7 weeks post op, I'm just waiting for my 6 months to roll around, need a touch up. So so stressed New Pics

Got my Surgery Date - Aventura, FL Candiapple...

Got my Surgery Date - Aventura, FL
Candiapple spent $6,799 in Aventura, FL Created 14 hours ago
Haven't had surgery yet but looking forward to it. I'm schedule for Nov 2012 I'm looking to go earlier so if anyone has dates that fit my schedule please let me know. Aug13 or Sept 10. I'm having lipo in fat grafting to my hips, I already have some booty not big but nices. Oh... Read more

Please ladies I'm looking to go on August 13 ,...

Please ladies I'm looking to go on August 13 , Sept 11 or Oct 9... If anyone wants Nov 6 please let me know.

Ladies what do you think.....

Ladies what do you think.....

Ladies I have a new date September here I come..

Ladies I have a new date September here I come..

Looking for a condo to rent for my surgery. Ladies...

Looking for a condo to rent for my surgery. Ladies can you help me? Aventura florida Sept 9-18 please please please!!!!!

Let the days begin... 71 day until my BANGIN...

Let the days begin... 71 day until my BANGIN BODY:))))))))

Not coming fast enough...

Not coming fast enough...

Sept 10 2012 BBL with Lipo to arms and inner...

Sept 10 2012 BBL with Lipo to arms and inner thighs. I have started buy things that i will need(any suggestion Ladies).

I'm 49 days away from my dream back. All I want is...

I'm 49 days away from my dream back. All I want is CURVES, CURVES, CURVES. Lol

Ladies got my surgery package, praying everything...

Ladies got my surgery package, praying everything goes well.

Its been a lot of talk about Dr Salama not...

Its been a lot of talk about Dr Salama not producing good result. I was just excited last week but now I'm getting really scared. I've been reading that Dr Salama has bee letting another Dr ( dr Alan do some procedure) will I'm scared I won't get what I paid for and that Dr Salama. My surgery is Sept 10 I'm overwhelm with all this going on, can some shed some light on my concern. I'm 5'1 150 pounds, I all my back fat and arms gone, want hips hips hips and curves so should I cancel getting my inner thigh done to make sure I get what most important to me. Please reply.

Hi Ladies I have 13th days to go, I'm praying for...

Hi Ladies I have 13th days to go, I'm praying for great results. Please Dr Salama make sure you get all my arm and back fat off. Dr.S make my boby beautiful. The count down begins.

Ladies my day is almost here.

Ladies my day is almost here.

Ladies meet Ruben yesterday such a nice guy. I'm...

Ladies meet Ruben yesterday such a nice guy. I'm up at 5:30 thinking about everything my mind is racing, I want this done and over with. Scared as hell my husband is so great ( love him so much) he right by my side. Dr Salama please give me the bangin body I've always wants with nice round hips.

Sept 9: Arrived at 1:30 Larry picked us up took us...

Sept 9: Arrived at 1:30 Larry picked us up took us to supermarket, by the way Larry is cool so funny. My appointment with Ruben was at 5 pm lots of paper work to signs Ruben is Dr Salama brother (nice business they got oing there). I stayed at the Uptown Marina nice but NO HBO she said they had it no no way my hubby was mad he loves breaking bad show.

Sept 10: up a 5:30am thinking surgery at 7:30, Larry picked my up took me to surgery place it's becoming so real. Dr Salama is a smooth dude, we talk about what I wanted and what he could do. Yes ladies I showed him wish picture so he could have an idea of what look I was going for. He started marking me up taking picture I was excited but scared, I walked to the room got on the warm table the Nurse Anesthetist ask me a couple of question then gave me the med I was out like lightening.

Ladies when I woke up I was in so much pain I was swollen from head to toes, I look like I was rubbed down with powered yes pale as hell. I had my Arms, Thighs and the BBL done yes here comes the pain. Oh ladies I vomit so much i drop so weight lol.

Sept 11: pain pain pain I couldn't do anything for myself my arms would allowed me, I cry like a baby. I had to take a shower before going back to the office to change into a new garment. My hubby had to get in the shower with me couldn't do anything. Oh Ladies I was in a XL garment at first only 1100cc wish I got more I think my skin wouldnt stretch anymore.

Sept 12: Just uncomfortable couldn't get in a good position I cryed like a baby, I never felt so much pain in my life. My first massages I felt like I was on fire, I holler like crazy. Oh Ladies I saw Da_1 such a nice Ladie she kept checking on me ( thanks girl). Oh can't forget my first BM was torture couldn't use my arms to lift couldn't use my thighs whats a girl to do, it hurt so bad I cryed. Ladies I had to wipe my ass from the front I gave my hubby gloves to help lol.

Sept 13: Hell pure Hell for me forgot to tell you ladies I've been cooled with a headache since my surgery, I have no color you hear me I'm pale as shit looking like a corpse my hubby said I look dead when they wheeled me out to him.

Sept 14 :Friday second massage here comes the pain, burning like fire screaming like I'm getting burned with an iron, NO JOKE.

Sept 15: ladies as I look I have so much bruising and cellulite, oh my how do I get rid of this shit by the way my ass has stretch markes too.

Sept 16 : I got up went to the Mall for 2 hours yes the perfume department made me so dizzy.
Sept 17 : drainage out, didn't hurt at all.

