma was fluid trapped in your body and the drain is there to relieve it! Weird . Can u explain this so that we all know what to look for? Does it hurt?
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I meant I thought!
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Trust me you'll know if u have one lol it's like a spot of your stomach that is like jello. It doesn't hurt but if touch it it will ripple all over lol it's pretty gross :/
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i m hoping things get around with salama's after care., so this way patients are NOT blamed for not doing something correctly. surgeon and staff have to give the right instructions, grments etc.. this is our body, if something goes wrong is our body !! not anyone 's else/. I m ready way too many negative reviews about salama's work that is i dont know anymore. especially when u r treated like a number afterwards...
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Yea I'm really happy with my results I just don't know what to do about this Seroma. I feel like the garment directly effected the Seroma coming. So I'm going to try and speak with Ruben today to find out what's the deal with seromas. Thanks for the advice lovie
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hey cupcake.. first of all i wanna tell u that u look great .. secondly im sorry u developed a seroma.. thats awful.. hope u get it taken care of in the swiftest least stressful way possible...
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Aw thank u for the well wishes lovie :)
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This is what I hate reading about Dr. Salama and I'm so glad I didn't put a deposit. His staff is great but once they have your money and surgery is over? YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. I hope you feel better and so sorry you are going through this. I really do not see salama lasting too long
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Yea, I'm really happy with my results and when I was down there I had a positive expieriance except the garment thing but now I don't know what to do and it seems I'm on my own.
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I have seen every doctor on here with patients with seromas( everyone of them) they are common even with a tt. Some get them some don't our bodies are all different. My experience was positive also I didn't feel like a number (where'd that come from anyway) eventually everybody's seroma leaves. Unfortunately if we live out of state we can't always just up and go back and other drs don't wanna deal with it. Good luck.
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I said tht I was happy with my results and had a positive expierance until the garment problem and the way they treated me on the phone. I did feel like a number bc I only saw salama for maybe 15 minutes the whole week I was down there and it was intirely too busy. Thanks for the advice.
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Wow the only day it was busy was on Wednesday when I was there it was so busy people were standing in the hallway I think that may be a consult day if u text Rueben he always answer your text or calls you back good luck again
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Sooo sorry about your experience. I hope it turns out well without much more pain
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Thank u!!
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Seems like most doctors don't care after surgery but little do they know tht same patient in need can make or break their biz, sad. It is ironic tht they gave u wrong compression size but preached to missmiami abt the importance of the right compression. I'm sorry u hv a seroma. I hope it gets resolved.
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Thank u so much. I'm going to call the office again tmrw. They told me to get it drained which I did 5 hrs ago and now it's back so idk what to do
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