My BBL with DR Salama Feb 2013 - Aventura, FL

After a long year of working too much i want my...

After a long year of working too much i want my body(boty) back
Im 35 years old,have no kids
I looked at this site for 2 wees then made my booking
I feel im a bit crazy doing this, but after seeing all the pictures i have o doubt
I also learned friend of mine did this years ago,no one no and i never new until now when i see she ha a but and belly just like the girls after pics here,:) i found out her i do work out alot,and i was happy with y but before ,but the past year working and sitting all day in a car as a driving instructor has really ruined my body...i do not like the way but i need to pay for this so its a good thing its not right around the corner.
My concern is that the flight takes 15 hours back home! xxx Kristin

Dont know if i have to loose weight..? my problem...

Dont know if i have to loose weight..? my problem areas ar belly fat, inner thigh and lover back fat..ugh... :)
Im 5.35. feet tal(1,63 cm) and my curant weight is 169 pounds (77 kg)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found pictures browsing the net, i liked Dr Salama's work the best

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Good luck
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Good luck Kristin Norway. I guess you are really excited. It is just one month before your big transformation day. I will be one month behind of you. I would love to see your results.
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Hey girl! Congrats on going with BBL jedi master Salama! Have you asked Salama if you should lose weight? Honestly in my opinion I doubt it because I thought you were lighter than your weight listed and you need fat for the injections. Good luck hon, and I look forward to hearing about your journey!
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Thanxs Queensoldier
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Hi im trying to get an earlyer date, mine is on the 7th of feb 2013
Was thinking of nov - des sometime..anyone want to switch? Kristin XXX
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Oh thanks Nicki86! :)
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just stopping by to say congrats on starting your journey.
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I think you will be happy with Dr. Salama, most of the girls are.
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Welcome Kristin!! My surgery is March 15, 2013 n i went with Dr. Salama too.
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Ohh i def think that is the right decision :)
Thanks for the post XX
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