Sept 18: On my way too the airport,( oh met Honeybooty so so nice I will inbox you my number)plane delay for 2 1/2 hours were sitting on the plane waiting on the ok to leave, this boppy pillow isn't really comfortant they won't let me stand flight was suppose to leave at 2:04 didnt leave until 4pm. 2 1/2 flight turned into 5 hours pain set in. I'm stiff as shit.

Sept 19: Today my ass is getting smaller I don't like it, I wish I got 1400 the swelling is going away I like the swelling. Oh still draining mess up my garment before my drainage was removed I drained almost 2000cc.

Ladies give me a couple of mins I'm going to upload some pic, when my hubby gets off work I'll get some close up shots.

Hi ladies my over all shape is great Dr Salama...

Hi ladies my over all shape is great Dr Salama shape me very will picture don't really show the real results. Now for my booty it's shrinking but the shape of it is beautiful. I already had a round booty I just need Dr Salama shape my back and make it more fuller.
Please please stop shrinking booty I don't want to lose you. When I first came home I tried on pants I could fit anything now all the pants I tried on I can fit I'm so so sad please please stop shrinking. SO LADIES WHEN WILL IT STOP.

Hi ladies I've add some more photo but I must say...

Hi ladies I've add some more photo but I must say my body is bangin the photos don't do me any justice. Dr Salama is the man hands down, I'm so glad i did this. Ladies my booty is shrinking a lot I do wish he would have put more then 1100cc in. As for my arms one is bigger then the other I'm going to wait it out. Please ladies you can ask me question, things are getting back to normal now. Overall I'm very happy with my result and waiting for the fluff (I think i spelled it right). Ladies i will be taking more pictures with clothes on soon, I can fit anything but legging.

Hi ladies I had fluid in my stomach that was...

Hi ladies I had fluid in my stomach that was drained out today only $75, so so happy. The Dr I went to said your plastic surgeon did a great job you look fabulous.

Nov-1-2012 Hi my precious BBL ladies Dr Salama...

Hi my precious BBL ladies Dr Salama has been keeping in touch with me about my concerns. Dr Salama is an amazing Dr with great skill, I'm a little stressed but I'm only 7 weeks post-op. I promise to be more active on the board so I can support other as they have supported me. @ Nini your one of the most support BBL on the board please keep down what you do we all need you.

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Hey happy new year.hope all is well. Would love an honest update. I am still a mess
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Got any pictures?
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You look fabulous !!!im glad your happy with ur results.did your stomach smooth out because you said it was lumpy ,also did you just have 1 seroma? Was it easy to find someone to drain it?
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Thank you missgiggle.
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I'd be so happy with that body if it were me. Just saying. I think you look gorgeous. :)
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@Nini you always no what to say, thanks girl you body gives me hope I'll get better, if not I will be needing a touch-up.
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@Cute yes I have a lot of volume left, overall my shape is better. I'm stressing about back and arm fat., one of my butt cheeks are bigger you can't really tell unless your looking directly at it. Dr Salama is a great Dr I'm going to want a little longer to past judgement. I'm praying this is all just swelling. ;()
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give it time candi, your booty still needs to drop, theres still hope :) and your back looks good to me(honestly) and also your stomach, hopefully the lumps get better.
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7 weeks on are you happy with the overall result? i.e do you still have a desirable amount of volume left etc? xxxxx
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NewDo how are you doing I'm going to inbox.
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@nurse I can't really say yet, It might be different for you. NewDo that's what scares me the last picture is before my surgery.
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No mama. I mean the last new pic u put up, with the purple booty shorts. Not the one standing on the shower. I'm doing good. Everything is falling into place over here finally. It took almost 7 months but now I'm feeling fabulous
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Do you feel the arm lipo was worth it?
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You look amazing Candi. That last pic of ur rump is deeelish! 7 wks is still early but seriously you look really good. Try not to obsess about it. Ur waist looks hella small.
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Hi Da_1 girl I have so much back fat my booty is lopsided I'm trying to stay positive but I'm over here stressing about this. My arms are getting better but are still huge and I have lumps on my stomach and thighs. I'm going to need a round 2.
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Oh no....don't stress out! Its going to be ok! Everybody's body heals differently so.stop stressing....ima text you
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Hey hun you looking gggguuuudddddd! ik Wht you mean....I cnt wait to see how I look in 6 months better yet if we all meet up and go on the trip together
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Oh I'm still dealing with my seroma and I still have fluid in my arm.
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@missmiami I will be put new pictures up this week.
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Just passing through. How is seroma? Do u have updated pics?
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Hi foreverbooty I like the booty out garment I wear it to bed most of the time to let my booty breath. I got 1100cc everybody is asking me did I get butt implants lol I told them I had a body magic suit on but they keep trying to touch my ass. Girls luck my ass is so soft I mean really soft and giggle I just love it.
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Girl your booty looks big here...I know you said its shrunk....(so has mine and I was only able to get 1000 cc's) how many cck's did you get? How do you like that but out garmet? I went to lipoexpress while down there, but whe I realized no refunds...I decided not to get it until I could see how you ladies felt about them.
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@Fluer No the garment Dr Salama give you I still wear, its great for your first month. I change up every other day to give my booty some air. @missambitious I'm just processing my results so far I love my new body it's just adjusting to the garments, foam and board and massage twice a week. I do have lumps on one side of my stomach that the massage therapist has been working on but other then that I'm fine.@BBella I'm fine just working hard to keep this stomach flat and praying my booty does go anywhere.
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Ok love happy to hear sings" don't worry be happy! That booty isn't going anywhere it's impossible it's huge !
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