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Hello BBL Ladies! So after over a year of research...

Hello BBL Ladies! So after over a year of research I finally worked up the guts to get this procedure. Ive never had any type of procedure before what so ever and ultimately cannot believe I am doing this. My date is coming up in August and at times I get so excited and then the anxiety follows lol. The ladies who have shared before me have been so helpful and they all look amazing! A Special thanks to them for helping thee upcoming ladies and prospective who haven't quite taken that next step. In the mean time I will post pictures of my current body, keep you all updated and hope to hear from anyone with encouraging words or tips. Stay tuned ;)

girl you're gonna have great results!! you have hips already!!!
Thanks everyone :) I'm just hoping I get amazing results. My Doctor is Dr.Salma and my date is August 10th.
Hey girl, good luck on your big day... will send prayers for a safe surgery...

Hmmm I'm starting to wonder if I should add my...

Hmmm I'm starting to wonder if I should add my arms and my inner thighs. What do you guys think? And for the ladies that had the arms and or inner thighs done was their a noticeable difference?
Thanks ladies for the well wishes I will def keep you all updated!

@nellima - thanx for the honest opinion; I guess my body is just playing tricks on me.Somedays I wonder if I have enough and other days I'm like yuck all this xtra fat lol
Good luck on ur surgery!!!!!
im not a professional but it looks like u may have enough without the arms n thighs.

Okay ladies so I recieved news from the office...

Okay ladies so I recieved news from the office that my blood work is fine but I have a uti. This is my first uti ever and figures it would be the week before surgery. Ughh I'm hoping the antibiotic im on will clear this up immediately b/c I do not want to reschedule surgery and I want to be in tip top shape for my up and coming date. I'm just praying this will all go really well w/o complications of any sort and that i'll have amazing results. Pray for me you guys
Hope ur feeling better!
Aww sorry to hear about the uti I'll defintely be sending prayers and positive energy your way. Hopefully everything goes fine. :-)

Okay everyone so I have sooo much to update on and...

Okay everyone so I have sooo much to update on and I will as soon as I get the chance. Today was draining and didn't go as planned as far as flights and arrival time etc. Anywho surgery is tommorow afternoon and so is pre op for me. Please please pray for me. I want successful surgery with AMAZING results and the not to much pain after lol. Talk to you all soon!
hope you're doing great!! cant wait to see your results~!

Hello everyone, And thank you, thank you, thank...

Hello everyone, And thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who prayed for me and answered all of my questions. Tommorow will mark my 2 weeks and let me tell you all the hardest part for me is not being able to get comfortable and this garment. At times I'm so upset with myself for doing this because the toll it takes seems long and hard. Coming out of surgery I was not in pain and ate regularly but that night and from there on I've been nauseated on a daily basis. At home I'm still nauseous and this tight garment doesn't help, especially laying face down. Honestly haven't been focusing on my body because of my discomfort and knowing it takes a while to see the final result. I get marks every day on my stomach from the garment or tank top and it seems my stomach gets a new distorted position/look every 5 hours. I had Cecilia for thee massages and she's great I really liked her. The massages for me didn't hurt but burned a lot on my sides and lower back. While she massaged the first time i shut my mouth and clinched my jaw but the 2nd n so forth I was laughing after the sides because I knew the hardest part was over lol. Nancy is sooo amazing I love her! Shes so informative and really it was her who made me and my mom feel a whole lot better and more comfortable. The ladies Jennefer and Nomie are great too and I never really met Ruben formally (he wasent there the day I arrived at the office) and when we were at the office he was really busy. I loved Craig the anesthesiologist he was great to me too and so was Monica. My question to you ladies who have had the surgery is the following:

1)How the heck are you all wearing the garment 24/7 ? I wake up in the middle of the night so hot that I take it off and it's so uncomfortable.

2) When did your tummy area become more "stable" whereas it doesn't distort easiliy and starts to actually loosen up?
Ive been wondering that as well, & nope no inner thighs.
Hey girl, its god to here tht you didn't have much pain...I wonder what's making you so nauseous.
Did you have your inner thighs done as well? Try to toughen I out with that garment, and heal rapidly with an amazing outcome.
Good to hear
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