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Hello Everyone! I have been stalking this...

Hello Everyone!
I have been stalking this website for so long! I wanted to start my review awhile ago, but knowing myself I would get so consumed by it that I wouldn’t do nothing else lol
I am 28 years old. A wife & mother, my bbl appointment is January 10, 2013. I am very very nervous because I have never had any surgeries and I’m terrified of being put to sleep! What if I don’t wake up??? At first my main concern was finding a highly recommended plastic surgeon – at this point it appears that there no competition with Dr.Salama.I has been communicating with Nancy and she has been very reliable and patient. Now that I know (& pray) that Dr.Salama is the go to doctor for booty, I’m getting almost scared of having to be put to sleep, if anyone has any advice that has had a procedure please give me some advice.
Ok I’m a stay at home mom so the recovery time at home isn’t to much of a worry. The only person that knows that I am having this procedure is my husband. I started telling my bff and she was not supportive and explained to me that would be very vain and she would tell our mutual friends- HUH?? Where they do that at?? She’s a sweet girl and going to catholic schools our whole lives’ I guess I understand her point.
Currently I weight 145lbs!!! I am 5’1. My normal weight is 110-117.Once I quit my job to take care of my mother in law I just started gaining all types of weight! Its all in my stomach and when I seat down theres plenty of rolls, I have 2 chins-so gross and my arms are flabby & my thighs rub together.
Currently I haven’t opted to have any extra areas of lipo but I’m really thinking of either doing:
My chin- but I’m Latino so I scar and sometimes keloid & I don’t want a scar on my face
My arms- but I’m not sure its worth the pain
My inner thighs- but if I run or do yoga they normally tighten up.
My ideal outcome would be---?tiny waist & a round sexy booty.
Ok bbls sisters any words or advice I would so appreciate! Should I lose weight or gain??? I would love to get 1200cc per cheek.

Don't worry it will be fine! So many people go under every day. You will wake up and when you do your body will be BANGING like BOOM!! Stop worrying. As for your friends it doesn't matter what they think! Your husband is cool with it and he is your BFF tell death do you part!
I enjoyed your post. Words of advice: RELAX....It's going to be okay... Good luck..

I spoke with Nancy & she said I'm alright with...

I spoke with Nancy & she said I'm alright with the weight I'm at. Which is good, she said since I want a big butt lol I also decided that I will get my arms done.

I'm so looking forward to this!

Anyone know how many weeks prior to surgery -u receive the package?
Thank you for the reassurance!
Thanks for reading my post. Are you having a bbl done ?
yes in Feb 2013, Dr. Jimerson...I will post my journey closure to my sx date.

Ok I'm very excited I have booked my condo for 10...

Ok I'm very excited I have booked my condo for 10 days or 11 can't remember. We are driving down there cuz we are visiting family that same week, the good thing I can buy my groceries, run some last minute errands, do a nice dinner with my hubby (since I won't be able to for a while) . We are flying back .

Ok I'm 147lb right now, i need to lose some weight! Which sucks cuz I throws down In the kitchen for Christmas and thanksgiving.I decided I will eat a lot on thanksgiving and then do a low carb diet& juicing starting the following Monday after Thanksgiving & i will workout and that should do the job. My appointment is January 10! I'm so excited, I think my husband has enjoyed the permission I've given him to stare at ass then comment if we like it lol that will over soon tho.

Being this fat sucks none of my clothes fit, I literally have lived in leggings and oversized blazers for the last 8 months, but I will not buy clothes till afterwards. The only clothes I'm going to buy are maxi dresses for post op. and I need flats, I don't own any flats- isn't that terrible?? I don't even know who make comfortable flats.
Aerosole, clarks, merrell, and Born make very comfortable flats. Which hotel did you go with I am looking into the Yacht club for an apartment but I am totally lost
I'm staying at the yacht club. It's better then hotel, full kitchen so you can cook and eat healthy. Just bring bed pads for the bed
hey hun ill b there in feb also 13 to 24 whats ya date ???*

I'm so excited that this year is almost done, my...

i'm so excited that this year is almost done, my time will soon be here- to have a big booty lol I cannot wait! the thing that sucks that I keep eating but As of tomorrow I'm cutting out carbs!

Here is a list of the things that I bought so far:...

here is a list of the things that I bought so far: (haven't gotten my package so this list is based on my research)

-shower cap
- maxi dresses
- non leak period panties ( I'm getting my period the same week of my bbl-yuck)
-large bed pants for any bleeding so I don't ruin the condo linens
-pill organizer
-Cetaphil Fragrance Free Moisturizing Cream
-shampoo & conditioner
-Boericke & Tafel Boericke & Tafel Arniflora Arnica Muscle Pain And Stiffness Gel
-Kelo-Cote Gel
- undershirts

i'm still looking for closed toe flip flops
Good luck on your journey
thank you! are you getting a bbl?
Yes girl!! In may or June!!! Can't wait!!

I'm so frustrated right now, maybe Im just going...

I'm so frustrated right now, maybe Im just going under the radar but it freaking seems like I'm the one that has to call dr.salamas office for everything! Yes at first when I talked to the them about getting the surgery they were nice. But lately they have dropped the ball. First I had to call them and ask for my package! I was then close to 3.5 weeks away and still nothing! I had to call again and then they sent the letter I need for my lab work .Then I had to call them to see if my clearance letter was acceptable! Turns out they needed more info on it.

It's just frustrating because I have paid in full, booked flights, and a condo, spent another $500 on clothes, vitamins and other miscellaneous things. Many of these things are non refundable! So if I can't go for whatever reason I'm going to be pissed for their lack of communication of their part!

I'm so confused right now,

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